Craft Your Signature Style With A Made-To-Order Bomber Jacket


07 February 2024


Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has secured its place as a timeless fashion staple. This iconic outerwear silhouette flatters most body types.

While you can shop readymade bomber jackets, getting one tailored specifically for you takes the style to the next level.

A customized bomber jacket offers unrivaled benefits you won’t find off the rack. Read on to understand why you need a bespoke bomber in your wardrobe.

Benefits of Custom Bomber Jackets

Benefits of Custom Bomber Jackets

Consider these advantages of ordering a jacket made just for you:

Flawless Fit

Finding a ready-to-wear jacket with the ideal fit is virtually impossible. Standard sizes simply don’t accommodate all body shapes.

With a tailored bomber jacket, you provide your precise measurements for an impeccable personalized fit. The jacket contours to your form for a slimming, polished look.

Premium Materials

Big brands mass produce their jackets using inferior quality materials to save money. The results don’t withstand the test of time.

Custom makers utilize fine leathers, lining fabrics, and hardware you select for a bomber that looks and feels luxe. Your investment will last for years.

Unlimited Personalization

You’re limited to set styles and designs with readymade pieces. But customization offers endless options to create a one-of-a-kind bomber that represents your essence.

Dictate every detail from the cut to fabrics and colors. Add graphics and other unique touches for an ultra-personalized piece.

Cost Savings

Surprisingly, bespoke jackets often cost less than big-name brands. You skip the brand markup and middlemen costs by ordering directly from the maker.

For the same price or better, you get a high-end garment made specially for you instead of mass-produced. It’s a win-win.

Designing Your Custom Bomber Jacket

Creating your own bomber jacket is an exciting endeavor. Follow these key steps:

Choose a Silhouette

Bomber jackets come in varied silhouettes, including:

  • Classic bomber – the signature style with rib-knit collar, cuffs, and waist. Zipper front closure.
  • Aviator – military-esque with loads of pockets and flaps. Snug at collar, cuffs, and waist.
  • Varsity – baseball jacket style with contrast sleeves and knit collar. Snap closures.
  • Cropped – a shorter version ending at the waist.

Once you decide on the silhouette, it’s time to customize every facet.

Select the Fabric

Your fabric choice defines the overall look and durability.

For leather jackets, consider supple lambskin or rugged cowhide. Luxe suede offers elegance.

Cotton canvas and wool fabrics like melton bring casual vibes. Weatherproof nylon is ideal for activities.

Choose a high-end material suited to your personal style and needs.

Pick the Color

The color palette options are endless.

For leathers, go classic with black, tan, or navy. Make a statement with a vibrant red, green or pink.

Cotton bombers can feature camo prints, color blocking, plaids, and other eye-catching designs.

Select colors that flatter you and coordinate with your existing wardrobe.

Style the Lining

A bomber’s lining provides comfort and extra warmth. Consider plush linings like:

  • Silk – lightweight with a subtle sheen
  • Cotton – soft, breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Wool – warm and insulating
  • Fur – luxurious and extremely warm
  • Quilted – puffy padding for maximum warmth

Let the lining reflect the climate you live in and the purpose for wearing it.

Add Custom Graphics

Make your bomber uniquely you with personalized graphics like:

  • Embroidery – add names, words, or logos for a focal point
  • Patches – represent your hobbies, interests, or affiliations
  • Screenprints – choose artistic prints or bold graphics
  • Paint – hand painted details give a one-of-a-kind look

Your custom graphics should showcase your personality and passions.

Choose Hardware

Opt for rugged, quality hardware like:

  • Riri, YKK, or Talon zippers – known for smooth gliding
  • Durable metal snaps – avoid cheap plastic that breaks
  • Heavy duty rivets – reinforce stress points
  • Decorative buckles and grommets – add stylish flair

Hardware should be built to last so your jacket stays looking great.

Finding a Custom Jacket Company

Finding a Custom Jacket Company

Once your design is set, find a company that:

  • Specializes in made-to-order leather jackets
  • Uses high-end materials
  • Has strong reviews for fit, quality, and service
  • Provides design help and clear communication
  • Offers fair pricing – no hidden fees
  • Ships worldwide

A reputable maker delivers on your vision for a showstopper jacket made just for you.

FAQs About Bespoke Bomber Jackets

Have more questions about ordering a custom bomber? Here are some commonly asked questions:

How much does a tailored bomber jacket cost?

Prices range from $200 – $500 for leather. Budget around $100+ for cotton or nylon. Complex designs cost more.

What’s the ordering process?

You design the jacket, provide measurements, and approve the final mockup. Production takes 2-4 weeks typically.

Can you return a custom jacket?

Most don’t accept returns on custom orders. Verify all details before approval.

How durable are they?

With care, expect at least 10 years from quality leather styles. Other fabrics may last around 5 years.

How do I determine my size?

Provide your exact measurements. Size up or down if between sizes for your preferred fit.

Make Your Fashion Statement with a Custom Bomber

A made-to-order bomber jacket allows you to craft a look that’s uniquely you. With a tailored fit and personalized details, this timeless topper becomes an extension of your own signature style.

Invest in a quality bespoke bomber jacket from Craft Leather and unleash your inspiration. This versatile wardrobe essential will become your favorite way to make a bold fashion statement all your own.

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