Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas

In order to realize the idea of a photoshoot in the bathroom, you do not need to have a studio equipped accordingly. For this purpose it is possible to use the bathroom of your client, using certain props, and properly thinking everything through in advance. Props can be anything. Imagine and you are sure to succeed!

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Garden Photography

Garden Photography

If the time of year and weather permits, and you take pictures in a private house – do not limit yourself to the bathroom in the bathroom, and arrange a photo shoot in the garden. Especially amusing in such conditions are photos of children.

Props in this case for you will be the surrounding flowers and green lawn. In addition, if your client is an adult – use bath bombs for the purpose of dyeing water. Photos can turn out very colorful and individual.

I recommend taking this picture either in the morning or in the evening to get soft natural light. Use a smaller aperture value to get a soft background. That way, your subject will remain paramount in the frame and nothing will distract from it.

Use Glycerin

Yes, you read the table of contents correctly. In order to do successful photo shoots, you not only need to know the craft of photography, but you also need to know how to create props. We’re talking about a recipe for bubbles. Of course, you can buy a ready-made jar, but if you didn’t have enough time beforehand, glycerin will come in handy.

It will add strength to the bubbles, which later will be your props. So, the recipe: a couple of spoons of liquid soap and a couple of drops of glycerin in about 150 grams of water, and leave for a couple of hours. You have the perfect bubbles and bubble bath ready.

It would be great if you have one, to use a waterproof camera because you can easily ruin your equipment by accidentally getting water on it.

Bathtub photoshoot often does not last long, and you need to take a lot of pictures in a short time – use the camera’s auto mode to solve this problem.

A Bachelorette Party In The Bathtub

Such an idea may be popular with girls who are throwing a pre-wedding party, for example. Beautiful dresses, cocktails, balloons, and you can work with the lighting – perfect props are ready! Experiment with the aperture, and adjust it to suit the conditions.

Use Vintage In Your Photography



It’s rare to find a vintage-style bathroom in our homes right now, but a large number of hotels can help you with that. To create soft shadows, place the tub itself under a window, which will give you natural light. Not always there is such a possibility, and there is not enough light in the room.

So think about it beforehand and don’t forget to take a reflector to avoid dramatic shadows. Experiment with the angles. Very interesting shots are taken right above the subject.  Use candles as props to make your shots romantic.

Flowers As Props

Flowers As Props

Sometimes you get very boring styled conditions. In order to diversify it uses flowers. This method will be very appropriate when photographing a pregnant woman.

Position the subject of the photo in a bathroom, so that most of the body would be visible and the more intimate areas should be covered with flowers. This way you can convey the mood of the girl in anticipation of such a joyful meeting, and deprive the frame of unnecessary vulgarity.

The Story Of The Day At The Spa

The task of this shooting is to convey the calm state of the subject and his relaxation. Of course, you will need appropriate props, such as:

  • cosmetics that are used in the spa;
  • essential oils;
  • flower petals;
  • white robes and towels, and so on.

In order to improve the quality of the photo in post-processing adjust the highlights, shadows, and contrast of the photo.

Romantic Photo-Shooting Of Lovers

Romantic Photo-Shooting Of Lovers

A photoshoot should be as less staged as possible, use poses that are as natural for the couple as possible, for example:

  • a gentle embrace, just like when watching a movie on the couch, only in the bathtub and in the water;
  • place the subjects on top of each other, and photographs from the side perpendicularly and not much above their level;
  • of course, shoot tender kisses, concentrating the frame on the subjects.

Of course, in that case, you may get unbelievably candid photos, but in that case, you will need a long lens which will be very useful for sharpening the frame. For the best results, I recommend setting the aperture wide open and increasing the ISO.

This will allow you to adjust the focus of the shot and get the sharpness you want. Why do we need sharpness? To catch every movement and touch that your subjects can make.

Last Words

Of course, using the tips mentioned above you can create some great shots, but the final stage is the post-processing, which no photo series can do without.

If you are a beginner photographer you can help with that huge variety of ready-made presets, using which no one will have even a gram of doubt in your professional abilities. Depending on the task at hand, edit the light and experiment with shadows to add some personality to your shots.

In the article above you have learned how to diversify a photo shoot in the bathroom using different props, as well as some tips on how to take pictures and adjust the camera. Also, a great idea – milk bath photography. Read more about it on Skylum`s blog.

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