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10 July 2018


Living Dubai

The Arabian Ranches II is an expansion of the existing Arabian Ranches in Dubai, and it is well structured and developed by Emaar, and it is situated along the Qudra road. The Community is enriched with seven villa enclaves with one townhouse

Here is a stopover for those willing to explore Arabian ranches II. So, let’s take you through the luxurious villas you are going to find in Arabian ranches II.

Casa :

Casa is the newest development in ranches living. It is structured with the Moroccan style with timeless architectural design, elegant door, and classic cornices. The villa is designed by California award-winning architects, and the overall design offers a truly exclusive lifestyle that is steeped in the beauty of the desert.

The Casa Villa is designed to meet or suit one’s individual lifestyle and family needs. With the comfort and serene environment in mind of the designers, each villa has an efficient energy cooling system with strong thermal walls and windows to help in the regulation of ambient temperature.

The villa offers great living space, balconies with other amenities being the community center, restaurants, bicycle riding trails, swimming pool, barbecue center, and children’s park.

Palma :

The Palma villa is designed by California award-winning architects it is designed with warm colors has elegant arches with terracotta roof tiles that are adorned with classic cornices. It offers generous accommodation leaving you with multi-functional spaces to meet your lifestyle and family needs.

The villa offers you a natural and serene environment with lots of entertainment and social facilities in the community. The villa has an indoor running track, pool with quaint cabanas, gym center for men and women, beauty salon, spa, 247 acres golf course, community parks, children playing ground, landscape garden, tennis court, polo and equestrian club, football pitches, restaurant and barbecue joint.

Lila :

Lila villa is a new addition to Arabian ranches 2 and the serene environment offer any individual a tranquil gateway with well-designed and alluring villas which features gardens and outdoor decks. The community has 219 masterfully designed villas that are situated in lush landscapes with all having a Spanish style of living.

The villa is in five different types with three to five bedrooms. It is well known for its low pitched terracotta tiled roofs, overhanging eaves, and fragile wrought iron trimmings. The interior design is unique, and it has a minimalist woodwork touch with the polished floor which all adds to the overall uniqueness of the villa.

Rosa :

Rosa villa is known for its large plots of land which makes it an ideal place for families who chooses space and luxury over every other thing. It is as well a new addition to the Arabian ranches expansion, and it homes 144 villas with four, five, and six bedrooms thereby incorporating the Spanish style architectural design.

It is equipped with multifunctional spaces which include family rooms, offices, and nanny quarters to meet the need of parenting mothers.  It has a central park, and the luscious green spaces say much about the elegant appearance and design of the community. Also, the villa has children playing areas, tennis courts, squash, a barbecue joint, and landscape gardens to promote the outdoor lifestyle.

Rasha :

The Rasha community is ideal for families the lifestyle they offer you such as grocery store, salon, schools, medical clinic and daycare center for nursing mothers. The community is in alignment with the key business districts which includes Dubai internet city, Dubai media city, and Dubai Marina.

The community has 247 acres Arabian golf club, community parks and gardens, barbecue deck, football pitches, restaurant, bicycle riding trails, and tennis court.

Yasmin :

Yasmin villa community villa has large landscaped green spaces with private plots for gardens and other standard needs. The homes in this community offer individual access to the finest leisure, fun, and entertainment in the city.

The inspiration births the development of this community villa from the unique Arabian color palette. Families in search for a serene environment should opt for this community villa as you tend to have access to the 247-acre golf course for those who love golf game, it has a tennis court, football pitches, restaurant, barbecue deck, children playing ground, community parks and gardens.

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Pico Basile

What To Expect When Climbing Pico Basile

Are you ready to take on the challenge of ascending Mount Pico Basile? You'll need physical strength, mental focus, and some luck with the weather. If you're up for the summit, here's what to expect: The peak stands at an elevation of 3,011 m (9,879 ft). A 10-mile (16 km) hike from El Portal will lead you there; however, this could take anywhere from six to eight hours, depending on your conditioning level and pace. Rocky trails with steep inclines may be present along the way - sometimes requiring navigation via rope. As for any season-specific elements, such as snow or ice patches, it is best to prepare in advance with clothing suitable for such conditions, as well as emergency equipment like crampons or an ice pick. How to Reach the Summit Reaching the summit of Mount Pico Basile is a challenging endeavor that requires ambition and a willingness to challenge oneself. The climb will be quite strenuous, with an elevation increase of 3,011 m (9,879 ft). However, the effort put into the ascent will be worth it in the end. Fortunately, there are multiple trails suited for various skill levels leading up to the peak. For instance, the Huemules Trail is about 4 miles (6 km) long and offers a relatively easy path with few inclines over its 5-hour duration. On this route, hikers can expect to see some alpine meadows on their journey. The El Pingo Trail is another option for those seeking a more advanced terrain; this 10 km (6 miles) trail takes 6-7 hours and includes several switchbacks as well as rocky terrain. What to Pack for Your Trek In order to guarantee a triumphant and gratifying mountain climb of Mount Pico Basile, it is indispensable to make sure you adequately prepare yourself. You should pack suitable attire, footwear, nourishment, and supplies for provision. When selecting items to bring with you, opt for fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, like quick-drying or synthetic materials. Include layers in case temperatures change; do not forget to put on hats and gloves for chilliness at high altitudes! Utilize solid shoes or boots with a reliable grip on uneven landforms. Also, be positive to bring nutrient-dense snacks like energy bars, nuts, and dried fruit so you have enough vitality during the excursion. Always check equipment and necessary items, whether it's Ama Dablam or Manaslu company. The Best Time of Year to Climb The success of any expedition to Mount Pico Basile is hinged upon proper timing. Prior to formulating a plan, one must take into account both the weather conditions and their own competence level. The wet season mainly falls between November and March; during this time, additional preparations are recommended due to the increased chance of snowfall and thunderstorms or rainfall. April through October happen to be relatively drier with lowered chances of storms and snowfall, but temperatures can still range from 8-17°C (46-62°F). In spite of this, keep in mind that severe weather can occur at any point throughout the year; therefore, always anticipate accordingly. Tips for Preparation and Safety Before attempting to summit Mount Pico Basile, it is essential to be properly prepared. Here are some tips that should be kept in mind when planning and setting out on the trek: Do your Research: Spend time going over the route and make sure to follow all local regulations. Learn about what you may encounter during the climb, like changes in weather or elevation, so you can better prepare for the journey and remain safe. Hire a Guide: It is extremely important to have a professional guide with you for this climb. They will provide invaluable help while also providing information about the area's culture, environment, and wildlife. Pack Appropriately: Climbing Mt. Pico Basile is no easy feat. Make sure the right equipment is taken along for a successful journey - including suitable shoes or boots, multiple layers of clothes (it can get cold!), hats or visors, sunscreen, flashlights, plenty of food/water supplies, etc. What Are The Reasons To Visit Pico Basile? If you are having second thoughts about visiting the infamous mountain peak, it’s time to calm down! This stunning location in Equatorial Guinea offers extraordinary views- which a geeky traveler might remember until his last breath. Here are some extraordinary reasons to visit Pico Basile today:  The Paradise Corsico Island Corsico Island is situated just 31 miles away from the coast of Equatoguiena. The white sandy beaches, along with crystal clear water, catch the attention of every passerby. Reaching Paradise Island is no less than an adventure- although the airport is a bit private with limited tickets. All you could take is a ninety-minute Cayuco ride or a slow ferry.  Ureka Waterfalls To the south of the Bioko island exists the village of Ureka. This vicinity offers escape to a variety of waterfalls along with the most extraordinary beaches. Although it has a rough road to reach here, one might indulge in swimming. At the time of the visit, you might find it tough to believe that the location is extremely unspoiled.  The Ilachi Waterfall Ilachi waterfalls are the largest in the entire nation- with more than 155 miles in length. You might feel like a jungle book adventurer when you reach here. If you are someone who wants to discover unexplored paths, this strategic location is the one for you. Head over to Moka city, and you can hire some local guides who will accompany you through this adventurous trek. Concluding Words When it comes to visiting the unpredictable Pico Basile, some people might take a step back. But if you have the right guidance with you, nothing can stop you from stepping onto this beautiful journey.  With this, I conclude this comprehensive guide. Pack your bags and move on to the adventurous Pico Basile. Don’t forget to consider the aforementioned tips and make your journey easier. Happy Trekking! Read Also: How To Plant Grass Seed On Hard Dirt? – Latest Update 2022 Business Fences: A Professional Tip To Choose The Right One Tips For Planting And Maintaining Greenery On Garden Fences

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7 Things to Do on a Long Flight

Long flights cause discomfort to many. Staying ten or more hours on board the aircraft can last like an eternity. At some point, you get tired; it becomes uncomfortable to sit still, and you do not know what to do in order to speed up the time. Do you have a difficult plane trip? Will the road take several hours of time? You do not want it to cause fatigue and boredom, right? Then you should have a couple of “entertainment” options to choose from. Unfortunately, a few people know what to do on the plane in order to make the time pass quickly when traveling alone. In this post, we will dive into this issue and offer various options to banish boredom when onboard the aircraft. #1 - Start Learning a Foreign Language Grab a book or a travel guide, download an audio tutorial, and learn basic phrases in the local language. This knowledge will definitely help you along your trip and will make it more interesting and exciting. You can demonstrate the knowledge gained during the flight already at the airport by asking some basic questions. Locals are always pleased when they are greeted in their language. So why not learn a few new words as you are onboard the aircraft? #2 - Listen to an Audiobook, Lecture, or a Podcast The first thing that comes to the mind of people when they think of what to do on a long-haul flight is listening to music. Of course, listening to your favorite track can put you in a better mood. However, you should also be ready that listening to music for more than 2 hours can make you feel bored quickly. Therefore, it is better to download a couple of lectures on a topic of interest to you, a light podcast, or an audiobook. When it comes to music, you just listen to tracks one after another and can stop at any time. In the case of an audiobook, you will follow the plot with interest; as a result, the time will spin away. You just need to choose a podcast or an audiobook that you are really interested in. In this case, you will get the maximum pleasure as you listen to a podcast. #3 - Do Yoga When you sit still too long, you can feel that your legs swell, and you cannot control them. The thing is that when our muscles are inactive, they can't pump body fluids back up toward the heart. This is not only unhealthy but also brings real discomfort to the trip. Therefore, it is important to do your body a favor. Of course, uncovering your favorite treadmill might not be the best idea, but a little exercise will come in handy. There are many different yoga asanas that you can practice right in your seat. Yoga on a flight can help you stretch and move when you are cramped on an airplane seat. After a few exercises, you will definitely feel better. The only thing you need to do is to prepare a couple of videos with yoga asanas that you are going to do. There is no need to follow the yoga practice from A to Z. Instead, use a video editor to cut out unnecessary exercises and change the resolution of your video to open it without lags on any device. #4 - Make Beauty Treatments After you spend a couple of hours on board, there is a high risk that your skin becomes dry and crapped or your eyes mist over. Recycled air, the hundreds of people in a small space, the altitude - all these may negatively affect the way you look and feel. Therefore, it's important to maintain your beauty routine when traveling. Make sure there are moisturizing drops, vitamin water for the skin, hand cream, face mask, or lip balm in your backpack. This set of beside remedies can help you feel better during a long-haul flight. You hardly want to arrive at your holiday destination looking spotty or bloated. So arm yourself with all the necessary beauty treatments in advance! #5 - Do Planning Have you already figured out what to do upon arrival at your destination? Have you made a route, planned what places to visit and what sights you want to see? If not, then it's best to do it on the plane. Take a break from pressing problems, immerse yourself in the exciting world of the upcoming vacation. Description of sights, drawing up a route can set you up for a productive vacation, inspire, and cheer you up. #6 - Listen to Onboard Radio or Watch Movies Apart from snacks, most airlines offer services such as listening to the built-in radio or watching flight movies from a monitor installed in the cabin. They even give out special disposable headphones so that passengers do not interfere with each other when someone is playing board games, for example. It is really comfortable. Some experienced travelers believe that disposable headphones are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is better to prepare such gadgets in advance and take them on board. They will not take up much space in the bag but will provide for greater comfort. By the way, if you are not a fan of National Geographics and give preference to movies about serial killers, then it is better to download a couple of files to your smartphone or tablet. #7 - Read a Book Being onboard the aircraft is an ideal reading situation: no one distracts you; there is always enough light, and the environment is inspiring. Choose easy-to-read best books of all time so that you can start enjoying the trip and simply relax during the flight. If you do not know what to read, then it is better to take something fun onboard - be it a detective story or a Harry Potter book. Of course, there are many e-books to choose from. You can always download Google books to your tablet or phone and enjoy reading any of them during your entire vacation. Make Your Flight Comfortable, Easy, and Fast An unsuccessful flight can darken several days at once and cause negative emotions for the entire trip. Of course, you can treat all adversity in a philosophical way. But having paid a lot of money for tickets, you don't want to meditate for 20 hours, trying to ignore a child's cry or a neighbor laughing loudly. The above travel tips can help you survive a long-haul flight and leave the cabin in a good mood that you can harbor more amazing travel ideas. Read Also: The Best Vacation Destinations for Couples Practical Travel Tips for Your Vacation to Canada 10 Beach Vacation Packages That Will Let You Unwind Without Breaking Fun Things to Do When Residing in a Vacation Rental House in Anna Maria Island How to Eliminate Hassles of Outstation Travels