What Doctor Says About Snoring

Snoring is almost an everyday topic. People are just too curious about it, as it has many explanations. However, to understand this issue better, you should actually hear what a doctor has to say about it. It is always better to hear advice from an expert, so that is why we talked to the doctor. We found out some interesting facts about snoring. Did you know that there is a doctor whose specialty is snoring?

Inborn Deformities:

Let’s start with the good news. Doctors say that snoring doesn’t have to be caused by health problems, at least not with the severe ones. The cause of snoring can be the anatomy or the deformity of the snorer. The doctor mentioned a crooked nasal septum as one of the reasons. The other reason is excess throat and nasal tissue. The tissue can also be too floppy. In the case of the floppy tissue, it will produce strong vibrations. Muscle tone doesn’t refer to biceps or triceps only. Tongue and throat muscle tone are important, as the poor muscles tone induces snoring. Muscle tone reduces during sleep and the tongue falls back to the throat.


The snoring is louder and stronger if a snorer has weight problems. The fat can press the airways in the neck and the throat and cause loud snoring. However, this still can be maintained if a snorer faces the problem in time. Losing some weight is the best solution here. Eat healthily and exercise. Go for a walk every morning. The fresh air will cleanse your nostrils and lungs.

Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea can indicate heart failure, a stroke, or a heart attack. If a person suffers from sleep apnea, the airways in the neck and throat will get completely blocked. This is the main difference between a person who is occasional, or a “fresh” snorer, and the one who has been snoring for years. The other one will for sure suffer from sleep apnea. The other difference is the blood pressure. Sleep apnea causes high pressure which can lead to a heart attack. This is the most severe snoring outcome. Be aware that you have your life in your hands. Devote some time to solving this problem. As you can see, snoring may have a deadly outcome.

Social Issues:

The doctor said that snoring may produce health issues, but also some social issues. Believe it or not, but snoring was the reason for many divorces out there. Of course that there were some more circumstances besides snoring, but it all began with those unpleasant sounds. One of the spouses couldn’t stand anymore the fact that their partner is snoring so hard, so they started sleeping in different bedrooms. This triggered a wave of dissatisfaction and complaints, as both partners became frustrated.

However, even persons who aren’t committed are facing the social issue. The doctor said that one of the patients came in his ordination almost desperate. This patient had to miss all the house parties, weekends abroad, or seaside holidays because none of his friends was eager to sleep in the same bedroom with him. Yes, renting another room was an option, but as everybody else would sleep in the same space, this guy would feel completely neglected.

Fast Solution:

Have a look at some of the stop snoring mouthpieces reviews. There is a wide range of great mouthpieces which can really help with snoring. The goal is to live a more happy and healthy life.


If you think that there might be a reason to be scared, visit a doctor. An otolaryngologist will be the one to say which kind of a breathing problem you have. The examination includes the nose, neck, mouth, palate, and throat. The doctor will do this precisely, so you can move on with the treatment.

It depends on the diagnosis. Being aware of the problem is a great way to a solution. However. we would recommend trying out the mouthpiece first. If it doesn’t help, then you are faced with a more serious problem and would have to go and see a doctor.

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