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15 July 2019


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If you’re anything like me, you realize how important it is to keep up on the world around you. If you don’t know anything about current affairs, then you have a huge disadvantage against all the other people.

You need to know what’s going on in the world, not just for yourself or your family, but for your future as well. That’s why being aware of what’s going on and reading multiple news sites is important for you to be prepared for whatever happens.

No one wants to be blind against what is going on in the world. This article will give you some options that you can use to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world.

Keep in touch with your friends abroad:

As you grow up, you may realize that a lot of your friends actually moved abroad to explore new cultures, or may have gone abroad for their military services. Either way, to understand what’s going on the world, you can keep in touch with them and see what’s happening on that side of the world.

There are many times where things are going on in other countries but cannot be accessed by your current country. It could be that it’s just not big enough news, or maybe it’s not interesting enough.

There’s a lot of places that just don’t share the news from certain countries. If you have a friend abroad, they can tell you what’s going on in the country easily and how it will affect your everyday life.

Some news may not directly affect your everyday life, but you can at least get some insight into how their everyday life is going.

News sites:

Another great way to get information about what is currently happening in the world is to explore different types of news sites.

Different types of new sites are for particular niches, and sometimes, they only apply to a small group of people. However, for example- there is a great site to read top veteran news articles called GOTURSIX TV.

These top veteran news articles share everything from different types of jobs that accept veterans to different types of benefits or things that are going on in the world that specifically affect veterans. This is a great place to really find out about what’s going on in the veteran community. This is a great website for not only veterans but for military spouses and families that are wondering what’s going on in the world. These articles are published frequently and always cover different things for you to learn about.

Join an online group:

Nowadays, there are many different types of groups that you can join online that will help you see the latest news, and maybe even let you discuss what’s currently going on in the world. If you want to get involved in the things that are happening, or maybe just share your opinion on current affairs, these groups are easy to join.

Even if you don’t want to show your opinion, you can simply see the news and maybe get introduced to different types of news channels that you haven’t seen before. Here is an article that explains the most used apps for newsgathering.

Opening your mind to see different types of new sites is always a good way to expand your horizons, and it helps in understanding different things from another point of view.

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Apple Settles Lawsuit for $25 Million Over Family Sharing

Apple Settles Lawsuit for $25 Million Over Family Sharing Feature Misrepresentation

In a recent development, tech giant Apple has agreed to pay a substantial $25 million to settle a 2019 class-action lawsuit, accusing the company of misrepresenting its Family Sharing feature. Despite Apple denying any wrongdoing, the settlement addresses allegations that the company falsely portrayed the capability to share app subscriptions within family groups. Apple’s settlement case is making headlines following Facebook. The lawsuit contended that a significant portion of subscription-based apps, a growing segment on the Apple platform, couldn't be shared among designated family members, contrary to the representation made by Apple. Court documents revealed that these apps were exclusively available to individual users who downloaded and subscribed to them. The court documents emphasized, "The vast majority of subscription-based apps, which is a growing percentage of Apple Apps, cannot be shared with designated family members." This revelation challenges Apple's previous assertion and sheds light on a potentially misleading practice. Furthermore, the documents highlighted that despite the awareness that subscription-based apps did not support Family Sharing, Apple continued advertising these apps' features. This advertising strategy may have led millions of consumers to download subscription-based apps, assuming they were shareable within family groups, only to discover otherwise after making payments. While settling the lawsuit, Apple maintains its denial of misrepresentation or wrongdoing. The $25 million settlement resolves the class-action suit, concluding the legal dispute over the Family Sharing feature. This development raises questions about the transparency of subscription-based apps on Apple's platform and the need for clearer communication between the tech giant and its users. As the landscape of app usage evolves, consumers may become more vigilant about the representations made by tech companies, ensuring that advertised features align with actual functionalities. This settlement serves as a reminder for consumers and tech companies to maintain transparency and accuracy in representing features and functionalities, fostering trust in the dynamic world of digital platforms. Read Also: Time Magazine Names Taylor Swift The 2023 Person Of The Year This Is Why Taylor Swift Sends Kelly Clarkson Flowers After Every Re-Recording Selena Gomez Gets A Kiss From Bestie Taylor Swift In Latest Birthday Instagram Post

Elon Musk To Introduce New Products That Will Challenge YouTube And LinkedIn

Elon Musk To Introduce New Products That Will Challenge YouTube And LinkedIn

The social media site X formerly known as Twitter, has said that YouTube and LinkedIn are future competitors while they pursue new business lines in video and hiring. Elon Musk, owner, and Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino have called out the social media sites during an all-company meeting on Thursday. The company commemorated Musk’s one-year anniversary of his takeover on Twitter Inc. The duo has also revealed plans to create a news wire service called Xwire, which will be going up against Cision’s PR Newswire. The meeting was a first of its kind as they addressed the company together. The latter was hired as the company CEO in May and crossed over from NBCUniversal. She was in charge of the partnerships and advertising. Yaccarino has been focused on rebuilding relationships with advertisers, while Musk has been revamping the product itself, according to the report. He introduced premium subscriptions, redefined account verification, and implemented a community-driven fact-checking system called Community Notes. Musk being the world’s richest man, has closed a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter on October 27 last year. He fired most of the executives and cut or sparked resignations from most of the employees. Advertisers have fled the platform and are not showing signs of wanting to come back. Both the executives have touted record amounts of time spent on the platform, counting 500 million users. However, some third-party estimates have revealed the numbers have gone down since last year. In a Thursday post on the social media platform, the X account said the platform has added more than 100 features over the last 12 months while giving users a chance to weigh in and suggest ideas. The post on X read, “Our goal is simple: to make X the coolest and most enjoyable place on the internet. This includes maximizing prosperity for content creators, enabling better/more authentic conversations, and giving you more tools to express yourself.” Read Also: How To Keep Up On The Latest News? Facebook Blueprint: Building A Strong Foundation For Social Media Advertising

Beauty Salon

Can’t Go To The Beauty Salon In Lockdown? Here’s How Women Used To Do It

The global pandemic has impacted all of our lives, schools are shut, employees are working from home and our regular beauty treatments have been put on hold until further notice. Even if we haven’t got anywhere to go, it’s still important to take the time for some self-care, feeling glamorous, even at home, can be an instant mood lifter. Flawless Lashes by Loreta know some of us can’t even get to the shops at the moment and it began an interest in how women throughout history achieved that luscious long lash looks we all dream of. Lash extensions are the latest luxury fashionistas are having to do without, the next best thing is applying strip lashes. Check out the range of strip lashes offered by Flawless here. If you can’t get to your nearest beauty store, want to try something new (although some of these techniques we certainly don’t recommend!) or are simply curious about how women still managed to be glam even without the modern treatments we have today, keep reading. Ancient Egypt This is where makeup obsession began. You can’t get more dramatic than the intense eye makeup of the Ancient Egyptians. A copper ore known as malachite was used to create that famous green we associate with the people of the pyramids. It was crushed into a powder and applied in large quantities on the upper lid. Kohl was used to creating the sweeping black eyeliner and also provided the benefit of protection from the searing sun. It may surprise you to know this trend first started among men, the women quickly caught on not wanting to feel left out from this new fashion. It wasn’t reserved for the rich either, poorer families would still adorn this extravagant look. However, they didn’t have access to the more expensive application tools such as ivory or metal, instead, they settled for clay or sticks. Ancient Rome It wasn’t just fashionable to have long eyelashes in Ancient Rome, there was a deeper meaning behind it. It was believed that sex caused eyelashes to fall out, so to prove their chastity (or fool potential suitors)  Ancient Roman women would use kohl to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. Another alternative was burnt cork, using a small stick of ivory to meticulously apply this to their lashes. When Christianity began to rise in popularity, Christian women were discouraged from using cosmetics, opting for a more natural look. For centuries after, eyelash modification was forgotten about. The Elizabethans Just like we copy celebrity makeup trends today, people did the same centuries ago. The difference was the only real celebrities were royalty and it was expected that ladies of the upper-class were to follow the reigning monarch’s look, no matter how ridiculous. Queen Elizabeth, I certainly had a distinct look and this meant extreme measures were taken to copy her. Her pale complexion was sought after by ladies of the court but with few being born with the skin of a redhead, they turned to alternative measures. White lead and vinegar became the method of choice, not only was this extremely heavy on the skin, but it was also incredibly toxic. Some women even bled to death just so they could be fashionable. The queen’s famous red hair was the most enticing craze, wigs were the most popular choice but women wanted to copy Elizabeth down to every detail, including her red eyebrows and eyelashes. Oil was mixed with saffron, cumin seeds, and celandine for an at-home dye treatment. However, it was deemed ‘unacceptable’ to do this so many women had to attempt this beauty regime in private. Considering high-class women often had little knowledge of how to do anything themselves as they were used to being served by maids, it’s likely many suffered the consequences of this going wrong. The Victorians The Victorians are infamous for some grisly medical practices and the beauty salon is no different. You can’t get more Victorian than teaming painful procedures with dangerous drugs and that’s exactly how women of the time achieved long fluttering eyelashes. We definitely don’t recommend you do this one at home! Cocaine was used to numb the upper lid of the poor client, then individual human hairs were trimmed to size and sewn with a sewing needle through the epidermis. Thankfully this fad didn’t last for long, women across the globe can thank Eugene Rimmel for inventing the first mainstream mascara and creating the Rimmel brand that still stands strong today. This mascara was a mix of vaseline and coal, although it was worlds away from the precise mascara we see today, it was certainly a welcome alternative to poking eyelids with sharp objects. The early 1900s 1902 saw the first patent for false eyelashes registered and they certainly weren’t subtle. While they may have finally given women the long lashes they wanted, they were certainly far from perfect. More specifically, the glue needed a lot of work. They were made popular by the Hollywood actress Seena Own adorning them in Intolerance. The director, D.W Griffiths requested her lashes ‘brush her cheeks’ and they have become iconic for the era. Unfortunately, the glue caused irritation to Owen’s eyes and was hard to remove, it was so bad that her eyes swelled and they were glued shut. Griffiths didn’t regret his decision, especially as this reaction happened after all her scenes had been shot. So are you still feeling sorry for yourself not being able to visit the salon? Just think what these poor women had to endure in the name of fashion. While using a safe, natural makeup alternative could be a fun thing to try in lockdown, the other methods are definitely best left in the past. 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