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15 July 2019


Latest News

If you’re anything like me, you realize how important it is to keep up on the world around you. If you don’t know anything about current affairs, then you have a huge disadvantage against all the other people.

You need to know what’s going on in the world, not just for yourself or your family, but for your future as well. That’s why being aware of what’s going on and reading multiple news sites is important for you to be prepared for whatever happens.

No one wants to be blind against what is going on in the world. This article will give you some options that you can use to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world.

Keep in touch with your friends abroad:

As you grow up, you may realize that a lot of your friends actually moved abroad to explore new cultures, or may have gone abroad for their military services. Either way, to understand what’s going on the world, you can keep in touch with them and see what’s happening on that side of the world.

There are many times where things are going on in other countries but cannot be accessed by your current country. It could be that it’s just not big enough news, or maybe it’s not interesting enough.

There’s a lot of places that just don’t share the news from certain countries. If you have a friend abroad, they can tell you what’s going on in the country easily and how it will affect your everyday life.

Some news may not directly affect your everyday life, but you can at least get some insight into how their everyday life is going.

News sites:

Another great way to get information about what is currently happening in the world is to explore different types of news sites.

Different types of new sites are for particular niches, and sometimes, they only apply to a small group of people. However, for example- there is a great site to read top veteran news articles called GOTURSIX TV.

These top veteran news articles share everything from different types of jobs that accept veterans to different types of benefits or things that are going on in the world that specifically affect veterans. This is a great place to really find out about what’s going on in the veteran community. This is a great website for not only veterans but for military spouses and families that are wondering what’s going on in the world. These articles are published frequently and always cover different things for you to learn about.

Join an online group:

Nowadays, there are many different types of groups that you can join online that will help you see the latest news, and maybe even let you discuss what’s currently going on in the world. If you want to get involved in the things that are happening, or maybe just share your opinion on current affairs, these groups are easy to join.

Even if you don’t want to show your opinion, you can simply see the news and maybe get introduced to different types of news channels that you haven’t seen before. Here is an article that explains the most used apps for newsgathering.

Opening your mind to see different types of new sites is always a good way to expand your horizons, and it helps in understanding different things from another point of view.

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YouTube Premium Introduces International Price Hikes After Cracking Down Ad Blockers

YouTube Premium Introduces International Price Hikes After Cracking Down Ad Blockers  

After the incident of disabling ad blockers, YouTube Premium has recently made headlines by implementing significant price increases for its services, impacting users in the US, Canada, and beyond.Last October, the YouTube Premium family plan experienced a substantial price hike in the US and Canada. Subsequently, in July of this year, the company raised the cost of its YouTube Premium individual plan by $2 for US customers, leaving international users unscathed. These changes were coupled with YouTube's experiments in delivering longer ads and combating ad-blockers, indirectly encouraging users to consider subscription options. off the heels of YouTube's global crackdown on ad-blockers, the company has decided to elevate the prices of its Premium plans for international users. This decision has sparked reactions from YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers in various countries, including Germany, Australia, and others, who have received emails notifying them of significant price increases. These new rates are set to take effect on November 1, impacting individual, family, and student plans.In Australia, where the YouTube Premium subscription was previously priced at AU$12 per month, a notable AU$5 increase will bring the monthly cost to AU$17. The family plan, too, is witnessing an increase, rising from AU$23 to AU$33 per month. However, for those on grandfathered plans, the price hike is even steeper, climbing from AU$18 to AU$33 monthly, constituting an 83% surge.YouTube acknowledges the impact of these changes, noting in its email that this marks the first price increase for the service in Australia and that such decisions are not made lightly. Long-term subscribers will experience a higher subscription cost from April 2024, with an additional three months at the existing rate as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.Meanwhile, in Germany, YouTube Premium will see a €1 increase, rising from €12 to €13 per month, while the family plan undergoes a more substantial €6 rise, reaching €24 monthly. New users will experience these changes immediately while existing subscribers will witness the new pricing after 30 days from their next billing cycle.Reports from 9to5Google indicate that price hikes are also impacting YouTube Premium users in Austria, Chile, Poland, and Turkey, suggesting that YouTube may roll out similar price increases in other key international markets in the near futureRead More About:WhatsApp Is Testing Pinning Feature With Specific TimeframeYoutube’s Ad Sales For Q3 Fy23 Surged By 12.5%, Reaching Nearly $8 BillionElon Musk To Introduce New Products That Will Challenge YouTube And LinkedIn

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The Names Of Best Movies Which You Should Know On Max Right Now  

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