Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Lauderdale


27 February 2019


Dangerous Intersections

Driving in Fort Lauderdale can be pretty intimidating and for good reason. Broward County is repeatedly found to be one of the most dangerous places to drive in the country, with a total of 41,755 accidents reported in 2016, which resulted in 245 deaths and 25,361 injuries. There are a lot of reasons that this could be the case, but the intersections of Fort Lauderdale might play at least some role in these numbers. Who hasn’t been uncomfortable sitting at a massive intersection, paying attention to the left turn, right turn, and straight green or red lights trying to figure out when it’s safe to go? Fort Lauderdale’s Zero Vision movement is an effort to reduce injuries and fatalities across the city for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and everyone else who shares these roads.

Take a look at some of the most dangerous intersections, and tell us what intersections you think are worth mentioning in the comments below.

A1A and Las Olas Blvd

In 2015, this intersection had more than 1,000 accidents that caused injuries. That means that this doesn’t even include fender-benders where nobody was injured. Many accidents at this intersection are from one car rear-ending another, which can cause serious problems like whiplash. For personal injury firms like Friedland & Associates, this intersection is well-known due to the high number of injury cases that begin there.

Sunrise Blvd and Andrew Avenue

A lot of the accidents at this intersection comes from people either trying to race through yellow lights. When a driver decides to try to beat the light, they quickly realize how wide the intersection is, and may not be across completely before the other drivers begin to move through their now-green lights. For those who think that yellow means “speed up,” Florida’s intersections are a simple proof of why this is a bad idea.

NE 26th Street and Federal Highway

Depending on the side and direction of the street you are traveling on, this intersection has both 3- and 4-lane roads that either direct drivers to go straight, left, or right. This can often lead to confusion, especially for tourists who are unfamiliar with such large intersections or are just getting familiar with their rental vehicles as they cause an accident in one of the many lanes. Of course, we can’t pin all of the blame on tourists, so make sure you keep an eye out when you are coming through this intersection as well

Not Just Concerning for Drivers

Intersections can cause serious problems for drivers, but they can cause serious problems for pedestrians and cyclists as well. When traveling on foot, some intersections require pedestrians to cross eight full lanes of traffic before they are safe to the other side, which is just one reason that Broward County is so dangerous for pedestrians. Florida has the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the country. In addition to foot traffic, cyclists must navigate these roads while sharing lanes with drivers who are either inexperienced with interacting with cyclists, or simply not expecting them on such busy streets.

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On a different post, we’ve mentioned steps you can take in filing for a car accident claim. But in addition to knowing what guidelines to follow during the process, it is vital that you understand legal terms frequently used in claim-filing.From your Kansas City car accident attorney to you, below are terminology you will encounter as you file for, investigate, evaluate, and submit your car accident claim. Car Accident Claim-Filing Terms And Definitions- 1. Burden Of Proof: “Burden of proof” is the term used to describe the actual task and act of proving yourself innocent in an accident claim. And proving damages wrought and injuries incurred which you believe (and calculate) worthy of the value you specify in your claim.You, being the plaintiff (the person who is stepping forward to present the claim) have the burden of proof as you “prove” to the courts or the party of the defendant your right to said claim. 2. Liability: “Liability” refers to one’s “debt” or “responsibility”, in coming up with recompense for the car accident and for causing the car accident in the first place. The party that is liable for the car accident claim is also called the “defendant”, “accused”, “appellant”, and “respondent”. Other categories of crime use the term “suspect” as well.Besides pointing out who the liable persons are in a car accident, this can be established and legally determined through pieces of evidence in the accident scene, police reports and related documentation, vehicular damages, injuries, statements from bystanders and witnesses, traffic violations (via recorded evidence), etc. 3. Claim: A legal claim is a request a person can make for court review, wherein you state evidence-supported reasons at the outset, for why the claim is being presented. Technically speaking, a claim falls outside the bounds of a “legal case”, and will transition into it only if the claim is denied and/or a settlement is not concluded. 4. Settlement: In law, a settlement is a conclusion, the coming-to-terms, or the agreement of litigants regarding the particulars mentioned in your claim. Reaching a settlement means that the defendant is amenable to it and is willing to provide compensation for the car accident, with the exact value specified in the same claim.When a settlement is reached, you will not have to escalate the claim into a court case. Also, reaching a settlement should be the goal of your claim-submission. 5. Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM): Some states in the U.S., Missouri included, require that drivers sign up for UIM or an Uninsured Motorist Coverage. A UIM is a kind of insurance that protects drivers in the event that the perpetrator of the accident does not have any insurance coverage.Losses, or portions of it, can be covered by the UIM. The amount in a UIM will depend on your policy’s terms and limits. 6. Actual Cash Value:This is a phrase used to define what the damaged automobile’s market value is. Think of it as what the value or “price” your car would have borne right before the accident took place.Read Also:5 Things To Do Immediately After You Get Into A Car Accident 7 Ways Truck Accidents Differ from the Regular Car Crashes Car Insurance: What You Need To Know Before Taking The One! Used car: simple steps for buying from a reliable cars dealership

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As one of the most valuable possessions you have, your vehicle is one of those assets that you always take good care of. Or, at least you’re trying to take good care of it. Thus, when relocating to a different city or state, for example, you’ll think twice before deciding to drive a car such a long distance.Instead of driving, you’ll start thinking about using car shipping services. Yet, you won’t really be sure if that’s a good idea, and if you come across a car shipping calculator, you won’t know how helpful it can exactly be.Both of those questions are certainly highly important, so what I’ll do now is answer them for you, helping you both make the right decision and figure out what to do with the calculator should you choose to use these services.Why Use Car Shipping ServicesUnsurprisingly, we’re going, to begin with the question of why using the car shipping option is a great idea. There are quite a few reasons to do this, and you’ll now get familiar with some of them. Learning about those reasons will help you ultimately decide if this is the right solution for you, or if you should perhaps decide to drive after all. I highly doubt that, but still. It’s a possibility. In addition, if you need to transport your car consider using the reliable car shipping services offered by"Reduce the Risk of DamageDriving your car a very long distance can certainly take a toll on it and lead to some damage. Some issues you could face with it could be minor and insignificant, while others could be quite serious and, of course, expensive.Using the car shipping option, you’ll reduce the risk of damage, because your vehicle won’t be driven, but instead transported by a professional who has done this numerous times before and knows how to do it safely and successfully.No StressThe stress of driving for far too long is something nobody wants to experience. When you first think about driving a very long distance, it may sound like a fun road trip, and you may get excited about it. After you’ve been on the road for a while, though, stress will replace excitement, and you’ll regret the day you decided to drive instead of using the shipping option and avoid any kind of stress whatsoever.Here’s what to know about car shipping: InjuriesBeing behind the wheel for far too long can not only be stressful but also lead to some injuries. No matter how comfortable your car is, sitting for long periods of time can lead to back injuries. And then, there’s also the fact you may have an accident on the road, which can result in even more serious injuries. Using the car shipping option will help you completely avoid the risk of those injuries.Save TimeTime is certainly among those resources that you don’t want to waste. Saving it is, instead, your goal, because saving time on one thing means you can focus on other important things, or even just relax and recharge your batteries. With the car shipping solution, you’ll definitely get to save time, as you won’t be trapped behind the wheel.Save Money On Unforeseen ExpensesSince talking of saving things, we can’t fail to mention money. Sure, you’ll be paying for the shipping service, but there are a lot of things you won’t be paying for if you decide to go for it instead of driving yourself.Basically, you won’t pay for gas, road trip food, accommodation, etc. And, you won’t incur any unforeseen costs, such as those that could arise from your vehicle needing repairs after being damaged on the road. Read more on how to transport your car.How a Cost Calculator Can HelpAfter mentioning money, we have to start dealing with the next important thing that you’re wondering regarding these particular services.How can those shipping cost calculators actually help you and should you use them? Well, they help by providing you with a clear estimate on the amount you’ll pay when transporting your car with a specific company and on specific dates, allowing you to set a clear budget for it aside, as well as to find the best and the most reasonable deal. Using them can and will help you pay a fair price.Read Also:6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shipping CompanyAutoTempest: Is It The Best Search Engine For Cars?Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

Car Accidents From Hitting Florida's Wildlife

Car Accidents From Hitting Florida’s Wildlife

Several circumstances cause the overall number of traffic accidents across the United States.Some of them involve crashes between cars and animals. These incidents may result in minor or significant automobile damage, necessitating car collision repair. In the worst-case instances, they may even result in fatalities.If you live in Florida, you might not be hearing about this for the first time. We have compiled some information from Northwest Collision Center experts to know what to do if you are in a traffic accident with animals.Statistics on Animal-Vehicle CollisionsIn June 2020, an alligator crossing the street in Manatee County resulted in a vehicle accident. According to ABC Action News, the automobile struck a tree as the 20-year-old driver attempted to dodge the alligator.In Florida, one in 306 car crashes includes hitting animals or wildlife, according to State Farm's data on such collisions. Between October and December, these animal-related traffic accidents predominate. Additionally, according to the data, there were more animal collisions this year.Between July 2019 and June 2020, there were reportedly 38,800 collision auto insurance claims, and between July 2020 and June 2021, there were reportedly 50,800 collision insurance claims. These figures indicate a 30% surge in Florida auto insurance animal collision claims. These figures are a helpful reminder to drive carefully.Animal Collision Coverage for Car InsuranceBring your automobile to a reputable repair facility if you've recently been in an animal-related accident or have questions about what to do if you come across one. Even if there are only a few little dings or scrapes on the outside, there might still be interior damage.Does auto insurance cover crashes involving animals? It depends. Some do, while others don't. The many forms of auto insurance are as follows:Liability ProtectionAccident InsuranceComprehensive ProtectionInsurance for Uninsured DriversInsurance for Uninsured MotoristsHealth Insurance CoverageProtection Against Personal InjuryInsurance GapLabor and Towing InsuranceInsurance for Rental ReimbursementInsurance for vintage carsComprehensive insurance is among the most nuanced collision auto insurance policies to get if you want to be safe if unfavorable events, such as collisions with animals, occur.Many drivers believe that their collision insurance covers collisions with animals. The majority, nevertheless, do not pay for animal-related harm. Get comprehensive insurance as well to make sure you are protected.Animal collision coverage is a feature of most comprehensive insurance. Animals, natural disasters, vandalism, break-ins, collapsing structures, and other unforeseen events are all covered by this vehicle insurance policy.With the confidence that you'll receive help if you ever have animal-related auto accidents, you may rest easy knowing that the insurance policy includes animal collision coverage.How to Prevent Car Accidents Caused by AnimalsEven if you're protected with comprehensive car insurance, your and your passengers' safety won't be. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips to prevent animal-related car crashes: 1. Don't worry too much.You must maintain your composure no matter what kind of animal you meet on the road. You'll be better able to decide what to do next if you're calm and composed. You may avoid mishaps and injuries by having a strategy in mind.2. Analyze the situation.When an animal unexpectedly crosses the road, take a moment to look at you. Remember that swerving isn't always the best course of action. It may perhaps even do more damage than good, especially if you're driving along a busy road.3. Try to slow down as much as you can.Reduce your speed when you spot an animal from a few meters away. Consider pausing until the animal crosses the road or moves out of the way if no vehicles are following you. Don't step on the brakes too hard, though, as your automobile can slide, which might lead to an accident.4. As the animal approaches, steer in the opposite of that direction.If you do this, it may move more quickly or cross the road right away.5. If you encounter an aggressive animal, think about driving back.Avoid going as close to some animals as deer since they tend to smash automobile windshields.What Else to RememberTo keep away from probable risks:Always maintain both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.Use your high lights on a dark and isolated road for better visibility.If you see a wild animal on the side of the road, slow down and keep an eye on the animal until you safely pass it.Consider that there could be other creatures around if you encounter one. According to statistics from the Animal Protection Institute, approximately 70% of animal-vehicle incidents occur after a motorist safely passes one animal before accelerating and missing another.Key TakeawayFlorida has a sizable population of wild animals and pets; hence animal-related traffic accidents frequently occur throughout the state. Because responsibility relies on various factors, accidents involving animals can be difficult.It is significant to remember that a driver's collision insurance frequently excludes coverage for incidents involving animals. However, suppose a motorist has comprehensive auto insurance, which covers damages not brought on by collisions with other vehicles. In that case, the driver may be able to file an insurance claim to get compensation for their losses.Additionals:Truck Accident Scenarios: Who Is Liable?5 Actions To Undertake After An AccidentTruck Accidents: Determining Fault By Location Of DamageAccident By Unlicensed Driver: How To File For A Compensation Claim?