Dressing Up Your Babies: How Hard Is It?


06 September 2019



Choosing what clothes to wear every day can be one of the trickiest things to do. The idea of matching clothes that depends on which occasion you’re going can be exhausting and tiring. Some people enjoy this, but most of us don’t.

What’s funny is that we can’t escape this chore for the rest of our lives. As a parent, you are now in control to determine what is the good or bad fashion for your baby.  And admittedly, this is still not easy.

Lucky you, here are a few tips on what to keep in mind when choosing clothes for your babies

Winter, Spring, Summer Or Fall

It is important to choose what clothes best fit your children; however, it is far more important to prioritize your children’s welfare by identifying the season and temperature in your area. Toddlers or children aged 0-3 years old tend to be easily sensitive when it comes to the clothes they’re wearing. Therefore, having research on what can easily irritate their skin, especially on this continuous climate change, must be one of the things you should know first before choosing their fashion for the day.

Make Sure It’s Comfy and Easy to Dress and Undress

kids dress

Children can be easily irritated at any time of the day. Once this happens, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got it all covered. Putting clothes that can be easily undressed like pants, t-shirts, or shorts must be one of your options in choosing your children’s clothes.

You may also teach your children to decide what clothes to wear. In this way, they will have the authority to choose what they want and what clothes they are comfortable to wear.

Choosing What Type of Cloth or Fabric You’re Going to Get

Trending fashions for babies are important but choose it carefully. Since many stores offer baby clothes, it is a general rule to look for items that don’t have too many details on it. Though it can be considered cute, not all clothes are acceptable to children.

Know What Occasion

In order to showcase your children’s style in fashion, you have to first find out what occasion or theme your baby is going to attend. Whether it’s for Christening, birthdays, holidays, etc. finding clothes that are a match to the occasion is a must.

Interestingly, an online baby boutique named BK (Baby’s and Kids Boutique) offers this wide variety of baby clothes prioritizing your baby’s safety while having an Instagrammable fashionista baby.

With their newest set of baby wears like christening gowns Canada, your children will be the center of the crowd every holiday. And as for christening gowns, Canada, Baby and Kids’ Boutique should be your choice of store.

Make It Simple

The last tip for mommies and daddies is that simplicity is beauty. Children, particularly babies, are already cute. Though it’s fun to mix and match outfits, having them put too extra clothes on their bodies can already be unpleasing—not just for other people but for the children themselves. Put clothes that are lightweight, easy to wear, and simple.

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Children, particularly under ten years of age, require more attention from their parents. Your child may like to watch TV or play indoor games all day but you have to make it to the outdoors. This is because doing regular outdoor activities keeps your child fit and healthy. Also, it enhances your child’s creativity and thinking ability. It is crucial for optimal physical and cognitive development.Here are seven simple yet fun-filled outdoor activities which your child can perform regularly to play healthily: 1. Draw with Colorful Chalks: Kids find colorful chalks very attractive and like to draw with them whenever they get the chance. So, you can take them outside the home to some muddy area where they could draw with different chalks. It’s a simple yet fun-filled activity which can also make your child more creative. Adding to it, they can learn various new things while drawing freely with chalks. In case you don’t find any nearby muddy area, you can use a mini blackboard for the same purpose. Moreover, doing any activity outdoor increases levels of creativity of your child. Therefore, you must take your child to a nearby park or garden for this purpose. 2. Play With Hula Hoop: Playing with hula hoops in the outdoors is an absolute fun especially for your child who is under ten years of age. On top of that, it’s a playful way to keep your child physically active and hence healthier. You can take your child to a garden or a nearby playground for playing hula hoops. 3. Get an Electric Scooter: Riding an electric scooter is the simplest way to have outdoor fun. It also keeps your child physically active and energetic. Electric scooters are not simply for the young ones but also for the adults. Therefore, you can opt for electric scooter racing with your child to make as much outdoor fun as possible with it. Click here to check out the best electric scooters for your child. 4. Head towards the Beach: Heading towards a beach with your child is a simple idea to have fun. Beach offers so much mud with which your child can play in various ways. For instance, your child can make sand castles or draw anything with fingers on the muddy area. You can also help him build sand castles on the beach. 5. Capture the Nature: Children under ten years of age are always excited to learn new things and explore nature. Just take your child outside, hold him a camera and ask him to take pictures of whatever he sees around. It could be greenery, snow, bridges, transport, roads, people or anything. 6. Gun Painting: Most kids like painting and playing with colors. They would enjoy doing it with a color splashing gun. You can take your child to a certain garden or playland for gun painting. It’s an enjoyable way of keeping your child happy and active. 7. Catch and Throw Water Balloons: Balloons are probably the favorite playable thing for kids. They actually find balloons really attractive and fun-filled objects. Hence, throwing water balloons on one another in an open ground or green area is a hell of a fun for kids. In addition, using colorful water to fill the balloons will make this activity more cheerful.Read Also:Ways To Improve Children’s Parties 7 Important Tips For Planning An Outdoor Event

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Some of my best memories from my childhood are the ones from my birthday parties. Birthday party ideas have a unique charm to attract youngsters, as well as grownups, and something that always brings a smile to everyone’s face.Coming up with birthday party ideas is one hell of a job though! They’re not easy to plan, and you have to be creative enough to keep the kids engaging and enjoying. Here are a few ideas that are still a success at any party, especially if you have kids coming over! 6 Birthday Party Ideas - How to make it Pop! 1. Decorating Your Own Cup Cake: This has always been a fun, a bit messy, but a very engaging contest. The kids love it as they are able to choose the colors and flavors of icing and their favorite candy to decorate their cupcakes. There are edible flowers, birds, trees, and tiny animals as well that can be added! I would recommend this activity to be done after eating something healthy. 2. Having a Piñata: Piñatas have been a part of almost all birthdays back in our days, but I’ve not found them much common in parties these days. Piñatas can be of any shape and size of your choice. You can ask the kids to fill it up, or you can buy them from any nearby store, and then take turns to burst it. The breaking of piñata leads to a shower of candies, more than enough for everyone! Also, this should be done at the end, and have enough candy bags for everyone, so the kids can collect their candy and store in the candy bag and take it home with them. 3. Scavenger Hunt: Another activity that brings back so many memories! Scavenger hunts are easy to create, and they can be tailored to any theme and any age! They add the element of competition and excitement. 4. Decorating with Neon Letters: Neon letters or glow in the dark party ideas is something that isn’t very old. It is one of the newer versions of parties. These Neon themed parties are something that the teens have been raving about and I’ll be honest, it does look pretty awesome! You can cut alphabets or designs from neon-colored paper and paste it on a black back-drop to give a unique look to the event! You can also use neon lights and neon drinks to add to the theme. You can try Neon Signs Depot for the best neon decor items. 5. Sleep Overs: This is one of the cheap but fun ways of having fun! Depending on the crowd, you can rent a movie of the majority’s choice, make popcorn, have cookies and milk, paint toenails, play board games, tell scary stories and what not! 6. Trick Candles: This one always gets everyone! Place a few trick candles on the cake along with a few real ones. The birthday boy/girl will have a tough time blowing them out, and the rest of the crowd will have a good laugh!Don’t get stressed about the planning birthday party ideas! These are only six ideas that have always made me very happy and that have helped engage the crowd the most. There are a ton of other ideas like musical chairs, and themed parties to make your party a memorable one. You can always brainstorm and make changes as you wish! Feel free to add that whatever you want, as long as you can manage it. If something does not go as planned, don’t freak out, roll with the punches. You should always remember that apart from planning the event, you should also enjoy the game equally! Your efforts will pay off, and people will have fun, and so should you!Read Also :10 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything A Fashion Gift Guide For Special Occasions

Baby Formula

Understanding The Carbohydrates In Baby Formula

It is a well-known fact that carbohydrates in baby formula are the main, easily digestible energy material for a baby's body.Then, when the child grows up, the role of the main sources of carbohydrates in his diet is played by fruits and berries, as well as juices, milk, honey, sugar, cookies, candy, and various jams. But we must not forget that an excessive intake of carbohydrates eventually leads to a metabolic disorder, obesity, and reduced resistance of the body to various infections. How Many Carbohydrates Are Present In Baby Formulas? This may not be news to some, but it is the composition and amount of carbohydrates that determine the child's tolerance to baby formula.  LactoseThe main type of carbohydrate in the baby formula is lactose. For example, in Holle Formula, there are 61.4 g of carbohydrates per 100 g of finished formula, of which 44.7 g is lactose. Milk sugar is not only a source of energy for a baby but also an ideal medium for the cultivation of bifidobacteria that promote immunity. But the principle of "the more, the better" does not work here. If there are not enough enzymes to digest, lactose in the intestines can begin fermentation. If the baby had an acute respiratory infection, intestinal infections, or stool disorders might even develop dysbacteriosis. To avoid this happening, the amount of carbohydrates in the milk mixture is chosen very carefully. And sometimes, paediatricians even recommend the use of fermented milk formula containing bifidobacteria, which aid in the absorption of milk sugars. How Is Lactose Increasing Carbohydrates Amounts In Baby Formula? Quantitative adaptation of lactose involves increasing the number of carbohydrates in the baby formula so that its composition is as close to that of breast milk as possible. More important is the question of the type of carbohydrate attached. A number of aspects are taken into consideration: osmolarity, sweetness, bifidogenic, and the ability to form acid in the mouth.  Is lactose Best For Infants? For healthy infants, the best carbohydrate is lactose. But for a number of medical and technological reasons, other types of carbohydrates are used. The first generations of adapted formulas used sucrose and dextrin-maltose or dextrin-maltose together with starch (oat flour, rice flour, buckwheat flour) to correct the carbohydrate component. The modern adapted baby formula uses primarily lactose, which children usually tolerate well. But there is an opinion that in some cases, babies may have intestinal colic. Which One Is Better Dextrin-Maltose Or Lactose In Baby Formula? The advantage of dextrin-maltose over lactose, and main sucrose, is its low osmolarity in solution. It is this feature of dextrin-maltose that is taken into account when developing formulas for premature and low birth weight infants since they have a significant risk of developing necrotizing enterocolitis when fed the baby formula with high osmolarity.The greater the energy expenditure of the body (we are talking about fidgety babies), the more "fuel" it needs. "Fuel" for the body is primarily carbohydrates, then fats, and to a much lesser extent - proteins. A healthy diet means a balance of all components.So, to replenish the energy requirements of the baby. Great importance is carbohydrates. It is, they provide energy for muscular work. The more children move, the greater their need for carbohydrates. They should be in the diet of children 4-5 times more than proteins or fats - this is the norm. Simple Vs. Complex Carbohydrates In Baby FormulaCarbohydrates are divided into simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are called sugars and are found in fruits, berries, and some vegetables as glucose (grape sugar), sucrose (beet sugar and cane sugar), fructose (fruit sugar), and malt sugar, as well as in milk and dairy products.Water-insoluble complex sugar enters as starch in cereals and potatoes. It is a complex carbohydrate. But sugars are rapidly soluble in water and therefore quickly absorbed into the blood and well absorbed by the body. Starch must first be broken down into simpler compounds. It enters the blood gradually.Therefore, it is advisable to replenish the main mass of carbohydrates with foods containing starch, and only a quarter or a fifth in the form of regular sugar, confectionery, and as part of the fruit. And you should never forget that an excess of carbohydrates is highly undesirable.Read Also: How to Get Your Baby Started on Solid Foods Is Artificial Sugar Are Adding In Baby Formulas? All children love sweets, but abuse of sweets can cause considerable harm: children quickly put on weight, reduced immunity, decreased muscle tone, the tissue becomes loose, the skin becomes pale. These children become lethargic. They begin to fall ill often and severely, with complications.The growing child receives carbohydrates also from cereals. Add them to different oatmeal, soups, side dishes, puddings, casseroles, and other dishes! A child should eat 40-45g of varying baby formula and cereals in a day. These also include beans and peas. Be sure to add them to soups and salads! Bread has always been, is, and will be the head of everything! Of the required 150-170 grams per day for a child, 1/3 should be rye bread. How Many Sweets Are Good For Babies?Sugar intake is a separate topic! All children love them very much, but you have to remember that after sugar (40-50 grams per day) or all confectionery (20-40 grams per day) the most useful for your child is honey! Only 5-10 g on baby formula day, but for the whole week, if you can! In second place - jam, jam, marshmallow, marshmallow, marmalade. Candy is out of the question! Except sometimes on holidays, as an exception! Conclusion: Today, on the shelves of stores, there is a baby formula large arsenal of a variety of mixes of numerous companies with worldwide experience, which allows you to choose the appropriate for individual needs of the child.But parents, in turn, are sure to teach and monitor their composition. And always remember that a balanced diet guarantees good health for the baby.Read Also:Different Ways Of Choosing The Best Baby Rocker For Your Child The Benefits of Using Goat Milk Formula for Your Baby 8 Newborn Baby Care Tips for First-Time Parents