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23 December 2023

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Biophilic Home Design

Biophilic design has become a popular global interior design trend. Pinterest Business reported a 100% increase in searches for “biophilic design bedroom” between 2019 and 2021. 

This design approach is rooted in biophilia, humans’ innate affinity with the natural world. 

Moreover, it has practical applications in design. Research indicates that it can positively affect productivity and well-being. 

For instance, a study showed that people spent 11% more time in biophilic-inspired hotel lobbies. 

Similarly, schools in Washington State saw a 5% increase in student test scores and a 15% reduction in absenteeism with a biophilic design approach.

Let us explore what interior designers suggest for a biophilic home and ideas that you must explore!

Understanding Biophilic Home Designs

The modern world of technology has taken a new direction towards nature. Robotics, AI, and the Internet of Things (IOT) have caused urban architects to incorporate biophilic designs. 

These designs involve greenery and natural elements. It helps to improve air quality, airflow, circadian rhythm, heart rate, and human health. 

Biophilic designs stimulate visual connection and enhance the multi-sensory experience using indoor plants and natural patterns. 

Stephen Kellert and Edward O. Wilson, who founded biophilic designs, have made nature feel more accessible at home. He incorporates plants, sunlight, natural materials, and fresh air.

How To Make Your Home Biophilic?

Make Your Home Biophilic

Given below are the different aspects that you can add to your home for a biophilic design—

Add Plenty Of Greens

Integrating plants into your interior design can create a natural and inviting ambiance. Adding greens helps enhance the aesthetic aspects of a biophilic home, ensuring a calming environment. Moreover, indoor plants help purify the air inside your home.

However, this does not necessarily mean you must go overboard and transform your home into a tropical paradise. 

You can opt for potted plants, hanging baskets, or even a simple vase with fresh-cut flowers. Match your live elements with the color scheme of your decor. Most home designing experts advise you to get more succulents for your home. These plants require less watering but look amazing in every setting.

Alternatively, nature-inspired artwork, botanical prints, or murals can bring the outdoors in. 

The idea is to create a synergy between the artificial environment and the natural world. This home design can positively impact your mood, health, and well-being. 

Therefore, incorporating natural elements into your interior design can create a more harmonious and balanced living. This biophilic element can be functional and beautiful at the same time.

Enable Natural Lighting

Incorporating natural light into interior spaces has numerous benefits. 

Biophilic design emphasizes the connection between humans and nature. Therefore, it prioritizes light and space to create a healthier, harmonizing, and more comfortable environment. 

Biophilic home designs use different components of warmth and sunlight. Natural light can blend the boundaries between the interior and exterior of a space. 

For instance, large windows and skylights can allow sunlight to stream in, making a space more open and inviting.

Additionally, glass roofs and walls allow you to save electricity with natural lighting during the daytime. 

If you can reduce your exposure to artificial lighting, you say goodbye to stress and fatigue. It helps invigorate the body and mind. 

Therefore, we can design spaces incorporating biophilic principles to improve our well-being and strengthen our connection to nature. It creates spaces that promote well-being and encourage a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Use Organic Decor Items

Biophilic design is a concept that aims to connect people with nature by incorporating natural elements into the built environment. 

To create a peaceful atmosphere and promote a sense of well-being in your home, incorporate natural materials like leather, wood, and stone for your decor items. This brings a natural touch to the textures, colors, and forms around your home. 

Furthermore, using subdued and organic color schemes can also help to enhance the calming and stress-reducing properties of biophilic design. Handcraft your decor with jute ropes, 

Therefore, you can create an affordable and easy-to-maintain space with these decor items. That is aesthetically pleasing and enhances your physical and mental health.

Maintain The Patio

Biophilia is an evolutionary concept that suggests humans have an innate affinity for nature. This idea is gaining traction in outdoor architecture and design as well.

Biophilic design is a concept that aims to create a connection with nature and its resources. To achieve this in your outdoor space, you can incorporate some major additions like the following:

  • Eco-friendly composite decking.
  • Vertical gardens.
  • Green screens in small spaces. 

Native plants can help support wildlife and blur the boundaries between the territory and nature. Therefore, it is essential to consider factors such as sunlight exposure and irrigation when selecting plant species for your patio. 

Furthermore, incorporating water elements like fountains or cascades can help create a tranquil atmosphere. 

It is also important to choose outdoor furniture inspired by nature instead of plastic. Install fire pits made of natural materials like stone or metal. This can help create a comfortable and inviting outdoor biophilic space. 

Let The Air Flow

Achieving a biophilic home design involves paying attention to the air circulation within each room. 

You can start by determining the direction of the wind around your home. Next, open your windows accordingly to facilitate the flow of fresh air. 

Additionally, you can enhance the airflow in your home by ensuring that your rooms are spacious and free of clutter. 

Consider using furniture that provides ample storage space to keep your rooms organized and uncluttered. This allows the air to circulate freely throughout your home. 

By creating a well-ventilated and spacious environment, you can enhance the biophilic design of your home. Therefore, bring nature indoors and improve your overall well-being.

Add Water Features

Adding water features like cascades, fountains, or reflecting pools to your outdoor space can incorporate a biophilic design. It helps create a serene atmosphere. 

The sound and sight of water can instantly transport you to nature and induce a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

You can go for a small pond or stream in your backyard if you have a generous budget. This addition can create a more natural and immersive experience. 

However, a small water fountain in your garden, patio, or deck can do the trick if you prefer a simpler option. 

It’s a quick and easy way to add elegance and calmness to your outdoor space!

Wrap It Up With A Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space can significantly impact its ambiance and appeal. 

By creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, fire pits can make your outdoor area a more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time. 

Furthermore, fire is a natural element that can uniquely evoke feelings of tranquility and connection with nature. 

Therefore, incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor design can help create a biophilic environment that promotes relaxation and well-being.

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How To Choose Mattress For Overweight Person

When you decide to buy a new mattress there are plenty of factors that need to be considered. If the mattress is for an overweight person then the basic factors may remain the same but some additional factors need to be focused on. There are certain attributes that play a crucial role while buying a mattress for heavy people and ensure better sleep for them. Let us learn about some characteristics that will help you buy the right mattress. Thickness of Mattress Firstly and most importantly, thickness is very important when you decide to buy a mattress for an overweight person. Many people neglect this factor. For sleepers who weigh below 200 pounds a mattress of 10” is more than enough. For heavier ones, you should consider a mattress that has at least 12” thickness. The basic idea to look into thickness is to check for its deep compression support. If you are overweight and leave increased pressure on the sleeping mattress then the thinner mattresses will not offer the right kind of support that you need. Some mattresses available with the thickness of 10” use modern foams which offer extra thick and comfortable layer or some other designs with advanced specifications that provide enhanced compression support can help them provide a better function for the overweight sleepers. Basically, it is always better to look for a premium Signature mattress with a perfect thickness as it will offer deep compression as well as consistent support in the long run. Deep compression support plus the thickness of the mattresses become extremely important for those who are overweight. Edge Support is essential While selecting the right mattress for overweight people make sure you do not overlook edge support. Mattresses are generally used while you sleep at night still play an important role for you during the day as well. If you are someone who loves throwing yourself on the bed often or completing different tasks sitting on the bed, then edge support is something you need to look at. When you are just sitting on the edge of your mattress it should be stable and strong so that it prevents sudden collapse even when you roll onto the edges while sleeping. You can get better edge support in mattresses made from hybrid designs, coil-on-coil, or springs. You may not find better edge support in mattresses made out of foam. Firmness makes a difference Deciding the firmness of a mattress entirely depends on the type of sleeper one is. If you are a heavy sleeper then the firmness should range from medium to medium on the firmness scale. Here again, your weight plays an important role as you may face a deeper sinkage and if you buy a softer mattress then it is again going to give you the same feeling. So firmness measurement is something that you need to consider if you are overweight. Mattress should breathe Some heavy sleepers often complain of sleeping hot which means the mattress that does not breathe or ventilate well during the night. When you add some additional sheets, kids, comforter, etc, you will find it so uncomfortable. If you are an overweight person more hair is produced so the mattress should breathe well. If the mattress doesn’t ventilate well you may feel uneasy and get up in the middle of the night in disturbed sleep. Types It is important to consider the type of mattress you want to buy for an overweight person. Some of the different types of mattresses available are Latex Latex mattresses are best known for perfect ventilation and durability. These two attributes are crucial for overweight sleepers. Memory Foam These mattresses are ideal for heavy sleepers as they offer better cradling support and if you decide to buy one check if it gels as it remains cool at night Hybrid This is advanced mattresses that are ideal for overweight people as it uses the combination of two different materials to make one. For instance, the top layer is a little springy and is durable because of latex, and has a spring base. It is quite affordable. Innerspring It is a feasible mattress for overweight people. It can be designed using various coil arrangements. It offers better edge support and ventilation too. The above-mentioned factors can be helpful for you to determine the right kind of mattresses to be purchased for overweight people. When you have known what you need the decision would certainly be a smart decision. Above all durability and affordability does matter. Check if the product you want to buy is within your budget. Overweight people should buy mattresses that offer good support, comfort, and proper ventilation. Most mattresses give importance to ventilation, firmness, and comfort. They do not pay attention to the edge support which is equally important to avoid accidents while you fall asleep. If you are an overweight person and looking out for the right mattress, then look for trusted companies that help you buy the right mattresses. The reliable companies often guide their customers on which mattress would be suitable for overweight people. Do not compromise on any of the factors stated above. Also, do not compromise on price as you may end up spending a little more but get all the features that you need. Sound sleep is important and so is your posture and comfort. Look for the mattress that meets your needs as an overweight person. Many people believe that quality mattresses come for an expensive price but that is not always the case. The market is flooded with quality mattresses at an affordable price. Spend some time finding out what you need to invest in the right mattress. Many people spend most of their time even during the day in bed and they certainly need to look into how much time they are spending on their bed. A comfortable, ventilated, firm mattress with perfect edge support will give you an enjoyable experience of sound sleep. So go for something that suits your needs.

Why Having Your Own House Is Important?

Why Having Your Own House Is Important?

A home is more than just four-wall confinement to provide shelter. Sense of security, range of emotions, the commemoration of establishments, symbol of status, and more, all are some of the many aspects related to becoming a homeowner. There are certain risks to achieve the absolute benefits of homeownership. It covers several social, personal, and financial advantages over monthly renting. Owning a house should represent your financial stability, emotional success, and community contribution. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveals about 60% of Americans have homeownership. This lofty percentage is due to continued economic expansion with surging educational access. Settling for a home directly is thus more appealing for conscious people like yourself. Concerning the monetary facts, you’re sure to enjoy an extended number of benefits. You can learn more at https://paradisedevelopments.com/blog/communities/renting-vs-buying-in-toronto/, the expert suggestions, practical ideas, and in-depth details are sure to relieve your headache associated with homeownership. Financial Requirements Of Homeownership Almost every person understands the financial prerequisites of owning a home. In fact, it appears to be the most invigorating point of homeownership. Initial investment requires you to spend an incredibly high amount of money. But the outcome is sure to make a satisfying payoff with time. The pointed facts should explain the obvious advantages in brief. Building Equity: The possessed value of any given asset is represented as equity. In fact, monthly mortgage payment lets you establish equity for your house. Direct contribution to the physical asset explicitly differs from monthly rental payments to landlords. Long-Term Saving: Equity happens to initiate certain savings for your financially stable future. There are a number of strategies available to tap into equity. Even a minimal saving per month will aggregate massive savings after several years. Several studies indicate peak outcomes on your retirement ages to suggest retiree savings. Building Wealth: The value of properties is burgeoning right now. Therefore, it will help you sell the home for a notable profit after years of use. Although short-term use can’t exactly have a significant payoff; however, long-term consideration, like 30 years plus, will provide you with a great profit. Expense Control: There are different uncertainties involved in rental living. But ownership lets you skip the issues with less fixed payments. The amount lets you reimburse the overall expense for every month. And you can initiate absolute control over your costs. Financial Education: Ownership immediately starts to develop a personalized understanding of your financial knowledge. Likewise, you’ll have to deal with many financial aspects. It becomes easy to predict the probable costs, letting you plan ahead of time. The educational skills regarding its management will surely help future generations. Taxation Aspects Of Homeownership Attractive tax breaks on ownership are sure to give you definite relief from complex regulations. Many deductions should occupy your applicable Federal Tax rules following the purchase. Check out the benefits closely to understand their viability. Property Tax Deduction: Distinctive jurisdiction allows you to check the deduction of property taxes. There are several regulations regarding the aspect. It requires your attention to the usable points. Home Sales Profit: Exemption in capital gain tax can cover thousands of dollars on selling. Though taxation eligibility requires you to occupy the benefits. It should follow the sale of homeownership. Reduced Mortgage Interest: Almost every payable home mortgage interest remains tax-deductible. Therefore, the curtailed mortgage interest triggers a particular deduction of your taxable income. Imputed Home Rent: Every landlord that provides rental living space has to pay taxes on the income. But it has nothing to do with homeownership. You can skip the hassles of additional tax regulations. Credit Builder: There are many direct or indirect factors that contribute to your credit score. Owning a home improves the average credit account length. And it simply manages to push the score forward. Additional Aspects That Remains Underrated Alongside the benefits, there are several other factors to consider. The extra aspects often remain neglected, ignored, or unnoticed. Inflation Hedge: Rental costs or housing payments keep pace with the ongoing inflation rate. Continued inflation obviously affects your overall expense. Borrowing Power: Superior home equity results in further eligibility of borrowing money. A credit line or particular load on home equity suffices for a second mortgage. And the loan can provide financial support. It can include, medical bills, tuition fees, home improvements, or additional purchases. These are all the monetary benefits of homeownership. There are several social benefits to ownership as well. You don’t have to deal with landlord permissions or restrictions on any change. The emotional and financial security you get from owning a home provides great relief. There remains no uncertain rental stay. Possessing a home becomes a symbol of personal accomplishments to raise the status. Freedom of full customization lets you check the possibilities towards further development. Encountering The Risks Talking about homeownership, the discussion remains incomplete without discussing its risks. You must consider the current financial aspects to back your expensive investment. In fact, high maintenance costs are likely to give you trouble. It’s particularly true for houses that feature minimal facilities. A poorly maintained home can also reduce the property value. More Resources: Benefits of Investing in City Centre Property Buy to Let Mortgage Explained What are the key pillars of a profitable Airbnb business?


Smart Fun Gardening: How to Take Care of a Money Tree

The beauty of gardening is to see your seedlings grow into healthy beautiful plants. Some of the plants we grow in our homes have natural meanings attached to them while others we grow them to remind us of something special. Money tree which is also known as Pachira aquatic is a tree grown to symbolize prosperity and good luck. The money tree can grow up to 60 feet tall when it naturally grows outdoor, but when we decide to domesticate it, we limit its growth to 6 or 7 feet tall. There natively grow in South, and Central American swamps and you can determine the age of the tree by its size. In many customs of the world, the tree is linked to prosperity and positivity. It creates a positive aura that allows for economic benefits to flow into the family. However, caring and doing regular maintenance can become difficult for normal human beings and families. This is why a good idea is to opt for growing trees with Tree Service Stockton. They are professionals who can take care of everything from planting to regular pruning and fertilizers. This will ensure that your money tree will always be healthy. [caption id="attachment_3550" align="aligncenter" width="627"] Image of money tree that symbolizes prosperity[/caption] How to grow a money plant can be easy, but how to take care of the five trunks braided tree can be a challenge. The braided trunk is a symbol of a lock that locks in your prosperity and good luck. Here are tips on how to take care of a money tree: Where to Grow A smaller pot is preferred for the growth of your money tree because it regulates the growth of your tree and also controls water and fertilizer. Big pots make it easy for you to overwater the plant. Your pot should have a proper drainage system and if you suspect that’s not the case then drill more holes at the bottom of your pot. DynaPOT 2 Gallon Garden Planting Aeration Fabric Container is a nice choice because it is eco-friendly and has a perfect drainage system. Also, place your tree in a place with indirect light because direct sunlight makes the leaves vulnerable to scorching. However, if you notice that the leaves are turning yellow or withering then expose them to more light because that is an indication of light deficiency. Fluorescent light can do the magic if you are growing the tree inside your house or at the office. Glossy and healthy leaves of Pachira aquatic Money tree grows well in moderate to high humid regions that why they mostly grow in South and Central America. When you domesticate the plant regulate the humidity at about 50% and above. Wet pebbles are a great way of maintaining humidity for your plant all you need to do is place the pot on a basin with wet pebbles. Also, you have to retain the room temperature around 16-25°C. When there is no enough humidity in the room the plant will respond by turning its leaves dry crispy. Read also:  Gardening Tips To Improve Outdoor Space 5 Essential Tips To Designing A Beautiful Front Yard Garden Fertilizer and Watering When it comes to domesticating the money tree, you get a challenge of water and fertilizer ratio and how often you should add them to the plant. This tree needs moist soil but not wet to grow well. So you will need to water it after 7-10 days or when you notice that the top 3-4 inches of the soil are dry. Then thoroughly water your plant until water comes from the drainage system, but you have to avoid watering up to the trunk because the stem may start to rot. However, you have to cut down on water during winter because the growth is slow at this time of the year. When you see the leaves of your plants turning yellow, and you have put them in the right lighting condition then it may be an indicator or overwatering your plant. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txHs21rkED0[/embed] How to grow and care for your money tree During spring and summer, you can add water-soluble fertilizer that is diluted by half after every two weeks. Whether you want to use an organic or inorganic fertilizer that’s a personal choice that does not have a significant impact on the plant. The Grow More 5010 All Purpose Fertilizer 20-20-20 is a multi-purpose fertilizer that contains all the micro and macronutrients your tree will need for healthy growth. Read also: Does Organic Gardening Improve Soil Quality? Pruning and Shaping Pruning is one of the easiest steps when it comes to taking care of your money plant. You can use a clean pair of scissors or prune shears to remove yellow or damaged leaves and also side branches that could disrupt the braiding process. The pruning process is usually done during spring and summer to allow the plant to produce new leaves.                               Image of a well braided Pachira aquatic Do the braiding (shaping) of the money tree while the plant is still young and flexible. In the wild nature takes its course and braids the tree at a particular stage. Continue braiding the tree as it grows and ties a knot at the end of the braid to secure it. Repotting As the tree grows the roots also grow, and that’s why it is recommended that you report your plant after every two years. However, when the tree has reached your desired size, you can just report in the same sized pot with fresh soil. Mix your soil with peat moss to help in retaining moisture and sand to help in drainage. Avoid moving the plant too much because it gets shocked and responds by losing leaves or leaves turning yellow. How to Propagate Propagation should be done during spring because the growth rate is at its peak during this season. Chose a stem that contains not less than two leaf nodes. Sanitize a pair of scissors or pruning shears and chop off the stem then place it in a hormone rooting powder. When you the stem is well-soaked place it in a well moist pot mix. Give it time because it takes several weeks to start rooting. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlZVZkKy6IY[/embed] How to propagate money tree It is easier to take care of your money tree if you know the favored conditions and how to troubleshoot any problems. The Pachira aquatic gives out various signs if they are not satisfied with the conditions that you place them. The soil that you plant your tree in is critical because it needs to have the ability to retain moisture throughout. Like most plants, the money plant is prone to aphids, mealybugs, and scale insects which will affect their growth. How to get rid of mealybugs can be a bit hectic if they infest your garden but you can use systemic insect control to treat your plant in case you notice the infestation.