6 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer before an Arrest in Knoxville


14 January 2020


Contact a Lawyer

Many people would probably not consider finding an attorney for criminal defense unless they were already arrested in Knoxville. Even if you believe you’re being prosecuted for a felony, it may still be your first impulse to contact a lawyer.

It will help you in many ways. A professional criminal defense attorney can assist in securing bail, counsel on your case, and start creating your case.

6 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer before an Arrest in Knoxville:

Find if you need a solicitor for criminal defense:


Too often people are afraid to employ a defense attorney so early might make them look innocent in other people’s eyes. What such people do not know are the different ways in which a criminal defense lawyer may be able to assist the result of their case if approached prior to arrest. Even if you don’t end up hire or contact a lawyer to defend you, they’re still able to help you understand the allegations against you.

Make sure your side is noticed before it’s too late!

Police can come to a decision during a congressional investigation that leads them directly to contact you or detain you. Though, it is also possible for the police, in what is known as immediately post-filing, to apply the results of their investigation to the workplace of the state lawyer. In getting on your side a knowledgeable and trained district attorney, the lawyer will take steps to try to provide your side of this story. You can also contact a lawyer reckless driving law firm to solve your driving-related cases.

Reduce or even drop out the pending charges:

When engaged in the process early enough, there will be a greater chance for a successful defense attorney to see that the charges that you ended up receiving are reduced to a lower charge or even dropped completely. In many states, you have less room for negotiation after a prosecutor has submitted your case to a grand jury and completed the procedure to bring formal charges against you.

Assist you in a legal process:

A solicitor will help you navigate the case. Sometimes, before the case is solved, you have to go to trial multiple times. The meaning of each court hearing can be clarified by a lawyer. In some circumstances, such as an arraignment, a lawyer may appear on your behalf for court and you may not have to leave.

The Police may lie or threaten you:

Most people are shocked to hear that to extract a statement, the police must lie. To get them to talk, the police can and do lie to offenders. Don’t fall for that. Continue to talk to a solicitor before answering any questions, or getting a lawyer present. Do not allow the police’s lies to force you to make an exculpatory statement. You shouldn’t give up if you put yourself in a position where a policeman threatens you with physical abuse or threatens to charge your friends or loved ones with a crime if you don’t talk.

Peace of Mind:

Assuming that you have an experienced and skilled lawyer to defend your long term interests will help you feel better. An arrest may be a terrifying event. It can be even more frightening the challenging task of entering a court. Not only can you be clarified by a lawyer, but they can also help you get ready and educate you on what to do.

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What To Look For When Researching A Criminal Lawyer?

There is a reason why normal individuals tend to keep their distance from lawyers, policemen, and the overall legal and judicial systems. For any normal human being understanding the complex and intricate workings of the legal system can become overwhelming. The process becomes even more cumbersome when you are facing a criminal charge and have to defend yourself in a court of law. This requires you researching the best criminal defense lawyers that can help you represent your case and walk away with the best possible outcome. Finding out criminal defense lawyers used to take place through the telephone Yellow Pages earlier. However, in 2021, there are new platforms, mediums, and ways of looking and researching a criminal lawyer. If you are looking to hire a criminal lawyer, please visit the website. The Importance of the Right Criminal Lawyer: why you need to get it right? A lot of individuals are pretty casual about selecting a criminal lawyer. They often depend on family connections, references, and television ads to hire one. What they do not realize is the fact that criminal lawsuits should not be taken lightly. In fact, they have serious implications for changing your life completely. Criminal lawsuits and convictions have the impact of not only changing your life but on your family as well. One false move on the part of your attorney can lead you to spend jail time in a state or federal prison. It can also tarnish your reputation and prevent you from securing employment opportunities once you end your sentence period. With the criminal legal system being a very complicated body to understand, you need to find a lawyer that can help you represent and argue your case in the best possible fashion. With several million Americans locked up in false criminal charges in penitentiaries up and down the state, you do not want to be the next statistic on that list. 5 Important Things to look for when researching a Criminal Lawyer 1. Integrity and Honest Principles-  A value that is often overlooked in this day and age is integrity and honesty. You need to hire a criminal lawyer that works according to a set of moral principles. This is important as you want the lawyer to defend your rights and secure an outcome that is in line with what is just and fair. A morally upright lawyer will be able to make the best decisions on your behalf in the case. 2. Empathy and Caring Skills-   While for a criminal lawyer you might be just one of his or her many cases, for your family and yourself, this is the only case. A criminal lawyer needs to fulfill expectations i.e be empathetic enough to understand what you and your family must be going through. Showing care can help the individual facing the lawsuit and his family feel confident. This can help them emotionally. 3. Communication and Articulation-  A good legal counsel can articulate the point of view of the client in front of the jury and judges clearly and comprehensively. The best criminal lawyers have a strong persuading power that can help convince and bring the jury to believe their client’s side of the story. This communication extends to judicial officers, investigators, and law enforcement. 4. Location, Distance, and Region- Many individuals make the mistake of selecting criminal lawyers that are stationed in some other states. You need to understand that the rules, regulations, and legal systems in different states can vary. Finding someone that is local and practices in the Court that your case will be tried at is the best possible solution. They would be better networked and know their way. 5. Fee Structure and Affordability-  As someone that is trying to defend themselves in a criminal lawsuit, you need to get the best lawyers. This is not an easy possibility as the best lawyers are expensive. This is one major reason why you need to see the fee structure and evaluate payment options and models. You do not want to be facing an uncomfortable situation with your lawyer over fee delays. The Final Word By paying attention to the above-mentioned important points, someone who is looking for a criminal lawyer will be able to make a much more informed decision. If you have any other questions, that you would like us to answer, let us know in the comments below. We will try our best to address them. Read Also: Civil Cases Versus Criminal Cases: What You Need To Know Criminal Case – Dos And Donts Criminal Law Enforcement

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What Are the Penalties for Drug Possession in Arizona?

With the opioid epidemic at an all-time high, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drug possession offenses all over the country. Arizona is no different. In Arizona, if you are caught with drugs on your person or in your car, you can expect to face some serious legal repercussions. This also applies to anyone caught with drug paraphernalia in their possession. Depending on the type and amount drug, you could be facing some serious fines and jail time. Arizona takes drug possession very seriously. The bottom line is if you are caught under the influence of drugs or with drugs in your possession, you will probably be charged with a felony. In order to be found guilty of drug possession in Arizona, the state must prove the following: You knowingly possess the drugs or paraphernalia- It's not enough that you are found in a house where drugs are found. There has to be some connection between you and the drugs in order for you to be found guilty. The substance was, in fact, an illegal or illicit drug – Just because you think something is a drug, doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted of the crime of possession. If you have a bag of oregano, you can’t get charged with possession of marijuana – even if you bought it thinking it was marijuana. Arizona also breaks drugs down into different categories. Drugs can be defined as any of the following: Marijuana – This category includes synthetic marijuana, edibles, or regular marijuana. Peyote Prescription drugs – This would include anti-anxiety drugs and other drugs that are legally prescribed. To be charged with drug possession, you would have to be found with drugs that you personally don’t have a prescription for. Dangerous drugs –this would include methamphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. Narcotics – Pain medication and other opiates. Vapors – This would include inhalants. What are the Different Penalties for Drug Possession? If you are busted with drugs in Arizona, you are going to face some serious consequences. The severity of the penalty will depend on how much of the drug you have in your possession. If you have just enough for personal use, it will more than likely qualify as simple possession. If, however, you have more than you could be expect to use yourself, you’ll be charged with possession and intent to distribute. In Arizona, you will not be sent to prison for your first or second offense of drug possession. You will be sent to mandatory treatment and will be handed some pretty stiff fines. Additionally, you may be given a suspended sentence or probation for your first or second offense. Arizona will not impose a prison sentence until your third offense. Defenses to Drug Possession: As with most crimes, there are defenses to drug possession in Arizona. Your criminal defense attorney will raise any and all of the applicable defenses in your trial. He will also use these defenses as a bargaining tool when he tries to negotiate a reduced charge or sentence with the prosecutor. The available defenses to drug possession in Arizona include: Lack of Knowledge – If you truly had no idea the drugs were in your possession, you may be found not guilty. Examples of this are when third parties placed drugs in your car or purse. It is very difficult to prove lack of knowledge. Illegal Search – If the police had no reasonable basis for conducting the search in the first place, the charges will have to be dismissed. Religious Use – This defense is rarely successful. In order to use this defense, you have to prove that you were using the drugs as part of a religious (not merely a cultural) ritual. Medical Marijuana Card – If you are caught with less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana and are a legitimate marijuana patient, you may raise this defense. You will still have to prove that the drugs came from a genuine and legal dispensary. Read Also: Is Outpatient Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction Effective? Polydrug Use: What Happens When You Mix Cocaine With Heroin?