How To Find Best Car Accident Lawyer Near You


11 January 2019


Best Car Accident Lawyer

An excellent lawyer can make the difference between winning a huge settlement and accepting a meager one. Car accident victims need an outstanding attorney to ease the burden of the lengthy legal process.

You should look for someone who is trustworthy and who can assist you in attaining justice for the damages inflicted upon you.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best car accident lawyer:

1. Look for Experts in Personal Injury Law:

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is complex so you should look for a lawyer who specializes in this particular field.

Experts like the team at are familiar with the specific rules and practices in this civil lawsuit. They know that most car accidents are caused by negligence and will work hard to be a champion of your rights.

Some traits that you should look for in a personal injury lawyer are:

  • Trustworthiness – An exemplary attorney must be reliable enough for you to share all the details of your case, even the sensitive ones so that they can help you win.
  • Compassion – The lawyer who you should work with must be able to empathize with you and understand how the car accident has drastically impaired your quality of life.
  • Meticulous – You must search for a legal counsel who will thoroughly prepare your case before presenting it to the judge and jury. They must be knowledgeable about the medical terms and diagnoses regarding your injury.

3. Get Reliable Referrals:

Obtain recommendations from people you trust, like family and friends. If they went through the same case as you, ask them who they turned to for help. Lawyer relatives and friends are also valuable sources of information since they have connections to people in the legal industry — they know who can help you.

Other referral sources include:

  • Lawyer Referral Services – You can contact local firms that refer potential clients to State Bar-certified lawyers as a service. They will interview you about your case and match you with experts in that particular area.
  • Client-Attorney Matching Services – They are different from the services above since you get to choose the lawyer that you want to work with through a bid. They bid in the form of consultations.
  • Internet – Browse online for attorneys who specialize in car accidents. Check online comments and reviews on their performance and how they interacted with previous clients.
  • Legal Aid Agencies – Depending on the severity of your case and your income, you can look to free aid from organizations that offer legal services programs.

3. Check Their Track Record:

Track Record

Opt for an attorney who can courageously take your case to court if necessary. Some lawyers say they want to bring you justice, but won’t help you get a large settlement for the damages you acquired after a car accident.

They expend little effort in fighting back against insurance companies who are persistent in offering you a pittance for your injuries. Look for someone who is passionate about fighting for your rights and have a proven history of winning verdicts and settlements.

4. Contact Their Previous Clients:

An attorney who has nothing to hide will not be afraid when you ask them to contact their previous clients. If a car accident lawyer shows hesitation when you request to speak with people they’ve represented in the past, that’s a red flag. It means that they may not have done an outstanding job for those clients.

5. Conduct Lawyer Comparison Shopping:

Conduct Lawyer

Just like buying gadgets, you compare the prices and specs of various devices before settling in for the one you’ll actually buy. The same way goes in looking for a remarkable car accident lawyer.

Create a list of potential lawyers and ask them some questions concerning your case. Write down and assess their answers to help you decide on which attorney to work with.

These are some questions you should ask potential lawyers:

  • How many similar cases have you handled?
  • When did you last handle a similar case? How did it turn out?
  • Will you be the one representing me or will it be someone from your team?
  • What is the estimated duration of this case?
  • Do you work on an hourly rate or contingency basis?
  • Have you ever been disciplined by legal or ethics committees before?


Some attorneys want personal injury cases to be over and done, which means that they may pressure you to accept a meager compensation for damages. An excellent car accident lawyer would gauge the situation and know the amount you should be compensated for, which will cover your medical expenses and other costs.

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Car Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Residents: How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You?

It is not uncommon for people involved in a car crash to be unsure of what they should do after the accident.The circumstances may seem overwhelming, and there may be concerns about whether the other driver will be held accountable for their actions.Philadelphia car accident lawyers can help you through this process by investigating your crash and developing strategies for recovering compensation from responsible parties.Why Hire A Car Accident In Philadelphia?When someone has been injured in a car accident, it is important to contact an attorney immediately after the incident. This will ensure no mistakes are made during the investigation or filing of a court case.An experienced attorney will know what steps need to take immediately after an accident so they can begin working on getting compensation for their client. Philadelphia residents can benefit from car accident lawyers.How Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You?1. Investigate Your CrashWhen you hire an attorney, they will investigate your crash and determine whether you have any grounds for legal action.This will include gathering evidence about the crash, speaking with witnesses, and reviewing police reports. By taking these steps, your attorney can determine if there was negligence by another driver or party that caused the crash or contributed to it in any way.If so, they will pursue compensation for damages suffered because of this negligence through settlement negotiations or litigation in court.2. Help You Get CompensationYour car accident attorney will negotiate compensation for:Medical Bills: The cost of treating injuries sustained in an accident can be staggering. Auto accident lawyers work hard to make sure that victims get compensation for all their medical expenses related to the accident. This includes emergency room visits and treatment from doctors and specialists due to the car accident.Lost Wages: If you cannot work after being injured, an auto accident lawyer will help ensure that you receive compensation for lost wages from missed work and any future loss of earnings potential because of permanent disability caused by the crash.Non-economic Damages: Damages aren't just limited to financial losses; victims also deserve compensation for emotional damage. They are awarded as part of a personal injury claim after an accident. They include compensation for physical pain and mental anguish caused by the accident (e.g., loss of quality of life).3. Negotiate With Insurance Companies On Your BehalfInsurance companies are not something most people enjoy dealing with after a crash. You can save yourself the trouble by having your attorney handle this correspondence. Insurance companies might want you to believe they are looking out for your best interests, but they are businesses. As a business, they are not prone to paying out hefty settlements.If you want to receive fair compensation for your auto accident, you must have an attorney on your side. Lawyers specializing in car accident lawyers have years of experience dealing with big insurance companies and complex personal injury law. Their goal is to reach a fair agreement on your behalf.4. Protect You From Debt CollectorsWhen you are involved in a car accident, your primary focus should be on your recovery and health. However, expenses associated with serious car crashes can be outrageous, resulting in relentless debt collectors. Dealing with hospital staff or debt collectors should be the last thing on your mind.The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows auto accident attorneys to protect you from illegal harassment.Debt collectors often use unlawful tactics like threats and scare tactics. In addition to defending you against these activities, your attorney will inform the collectors of your case's progress.5. Help You Fill A Court CasePhiladelphia is a no-fault state but permits injured victims to file a claim only if the other party was more at fault than the injured victim in the accident.You can take your case to court if the other driver's insurance company refuses to settle fairly and claims you shared some of the blame. The jury will determine your percentage of fault for the crash during the trial.In addition to filing your case, your lawyer will ensure all the necessary documents are submitted. You can expect excellent and highly skilled legal representation in court.Using all the evidence available, the lawyer will present your case strategically and use their tricks and tactics. This will increase your chances of obtaining full compensation and justice.SummaryIf you've been involved in a car accident and want to understand your rights and options, contact a car accident lawyer.Qualified Philadelphia car accident lawyers will help you seek damages, recover your losses, and ensure that they protect your legal rights during the process.It doesn't matter whether you're at fault or whether you're dealing with a hit-and-run driver; having an expert on your side will enable you to make a full recovery from your losses.Read Also:Is It Possible To Get A Settlement From A Car Accident Without A Lawyer?The Average Price Of Car Insurance In New York – What You Can Expect To Spend!Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In South Carolina: Here Are 7 Things You Should Know

Family Mediation

Family Mediation In Toronto A Path To Resolve Conflicts

In the bustling city of Toronto, family conflicts are not uncommon. Whether it's a dispute between spouses, parents and children, or even extended family members, resolving these issues can be a daunting task. However, there's a gentle, effective way to navigate through these challenging times - family mediation. The Role Of A Mediator A family mediator plays a pivotal role in resolving disputes. They are trained professionals who act as neutral third parties to facilitate discussions and negotiations. Their primary objective is to help families reach mutually agreeable solutions. Benefits Of Family Mediation 1. Preserving Relationships Family mediation focuses on amicable solutions, preserving vital relationships during and after the process. 2. Cost-Effective Mediation is often more cost-effective than litigation, saving you time and money. 3. Confidentiality All discussions during mediation are confidential, ensuring privacy. 4. Faster Resolution Mediation typically resolves issues faster than court proceedings. How To Initiate Family Mediation If you're considering family mediation Toronto, the process is quite straightforward. You can initiate it voluntarily or be referred by a legal professional. The first step is to choose a qualified mediator who will guide you through the process. The Mediation Process Family mediation typically follows these stages:Introduction: The mediator explains their role and the mediation process.Information Gathering: Both parties share their perspectives and concerns.Negotiation: The mediator helps parties find common ground and make informed decisions.Agreement: Once an agreement is reached, it's documented and can become legally binding. Confidentiality And Neutrality In family mediation, confidentiality and neutrality are paramount. Everything discussed during the mediation sessions is confidential, creating a safe space for open communication. The mediator remains neutral and doesn't take sides. Communication Skills In Mediation Effective communication is key to successful mediation. Mediators are skilled in helping participants express their thoughts and feelings constructively. They also ensure that everyone feels heard and understood. Legal Aspects Of Family Mediation While mediation doesn't require legal representation, understanding the legal aspects is crucial. Mediators can provide information, but it's advisable to consult an attorney if you have complex legal questions. Child Custody And Support One of the most common issues in family mediation is child custody and support. Mediation allows parents to create a parenting plan that suits their child's best interests, ensuring their emotional well-being. Property And Asset Division Mediation can help couples fairly divide their property and assets. This process is typically less adversarial and more equitable than court-ordered division. Spousal Support Mediation can also address spousal support concerns. It enables couples to negotiate and agree on fair support arrangements that meet both parties' needs. Success Stories Real-life success stories of families in Toronto who have found resolution through mediation highlight the effectiveness of this approach. It offers hope to those going through difficult times, showing that solutions are possible.Family mediation in Toronto provides a constructive and amicable way to resolve conflicts. It empowers families to find mutually beneficial solutions, preserving relationships and reducing the emotional and financial toll often associated with litigation. Consider family mediation as a pathway to resolving your family issues today. Read Also:Divorce Lawyers In Houston Texas: A Short Guide On Saving Your Marriage Are Payday Loans Really As Bad As People Say? Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Private Detective Agency During Divorce Cases

Bail Bonds

The Basics of Bail Bonds System

If you’ve never used bail bondsman services before, you probably don’t know how it all works. You’ve most likely heard it on the news somewhere ‘the defendant was released from prison on an insert-amount dollar bail until trial next month’, or you’ve seen it on TV or in a movie. The point is, it always goes along the same lines. But how do bail bonds work? We reached out to bail bonding professionals at BailCo LLC for a crash course in bail bonds. Why is there a need for bails? Simply put, when someone’s arrested, they’re taken to a police station for booking, and the process includes having mug shots taken, fingerprinting, and giving a statement. Then that person is held in prison until they can have their day in court.Alternatively, a person can post bail and leave prison until their trial. However, bails are usually very steep, and the defendants usually cannot pay them themselves, or even with the help of friends. This is where bail bonding agencies come into play, to ensure that people don’t needlessly sit in jail. Ok, so what is the bail itself? Basically, bail is a contract, usually between the bail bonding agency and the court, on the behalf of the defendant. The defendant will be released from prison to await trial, provided that they give some insurance to the agency, in form of money, property, or bonds. The amount of money needed to post bail is set by the court.The court’s end of the agreement is to release the defendant, while the bail bonding agency’s end is to make sure that the defendant shows up for their court date. Since these bonds are usually not cheap, some courts accept payments of full bonds, but they also agree to only be paid 10% of the bond, as a down payment, in order to release the defendant. Should the defendant skip, the agency is accountable to pay the rest to the court?Since the agencies also have a lot of money on the line in this situation, they need a way of protecting themselves in case the defendant skips their day in court. The agencies can hire bounty hunters to track down the fugitive defendant. The USA is one of the last countries to still allow bounty hunting. How does the Bail Bonds system work? The bail bondsman puts up the bail set by the court, and the defendant is released. It is important to note that a fee of usually 10% must be paid to the bail bondsman in order to cover the expenses of the agency. If everything goes well, and the defendant shows up for the court date, the full amount of the bail is returned. Except for the money given to the agency as a fee. This is kept by the bail bonding agency, for services rendered. Can anyone just post bail? Well, no. Bails are usually not given to people who have been accused of committing severe crimes, especially those crimes of a violent nature. The courts prefer having those individuals in prison, to avoid any further criminal behavior. But most other people are offered this option. And of those, the overwhelming majority of them go for it. It is a difficult time in the defendant’s life, and staying in prison during all that time could be even more so. Feeling the support of one’s family really does mean a lot, and bail is here to provide it.Read Also:6 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer before an Arrest in Knoxville Why Are Court Reporters Necessary? What You Can Expect from a Criminal Defense Lawyer