Daltoosh Claims Dr Disrespect Is “Not Better” Than Him: Report 


01 December 2023


Daltoosh Claims Dr Disrespect Is Not Better Than Him

It is not surprising to see rivalry in gaming. Fans have witnessed many streamers like iiTzTimmy compete in many professional tournaments. But now a new rivalry is brewing between two streamers: Daltoosh and Dr Disrespect. But this rivalry may not be in the gaming field as many fans would think.

For those who don’t know Daltoosh is a streamer for the eSports organization TSM. He streams mainly games like Apex Legends. On the other hand Dr Disrespect has made a name for himself with his mastery of FPS games. However, the two gamers are competing in an entirely different category.

In a latest build up, many gaming streamers started playing golf in a Lexus-Esports Awards 2023 event. Many gamers such as Daltoosh and fatal1ty were also present.

In between the matches, Daltoosh was asked the question, “Who is the best golfer who is also a gamer?”

Daltoosh thought about it, remarking about the number of golfers who are also gamers. After pondering long and hard DAltoosh presented Nadeshot as the best golfer-gamer. He is the founder of 100 Thieves. But he added that his own skills are equally at par with Nadeshot.

In the follow-up question Daltoosh was asked to give his views on Dr Disrespect’s golfing skills. Answering it he said, “Doc? Yeah, he can kick my a** but he’s not better at golf than me.” This answer left many fans laughing and humored.

Dr Disrespect is yet to respond to the comment made by the TSM streamer. But meanwhile fans have shared their opinion. One fan has taken Dr’s side saying, “Can you believe this guy?!”Another fan praised the question raised by the interviewers while others showed surprise over Daltoosh’s take.

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