Exploring Arabian Ranches 2 – Luxurious Living in Dubai

The Arabian Ranches II is an expansion of the existing Arabian Ranches in Dubai, and it is well structured and developed by Emaar, and it is situated along the Qudra road. The Community is enriched with seven villa enclaves with one townhouse

Here is a stopover for those willing to explore Arabian ranches II. So, let’s take you through the luxurious villas you are going to find in Arabian ranches II.

Casa :

Casa is the newest development in ranches living. It is structured with the Moroccan style with timeless architectural design, elegant door, and classic cornices. The villa is designed by California award-winning architects, and the overall design offers a truly exclusive lifestyle that is steeped in the beauty of the desert.

The Casa Villa is designed to meet or suit one’s individual lifestyle and family needs. With the comfort and serene environment in mind of the designers, each villa has an efficient energy cooling system with strong thermal walls and windows to help in the regulation of ambient temperature.

The villa offers great living space, balconies with other amenities being the community center, restaurants, bicycle riding trails, swimming pool, barbecue center, and children’s park.

Palma :

The Palma villa is designed by California award-winning architects it is designed with warm colors has elegant arches with terracotta roof tiles that are adorned with classic cornices. It offers generous accommodation leaving you with multi-functional spaces to meet your lifestyle and family needs.

The villa offers you a natural and serene environment with lots of entertainment and social facilities in the community. The villa has an indoor running track, pool with quaint cabanas, gym center for men and women, beauty salon, spa, 247 acres golf course, community parks, children playing ground, landscape garden, tennis court, polo and equestrian club, football pitches, restaurant and barbecue joint.

Lila :

Lila villa is a new addition to Arabian ranches 2 and the serene environment offer any individual a tranquil gateway with well-designed and alluring villas which features gardens and outdoor decks. The community has 219 masterfully designed villas that are situated in lush landscapes with all having a Spanish style of living.

The villa is in five different types with three to five bedrooms. It is well known for its low pitched terracotta tiled roofs, overhanging eaves, and fragile wrought iron trimmings. The interior design is unique, and it has a minimalist woodwork touch with the polished floor which all adds to the overall uniqueness of the villa.

Rosa :

Rosa villa is known for its large plots of land which makes it an ideal place for families who chooses space and luxury over every other thing. It is as well a new addition to the Arabian ranches expansion, and it homes 144 villas with four, five, and six bedrooms thereby incorporating the Spanish style architectural design.

It is equipped with multifunctional spaces which include family rooms, offices, and nanny quarters to meet the need of parenting mothers.  It has a central park, and the luscious green spaces say much about the elegant appearance and design of the community. Also, the villa has children playing areas, tennis courts, squash, a barbecue joint, and landscape gardens to promote the outdoor lifestyle.

Rasha :

The Rasha community is ideal for families the lifestyle they offer you such as grocery store, salon, schools, medical clinic and daycare center for nursing mothers. The community is in alignment with the key business districts which includes Dubai internet city, Dubai media city, and Dubai Marina.

The community has 247 acres Arabian golf club, community parks and gardens, barbecue deck, football pitches, restaurant, bicycle riding trails, and tennis court.

Yasmin :

Yasmin villa community villa has large landscaped green spaces with private plots for gardens and other standard needs. The homes in this community offer individual access to the finest leisure, fun, and entertainment in the city.

The inspiration births the development of this community villa from the unique Arabian color palette. Families in search for a serene environment should opt for this community villa as you tend to have access to the 247-acre golf course for those who love golf game, it has a tennis court, football pitches, restaurant, barbecue deck, children playing ground, community parks and gardens.

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