Close Look at Top 5 Roofing Materials – Pros and Cons

Published on: 12 December 2016 Last Updated on: 19 August 2019
Roofing- Pros and Cons

There’s no dearth of options for those mulling a new roof installation. Choosing the correct roof for your home is imperative to ensure that you get full functionality and lifespan. The final decision should be taken after considering different factors such as the owner’s location, the roof’s weight, and the cost, warranty, and lifetime of the product. This blog post discusses, five popular roofing options for homeowners taking time to look at their advantages and shortcomings:

1. Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are unarguably the most common roofing option for homeowners in US, all thanks to their affordable nature and ease of installation. Moreover, many roofers also follow the practice of reinforcing shingles with organic materials or fiberglass, which has a positive impact on their durability and moisture resistance.


Asphalt shingles come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are easily available and the most economical roofing option available on the market.


Asphalt has a short lifespan when compared to other materials, and also incapable of providing proper insulation.

Best suited house styles: Traditional sub-urban houses

Cost: The cost of installing asphalt shingles can be anywhere between $70 to $120/sq.ft. and they can last for 20-25 years with proper maintenance.

2. Clay and concrete tiles

The use of clay adds to the roof’s texture and elegance, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Clay and concrete tiles are heavy roofing materials and should be installed by professionals to avoid accidents and damage to property.


Clay and concrete tiles are highly durable and fire-resistant. They are also known for their energy efficiency. Installing a concrete roof can, therefore, help you lower energy costs.


Both clay and concrete are heavier than other roofing materials and usually require additional framing to function smoothly. The materials are also expensive and you may have to shell out a considerable amount of money to install clay/concrete tiles.

 Best suited house styles: Mediterranean, Southwestern, and Spanish-style homes.

Cost: Prices fluctuate in the range of $300-$500/sq.ft. Concrete tiles have a lifespan of 40-50 years provided you follow maintenance schedules without fail.

3. Metal roof

Metal roofs are available in two types, panels, and shingles. Some of the common metals used by roofers who specialize in metal roofing are aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and zinc. If you’re considering a metal roof, it is advisable that you first consult your provider on the type of metal you should use after considering all the important factors.

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Metal roofs are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and also offer better protection against solar radiation. They are also long-lasting and recyclable.


Installing a metal roof can be a costly decision and you may have to shell out anywhere between $100-$800/sq.ft. to install a metal roof.

Best suited house styles: bungalows, cabins, and contemporary and cottage-style homes.

Effective life: With proper maintenance, metal roofs can last anywhere between 40-75 years.

4. Slate

Opting for a slate roof is a prudent decision if you need to avail a variety of designing options. Slate roofing comes in different colors like black, green, grey, red, and purple. It lends a touch of style and elegance to your roofing.


Slate roofs are durable and equipped with fire-resistance properties. You can also recycle slate to reduce costs and save the environment.


Apart from being expensive, slate is also heavy, making any plans for a DIY approach strongly inadvisable. Moreover, the quality of the materials can vary if you plan to use imported slate.

Cost: $600/sq.ft. And above. The effective life of slate roofs can extend up to 100 years and more.

5. Wood shingles and shake

Wood shingles are handmade and available in attractive shades of gray. When opting for wood roofing make sure the material is class a certified and includes shingles with a fire-resistant coating.


The use of wood shingles lends a rough yet artistic look to your roof. The shingles are made from natural materials like cedar, and redwood and are environment-friendly.


There are high chances of the roof sustaining significant damage when exposed to moisture, high temperatures, and rainfall. Moreover, fire codes in some states may prohibit the use of these materials.

Best suited house styles: Cape Cod, cottage, Craftsman and Tudor-style homes.

Cost: $100-$150/ sq.ft. You can expect the roofing to last around 25-30 years.

The blog discusses five popular roofing choices available to homeowners. You should, however, not limit yourself to these choices. Consider exploring other options before making a final decision. Consult your contractor and ask them to share their thoughts on your choice. You must also factor-in the maintenance costs and schedules associated with each option before you.

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Decorate a Room

How to Decorate a Room with no Cost

It is hardly found a person who does not like to stay in a bedroom. Most of the people in the world like to spend at least one-third of their life in the bedroom. So, it is highly important to decor your bedroom according to your desire. Redecorating your bedroom creates a relaxing environment and helps you to provide a better night's rest. For making a stylish bedroom, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.  There are several ways to decorate a room. Now you can take a look at our ideas. Pick the favorable ideas for you. Different Ways You Can Apply To Decorate A Room  There are multiple ways you can apply to decorate your room in the best possible ways. 1: Take the dimension of your room and furniture: To do this, you can use a measuring tape to measure the room dimensions. You can use graph paper to sort out and write your taken measurement. This measurement may include: Floor plan, size of doors, windows, etc. You can take the measurement of the furniture. Written your taken measurement on the graph paper. At that time, determine which furniture should go at which area of the room. Before rearranging, sort out which furniture is not required anymore. After planning that, you can get some free space. Now it is time to decide which new furniture is required for filling your available space. ( Consider suitable free space for walking, playing with children. etc) 2: Tools requirement: You need some important hand tools to run the work. For working at the room, list the available tools you have or you have not. Purchase the unavailable tools from the market. It is not a waste of money. These tools are your permanent asset. 3: Cleaning the room: Unnecessary items can be donated. If you find something that is not usable anymore, throw it out. You may clean out all the areas in your room as well as under your bed. If you get some newspapers, books, those are not required anymore; you can sell off these items. The important newspapers, books should be arranged on bookshelves. 4: Color the walls: You can use different types of color for your room. You can use a single color for all walls or the different color for a different wall. Normally, white color or similar to white color reflects the light. Black color or similar to black color reduce the reflection of light. An important thing that does not give chance to feed the color of your bedroom. Repainting your wall before getting it fed. Red, black, navy blue color should be avoided. At the time of coloring the room, match the walls color with your furniture, curtains, and carpets. 5: Color the furniture: Now, you need to recolor your furniture. You can use different types of color for your furniture. You can use a single color for all furniture or a different color for different furniture. Normally, you should use wood color, white color, black color or any other shining color. At the time of coloring the furniture, you should try to match the furniture color with your walls, curtains, carpets. 6: Place the bed with related furniture: Now, you should place your bed based on your preference. Some people prefer to place the bed against the wall. Some people prefer to place the bed on the side of the window. Some people prefer to place the bed in the middle of the room. So, you should decide for yourself. If there are free spaces available on both side of the bed, you may place a chair and a small table on one side. This table is set for reading books. On the next side, you can place a storage drawer with a table lamp and flower. You may also plan for utilizing the free space available under the bed. For storing things under the bed you may add a bed skirt. You can buy a bed with all related amenities at For placement of bed in the room, you should follow other guidelines also: The bed should not be placed in an area where sunlight shines directly. Avoid placing mirror against your bed. 7:  wood headboard: You can easily buy wood from the market.  Even you can get as a gift from neighbors or relatives. And simply you can make a headboard on the back wall of your bed. 8: Added extra shelves: For Maximizing each and every corner and area of your room, you may add extra shelves. That not cost you much. You can purchase plastic storage bins. You can attach hooks on the back of the door. If you added wooden storage bins, attach hooks on the side of the wooden shelves. You can utilize vertical free space for installing shelves. You may label the bin for a specific item. So, for storing Each and every item, you will get a specific place. This will provide you a organize structure of the room. 9: Stylish bookshelves: Try to decor your bookshelves with some decorative items. For example, if your bookshelves have six racks. Try to decorate the upper two racks with pottery or framed photos. You may use the middle two racks for books. If you have some unattractive items to display, such as DVDs etc, cover it by boxing. You can leave one or two bin of each shelf empty. 10: hanging a shelf beside your bed: It is a simple idea. Does not require much cost. You may tie driftwood with some rope and hang it besides the bed. It provides an apical view of your bedroom. 11: add carpet to the floor: It is also a simple idea. Does not require much cost. You can easily purchase a carpet from a shop or even you can get as a gift from neighbors or relatives. And simply you can cover some portion of your floor by carpet. It provides an epical and stylish view to your bedroom. 12: You can use washi tape to Decor small accessories: You can use washi tape for decorating some accessories. With no cost, it increases beauty to your room. 13: Flower arrangement: The flower is for beautification. You can go to the gardener for purchasing flower with tub. You can make an arrangement on the side of the window. You can also make a garden in front of your room. 14: Arrange a jewelry tree: You can gather dry branches of small trees in a vase over the dressing table. For making the vase more stable, you can fill it with pebbles. You can decorate the vase and tree with different ornaments. Read Also: Things To Do Before Bed For A Perfect Night’s Sleep 5 Ways To Maintain And Decorate The Study Room For Kids A Guide To Finding The Perfect Sofa For Your Living Room Cheap And Simple Tips To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover 5 Ways To Make A Big Statement In Small Bedroom


Fix Your Home up This Summer With These Core Hacks

Using this summer as the perfect time to fix up your home is one of the best things you can do, and this is something that you need to make sure you get right as much as possible. There are a lot of things that play a part in this, and you are going to need to make changes that will help you when it comes to making the home better moving forward. There are so many reasons why you might like to improve and fix up your home right now, and this is certainly something you are going to need to consider. Try to do as much as you can to fix up your home moving forward, and there are a lot of things that play a role in this process. Use these ideas to help you fix up the home this summer, and get it looking as great as possible. Modernize Your Driveway You have to do as much as you can to modernize your home because this is an excellent way of being able to make a good impression and develop the home as a strong and impressive asset. Now, one of the best ways of being able to achieve this is going to be to work on modernizing the driveway, and this is something you need to think about right now as much as you can. There are loads of epic ways you can achieve this, and one of the key ones is to make sure you focus on improving your driveway with different styles, materials, and design ideas. Repair the Roof Try to come up with things that are going to help you make your home much safer and more secure in the process. There are a lot of factors that play a part in achieving this, and it is so important that you do as much as you can to repair the roof and fix any damages that have been caused. A leaking roof is something that plays a massive role in damaging your home, and you need to take steps to deal with this right now, either yourself or by bringing in professional roofers to take charge of this for you. Fix up the Interior Fixing up the interior of the home is also something you need to make sure you get right, and there is a lot to consider when you are looking to achieve this as much as possible. So, you need to consider things like the doors and windows, the locks on the home, as well as crawl space repair work that might need doing. Fixing up your interior in the best possible way is one of the best things you can do. There are plenty of things that you can do to help you make the most of your home and get it looking as great as possible right now. Thinking about what you can do to improve the home and fix it up in the most effective way is so important, and that’s what you need to make sure you use these ideas for right now. Read Also: Your own space: decor ideas for your private place to relax 6 Techniques to Improve Your Work-from-Home Career 10 Tips to Pick the Best Table Saw for Home Improvement Projects


Cheap and Simple Tips to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

We should invest in our bedroom. After all, this is our retreat after a long day, our haven. It’s where we can relax and meditate. You don’t have to break the bank to have a cozy bedroom. Whether you have a small space or a big and spacious bedroom, you can revamp your area at an affordable price. You can go ahead and search the net for whatever blog feels appropriate to your DIY bedroom makeover! Here are cheap and simple tips to give your bedroom a new look: Clean Your Room:   It’s free! If you've been the busy type, you may find old receipts scattered on your dresser, expired products, clothes you no longer use, trinkets, and knick-knacks that are just gathering dust. Some tips when cleaning your room include: Throw away things that no longer give value to you. Donate items that are still in good condition but you no longer need. Pass off items to friends and family that you may feel would better serve them than you. No matter how you style your room, a messy one will destroy its overall look and feel. Want to know why hotel rooms always have a very comfortable feeling? No unnecessary things are lingering around. Organize Your Products, Cosmetics, and Clothes: Bins, bins, and even more bins! Use one color and style of containers, and each one should store one category of products. Clear and transparent drawers give a sleek and polished look and let you see what’s inside. Your motto should be: Everything always has its place. Clothing pieces that are "loose" and "awkward" on hangers (like underwear, socks, ties, scarves) will look neat if you store them in organizers specifically made for them. Other ways you can organize your products, cosmetics, and clothes include: Start by decluttering and throwing away expired products and by donating clothing pieces that you haven’t used in the last six (6) months. Put your makeup brushes all in one cup holder, mug, or whatever you can find lying around your home that you haven’t necessarily been using anymore. If you have boxes that are unused, wrap and decorate these boxes so you can use them to store makeup by kind: blush, foundation, eyeshadows - all in their place. Sort and divide your clothes by kind: jackets all in one place, jeans, shirts, blouses, dresses, and so on. Sorting will help have all your clothes in plain sight. Maintain the organization system that you have created (so when you get an item, put it back to where it belongs - don’t mix and match again!) If you can use the space under your bed, do so. You can keep shoes hidden from sight to minimize clutter. Clean Those Sheets or Buy a New Set! Maybe you've put off cleaning your sheets in a long time. Now is the time to do it! A fresh, crisp, and clean set of sheets or colourful decorative bedding will significantly change the look of your room – and the feel of it, too. If you haven't already done so, now could also be the time to take advantage of that ongoing homeware sale. Making a big switch from your all-white set to being more adventurous and going for decorative bedding will totally revamp the look of your room! Buy new sheets to replace your dying, old ones. On this note, too, make sure your set of sheets match the overall theme and color scheme of your bedroom. Mismatched sheets will blotch the look of your room. The Floor Matters, Too: If replacing your flooring isn't on the budget right now, rugs can do just the trick. If your existing carpets are dirty and too old looking, then maybe like your sheets, it's about time to get new ones as well. A good trick is to use dark-colored rugs for high-traffic places like your bedroom door so that dirt isn't readily visible. For accent rugs, go bright or printed. Other tips when selecting a rug for your bedroom include: Study your floor plan and choose the rug that best fits the area that you’re going to fill. Focus on the style that suits your bedroom: floral, Persian, classic, geometric, monochromatic. See what your room needs. Choose the right material. For bedrooms, rugs made out of light elements are acceptable. Most importantly, pick a rug that you can maintain. Change Old Knobs, Hooks, Locks, and Hardware: Switching from silver to gold hardware or from gold to rose gold will do wonders. Just make sure that you stick to one hardware color! It’s not the right area for you to mix and match. Cabinet knobs and handles of different styles and materials are available in hardware stores and online, and installing them is as easy as one, two, three! Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect style and colour for your bedroom: Always stick to your theme. Don’t forget about functionality! Pick the kind of hardware that you’re comfortable using. Have the same finish throughout either glossy, nickel, matte, brass, etc. Remember the quality. Don’t settle for hardware with decorative purposes only. Make sure your chosen one will last you for years. You’re trying to stay cheap - not to remodel every year. Buy Brand New Lights and Lamps: Manufacturers usually come up with new and innovative lights and lamps each season. Having one statement piece will move your room from boring and dull to creative and soothing. (Bonus tip: yellow lights in your bedroom will set the mood for relaxation. Imagine yourself being in a hotel room in the comfort of your own home every night! Here are some tips when choosing the perfect light: Go for LED lights. You want to be an eco-warrior, too. Dimmer switches are perfect for your bedroom! Here you can control the brightness, which makes your overall ambiance more relaxing. Keep your lamps close to your bed - so you can have the convenience of not having to stand up each time you want to switch on (or off) a lamp. Make sure the lighting you choose is easy to maintain. Install a Headboard or Hang an Art Piece: A headboard can instantly bring elegance into your room. You don’t even have to buy a new bed at all. Hanging up a piece of art or a portrait on top of your headboard will also make your room look well put together. Wall clocks can be a good option as well, aim to choose the best wall clock to complement your bedroom. Wall clocks are artistic and modern which is the perfect piece for a room makeover. Go Green! Add in plants that require little to no sun exposure at all. If you can, however, go for fresh plants. Plastic plants cost more and will also collect dust and dirt. Certain plants can even cleanse and purify the air in your room naturally. Plant baskets have also become quite popular with so many beautiful options. Use Only One Color of Hangers: Hang all your clothes in a uniform direction and use only one color for all your hangers. Doing this will instantly reduce eyestrain. Black is a great color option as it neutralizes the various shapes and styles of clothing pieces that you may have. Repaint Your Room: Even if this is all you’ll focus on, a fresh new paint color will improve and change the overall look of your room. If you can do it yourself or ask a friend to help you out, then the better! You’ll be able to save more money. Try incorporating in an accent wall with prints or one with a different color. Some tips when choosing the right paint color includes: Choose your inspiration and know your theme. Be sure your paint color will match your theme. Make sure your paint color will look good when the lighting is either on or off. If you’re still confused, go for neutrals. Don’t be afraid to use testers first. Don't Forget the Details: Make your small room look bigger by installing a mirror. Increase height by using vertical blinds or curtains. Add in photo frames. Buy an alarm clock that can also serve as a decoration. If you’re going for a boho-chic look, you can put up string lights or fairy lights. Overall: Use these ideas to get started. Take a quick look at your room and see where and how you can apply any of these tips! A brand new place is now at the tip of your hands. Get those creative juices flowing and sleep sound and well tonight. Read Also: 5 Ways To Make A Big Statement In Small Bedroom 5 Innovative Ideas To Lend Your Bedroom With More Space