The Laws You Need to Know When Traveling to the Middle East City


10 September 2019


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Dubai is one of the most favorable cities to visit in the Middle East. However, you should remember to follow their laws and customs. Tourists feel safe in Dubai because of effective law enforcement. Dubai does not only have unique sites, but the locals are friendly and hospitable. When in Dubai, you are expected to respect the culture, belief system, and their traditions. Whether you go to Dubai for shopping, vacation, or business, you should be aware of their laws, so you don’t get in trouble.

What is Sharia Law?

Dubai is an Islamic country, which means that the Sharia Law governs it. This is a legal system coined from the Quran and the rulings of Islamic scholars. Sharia Law is a code of conduct that all Muslims adhere to, for instance, fasting, times of prayer, and helping the poor.

As a visitor to the city, you ought to do your research or contact a corporate lawyer Dubai office for guidance. This will not only keep you safe, but you will avoid fines, deportation, or jail. You need to be aware that some laws are applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Laws to Remember When Traveling to Dubai

Traveling to Dubai

Although this Middle East city is flexible for many activities and different nationalities, it is better to follow the laws. This way you can enjoy your stay here. Below are some of the dos and don’ts when traveling to Dubai.


Dubai has a zero-tolerance for drug-related crimes. If you are caught smuggling, trafficking, or in possession of any amount of drugs, the consequences can be severe. For instance, if you are involved in drug trafficking, you risk a death penalty, while possession can get you a 4-year jail term. Sometimes you might not be aware that some herbal highs are illegal, but you can seek a corporate lawyer Dubai expert to help you out.

Alcoholic Drinks

Dubai is an excellent place to party, but you should remember that this is an Islamic state, and alcohol in public is prohibited. However, non-Muslims are permitted to drink in designated areas. You must get a liquor license to drink in these areas or at home. A corporate lawyer Dubai expert will inform you that the law restricts hotels from serving alcohol to those under 21 years.

Decent Dressing

Middle East countries dress conservatively, and it is offensive when people ignore the Islamic values of modest dressing. Dress appropriately when going out to shopping malls, parks, and restaurants. Women should wear clothes that cover the top of their legs and arms, and swimming costumes are only allowed at the beach. Remember that cross-dressing is not only frowned upon, but it’s illegal.


It is not illegal to drive in Dubai; however, there is zero-tolerance towards drunk driving. If you plan to drive, don’t drink at all because even the smallest amount of alcohol in your system can get you arrested. Your corporate lawyer Dubai office will inform you of other crimes such as tailgating, lane jumping, using your phone while driving, and speeding. You could end up paying hefty fines, or they could impound your car.

Over the Counter Medication

The UAE has strict laws when it comes to drugs and specific medication such as those containing codeine unless you have a doctor’s prescription stating the period of use. It is crucial to check the list of banned substances or consult a corporate lawyer Dubai expert for advice.


It is prohibited to photograph certain government buildings and military institutions. You should also ask permission before photographing anyone to avoid getting arrested. If you love bird-watching, you might want to stay away from military bases, airports, and government buildings.

You can be fined for posting content on social media sites, for instance, information concerning the UAE government, individuals, and companies. Ridiculing or criticizing the state or the officials is an offense punishable by the law. A corporate lawyer Dubai expert can explain to you the consequences of such actions like being detained or convicted.

Offensive Behavior

The Emiratis are loving people, but they view a public display of affection as a rude behavior; however, married couples can hold hands. Swearing and using offensive language is not tolerated even if you do it online. This can lead to deportation or even jail. All homosexual relationships and marriages are illegal and not recognized by the Emirati government. Importing pornography and pork products is illegal, and all books, magazines, and journals are subject to scrutiny, and censorship.

Traveling to Dubai is on top of many people’s bucket list; however, you should be aware of their laws and the consequences of not adhering. The laws in Dubai are easy to follow, for instance, avoiding drugs, swearing, dressing decently, and avoiding any offensive behavior. These laws are similar to the code of conduct we follow every day.

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Dubai’s Top Locations To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In 2023

They say the way you welcome the new year is the way you are going to spend the entire year itself. If that is the case, we must better make it a good New Year’s Eve 2023.When it comes to celebration, the image that comes to our mind is colorful buildings, fireworks, and music all around. Does the image correlate with how Dubai celebrates every year? Well, you know where you need to visit to start your new year.Celebrating new year’s eve is a great way to welcome 2023. With its world-class entertainment, glitzy nightlife, and excellent skyline view, there is no place like Dubai for celebration. That said, book your flydubai tickets and ensure you are a part of the celebration.What Makes Dubai The Best Place For Celebration?Dubai is situated at the crossroad connecting Asia with western countries offering a unique blend of cultures.From the world-renowned firework display on Burj Khalifa to the beachfront parties under the starry skies, the city has everything to offer.Dubai offers a once-in-a-lifetime firework display that lights up the skyline. And who knows, if you are lucky enough, you might find yourselves rubbing shoulders with celebrities enjoying the night.Many people in Dubai spend New Year's Eve at one of the many nightclubs. This includes Billionaire Mansion Nightclub, Nasimi - Atlantis, The Palm Tree, and Armani Nightclub.But, if you are looking to do something more exquisite, you can take a tour on luxury cruise ships or enjoy a desert safari.There are so many things to do and so many places to visit that it becomes impossible for a single person to make their destination list, especially when they are visiting Dubai for the first time.This is why we are here with the list of top locations where you can enjoy new year’s eve.Experiences For An Epic New Year’s EveIf we want to talk about the most happening place this new year’s eve, it is Dubai. From exclusive beach parties to exuberant skyline fireworks, it has all the entertainment to offer.That said, here is the list of places you would like to be at this new year’s eve.Burj KhalifaThe list has to start with Burj Khalifa. No matter what others have to say, everyone will agree that the only place you need to be there (if possible) this new year’s eve is Burj Khalifa and then any other location.At Burj Khalifa, on new year’s eve, people can watch a scintillating fireworks display that comes with a new year countdown. The major attraction of Burj Khalifa is its appealing light show, fireworks, and fountain.To enjoy the fireworks, you must ensure that you have grabbed the right position. And to do that you need to reach the place in the evening.La MerLa Mer is another best place in Dubai to spend quality time with your friends and family this new year’s eve. La Mer allows you to have good outdoor fun, indulge in outdoor activities, and enjoy some delicious food while enjoying the fireworks.To make the most out of the visit, enjoy the watersports, air tours, paragliding, and beachside chalets and take part in other activities.La Mer is one of the best places when you are with children. They will have quite a space to play and roam around. And when the time is right, they can sit and enjoy the majestic fireworks welcoming the new year.Al SeefAl Seef is also one of the most happening places to visit during new year’s eve. With loud music, live shows, and a waterfront market, Al Seef offers a lot of festive things for tourists to enjoy.If you are looking to acquire an offbeat experience on welcoming new year’s eve from a different perspective, head to Al Seef in Dubai.What's more, you can take a luxurious cruise at Bateaux Dubai and enjoy the water life before returning from the country.Palm JumeirahIf you missed out on the opportunity to reserve a place for Burj Khalifa fireworks, go to Palm Jumeirah. Some of the hotels and restaurants offer the best spot for tourists to enjoy the Palm Jumeirah firework in the comfort of their rooms.What’s more, when midnight hits, people can enjoy performances from legendary artists, Pyrotechnics shows, and live concerts.Meanwhile, you can reserve tables in restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and enjoy the fireworks. While Palm Jumeirah firework is the second best compared to Burj Khalifa, many people chose Palm Jumeirah.The reason is simple. The fireworks in Palm Jumeirah look like the shape of a palm tree and give off a splendid view to enjoy.If you want to get the best spot possible, try to reach Palm Jumeirah early in the morning, as the best spots are taken in a matter of seconds.Jumeirah BeachLet’s just say you miss out on booking the right restaurants and rooms in Palm Jumeirah, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the show. The beaches are always open for you to enjoy.Head to the most beautiful beach in Jumeirah and catch the spell-binding fireworks. While you are at, make the most use of the beach. Carry a beach mat and have a nice gala time with your friends and family.In fact, you can even plan a special picnic out there on the sand and make it one of the best parties you have ever enjoyed.Was That Helpful?There goes our top list. Of course, some people might not agree with the list and would have some of their own to add. Well, that’s how great Dubai is. There is something for everyone.Whether we are talking about restaurants, hotels, beaches, sky activities, and water activities, the place is a wonderland for tourists.If you have any places we missed that you wanted to be on the list, drop your suggestion in the comment section. 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8 Benefits of Vacation Rentals Near the Water

Planning a vacation can be both exciting and overwhelming. The sound and feel of the beach make it one of the most relaxing places on earth.Many people immediately think of staying in hotels for their vacations.A vacation rental, however, can be a much better fit for travelers. Keep reading for eight benefits of vacation rentals near the water.Let's dive in:1. Comforts of HomeVacationers planning to visit the Sonoran Sea can find plenty of vacation rentals available. Those rentals offer all of the comforts of home, including more space to spread out, bigger living rooms, and multiple bedrooms.A rental allows for families to spend time together in a comfortable setting. Families can spread out, have space to play, and young children can nap when necessary. Big bear is a perfect example of these types of vacation planning. Big bear cabin rentals are available. But for the holiday booking plan and book the cabin at least one month prior to vacation.2. Kitchen and Laundry FacilitiesVacation rentals have kitchens, which allow families to cook their meals at home while saving money. Kitchens are especially helpful for families with young children who are picky eaters.Vacation rentals have laundry rooms that allow the occupants to wash clothes while on vacation. Vacationers can pack fewer clothes, which makes traveling easier. 3. Cost-EffectiveVacation rentals are often available for the same price, if not less than hotels. An added benefit of vacation rentals is that they are often larger, allowing several family members to stay together and share the expense.Vacation rentals usually have all of the necessary tools for cooking at home, saving vacationers money from eating meals out. Even if families only eat breakfast and lunch at home, they will reduce their food expenses.4. Community FeelVacation rentals in a beach town community often have private beach access, great restaurants nearby, and other people enjoying the beach.Rentals frequently have pools, hot tubs, and sometimes even golf courses available for use. The amenities are fabulous and keep renters coming back year after year.Related: Fun Things to Do When Residing in a Vacation Rental House in Anna Maria Island5. Unique RentalsIn a hotel, most rooms are the same. Because individuals usually own vacation rentals, each is different. Renters can choose the rental based on their preference and budget.They may select their view, decor, and amenities. There are rentals on the beach, across from the beach, or in town. The possibilities are endless. 6. More PrivacyVacation rentals typically offer more privacy than a hotel. Private balconies and entrances are common.Renters won't need to walk through a lobby to get to their room. Some rentals even offer private pools and grills, making vacationing fun.7. Customer ServiceRenting through a property management company provides customers with terrific service before and during the vacation. They can help vacationers choose the best unit and provide advice on things to do while on vacation.Management companies are available during the vacation to handle problems ranging from amenities in the rental to breakdown of appliances.Vacation rentals are often safer than hotels. Often, they are located in gated communities with guards and have digital locks with codes. When bringing a family on vacation, safety is of utmost concern. 8. Water RelaxesChoosing a vacation rental near the water or on the beach is one of the most relaxing ways to spend time.Families can easily relax with the simple pleasures of swimming, sunning, and walking along the beach. The sounds of the beach can bring peace to even the most stressed-out individual. The next time you plan a vacation, consider a vacation rental near the water. It could be the perfect fit for the whole family.Additional Resource:Practical Travel Tips for Your Vacation to Canada4 Benefits Of Taking Amazon Tours Vs. Your Boring Beach Vacation!10 Beach Vacation Packages That Will Let You Unwind Without Breaking


Zanzibar Island – Planning A Refreshing Getaway With Your Family

Off the east coast of Africa, in the tropical paradise of Zanzibar, are a variety of experiences that can rekindle creativity, revitalize the body, and feed the soul.The archipelago attracts tourists of all ages with its palm-lined beaches, snow-white sand, medieval settlements, and vibrant marketplaces.Explore the rich history and culture of the island to kick off your seven-day journey. Snorkel among the coral reefs of Mnemba Atoll while exploring Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Take in the lively ambiance of the Darajani Market, where the aroma of fresh produce and spices fills the air.Zanzibar provides a wide variety of sights, sounds, tastes, and sensations that will reawaken the body, feed the soul, and stimulate creativity.It is the perfect location for families seeking a weeklong vacation in Africa!Understanding The LocationThe largest and most populated island in Tanzania is Zanzibar Island, a component of the Zanzibar Archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa.Unguja, Pemba Island, as well as countless other smaller islets, are all part of the semi-autonomous province. The largest and most populated island in the archipelago is Zanzibar Island.For beachgoers and fans of water sports, Zanzibar Island in the Indian Ocean is a popular vacation spot.African, Arab, and European cultures influence this country's architecture, cuisine, and traditions.To fully experience the island's lively culture and interesting history, visitors can wander the winding streets of Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.Getting The Visa For Your TripSecuring the required visa while making travel plans to Zanzibar is essential for a simple and hassle-free entry onto the island.Various types of visas are available depending on the reason for your visit and how long you plan to remain.The most typical tourist visa, which allows stays of up to 90 days, is single-entry. A business visa is necessary for travel on business and provides up to 90 days of stay.Those traveling through Zanzibar to another location can also obtain transit visas. You can visit the website for Tanzania Visa before applying for the process.Tanzania launched the Tanzania e-Visa system in November 2018 to cut down on face-to-face interactions between foreign visitors and immigration officials.The online application for a Tanzanian visa takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The form requests details about the applicant's name, passport number, intended arrival date, and travel motivations.Visas do not guarantee entrance because immigration officials have the right to deny entry to anyone who does not comply with standards or poses a security or national interest threat.Things To Do In Zanzibar IslandsGiven below is a list of all the places you must visit to help you plan your trip to Zanzibar island better—1. Visits To The BeachesWith its stunning beaches, unspoiled seasides, and turquoise waters that are crystal clear and transparent, Zanzibar Island is a dream for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts.It provides a peaceful getaway or an action-packed beach vacation for everyone with its swaying palm palms and range of activities.The beaches on the island offer countless chances for water activities and exploration, from sailing and fishing to snorkeling and scuba diving.Nungwi Beach, situated on the northernmost point of the island of Zanzibar, is among the most well-known beaches there.Its colorful coral reefs and an abundance of aquatic life make this stunning stretch of coastline a sanctuary for divers.Tourists can take a boat ride to the adjacent Mnemba Atoll to see the vibrant coral gardens and swim with dolphins.2. Spending Time Amidst Wildlife And NatureThe island of Zanzibar, which lies off the coast of Tanzania, is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.Zanzibar provides many possibilities to discover and interact with its vast biodiversity thanks to its different habitats, which include beautiful beaches, blue oceans, lush forests, and coral reefs.Zanzibar safaris are a well-liked method to enjoy the island's amazing wildlife and unspoiled beauty.There are several opportunities to see rare animals and stunning settings, from escorted tours through the renowned Jozani Forest to snorkeling excursions in the pristine waters.Zanzibar's safari vacations promise amazing experiences and the ability to fully immerse yourself in the delights of this alluring location, whether you decide to go on a typical game drive or choose a more daring walking safari.3. Trip To The Cultural LocationsZanzibar, a Tanzanian archipelago, is well-known for its extensive historical landmarks and rich cultural legacy.Tourists can explore Nungwi and Paje, which provide a variety of experiences, as well as Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Zanzibar will be an amazing voyage through its cultural tapestry if you immerse yourself in Swahili culture, explore the island's history, and indulge in local cuisine.The recognizable Stone Town is one of the centerpieces of Zanzibar's cultural heritage.Visitors are transported back in time as they meander through its twisting, cramped streets to the times when Zanzibar was a thriving center of trade and commerce.The artistically carved wooden doors and elaborate balconies of the buildings showcase the island's unique fusion of African, Arab, and European influences.A number of historical sites, like the Old Fort and the Palace Museum, are located in Stone Town, where tourists may learn about Zanzibar's intriguing past.4. Biking On The MountainsArranging a bike journey to the Zanzibar mountains involves serious thought and detailed planning.Choose the difficulty level that best suits your abilities and level of fitness by first researching the various routes.Learn about the weather and the ideal time of year to visit the mountains. Make a thorough itinerary that includes the departure location, travel path, and destinations.Include the length of the journey and any rest days or accommodations that may be required.Biking trails' degree of difficulty should be taken into account to create a secure and enjoyable experience.To make wise judgments, review the reviews and elevation profiles of the paths. Add in your preparations any passes or permits required for particular locations.In conclusion, meticulous planning is necessary to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience while organizing a bicycle trip to Zanzibar.5. Go ShoppingMarkets on the islands of Zanzibar offer a unique shopping experience with vivacious colors, sounds, and fragrances.The energy is palpable as locals and visitors haggle over prices, sellers excitedly promote their wares, and traditional music fills the air.The marketplaces are bursting at the seams with various goods, from handcrafted goods and finely woven textiles to exotic spices and fresh seafood. The colorful vendors' use of colorful fabrics and wonderful artwork create a feast for the eyes.Walking through small passageways, you'll be drawn to colorful displays and welcoming vendors.You are drawn in by the aromas of spices and tropical fruits, which tempt you to engage in sensory overload.What Is The Best Time To Visit Zanzibar?The best time to travel to Zanzibar depends on your travel goals. The dry season and the wet season are Zanzibar's two primary seasons.Since the temperature is comfortable and there is little rain, the dry season, which lasts from June to October, is the greatest time to go.The rainy season, which runs from November to May, on the other hand, delivers more rainfall and increased humidity.But this time of year also has its own special things to offer, like lush green scenery and fewer tourists. The ideal time to travel to Zanzibar depends on your interests and vacation goals.Read Also:Three Amazing Travel Destinations in AfricaAndrew Tate Net Worth, Lifestyle, Career And RelationshipBeyond First Class: Private Jet Charters Setting A New Standard In Luxury Travel