How Do You Absorb a Foreign Culture? Live and Work There


18 April 2019


Foreign Culture

There’s a big difference between parachuting into a foreign place and living there long enough to soak up some of the customs, history, and maybe even a language. Yes, if you can travel anywhere for even a few days, do it! Travel is an incredible way to broaden your outlook and learn about the world, and you should do it for any amount of time you can.

But here are the reasons why living and working in a foreign country is the best way to experience it.

Impart Some Important Skills:

If you’re working in another country, the odds are you’re bringing an uncommon skill set that the locals don’t have in abundance. Many native speakers teach English abroad. You can get help finding a teaching job in Korea in most of the big cities, such as Seoul, Inchan, Daegu, Geoje Island, Songdo, and Ilsan. Teaching is a great way to interact with a cross-section of people in that country, from staff and administrators to all the students.

Make sure the company you engage can handle all the mundane logistical concerns you’ll need, such as finding appropriate housing, sorting out your work visa, booking flights, preparing you for the classroom, and checking in on you to make sure you have adjusted and acclimatized to your new surroundings. Depending on where you decide to go, you may need to get some vaccines first, so it’s essential you see to that before departing.

Work Puts You in a Local’s Daily Routine:

If you want to live as the locals do, you have to work. That’s a very different way of experiencing the country than dropping in for a few days to make your way around the famous sites and restaurants. The locals don’t live like tourists!

Waking up in the morning, commuting to a job, and then finishing the day among colleagues with a post-work routine is how people in this country actually spend their day.

This puts you in sync with the people around you. You can’t hope to understand the character of another country without experiencing it the way locals do, and that means work.

Work Makes You Meet People:

If you’re traveling to another country you might meet other tourists, but it’s hard to become very close to locals, especially if you’re not there for very long. If you work in a foreign country, you become friends with your colleagues and get to understand the place you’re in by seeing people in the context of their natural daily life.

Aside from the people at your work, you’ll see other people in their work rituals too. Maybe you’ll come to know the proprietor of a local shop near your work after you keep seeing them every day. A regular work schedule will put you in contact with the people who really live there, which is what absorbing a foreign culture is all about.

Imagine the place where you currently live: would you understand it as fully as you do now if you had only visited there? Of course not. The best way to come to know another country is to live there for a substantial time, and that means working there.

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