Know Your Rights: Right Reserved For A Criminal Suspect

In case the police suspect you of any criminal case, but they do not have the legal warrant to arrest you or to charge you, you have a number of rights which will keep you safe from making any mistakes that might take you to a troubling situation although you are innocent.

You always should have a clear idea about these rights.

Your Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD will be able to guide you with all those criminal defense rights; you can just go through this article.

Major Rights To Know If The Police Suspects You

Suppose you know that you are innocent and you have not committed any crime.

So, you might be thinking that if you cooperate with the police, your problem will be solved.

No. That is not the reality in most cases.

You might find yourself being charged with a crime that you didn’t even commit. In case the police are getting in touch with you about a criminal investigation, you need to exercise the below-mentioned things.

Right To Leave

In case you are not under arrest and have also not been provided your Miranda rights under the Fifth Amendment, you have the right to leave. You should, actually. In case the police stop you, you might not be certain whether you are being arrested or it is for some simple questioning.

It will be best if you ask the officer directly, and the police say, you are not under arrest; you must leave and immediately contact an experienced Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD.

Right To Privacy

It falls under the Fourth Amendment, which provides you the right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizing of yourself and your property.

Until and unless the police have search warrants, you have the right not to allow them to search your car, house, or any other property.

Right To Remain Silent

Under the Fifth Amendment, you hold the right to stay silent and not incriminate yourself. In case the police start questioning you, you should invoke this particular right and stay silent. You also can say to the officer, you want your lawyer to be present here during the questioning.

You should never answer the questions of police officers or talk to them because they have the capability of making incriminating statements.

Right To An Attorney

You have the right to have a Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD, under the Sixth Amendment. In case you are a suspect or are even worrying about yourself, you should go for that right of retaining a lawyer.

Here, you should contact a Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD, who will be able to guide you during the questioning and will also ensure that you are not saying anything that might bring you in danger.

The Police Want To Interrogate: Things To Do

In case the police bring you or ask you for questioning, you should never go there alone. You should take advantage of your ^th Amendment to retain an attorney.

So, before having any further discussion with the officer, you should ask for a Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD.

Being firm and not saying a single word before your attorney reaches it is truly critical. The police officers are trained to use several tactics in order to get people to talk to them. Your Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD will always be able to spot these tactics.

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