5 Credit Card Perks that are Noteworthy


28 October 2019


Credit Card Perks

The use of credit cards has tremendously increased in recent years. Apart from providing credit usage to its customers, a credit card is a must to have possession in the financial market due to the ever-increasing prices. Besides providing creditworthiness to your financial profile, it comes with lots of additional perks. If you already have availed a credit card, or on the verge of getting one, it is important to have an understanding of all the benefits that it offers. A credit card can be considered as the most beneficial tool only when you have the capability to pay off the dues. Now make your every purchase through Standard Chartered credit card types that would provide you with better savings. And as you get aware of the key benefits of using credit cards, just pave your way towards making the best use out of it.

Most noteworthy benefits of credit cards:

Credit card perks drive the users to make significant use of their credit cards in order to maintain a good credit score that would yield a better credit history of the cardholder thus increasing his creditworthiness in the financial market. Also, a credit card can be great assistance to your overall travelling expenses, including stay, food and luggage management. Credit card perks are the benefits obtained by its users using its key features effectively. In order to procure the credit card perks, one must be confined to its terms of usage. A credit card offers a requisite margin of perks to its users. Some of them are as below:

5 Credit Card Perks that are Noteworthy:

1. Interest-free credit:

Generally, a specific rate of interest is involved in the credit value of your card. The more the credit value, the higher, is the rate of interest. Thus the interest rates depend on the price of credit. Certain credit cards offer the benefit of availing interest-free credit on the creditworthiness of the users. This implies that the user can enjoy the use of interest-free credit without paying the extra charge in the form of interest on availing whatsoever credit amount for his use.

2. No-cost EMI:

This facility enables the user to purchase goods of his choice without the need for paying interest on EMIs. Thus credit card perk offers an undisputed advantage of availing goods on credit without incurring the extra charges on it. Usually, the rate of interest depends upon the price of the goods procured on credit. Thus credit card perks work well towards removing such inconveniences on the purchase based on price, by enabling the users to buy goods irrespective of the price on no-cost EMI.

3. Reward programs:

One of the significant perks of credit cards is the application of reward programs on credit cards. Rewards on credit cards work wonder on building credit scores. Reward programs mainly consist of the facility of cashback and other perks as per the type of credit card. It provides its users with the opportunity to earn in thousands through reward points or to spend lavishly using those points. Amongst which the benefit of cashback on credit card is the key highlight of the reward program, which provides an opportunity to make double purchases of the same amount using a single reward point.

4. Fraud protection:

Credit card perks act as a shield against various fraudulent incidents that may come across the way of its holders by providing insurance coverage for the loss or damage of the product purchased by using it. Hence providing a carefree usage of the commodity, the credit card perks work efficiently in covering the various losses incurred by the cardholder on the purchases made by using it. This ensures the user a risk-free usage of the credit card by eliminating the fear of risks that may arise in the near future.

5. Warranty extension:

The credit card provides the benefit of extending the warranty period of the respective purchases made through it. You can easily extend your warranty period of the goods by making a purchase by the credit card. This may render a free service of your purchases for an extended period in addition to the existing one, thereby eradicating the future expense that may incur on the grounds of malfunctions. So users are free to make purchases enjoying an extended warranty period, thus removing the extra cost involved in repairing or service of the purchased goods.

The above-mentioned credit card perks are most suitable for frequent users and those who maintain a regular balance. In order to avail of the above benefits using the credit card, the cardholder must make sure to make regular payments of his monthly dues effectively. Otherwise, it would negatively affect your credit scores. You can make effective use of the credit cards by renewing the credit rewards based on your purchasing scale. The more you use your credit scores, the better the facility it would provide you with.

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QuickBooks main function is to simplify accounting in various aspects of a business. Intuit has released various versions of QuickBooks, so that different enterprise can select different versions of QuickBooks for their needs and requirements. QuickBooks Pro is one of the versions of QuickBooks software about which we are going to talk about today. This QuickBooks version is specifically designed for small companies. The features provided by QuickBooks can handle all the accounting functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card management, and financial reporting. The software is available for $219.95 in the US, this is great because earlier it used to cost $299.95 and now it is even more value for money. Cash Management- The software perfectly manages the cash flow and budget for small businesses. You can input the due dates for different kind of payments and the billing information can be added along with that. You can get printed checks directly through your QuickBooks software. For future audits you don’t have to manually record any transaction because all transactions are recorded automatically, this eliminates the need for paperwork. Expense Billing- In any type of business there various miscellaneous expenses like small purchases, meals, business travels, etc. These expenses may or may not be included in the client’s total bill, but because of their small amounts, they are disregarded and in the end, it is billed to the client only. In QuickBooks, you can maintain such record of all the expense and later go to them at the time of the billing. This will save some of the expenses for the clients and they won’t be any quarrel and even if there is, you would have a complete record which you show them. You can directly manage payrolls and taxes from the software itself. Invoices- Wouldn’t it be great, if the software does work and saves up a whole lot of labor and that too without any error that may happen in the case of human involvement? Well, QuickBooks does exactly that, it automatically tracks the sales and creates receipts and invoices any time you want, like if you have to send an invoice to the customer. The type of feature is very helpful if someone is buying the QuickBooks for retail business. You can even subscribe to QuickBooks checkbook solution, this provides with the ability to scan and deposit the checks into the program without manually entering the data. Reporting- Through QuickBooks, you can create various types of financial reports. These include yearly incomes, trends, expenses, and other documents. You can even create an excel sheet, in case you have to send the data to the client. Simple user interface- This one is obvious, the QuickBooks software makes every accounting activities very easy to complete and even does some of the work for you. There are various tutorials also on YouTube and on Intuit’s website, with their help you can explore all the useful set of features that QuickBooks provide. Planning- QuickBooks is advance planning too also for adding accounting data and also for planning your sales data, bills and other long term operations which your company performs. QuickBooks Pro can even produce tailored reports for your clients, managers, etc. which can provide you an informed view for your future planning decisions. Business Positions- with the QuickBooks Pro, you can generate a complete report of your company’s profit and loss with the profit and loss statement. You can also find out your top customer list at the end of the financial year and even after 6 months. Read More: How To Get Product Ideas For Your Ecommerce Business How To Get What You Want At Work By Strategic Negotiation How To Get Low Cost Life Insurance For Seniors 10 Tips To Design The Perfect Business Card What You Need To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

HAMP Program

When Is The HAMP Program Beneficial To You?

The Home Affordable Modification Program, called HAMP, provided individuals with aid in modifying their existing mortgage loans. This program was designed to provide homeowners with some financial relief to reduce the risk of foreclosure. The application of the HAMP program can make things work for you in all aspects. Do not make your choices in grey. Is HAMP Program Available? At the time of this writing, the Home Affordable Modification Program is no longer available as it was. The United States Department of Treasury established the program in March 2009. It was a part of the Making Home Affordable Program. It was effective on mortgages that were originated on or before January 1, 2009. The program was set to expire on December 31, 2016, with individuals able to apply for it through September 30, 2017. As of now, it is no longer available to individuals. What Did the Home Affordability Mortgage Program Do? The goal of this program was to encourage loan modifications for homeowners who were at risk of becoming delinquent on their loans. It worked to help reduce the frequency of missed monthly mortgage payments. HAMP program was beneficial for you and you have to make sure you do not make your choices in the wrong direction. Who Was Eligible for HAMP? Not all homeowners qualified for the home affordability mortgage program. To meet the requirements, individuals had to meet specific rules including the following: The loan had to be a first lien mortgage (second mortgages and home equity lines of credit did not qualify). It had the be a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae loan. It applied to single-family homes, homes with up to four units, condos, cooperatives, and some manufactured homes. Individuals with an FHA or VA loan could use the program (but this was not a requirement of obtaining the modification). No vacant abandoned or condemned homes could obtain help. Modifications could happen only one time through the HAMP program. If the home met these requirements, a homeowner could then work with their existing lender to adjust their mortgage under some key guidelines. HAMP was not easy to qualify for, but for individuals who needed it, it provides a lifeline of important support. To be eligible for the modifications, the borrowers had to meet specific requirements as well. These included the following: Property owners that were current or no more than 60 days behind on their mortgage payments could be considered for a HAMP Trial Period. However, they must be determined to be in imminent default. Borrowers could be in bankruptcy or foreclosure, or in some type of pending litigation regarding the property, such as in a judgment from lenders. The key to obtaining these loan modifications was proving the borrower was struggling with some type of financial hardship. Borrowers had to have an expense-to-income ratio related to housing expenses of no more than 31 percent (applied to their gross monthly income). Individuals must still have some ability to make their monthly mortgage payments reliably after the modification occurs. Why Did Borrowers Consider HAMP? Borrowers were able to get help if they were struggling with financial hardship with the goal of avoiding foreclosure. This program was designed to help stop the flood of foreclosures entering the market after the housing crisis and financial difficulties that began in 2007. Individuals who qualified benefited by getting some type of modification to their loan. This may have included: A reduction in their interest rate Modifying the loan from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage Getting a principal reduction or a forbearance Getting a long term to help reduce the monthly payment Over its lifetime, HAMP saw several modifications to determine which type of properties qualified and to reduce some financial strain. Most importantly borrowers were able to modify their loans so they could remain in the long term. Lenders benefited from these modifications as well. Lenders were able to secure the loans for borrowers facing immediate financial hardship but had the likelihood of maintaining their mortgage payments over their lifetime. This helped reduce the risk of foreclosure, and an expensive process for lenders. Most importantly, it helped families remain in their homes. What Options Are Available Now? A home modification program is still an option for some homeowners. Other programs are available to help some borrowers such as the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Flex Modification Program. Many lenders offer modifications in-house as well. Borrowers who may be late on monthly mortgage payments or are facing financial hardship should consider speaking to their lender directly. Additionally, the Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP, is available. This option remains in place and can help a homeowner to secure a lower interest rate on their loan, get into a shorter loan term, or adjust their loan from an adjustable-rate to a fixed rate. Individuals facing financial hardship should seek out solutions from lenders. While the HAMP program is no longer accessible, other solutions may be available to help borrowers to avoid foreclosure, late payments, or even the loss of their home. 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