Educating A Girl Can Change The World: What Leaders Are Saying

I am sure you must have heard of names like Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, and Emma Gonzalez. All of them have strived hard to address issues surrounding the social, economic, environmental, and political world.

In recent years, everyone from governments to international organizations has stated how important it is to educate the girl child. Women in positions of importance have shown to demonstrate exemplary levels of skill and expertise.

Nancy Etz, a leading name in promoting scholarships for women in educational institutions has been at the forefront of the issue. In this resource article, we look at how educating a girl can help change the world for the better.

Educating a Girl is Important in Developing Countries of the World:

Educating a Girl is Important in Developing Countries of the World

Population control is an area that is often discussed without much result. Studies have shown that educating women in a society helps in increasing the marriageable age and leads to the creation of smaller families.

Countries in the Asian and African continents that are struggling when it comes to resources can benefit deeply from measures of population control. This has a positive effect on the health of both the woman and the child and leads to the nation’s economic prosperity.

Education paves the way to understanding exploitation and leads to overall emotional development. This can help bring down rates of crime against women and help improve society for the better. Education leads to issues of gender equality being discussed in the public domain.

Women’s Education can help Improve the Economic Condition and Break the Poverty Cycle:

Many data and statistics put out by the UN state that an average year of educations helps increase the wage-earning potential of women by over 20%. As compared to men, women who are earning invest more into their households and the upbringing of their children.

This also ensures that the economic and financial pressures that are common in households are divided equally. This helps in elevating the standard of living, investing in savings, and ensures access to better healthcare facilities.

Children born in families with working mothers are likely to benefit from the twin-earning potential of their parents. They can be given a better life, access to high-quality education, and grow up with a family with better values and gender equality.

At the end of the day, earning women can play a major role in breaking the cycle of poverty in developing and underdeveloped nations of the world.

Educating a Girl can Contribute to the Overall Economic Prosperity of a Country:

Educated women not only contribute towards their families but also add to the wealth of a nation. Studies show how nations with more working women have a healthier GDP as compared to nations that do not.

In simple words, the more women earn, the more they are likely to reinvest their earnings into the nation. This means they will buy things, pay taxes and invest in saving schemes. All this means that the earning potential of a nation increases.

This can lead to the government of the nation spending more on social services, transportation, healthcare, and education. It all makes the nation enjoy a superior position as compared to others in the world of international diplomacy.

It also throws up issues like Climate Change, Violence, and Gender Equality into the discussions surrounding a nation. With more active participation from women, these issues start becoming a part of mainstream discourse and steps can be taken to address them.

The Final Word:

No matter where you look, women are rising to positions of prominence. From the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden to corporate honchos like Sheryl Sandberg, women are redefining the world’s political, economic, social, and environmental.

Can educating a girl child change the world for the better? A start has been made in the right direction. According to Nancy Etz, a lot still needs to be done and the initiative needs to be taken by parents, partners, and governments the world over.

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