10 Cork Board Ideas That’ll Enhance Your Home

Published on: 12 February 2019 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
cork board ideas

Did you know that cork is an eco-friendly building material? That’s right—more and more people are opting to install cork flooring, countertops, and even walls.

Of course, you don’t need to undergo a whole renovation to utilize cork in your home. There are plenty of simple and affordable cork board ideas that will enhance your home while helping you stay organized.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover the top 10 cork ideas you need to try ASAP!

10 Cork Board Ideas That’ll Enhance Your Home:

1. Create a Backsplash:

Luckily, you don’t always need a professional to install cork in your home. If your kitchen backsplash needs a makeover, consider going DIY by using wine corks.

You’ll need to be patient and accurate during this process, but the final result will be unique, durable, chic, and eco-friendly!

2. Give the Whole Family a Board:

There’s no denying how convenient and helpful cork boards are. If you have a busy family, don’t settle for just one cork board—give one to every member of the family!

They can use their board to hang notes for themselves, or they can hang notes on your board to remind you to sign their permission slip for school or to pick up milk on your way home from work.

3. Use Wine Corks:

Have you been collecting wine corks just waiting for a fun way to use them? Well, look no further!

You can create a unique cork board by gluing your wine corks horizontally on a piece of wood or sturdy cardboard. You’ll still be able to hang notes or pictures using pushpins, but your board will look much more stylish.

4. Give It a Fun Shape:

Who says cork boards have to be rectangular? If you’re looking for a fun DIY project to fill up a rainy afternoon, consider making a uniquely-shaped cork board.

You can order cork rolls online or look in your local craft store. Just lay out a section of the roll and outline whatever shape you want your cork board to be in. This could be something simple, like a heart or a star, or you could personalize it by using the first letter of your first name.

Then, cut out the shape and you’re all done! If you want to take this one step further, consider attaching a brightly-colored string to hold photos without having to poke holes in them.

5. Organize Your Jewelry:

Is your jewelry constantly getting tangled up? You may be thinking about investing in a nice jewelry organizer, but you can easily organize your bracelets, rings, and necklaces with a cork board.

All you need to do is use thumbtacks as hooks to hang your jewelry from. Of course, you can dress this up a bit by framing the corkboard or covering it in a piece of fabric.

6. Install Cork Inside Your Cabinet Doors:

Are you constantly running out of room in your kitchen? An easy way to stay organized is to install cork on the inside portion of your cabinet doors.

You can then hang small kitchen utensils, like measuring spoons, on it. This is also a great place to store recipes or your grocery list, so you never lose it.

7. Make Coasters:

Of course, cork can be used for more than just cork boards. You can also create coasters out of small sheets of cork.

You can either go for a fun shape, like the outline of your state or stick with a classic circle and paint designs on it. It’s cute, affordable, and won’t scratch your furniture!

8. Hang Your Dartboard on It:

If you have a dart board in your home, stray darts may have put small holes or marks on your wall. An easy way to keep your dartboard and protect your wall is to use a large slab of cork.

Just hang your dartboard in the middle and let the surrounding cork take the blow from missed darts. You can even decorate this by covering it with a piece of fabric or painting it to match the decor.

9. Put Cork Above Your Keyring Holder:

Do you have a million thoughts running through your mind as you get ready in the morning? A cork board is a great place to hang notes to yourself, so you can just relax with a cup of coffee instead of trying to remember everything.

But the location is everything! Put your corkboard above your keyring holder, so you can see your notes before you leave. If you don’t leave a lot of notes for yourself, you can also get a stylish keyring holder and hang photos on your cork board to decorate your entryway.

10. Create a Travel Board:

Are you constantly counting down the days until your next vacation? Whether you travel once a year or once a month, a travel board can be a fun addition to your home.

Just place a map over a slab of cork and put a pin in every place you’ve been. If you’re travels have been focused in the United States, consider cutting your cork into the shape of the country to make it stand out even more.

The Best Cork Board Ideas:

Don’t settle for a boring old cork board anymore! From organizing your jewelry to creating a travel board, there are tons of cork board ideas that will look amazing and enhance your home.

Of course, it isn’t just the interior of your home that matters. Learn more about installing stone veneers to your home’s exterior to increase its value and curb appeal!

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Sometimes it's the leaves that matter, not the flowers. While most people keep flowers in their gardens, balconies, and backyards, some extra greenery also looks nice sometimes. This is where many people get the itch to include some foliage plants in their gardens. While many consider flowers to be the most crucial part of the vegetation of the household, some outdoor greenery also looks natural. Having some big green plants also helps make the house outdoors look beautiful and lush with greenery. Therefore, we have searched far and wide to present you with the 10 best types of foliage plants that you can buy and welcome to your household in 2022. What Are Foliage Plants? Foliage plants refer to plants that do not produce any flowers. Their main beauty lies in their leaves. They are primarily placed outdoors but can be placed indoors. Foliage plants are typically bigger than most flowering plants and potted plants. Therefore, they are primarily suited for outdoors, but some are better suited indoors. Read More: 10 Best Low Maintenance Plants To Buy In 2022 10 Best Foliage Plants In 2022 If you want to buy plants to decorate your house or garden's outsides, then here are ten assorted foliage plants that you can buy and add to your garden in 2022. 1. Caladium If you want to impress your soulmate with many hearts, then caladium might just get the job done. This plant has heart-shaped leaves that are typically reddish to crimson towards the middle. However, some leaves might also be white or pink. Since these plants have bright, arrow-shaped leaves, they are best used to brighten parts of your garden. 2. Coleus If you want lots of options in choosing the color or shape of the leaf you want, then Coleus is for you. This plant comes in various bright colors, with the leaves being green with a different-colored midsection. This plant is popular because it comes with different splashes of colors that create great colorful contrasts. 3. Elephant Ear While this might not be as big as an actual elephant ear, the leaves of this foliage plant are enormous. Compared to the other plants on this list, the leaves of this plant are big but have various colors available. The leaves grow up to 1 to 2 feet in length. Just keep it where the leaves get sheltered from strong winds. 4. Ferns One of the most common foliage plants, ferns are a common sight in most houses that have foliage gardens. This plant comes in various sizes, from small to big. The leaves are typically bright green with dissected sword shapes, similar to spiky plants. These plants should be kept indoors, being placed beside the bed or the couch. 5. Ninebark These deciduous shrubs come in lobed oval shapes and are purple foliage plants. It might also be available in other hues of golden and pink. This foliage plant is popular because it often changes color based on the season. It is best placed in focal points in your garden to get seen easily. Click This To Read: 10 Best Low Maintenance Plants To Buy In 2022 6. Rex Begonia This foliage plant is known for its broad and big leaves with highly decorative patterns. This plant is kept both indoors and outdoors, depending on the season. They are best kept in shady areas outdoors during summers and are taken inside during winters. This plant comes in various colors, with circular patterns on white, black, or darkish pink on the leaves. 7. Dusty Miller If you want a light-colored  foliage plant, dusty millers will be a great addition to your garden. It is best kept in sunny areas so that the bright white-solver color of the leaves can pop and look vivid. This plant is best kept in pots and containers, especially indoors. 8. Peacock Plant Being one of the best bedroom plants, it comes in various shapes and sizes based on its species. The leaves of this plant are colorful and can grow quite big. This is why they get compared to a peacock's tail. It's best if you keep them outdoors with higher temperatures and humidity. 9. Calatheas These broad-leaved foliage plants are typically green in color with darker midsections. The leaves of these plants are pretty big and often look like canopies. If you decide to keep this plant in your garden, keep it in a shady area since they do not like direct sunlight. 10. Crotons If you want colorful plants in your garden, then get some crotons. The leaves of this plant are long and slender, typically green in color with yellowish midsections. This plant is a pretty and colorful addition to your botanical garden. How To Care For Foliage Plants? After you get foliage plants for your garden, you must take good care of them. Make sure that these criteria are fulfilled and keep your plants lush and healthy throughout the year. 1. Lighting It's best to keep most of your foliage plants outside in your garden or on your doorstep, where it gets sufficient sunlight. Therefore, it is vital to keep track of the intensity and duration of the sunlight your plants get exposed to during the daytime. It's best to keep your plants outside so that it gets 10 to 16 hours of sunlight daily. However, some plants like the Calatheas and the Rex Begonia are best kept outside the range of direct sunlight. 2. Temperature Foliage plants thrive best at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 30 degrees Celsius). While most of these plants can survive warmer temperatures, colder temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) will cause severe problems. You May Like To Read This: Grow these flowering plants in your home garden 3. Humidity Since most of these foliage plants are tropical plants, they thrive better in warmer and humid climates. A humidity level of 80% will be perfect for these plants, but not less than 35%. Inadequate humidity can cause these plants to develop brown patches on their leaves. If you keep some of these plants indoors, you have to make sure the room is humid with indoor humidity controllers, especially during winters. 4. Soil The health of the soil affects the growth of the plant in many ways. If you keep these plants in pots, add some potting soil with peat moss. These help the roots of the plants to breathe easier and get the essential nutrients it needs from the earth. Don't keep these plants too close to each other, especially if they have more giant leaves like Elephant Ear. In addition, make sure that they get watered regularly. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1. What Are Foliage Plants Used For? Foliage plants are used for decorating your garden with big green leaves or your interiors. Q2. Do Foliage Plants Need Sunlight? Yes, most foliage plants do need sunlight. Q3. Can You Plant Foliage Outside? Yes, foliage plants are typically planted outside, with a few exceptions. Q4. What Soil Does Foliage Like? Foliage plants like moist soil that gets watered regularly. Conclusion Foliage plants are some of the most beautiful non-flowering plants that you can add to your garden. The main attraction of these plants is their colorful leaves, which can come in different patterns, colors, and sizes. Plants like Elephant Ears, Ferns, Coleus, Caladium, and Rex Begonia are some of the most popular foliage plants you should add to your garden. First, however, you must ensure that they are well kept and maintained, with sufficient sunlight and water. If you liked reading this blog, then check out our other blogs about gardening plants too! Read Also: 10 Best Aesthetic Plants To Buy In 2022 10 Best Tall House Plants To Buy In 2022 What Are Trailing Plants? – What Are The Types Of Trailing Plants?

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In your garden, you can add more style and storage with the help of outdoor garden sheds. Once you are ready to invest in a garden shed, you have to decide about materials and design. Nowadays, sheds come in several materials and styles. For this reason, it can be confusing to choose the best storage shed. What Are The Material Which Is Using For The Garden Sheds? People find it difficult to choose between concrete, metal, and wood. Each material offers different benefits and drawbacks. However, it is essential to compare each material before finalizing your decision.   The materials of the garden sheds depend upon your requirements of the sheds. For the fancy sheds lover, the lightweight materials are ok, but when you want to fulfill some extra purposes like the storage and organizers, the heavy metals are good to select. 4 Best Materials For The Garden Sheds The best decision may depend on security, customization, appearance, and durability. If you want to make an informed decision, make sure to understand the characteristics of each material. Here are the four materials which you can use to build the garden sheds. 1. Metal Sheds Metal sheds are lightweight and durable. These are famous because of their designs and cost. You have to anchor them to the floor. Typically, the metal garden sheds are made of galvanized aluminum or steel. You will get different colors and styles of metal sheds in the market. Remember, Absco sheds at Wholesales Direct can be the best choice for you. These sheds are available in different colors, but you have to paint them. Remember, repainting will help you to maintain a classic fresh look. Unfortunately, metal sheds may have to dent and rusting according to the weather. For this reason, you should choose a durable foundation to store in heavy equipment. 2. Wooden Sheds For garden sheds, wood is a favorite choice. People often prefer it to increase the aesthetics of their garden. Remember, wood is customizable; therefore, you can change things with time. You are free to paint them if desired. Remember, the nature of wood allows you to increase storage options because you can add cabinets and shelves. In the case of wood sheds, you are completely free to create a shape or size. You can use your desired colors to complement your surroundings or house. Feel free to dress them with desired features, such as window flower boxes. Kits of wooden sheds can be expensive as compared to metal or resin sheds. Undoubtedly, wood is a strong material but vulnerable to deterioration and rot. The paint finish on the shed may fade and peel over time that requires frequent maintenance and repainting. 3. Resin Sheds Resin sheds or plastic sheds may contain high-density polyethylene or vinyl. These are made of high-quality material. Yet, it is durable and more robust than wooden sheds. For ultimate durability and strength, people use steel support. Remember, these sheds are free from maintenance. You will get several size options. Undoubtedly, the kit is solid and easy to assemble. Resin sheds look decorative and attractive with neutral colors garden sheds. Put perfect choice able potting benches, and get astonished seeing the entire combination how damn transform your garden! These come with a nicely finished interior with plastic floor and wall panels. 4. Concrete Sheds Indeed, concrete garden sheds are durable and offer incredible security for valuable possessions. It will help you to increase the security of your room. Unlike wood and metal, concrete sheds are permanent fixtures. You are free to customize this shed according to your needs. It will be easy for you now to compare different materials and choose the best one according to your needs and budget. Conclusion: The decorative garden sheds are not only looking very glamorous for your garden interior but also provide ample benefits to your garden. Apart from that, your garden is going to look more organized and subtle with the niche selections with the all purposes garden sheds. Choose the right one for your garden, and do not compromise the quality of the materials. You may be thinking this is an interior part. But your garden sheds are going to need weather protection. So choose wisely. Read Also: Garden Edging for Beginners 5 Summer Garden Maintenance Tips and Tactics You Have To Know Grow these flowering plants in your home garden