Creating The Personalized Bobblehead Figure

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Bobbleheads are unique in itself. It is like the 3D caricature version of yourself which you can put in anywhere you want. It can be made based on your own photos, or the photos of other people, or even your pet. One common characteristic of a personalized bobblehead is that it is very flexible and durable. So, the question that follows is: what are bobbleheads made of?

The Main Material To Create A Custom Bobblehead:

Most reputable bobblehead makers will use a special type of clay that is environmentally friendly and flexible. This is usually the clay that is colorful and very durable to be used in the creation of the custom figure. Since it needs to be sculptured based on the model supplied to the artists, the clay needs to be very flexible and easy to work with. It must also be environmentally friendly as not to produce harmful wastes to the environment.

After the clay is sculptured according to your supplied photo, it will then be baked in order to finalize its form. Also, it will further be polished so that it will become as smooth as possible. You will often find that the finished product is shiny and smooth when you touch it. The flexibility and the durability of the clay need to be consistent before being baked and after it is polished as the end product.

Custom Bobblehead

The Interesting Thing About Clay Colors Used In The Creation Of Bobbleheads:

In order to retain the most accurate color for the finalized bobblehead figures, the artists will not use any painting for the figure. Instead, the clay color itself will be used to provide the colors for the dolls. So, each part of your custom bobbleheads will require different clays with different colors in order to make it. This is to ensure that the colors won’t wear out after just a few weeks or months.

So, when you choose a custom bobblehead maker, make sure that the service provider uses the different clay colors for their dolls. The colors must not be painted externally because it can look bad if the paint wears off later.

This strategy is used for expert and reputable suppliers of personalized bobbleheads to keep their end products in the highest quality possible.

The Materials Used For Bulk Order:

When you order some custom bobbleheads in bulk for your special event, you might be offered by the service provider to use the resin material for the figures. Why? It’s because this is the best for creating bulk quantity figures with the type of durable quality that you can rely on. Also, it is quicker to process and to get it done in large quantities.

Once the creation of large quantity figures is completed, it will be baked and polished as usual. It is often be made as smooth as possible as to ensure that the figures are not damaged during shipment.


Generally, personalized bobbleheads are made of special clay material with various colors that are flexible and durable in nature. It will be used to sculpture the figure based on your photo, and then baked and polished to make the end product look as smooth as possible. Also, since the colors originate from the clay itself, you don’t need to worry about the paint being worn off after a few weeks or months, ensuring long-lasting products for you to enjoy.

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