Doing It The Right Way: Common Mistakes Every New Blogger Commits


Many people thought that when you choose a blog for a living, you are just only making money while sitting. But when you let them write their first couple of posts, it hits them like: I never thought that this job would be tough, and like any other person, they mess things up.

Messing things up in the beginning and making mistakes along the way is normal. So to help beginner bloggers get started accordingly, here are some of the most common lapses every new blogger should avoid.

Mistake #1: Absence of your Niche

What’s the core of your blog? Do you write about anything every day? Or are you stuck with an ordinary subject matter that you like?

If you write an article about food one day and fashion on the next and then wonder why no one is commenting, chances are people don’t have a clue about what your real blog is.

Don’t underestimate the power of focus because a clear and straightforward blog can more likely niche to develop a somewhat focus, valuable, efficient and passionate content. 

Mistake #2: Missing your real audiences 

real audiences

Gathering hundreds (even thousands) of reader online can be astonishing, but when you don’t know who your real viewers are, the problem enters.

When writing a new blog, why not create an article as if having a conversation with your friend or a family member instead of addressing it to a crowd? Being specific to your topics will instantly make your blog more engaging and personal making your blog site more interesting and gather more readers.

Mistake #3: Quantity Vs. Quality

One common mistake of every blogger is the constant publishing of new articles every single day. Well technically, posting a lot to your blog is not a bad thing but if your posts are crappy and invaluable why update regularly?

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Instead of wasting the time of your readers with your irrelevant blogs, you can create a real and profound blog post that requires time to analyze, write, and edit to encourage reliability and credibility.

Mistake #4: Negligence of editing 

Are you one of the writers who can write flawless posts in a flash of the eye? Oops! Stop right there and consider editing your blogs, because there’s no such thing as a perfect blog.

But if you still want a close to perfection article, there are possible things that you can do:

  • Make sure that every spelling is correct and always watch out for grammatical errors.
  • Polish everything. In proper editing, you can cross out unnecessary words, replace jargons with simpler terms and split two long sentences with short information.
  • Evaluate your post properly. Make sure that each paragraph is cohesive with the paragraph before it.

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Mistake #5: Never consider plagiarism as a choice 

Most of the rookies in the world of blogging do ‘copy and pasting’. And they think that they can escape it. You can’t.

Plagiarism doesn’t work at all because readers and editors can easily tell whether an article was made initially or plagiarized. If you copy the thought of another blog, your voice will not sound like you, and it will destroy your reputation.

Plus, if you will be caught stealing the ideas of others, your site will be punished by Google that will cause an adverse impact on your blog and will affect its growth.

If you ever read through the list of mistakes and is now thinking that you committed them, just remember that every neophyte learns many things and those mistakes are common. Every blogger has probably done one or more mistakes in his or her lifetime.


With the mistakes listed above, you will have a clearer path to excel in your writing. The period of your writing doesn’t matter because everyone at some point makes common mistakes in their life.

Instead of being discouraged by your mistakes, use it as a fuel to power up your experiences that will keep your blogging business continuously growing and healthy.

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Blogging Benefits

Blogging to Live Better: 10 Benefits of Blogging

Remember back when blogs weren't really a thing?Not the case anymore. As of 2015, 28.3 million Internet users updated a blog at least once a month.If you're not sure what all the hype is for, here are ten benefits of blogging that you shouldn't miss out on. 1. Share Your Passions : Maybe you have a deep-seated love of French baking. Or maybe you're gung-ho about knitting. Maybe you're a talented underwater basket-weaver.Whatever your passion project might be, a blog is a great place to share it with the world.Because where else but the Internet can you find people with so many different passions wanting to talk to each other? 2. Get a Better Job : If you're great at blogging, you can even turn it into a better job.Maybe you use blogging as a tool to help improve your online profile, show potential employers your chops, and get hired.Or maybe you love blogging so much and get so good at it that it becomes the better job you always dreamed of.Either way, if you dedicate yourself to learning how to blog well and writing regularly, you could parlay it in to a better job than the one you have now. 3. Become a Better Writer : And while you're at it, you could become a better writer in the process.After all, blogs update all the time--every week, every few weeks, or every month (or, for the very ambitious, every day!) Where else would you have so many opportunities to practice your craft?And if you're worried about how blogging translates into more technical writing like whitepapers, reports, emails, or essays, think of it this way: the only way to get better at writing is by writing. A lot.Blogging is, as a rule, a conversational form of writing. It's a great way to get comfortable writing, and writing quickly.Once you're thoroughly comfortable around your own language, how to structure a piece, and how to rock a word-count, translating those writing skills into other forms of writing is a breeze. 4. Practice Another Language : Since you have so many opportunities to write, why not use them to practice another language?If you're consistently forcing yourself to form coherent thoughts, sentences, and paragraphs in your non-native language, you may be surprised to find how much easier it is to work with that language.And, as you establish a following, you'll have more opportunities to interact with native speakers of the language, which means you'll be able to practice even more.Who knew blogging could help you learn so much? 5. Improve Your Technical Knowledge : Of course, it doesn't have to be languages. You could also flex your blogging muscles to improve your technical know-how.Let's say you want to write about failed back surgery syndrome, like this website. What's the easiest way to learn about failed back surgery syndrome?By writing about it and doing the research required to write about it with authority.Always been curious about coding or economics? What better way to talk your way through what you've learned that blogging about it? 6. Connect with New People : And while you're blogging, you'll have all kinds of opportunities to connect with people as you establish a following.These could be people you'd like to add to your professional network. Maybe they're potential blogging clients of yours. Or maybe they're people who are just as passionate about interior design as you are.Either way, learning how to spread your opinions and engage with your comments section is a great way to bring more people into your orbit. That's the beauty of the Internet. 7. Get Immediate Feedback : Plus, while all kinds of new people are engaging with your work, you'll have all kinds of opportunities to get feedback on your work.Did you ever take a writing class in high school or college? Think back to how that process worked--you wrote something, turned it in, and waited a week or a semester to hear back about it. It was a decidedly one-sided process.Blogging is different. When you post something, people have a chance to engage with it in real-time via your comments section--and you have a chance to talk right back.This is especially useful if you have an idea you want to develop further. Put it out into the world on your blog and see what people say. Sometimes, a little outside perspective is just what you need to make progress. 8. Establish Yourself as an Expert : Let's be honest--anyone can blog about something.Let's say you want to be a travel blogger. You can totally start a blog and write about far-off places.But as you spend more time on your blog, doing your research, writing about what you've learned, and sharing your expertise, the more your blog turns into a demonstration of your expertise in your chosen field.One post about something is one thing. But if someone comes to your blog and sees twenty in-depth pieces about a particular subject, they'll view you as someone who knows what they're talking about. 9. Get More Exposure : Of course, not everyone starts a blog just to write about their dogs. Plenty of businesses start blogs to help boost their online exposure.Who says you can't do it too?As we noted, blogging is a great way to attract an audience and engage with people. If you run a business, a blog is a great way to bring attention to that business and topics related to your business.It might even bring you a few customers. 10. Build Your Portfolio : Finally, the only way to build a writing portfolio is by writing. A lot.Blogging is nothing if not writing a lot on a regular basis.If you need to beef up your portfolio and show your own expertise on a subject, a blog is a great way to start getting your name on articles online. Even if it's just your own blog, it gives employers, clients, and fellow enthusiasts a chance to read your work in a casual setting. More Benefits of Blogging (and Writing) Now that you know so much about the benefits of blogging, why not start a blog for yourself?If you're not sure where to start, no worries. We can help with that.Check out our blog for all kinds of tips to boost your writing and blogging, like this post on the common mistakes every new blogger makes.Read Also :5 Blogging Tips For Beauty And Fashion Bloggers In 2018 Bloggers, Beware! Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

blog writing

How to Become a Great Travel Blogger: 11 Secrets

Writing an article while you are sitting on the ocean beach with a rainbow cocktail? Of course, you have seen the pictures of travel bloggers that seem nothing to do but enjoying exotic countries. They travel several months a year, taking gorgeous pictures, meeting new people, and exploring different cultures. Are you a white-collar who is sick of his job? Is your secret dream to pack your stuff and open the door to adventures? Well, if it is so, you should do your best to prepare for a great journey. But how do travel bloggers make money? What are they living for? What do you need to do first to start the blog? Does this business worth quitting your cozy office? We gather several secrets that will guide you while you are considering which country to choose for your first travel. 18 Hours a Day It is not a joke. As a rule, to achieve success, a newcomer has to run his own business in the real world 18 hours a day. Travel bloggers are not an exception. They apply efforts every day to create cool content and attract the attention of big advertisers. High competitiveness requires constant attention, so a blogger needs to work day and night tirelessly. Don't be misled with pictures taken on lovely landscapes because this is not such easy at it seems. Travel bloggers spend long hours at the laptop cursing all your life when Wi-Fi is poor. Create Content Maybe, you are an adventurous man or brilliant engineer. If you can't put words together when it comes to writing, your new business is sure to fail. You need a lot of talent to get popular on the Internet. So, before starting a blog try yourself in the writing field. Create something awesome and ask your friends or relatives for a review. Are you still uncertain of your own genius? Then practice! Write! Jot down your thoughts, create an essay and read it aloud. It will take at least several months to feel confident about your skills. You may find plenty of practical pieces of advice about essay writing on various online services. Find Your Audience Building trust relations with the readers is the most important task for any blogger. Why? The answer is simple. You just can't earn a decent income without a proper audience. No one will invest the money in your business. Get readers first. Find out who is your target audience. The money will come later. What is a Use of That? We read travel blogs, not just for fun. Mostly, tourists seek useful information about the place they are going to visit. Thus, creating entertainment content, you should never forget of those who will come to your blog searching for the timetables, prices, tips, and tricks. Include food recommendations, details where to stay or what to do in your story. Add to your excellent video entertainment and breathtaking photos. Do you think you have a sense of humor? Then make a joke! People like it! Gorgeous Photos Take pictures of everything you see and do while traveling. Remember that even the most mundane things will be in use when you create a story or supply your blog with additional information. You can take pictures of an airport and describe where a traveler can exchange money or find a bus station. Create Events Make your journey impressive and fascinating! Do you have favorite activities? What about getting a new experience? How about biking through India or climbing Kilimanjaro? Do some exciting stuff. Your readers will love it! Use Guest Posting Does no one seem to know about your blog? The best way to change it is to place guest posts on popular resources. The link will lead a new audience to your blog and sent you traffic. Besides, if you will post an article on reputable sources, it will help you with branding and credibility. Work via Social Media These days, social media are the most powerful promotion tools. Staying active on Facebook or Twitter is essential if your goal is earning a living. But don't let yourself to become a victim of social networks: don’t waste too much time there. Analyze your traffic, choose the time to share publications and respond to comments. Do not neglect other social media platforms like YouTube or Pinterest. Art of SEO Your texts must respond not only the reader's interest but Search engine requirements as well. In other words, you need to use magic phrases to attract engines like Google. The art of writing this "spell" is called SEO. If you are going to run a popular blog, you have to study this subject laboriously. Targeted Advertising Sooner or later you will understand that to expand the target audience you need to spend money advertising on social media. You may pick Facebook or Twitter or any platform that you like. Announce your blog loudly! A percentage of visitors will become your regular readers after discovering the blog for the first time. Hire a Team You can't run a successful travel blog alone. Of course, the first time you will be playing different roles: a traveler, journalist, photographer, public relations, accountant, graphic designer, and so on. Mostly, it is a typical situation as many bloggers met this challenge when they entered their career. For some time, you are the only person that is responsible for the safe “voyage.” But a “shipwreck” is inevitable if you do not hire a team when your blog gets popular. You will not be able to run it alone.We have outlined the tip of the iceberg. As you see, a travel blogger works long hours every day. While moving from place to place, you never know whether you will have a comfortable work environment, a nice chair, and a cozy bed. You face a thousand obstacles, survive in long and tiresome car journeys, struggle with mosquitoes and have a risk to catch an exotic disease. All travelers meet language challenges. You have to realize clearly what is waiting for you on this path. Otherwise, your travel blogger’s experience will be the most disappointing. So, we want to showcase that this is not a job but a lifestyle that has its own benefits and hardships.Read More :4 WordPress Plugins To Make Your Blog More Powerful Doing It The Right Way: Common Mistakes Every New Blogger Commits The 10 Wordpress Pluging Every Success Blogger Uses Bloggers, Beware! Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Halloween Inflatables

Where To Display Large Halloween Inflatables: Transform Your Front Yard, School Front, And More

As Halloween draws near, the time-honored custom of decorating our homes and public spaces comes to life with imagination and enthusiasm.Large Halloween inflatables are one of the many lovely solutions that are readily accessible for converting regular places into enchanted worlds of spookiness and whimsy.Today, we'll talk about where to put these huge Halloween inflatables on display, including your front yard, school buildings, and other places.Front Yard Transformations: A Spooky WelcomeOne of the most favored and well-liked places for large Halloween blow ups is unquestionably the front yard. Your front yard may be the blank canvas on which to paint your Halloween imagination, creating the ideal environment for a stunning display that beckons trick-or-treaters and onlookers into the holiday's atmosphere.Imagine a terrifying inflatable haunted house that towers over your home's entryway, replete with spooky lighting, spectral figures, and disturbing sound effects. This eerie home comes to life when dusk descends and the sun sets, producing lengthy shadows and evoking a sense of mystery and adventure.Your front yard may also accommodate large inflatable pumpkins, witches, and skeletons. These absurd and over-the-top creatures bring a sense of humor and magic to your Halloween decorations, urging both kids and adults to celebrate the occasion.Furthermore, front yard decorations frequently tell a narrative. Consider staging themed moments that immerse viewers in a spooky fantasy universe. The inclusion of properly chosen huge inflatables, props, and lighting effects may bring to life a haunting cemetery, a witch's cauldron, or a pirate ship adventure.School Fronts: A Playful Educational TwistLarge Halloween inflatables look fantastic displayed against the backdrop of schools, which provide inviting fronts and open, spacious interiors. These inflatable decorations may be used by educational institutions to create a joyful and interesting ambiance, from elementary schools to high schools.Consider the scenario where a huge inflatable black cat is proudly poised at the entryway to greet pupils as they enter the building. It establishes a lively mood for the day's Halloween activities with its arched back, bright eyes, and amusing face.Additionally, schools can employ inflatables to add an educational flair to their Halloween decorations. For instance, offering children a fun and educational attraction to investigate may be a huge inflatable spider followed by an educational exhibit about arachnids.Large inflatable scarecrows, witches, and pumpkins may also lend a whimsical touch to the school's front door, making it a happy and welcoming place for both children and parents as well as staff. These decorations have the potential to promote a sense of belonging and collective celebration within the educational setting.Public Spaces and Parks: Community CelebrationsThe Halloween season presents a special chance for neighborhood festivities and gatherings in public areas and parks. Large Halloween inflatables may make a significant contribution to changing these areas into joyful and enchanted environments that everyone can enjoy.Imagine a neighborhood park decorated with a big inflatable jack-o-lantern, its hospitable glow throwing a gentle light over a family gathered for a Halloween picnic. Under the vigilance of the amiable pumpkin, this place of congregating becomes a hive of hilarity, storytelling, and friendliness.Furthermore, festivals and activities for Halloween might be held in public areas, where huge inflatable displays take center stage. A tall inflatable ghostly figure may serve as the center of a Halloween parade or costume competition thanks to its fluttering form and eerie appeal.Large Halloween inflatables may be a great addition to commercial areas, town squares, and community centers. These inventive and colorful decorations entice visitors, enticing them to stroll the neighborhood, make purchases at nearby shops, and take in the festive mood.Related: Must-Have Costumes for Halloween in AustraliaCorporate and Business Displays: A Seasonal TouchBy putting enormous inflatables into their storefronts and office spaces, businesses and companies have embraced the Halloween spirit. These fun and striking decorations not only make the space seem festive but also get both customers and staff involved.Imagine entering a mall and being welcomed by a huge inflatable witch who is casting her spell over the entryway. She not only gives the shopping experience a magical touch, but her presence also acts as a creative marketing gimmick for the mall's Halloween-themed promotions and activities.Large inflatable Halloween decorations are also beneficial for office buildings. Employee morale may be raised and a joyful and engaging work environment can be created during the Halloween season with the help of a huge inflatable black cat or a humorous ghostly figure in the foyer.Additionally, restaurants, cafés, and small companies can employ inflatables to draw clients and create a distinctive ambiance. Passersby are sure to notice a restaurant with a huge inflatable pumpkin outside, and the festive atmosphere will attract customers.Halloween Parades: Floats and ProcessionsLarge inflatables may be shown in a dynamic and engaging manner during Halloween parades with their vibrant floats and processions. As towns join together to celebrate the holiday, these parades enliven the Halloween spirit.Parade floats might have large inflatable characters like witches, ghosts, and monsters. The fun and spectacle that these inflatables provide to the parade excite spectators of all ages.In addition, some parades include processions of enormous inflatable characters that are controlled by parade participants. These inflatable puppets capture the audience with their vivid colors and lively motions, making for a memorable and engaging parade experience.Large inflatable Halloween decorations have grown to be a popular and useful addition to the Halloween season, providing limitless opportunities for altering front yards, school facades, public areas, business displays, and Halloween parades.The aura of magic, fun, and neighborhood celebration is created by these innovative and colorful decorations, which perfectly reflect the spirit of Halloween. When planning your Halloween decorations, think about where these larger-than-life inflatables may fit in.Then, let your imagination soar as you turn ordinary places into incredible regions of Halloween magic. These scary inflatables inspire everyone to embrace the enchantment of the season and celebrate Halloween with excitement and zeal, whether it's a towering inflatable ghost in your front yard or a huge inflatable pumpkin at your school's entrance.Read Also:What is a Furry?7 Fashion Tips Exclusively for MenChoose The Latest Collection Of Women Clothing For a Stylish Look