2022 Car Models Drivers Crave – What’s on Your Radar?


30 October 2021


Car Models

Amateur or professional, it doesn’t matter. If you love driving, when you’re behind the wheel you want sleek, sexy, and fun. There are the same cars that are ‘spit’ out year after year, and then there are those worth the wait. If you are a car enthusiast, patience is a virtue as the cars listed below are due out sometime within the next three years.

Some cars may be financially out of reach, but that doesn’t have to be so if you thoroughly research auto insurance quotes online. Saving money on your policy means being able to spend more where it counts – on the vehicle you will love to drive, and love to show off.

2023 Chevy Corvette Z06

Expected early 2022, the Z06 starts at $85,000 and resonates along the lines of a Ferrari. With a 5.5 liter, V-8 engine, it revs between 8,500 and 9K RPM, it will get you wherever you’re going fast with its 600 plus horsepower engine.

2023 Ford Bronco Raptor

If you’re looking for off-road fun, the Raptor is built for you. This SUV is expected to be four-door, have Fox Live Wire dampers (making off-roading a breeze), and 37” all-terrain tires. There will be a rear anti-roll bar, and it will be taller and wider than its younger sibling, the standard Bronco.

2022 Ford Fusion Active

Is it a station wagon or an SUV? Perhaps that’s why they call it a Fusion. This sedan is likely the most practical of the bunch; it will have an 8-speed automatic transmission and is based on the European Mondeo wagon. Prices should start between $30-$40K, making it a highly affordable vehicle.

2024 Honda EV SUV

This vehicle represents a meeting of the minds between Honda and GM as it will be utilizing GM’s Ultrium battery platform. Honda is making an ambitious commitment to eventually sell only electric vehicles. They recently announced that by 2040, they will only be producing battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

2022 GMC Hummer EV

Discontinued back in 2010, the Hummer is about to make another appearance on the market. Once known as a gas-guzzling monster, the EV edition is expected to be an all-electric pickup that offers up to a whopping 1000 horsepower. Late for Grandma’s house? No problem, the Hummer EV will get you going 60 mph in 3 seconds flat.

2023 Hyundai RM20 N

Is it any great surprise that new vehicles sound a lot like newfound stars? The 2023 Hyundai RM20 N is expected to rival Nissan Z and Supra in high-performance sports car sleekness and handling. It will produce over 300 horsepower while also providing extreme affordability.

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class

Also called Mercedes-AMG SL, this soft-top convertible is expected to offer all-wheel drive, and is a bit of a throwback to the glamour and sultriness of the company’s vintage roadsters. Both inline 6 and V-8 engines will be available, with new models starting at just under $100,000.

2022 Ram Dakota

Expected to be less expensive and smaller than the half-ton Ram 1500, the 2022 Ram Dakota will catch the eye of those who loved the Dodge Dakota from a decade or more ago. It’s likely to have a 3.6-liter V-6 engine or a 3 liter V-6 which can generate 260 horsepower. Targeted for those looking for off-road adventures, it’s likely to exude a rugged appearance, with sturdier tires.

2024 Toyota MR2

If there’s one thing Toyota likes and is good at, it’s making sports cars. The MR2 is no exception. This 2-seater is likely to be electric or at the very least, hybrid, like Toyota, like Honda, is making a push for selling exclusively electric vehicles. Starting at a mere $45,000, this agile sports car looks like it’ll get anyone’s motor running.

2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus

Did someone say, Woodstock? The 2024 VW Microbus is well beyond its forbearers. This all-electric van will start at an estimated $40,000 with the base model putting out about 200 horsepower and the all-wheel-drive version up to 300. With battery ranges of up to 340 miles, you can take the family on any camping or music festival adventure in style.

Whether you’re daydreaming about your fantasy car or are squirreling pennies away to save for it, your dream car is due to appear on the road sometime within the next three years. Allow yourself the ability to afford it by searching for the best insurance policies at the most affordable rates.

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Commercial Truck Insurance

How To Find Affordable Commercial Truck Insurance

The dawn of the delivery age has given rise to many new businesses. With more and more companies offering delivery options, companies that deliver retail goods are often left searching for cheap commercial truck insurance. While these are the most popular companies using this type of insurance, they aren’t the only ones. Moving companies, couriers, and furniture delivery companies are just a few more examples of companies who may benefit from cheap commercial truck insurance. Just about any business utilizing a large truck will be required to carry certain insurances by state law, leaving many business owners searching for the best cheap commercial truck insurance. Here’s what you need to know about finding the best cheap commercial truck insurance. Know Your State Requirements Each state has its own minimum requirements, even for cheap commercial truck insurance. While the state minimum may have attractive premiums, it may not always be the best choice for your business. The minimum state requirement is often only enough to cover the cost of repairs to other people’s property when you are involved in an accident. Without insurance to repair your own property or your box truck, even a small accident can be catastrophic. If your commercial truck travels between states, there may be a federal minimum that must be met. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets its own federal minimum requirements for commercial trucks that travel between states. Many companies choose to meet these federal minimum requirements rather than just the state requirements. Get Multiple Quotes When shopping for cheap commercial truck insurance it always helps to get multiple quotes from several different companies. Each insurance company has its own underwriting team and acceptable risk amount, so the quotes may vary significantly. Insurance companies sometimes specialize in certain sectors, like large trucks or commercial vehicles, which allows them to offer specific discounts. Sometimes you may get a discount for bundling multiple policies with the same insurance company. Other times, you may get better coverage for less by doing business with more than one insurance company. The type of industry you operate your business in, and your driving record will also affect your premium rates. Consider Your Payment Options Believe it or not, your payment options can affect your insurance premiums. Insurance companies often offer a discount for paying in full rather than making monthly payments. If you must opt for monthly payments, some insurance companies offer a discount for having payments automatically debited from an account. You can sometimes lower your insurance premium payments by raising your deductible. An insurance deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket for a covered claim. When shopping for cheap commercial truck insurance, get quotes for different deductible amounts if you can afford it. It is important to have enough money in savings to cover your deductible amount or the results can be disastrous. It doesn’t make sense to purchase cheap commercial truck insurance with a $5,000 deductible if you only have $1,000 in savings. Why Commercial Truck Insurance Costs More When shopping for cheap commercial truck insurance it’s important to understand why commercial truck insurance costs more in the first place. Commercial trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road and they can cause a lot of damage when an accident occurs. Long business hours also tend to cause driver fatigue and increase the chances of an accident on the road. Lastly, large commercial trucks sometimes carry hazardous materials, which also increases the risk of an accident. All these factors combined cause the cost of even cheap commercial truck insurance to be more expensive, and it tends to go up a little every year. It helps to shop around and install anti-theft devices in your commercial vehicles. Hire drivers with good driving records and keep a logbook. Maintain your commercial trucks and take advantage of safe driving apps or devices offered by your insurance company. Getting Cheap Commercial Truck Insurance Cheap commercial truck insurance does exist, even if it can be elusive. It’s best to get multiple quotes and play with the deductible amount to see how it affects your premiums. If possible, pay your premiums annually instead of monthly or quarterly. Most of all, it sometimes helps to work with an insurance broker who can help you get multiple quotes from several different insurance companies. This is the best way to find cheap commercial truck insurance that gives you the most bang for your buck. Read Also: How To Protect Yourself Legally During An Accident With A UPS Truck Legal Ways to Determining Fault for an Arizona Truck Accident 4 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Truck Insurance

Fuel Efficiency

5 Ways To Improve The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Truck

Drivers everywhere today are concerned with the rising cost of fuel. But that shouldn’t mean that the answer is to avoid driving a pickup truck. The best solution for any vehicle owner today is to find innovative ways to save on the cost of fuel. The good news is that several exist, and don’t require much effort. 5 Major Ways Of Improving The Fuel Efficiency Of A Truck 1. Is it Still Worthwhile to Buy a Truck? For some people, a truck is an essential tool they own for getting the job done when it comes to their means of earning a living. Others love the freedom they enjoy as truck owners who own a vehicle that can accomplish a versatile list of tasks. Whether or not either one of these reasons motivates you to drive a truck properly, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Try out these tips for decreasing fuel consumption to find an excellent new truck at your Jeep Dodge Ram dealership next time you need one. 2. Ease Up on the Gas You’ll burn less fuel if you drive in a more relaxed style. Aggressive driving causes you to accelerate even when you’re about to stop soon after. This means you’re burning much more fuel than is needed to drive to your destination. Ease up on your foot while driving to ensure you’re not using up fuel needlessly.  3. Don’t Sit Idling Many people allow their vehicles to sit while idling for long periods when they could quickly turn off the ignition to save fuel. It might not seem like much time has passed or that much gas is burning away while you’re merely sitting, but the cost will accumulate over time. Imagine burning a dollar bill every day because it is a small amount of money. This is what you’re doing every time you sit in your truck while it idles. 4. Haul Less Weight Every extra pound you add to your truck increases the fuel required to run it. Try to remember to check the bed of your truck before you travel far to ensure you haven’t left anything heavy sitting there. If you’re hauling around a load of wood every time you drive, you’re spending a lot more on that load than you think. 5. Keep Your Tires Properly Aligned When your tires go out of alignment, it causes more traction. Consequently, it takes more fuel to travel in your truck. Schedule a tire alignment regularly to avoid wasting more gas in this way. Other Maintenance Besides these issues, there could be a number of other unknown factors causing your truck to burn more fuel. The best way to avoid this is to take your truck to a mechanic for regular maintenance checks, so they can tell you if there are any problems. Like any other vehicle, it is inevitable that your truck will burn some fuel. You can help to offset these costs by paying close attention to these five tips. You should also discuss this issue with your used truck dealer before you buy to find out the most fuel-efficient option you can buy. Talk to a used Dodge Ram dealer for more info. Additionals: Truck Accident Scenarios: Who Is Liable?A Set Of The Best Exercises For Truck DriversThe Most Common Causes of Truck AccidentsThe Main Reasons Why Cabover Trucks Are Less Common Than Long Hood Rigs