Why You Should Have A Code Reader For Your Car


24 January 2019


Code Reader

If you’ve owned a car for many years, you’ve probably encountered a flashing check engine light at least once. If you haven’t, then you should know that this light indicates trouble. It signifies that there is a problem somewhere in the car.

The trouble is, you don’t know exactly where it is, and with all the technology people have in their cars nowadays, it’s even more challenging to figure out. Thankfully, code readers were invented. A code reader is a portable tool that you can plug into a vehicle, and it shows you precisely what area needs fixing. Sounds incredible, right?

Here are more reasons why you should have a code reader in your car.

Helps You Save Money:

Getting your car into a shop costs money and face it, not all mechanics are honest. Having access to an onboard diagnostic 2 (OBD2) tool like a code reader can be handy when you’re experiencing troubles with your car.

More modern cars have what they call OBD2 ports wherein you can plug your diagnostic devices. This port is found just below the dashboard on the driver’s side. Plugin your code reader into the port and refer to your obd2 scanner guide to check what the light means.

Take, for example, when your gas cap is loose or missing, the check engine light will start to blink. Taking it to a mechanic will cost a few hundred dollars, but with a code reader, you know exactly what you need to do. If it’s loose, you can tighten it. If it’s missing, it’s still a few dollars less than a visit to a mechanic.

Prevents Problem During Cold Weathers:

During extreme cold weathers, your car can experience several problems. You’ve probably experienced sitting several minutes on your driveway waiting for your car to heat up only to find out there’s a problem and you’re stuck in freezing weather.

Here are several things that can happen to your vehicle during cold weathers:

  • Your car fluids such as your oil, transmission fluid, and even brake fluid can thicken which will make it difficult for your car to run.
  • Your car battery could fail you during cold weathers because it’s going to exert more effort in starting your car. Be sure to check the health of your car battery even before winter season arrives.
  • The tire pressure can be significantly affected in freezing temperatures. Fluctuating tire pressures can result in uneven wear and tear of your tire and worst cases, a tire blow out.
  • Your spark plug becomes unreliable and starting your car can become difficult.

With a code reader handy, you will easily be able to know what’s wrong with your car even during extreme weather conditions. Knowing what needs to be repaired helps you keep your vehicle running safely.

They’re Portable:

More than being able to save money on repair costs and expensive auto-mechanic fees, a code reader is a portable device that can help ease your mind. This is especially true when you frequently use your car on road trips or vacations.

For example, if you have a recreational vehicle that your family uses a couple of times a year, you would want to have a code reader with you during the trip just in case something happens. If a problem is fixable, you can do it on your own and avoid a costly detour to the mechanic.

Moreover, people who like to drive cars are usually keen on taking care of their own vehicles. It gives them that sense of pride when they can fix the problem with their own hands. More importantly, code readers are compatible across many types of vehicle,  which means you can buy a single tool for all of your cars.

Keeps You Safe:

You don’t want to be going on a vacation with your family in the car while the check engine light is on, but you also don’t want to be ruining a perfect vacation by immediately taking it to the mechanic.

Having a code scanner in your car will help give you a more reasonable explanation as to what the problem might be. Driving your car without knowing the severity of the problem can cause accidents


A code reader isn’t just a reasonable investment. It’s a device that can help bring you peace of mind while on the road and will help you save tons of money on repairs and maintenance. What most car owners don’t realize is that some car problems could have been prevented if they were able to spot it immediately. Now, with a code reader finding the problem before it becomes a nuisance is made easier.

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Auto Repair

Top 10 Signs You Might Need Auto Repair Services

Is your car having difficulty starting up? Is it chugging and blowing out smoke? Which kind of problem can you do yourself and which ones should alert you it's time to visit a mechanic ship?Knowing when to get your car checked by auto repair services can make it cheaper for you. After all, if you put it off, the damage might take a turn for the worse and make you spend more.Take note that automotive repair costs United States drivers $50 billion a year, so if you want to save as much money as possible, you need to care for your car properly.Here are ten signs your car needs a tune-up: 1. Check Engine Light is On:A check engine light isn't a cause for concern when it's lit--a flashing one is a major indicator of a problem. It could mean that there's something wrong within any components and systems monitored by your car's computer. However, as long as the light is on, you must have the engine checked sometime soon.If you want to know more about scheduled Subaru maintenance, you can read more here. Otherwise, when an engine-like symbol glows in your dash, you need to get the engine checked as soon as possible. It might be an issue with the emissions system, which can give serious damage to your catalytic converter. 2. Smoke Out of the Hood: Vehicles must never have any type of smoke coming out from under their hood. If you see this, it's a sure sign of overheating. This can give serious damage to your car's engine if you continue driving without addressing the issue.Look at the dash and make sure to check the temperature gauge on a regular basis. Make sure that it isn't giving way for whatever reason. It's important that you pull over when you're driving since it allows you to let it cool down and call an automotive repair service for assistance.Another reason is that you're leaking coolant liquids from the radiator, hose, or gasket. This is especially true when the white smoke comes from the car's engine compartment. 3. Transmission Issues: When you're driving, take note of the way your car operates in a normal situation. Ask yourself these questions: Is it difficult for the car to achieve speed? Does it surge or give off odd sounds when operating?If you answer yes to these questions, you need to get car repair services. Without professional service repairs, you could get into an accident while on the road. This creates a dangerous situation for you and your kids.There might be a recurring transmission problem with your vehicle. Taking it to an automotive repair shop fixes the problem with the use of the latest technologies available. It's necessary for you to do this as soon as you can to avoid spending more in the future. 4. Excessive Smoke and Noise from Exhaust: Pay attention to the sounds your car makes when you're driving. The type of noise you hear will dictate the kind of possible problem. For example, if you hear hissing sounds from the exhaust, it's possible that its manifold or pipe has a crack. Chugging noises can mean that the exhaust system has a blockage. Meanwhile, rattling sounds underneath your car can mean that the exhaust system is suffering from misalignment. These sounds are good indicators that it’s time to change the exhaust system you can visit goblackops.com.au as they provide high-performance systems at reliable prices. As for excessive smoke, one possible reason is that you have an oil leak, especially when a burning smell accompanies it. In cold winter months, you might notice that there's more white smoke when you first start your car. This isn't a cause for alarm because it's only water vapor coming out of the exhaust system--they'll disappear once the temperature of the engine increases.But when you're driving and see too much smoke from the exhaust, it's best to go to a repair shop first. The same is true if you check your car's bumper area and notice a black residue near the area of the exhaust pipe. 5. Gas Mileage Decreases: If your car experiences a sudden drop in its gas mileage, you need to schedule routine maintenance as soon as you can. This could mean that you'll need to fill up its gas tank more often. The reason why this is urgent is due to the fact that you want to save as much money as possible for the gas, especially now that a barrel of oil is at $70.One of the main reasons behind this might be a bad fuel injector or a dirty fuel filter. It might also mean that there's a problem with the spark plugs. Either way, it requires your utmost attention and the help of professionals. 6. Difficulty Starting Vehicle:When getting into trips, do you find it difficult to make your vehicle startup? If your answer is yes, then it might be a good time for you to visit a repair shop for a tune-up. You need to do this as soon as possible especially when you're having a difficult time turning over right when you're trying to make it start.Another possible reason is that you're trying to start it while the engine is hot from the outside weather. It's related to the car's fuel, especially since a hot engine makes it harder for fuel to circulate because of the blocking vapor. In a worst-case scenario, the car won't even start.Remember, even after you shut the engine, it will still get hot for a short while. During this time, water vapor will spread around, obstructing the engine from circulating fuel. 7. Excessive Leaks: Noises and leaks are two of the most common problems for 2017 car models. You need to take your car to the nearest mechanic if it has major leaks underneath. If you're checking for leaks, the most common location is toward the car's front, where you might see different-colored liquids.If the liquid is bright green, it's the coolant leaking. Otherwise, dark red or brown liquids can either be transmission oil, brake fluid, or engine oil. But if it's only plain water, don't worry--it's the normal result of the air conditioner running during warm summer months. 8. Signs of Rust: When you see rust on your car, you need to remove it fast regardless of whether you do it on your own or let professionals help you. When left alone, a single rust spot can grow fast and cause a structural problem if it reaches a certain size.Deal with it fast since most states will never pass inspections if they have rust holes in the body. It's especially needed if you bought a secondhand car.It doesn't matter if the spot is small or it's located in an unimportant part of the car body. You need to eliminate it as soon as you see it. To do this in an effective manner, you need to understand the most problematic areas in your car as well as the methods you need to address the problem. 9. Vehicle Shakes or Jumps :When you experience this, it's a sign of a performance issue. It might be a good time for you to take your car for a tune-up. Take it for a test drive on a shop or make an appointment so you don't end up stalling in a place you'd rather not be in.Always remember that a driving experience should be free from shaking or jumping. After all, the probable cause of this problem is within the car's engine. It might be due to clogged fuel lines or filters, as well as bad spark plugs.Again, you need to fix this problem as soon as possible since it hinders your vehicle's acceleration most of the time. It might even give out in the most unpleasant situations, like merging onto a highway while fast-going vehicles are behind you. You can prevent it by changing the oil regularly as well as replacing the belts at certain intervals. 10. Squealing When Turning: Experiencing this while driving is another good reason to visit an auto shop and get a tune-up for your car. It's possible that some of the important fluids your car needs are approaching dangerously low levels that need urgent refills. Another reason for the squeals is that the car might have a leak, meaning that replacing the liquids isn't a definite way to fix your problem.Aside from squealing, your vehicle might emit a jerking feeling when you're shifting. It's especially noticeable when you're shifting into drive. If this happens, you might need to get a new transmission filter and liquid to fix this problem.Failing to do this early, you might need to spend more money on a new transmission system. Discover More Auto Repair Tips Today: With these auto repair tips, you'll know when you have to bring your car in for a checkup. It's always safer to hire professionals when getting a tune-up or when it's time to replace old car parts.But don't stop here. There are more great car service tips for you to discover. Visit us today and read some of our other guides to ensure you drive safely, like this post about the safety of self-driving cars.Read Also :5 Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up There Is A Pothole Problem In America – How To Protect Your Car From Damage? 5 Ways To Avoid The Rip Off While Buying A Used Car

Spare Parts

Why You Need to Choose High-Quality Spare Parts for Your Truck

Using high-quality spare parts plays a critical role in helping you to maintain the safety of your truck. However, we have some ruck owners who prefer to use counterfeit parts because they are cheap. You can only do this if you don’t understand the side effects of using low-quality spare parts on your truck. The U.S. Department of Commerce asserted that the market for counterfeit auto spares had grown phenomenally. There is an estimation that auto suppliers will continue to lose billions of dollars every year due to fake products. Therefore, you need to be wary about these products because they can do more harm than good to your valuable assets. Remember tracks are costly and it can take you several years before you invest.As the problem of counterfeiting continues to grow significantly, it is increasing the rate at which people are repairing their vehicles. Counterfeit track spare parts also tend to increase the number of accidents on the roads. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality spare parts to use in your automotive. It will increase the level of safety for users and reduce your expenditure in the long run.Not all spare part sellers you come across deal in genuine products. Therefore, you have to think about getting a vendor who sells genuine parts before you even look into the benefits. Previous reviews can help you to choose a reliable vendor. A dealer like AUTODOC.co.uk has been on top of the game because of high-quality track spare parts. Here are some of the reasons that will motivate you to choose high-quality spare parts for your truck. Substandard Spare Parts Will Worsen the Condition of Your Vehicle: All the low-quality products that you get in the market are not manufactured according to the specifications and standards of the industry.  The use of such products will interfere with the optimal functionality of your track and result in frequent repairs. You can avoid such unnecessary expenses by purchasing genuine products. You’d instead buy an expensive spare part that will serve you for an extended period. Fake products will also affect the vital components of your vehicles such as the engine, and this may end up worsening the condition of the car. It may lead to frequent replacements and increase the costs of maintenance in the long run. Therefore, it makes economic sense to buy genuine parts even if their initial price seems to be high. You will stand to benefit a lot in the long run. Counterfeit Spare Parts May Have Fatal Consequences: Apart from worsening the condition of your vehicle, the use of sub-standard spare parts will increase the risk of fatal accidents. One of the riskiest counterfeit products are the airbags. NHTSA (The United States Transportation Traffic Safety Administration) department alerted all repair professionals and car owners about the increase in the use of counterfeit products as though they are original, certified equipment parts. Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious when going to replace a part on your track. Reliable Spare Parts Will Increase the Life of Your Auto Mobile: If you want your vehicle to have the same performance like when you bought it, make sure you go for genuine replacement parts. Superior quality and reliable products optimize the performance of your engine and hence extending the lifespan of your truck.Go for the supplier who has an excellent reputation in the market, expertise in the manufacture of spares, and a lot of experience in the industry. Make sure you put close attention to these things while buying spare parts for your track.Read Also:Why Times Are Tough For Truckers And Why It Concerns You Contemplating An Aluminium Ute Canopy For Your Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle?