Finding Your Path in Life: 5 Ways to Determine What You Want to Do in Life


16 November 2018

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Path in Life

Too many people plan their lives out according to someone else’s dream. They make decisions based on what they ‘should’ do instead of what they ‘want to do’, and end up chasing money, convenience, and easy options.

But trying to determine what you want to do in life is far from simple. These are five ways to solve the puzzle and determine what you want to do, and once you know, give yourself a competitive edge and download free of charge resumes from LiveCareer.

Put Yourself First:

One of the biggest reasons why we overlook what we actually want to do is because we feel like we have to do something for other people. Put yourself first for a change. Ignore what your parents want you to do, or your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife wants you to do and think about what you would be doing if none of them were in the equation.

Think About Where You Want to Be in Five Years:

It sounds like a cliché interview question, but spending some time thinking about your medium and long-term goals will help shed light on what you want to do with your life. It doesn’t matter if you actually end up there in five-years-time (you probably won’t), but as a thought exercise, thinking about where you want to be can help you discover what is important to you.

Find the Common Thread in Your Experiences:

Looking backwards can help you moving forwards. Look back through your previous work and personal experiences. What skills have been a common thread? Are there any recurring themes?

Job titles, salaries, and companies can all change, but ultimately your career will be defined by your skills. Realizing what those skills are and how to apply them to your career to provide meaning is most of the battle.

Establish What You Don’t Want to Do:

Sometimes you may not know what you want, but you have a strong idea of what you don’t want. This is a good starting point and can help you work out how to avoid paths that definitely don’t appeal to you.

Establish what you don’t want and be specific. Don’t simply assert that you don’t like working in an office. Be more specific. Working in the Google office is not the same as working in an accountancy office, for example. What aspect of office life doesn’t appeal to you? The inflexible hours? Micromanagers? Pointless job titles? All of these can be part of the office life but don’t have to be.

Run with Side Projects:

Do you have a side project that you have wanted to embark on for a while but have never found the time? Then make time!

Side projects are an exceptional method of exploring new possibilities and hobbies. All it takes is the right side project and a huge injection of passion, and before you know it, you could have just discovered your next career.

Finding what you want to do in life is as much about sparking your curiosity, igniting your passion, and discovering your interests as it is about choosing a job. There will be obstacles, both internal and external, but finding things you want to pursue, skills you want to learn, and places you want to be in the medium to long-term future are all important steps on the path of finding what it is you want to do in life.

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Quebec’s Education System

Cégep 101: Everything You Need To Know About Quebec’s Education System

It is mandatory in every education system to establish a primary and secondary program for all children in the state. However, there are differences involved in the system when talking about tertiary education. A unique feature of the education system in Quebec is the implementation of a transition program that serves as a bridge that students should take after finishing high school and before entering the university. Essential Things  You Need To Know About Quebec’s Education System This pre-university education is publicly funded and provided by institutions called CEGEPs, which stands for Collège d'enseignementgénéral et professional. Typically, it is considered a general and vocational education system. Everything You Need To Know About Quebec’s Education System College: One should not confuse it with a university education since it should be taken before being admitted to a bachelor’s program. This pre-university program, which they term as college, is established to compensate the required 12 years of studying to be admitted in a university or a post-secondary institution. This is because Quebec is the only province in Canada that allows the student to graduate from high school even after 11 years of studying in compulsory education. There are several CEGEPs institutions, one of which is CEGEP Garneau Formation Continue. These institutions offer several college programs: 1. Pre-university education program: This program has a 2-year duration. It aims students to prepare for the lessons taught in the university that will, later on, guide them to get the Diploma of College Studies. It also fills the required knowledge that will be helpful in pursuing university studies. which are not included in the secondary curriculum. Students who take this program path usually attend the university, skipping the first year, and often considered as a sophomore. They might also earn extra credits or a higher standing upon enrolling in the university. Courses taught in this program are geared towards what the students will choose as their major in the university. 2. Technical training program: This extensive training program is designed for three years. The objective of this program is to provide knowledge and expertise to students that will enable them to work after completion and will make them ready for employment. Students from this program are expected to enter the job market after graduation. Courses taught under this program are specialization courses which depend on what students want for their future careers. Completion of this program also provides graduates with a Diploma of College Studies. Some of the programs under this are: Theater Nursing Electronics Computer Science Programs involving construction and building infrastructures Future careers of the students who completed this program are HVAC technicians, actors, IT specialists, computer technicians, and others. 3. Short term technical training program: This program is a shorter version of what is mentioned above. Around 500-1000 class hours are allotted for these short term programs. It also aims students to be equipped in the professional world after completion of their program. The only difference of this program to the technical program is the absence of a core curriculum. Adults can also take it as an additional knowledge for their chosen careers. Some programs under this category are: Real Estate Marketing Upon completion of this program, students are provided with Attestation of College Studies. University: Before one can be admitted to a university, a requirement needed is the Diploma of College Studies. Students who are under the pre-university and technical training programs have the privilege of continuing education in the university. The system of tertiary education in Quebec is similar to any universities in the world. The interesting feature of university education in Quebec is that one can complete a bachelor’s degree after three years, compared to other universities that usually requires four years the least. This is because of the pre-university programs that they have. Upon receiving a college diploma, the student can have the choice to pursue a master’s degree, which usually lasts for 1-2 years, and a doctoral degree, which is 2-3 years in duration. Universities in Quebec also offer some non-degree programs, which are usually short courses. Completion of these short term university programs will give the students specialized certificates and diplomas. Conclusion In general, the educational system of Quebec provides outstanding advantages to its students. It offers educational excellence, great environment, and infrastructure and technologies which make it certain that the province is providing its people a high-quality education. There is an increased number of international students studying in Quebec because of these factors. The unique features of Quebec’s educational system were strategically implemented to ensure that all CEGEP institutions produce highly competitive and outstanding students that will, later on, be future leaders and successful individuals that will strengthen the economic standing, not just the province, but the country as well. Read Also: 4 Emerging Trends In The Education Sector Academic Writing For UK Students – Why It’s Important?

best paying jobs in consumer non-durables

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables

Are you looking for a job in the consumer non-durables industry? This industry is booming with new firms, which all have different products to sell. Since non-durables are always in demand, it's essential to learn what are the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry. To learn about which jobs to pursue in this industry, read this guide below. Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path? Yes, getting some of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry will make your career pretty bright. This is because most firms in this industry give several employee benefits and perks that are of great use. In addition, this industry will never go out of business since consumer non-durable products will always be in demand. Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables Some of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables that you can pursue from now on are: 1. Quality Assurance Manager Annual Average Salary In The USA: $120,000 To get more sales and help your business earn more, all your products need to be of the best quality. Therefore, to ensure that the production cycle has no defects in them, a Quality Assurance Manager is required. If you get this job, you will need to oversee the production process and ensure that high-quality goods are created. To get this job, higher degrees are required, like an MBA. Additional skills need you to be inventive and have a keen eye for detail. This is required to identify any faults in the production process and also come up with new means of improvement. 2. Human Resource Manager Annual Average Salary In The USA: $110,000 It’s common knowledge that no business can be run by only one person. You need a team (or teams) of professionals to ensure that work gets done. Otherwise, no products or services will be generated, and no sales and revenues will be earned as well. Therefore, to organize and manage them all, businesses require a Human Resource Manager. As an HR manager, you need to recruit new professionals, train them in their jobs, and keep them onboard. You decide their salaries and wages, along with what company policies they need to follow as per Federal regulations. 3. Information Security Analyst Annual Average Salary In The USA: $95,000 As an Information Security Analyst, you need to keep all computers and connected networks running efficiently. This is more useful for bigger businesses where every employee has their own workspace and computer, connected to a singular network. The importance of this job has increased since the advancements of computers and the internet, hacking has become easier. To protect the data of the business and all its employees safely, IT security analysts should be on board. You need a good degree in computer-related fields, especially in data security. This is a tough job to get since you will face stiff competition here. 4. Food And Beverages Manager Annual Average Salary In The USA: $90,000 In the food and beverages industry, ensuring that your employees get the best food for lunch is key to helping them work better. After all, an employee with an empty tummy is often the worsts one! A Food And Beverages Manager ensures that cafeteria services provided by your firm for employees are healthy and tasty. Taking care of the health of employees is essential here. This is because they are the workforce of the business that helps in earning revenue. This is one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry. 5. Financial Analyst Annual Average Salary In The USA: $85,000 Calculating your sales and revenue earned is necessary to analyze your financial standings at the end of a fiscal year. In addition, businesses also need to calculate what their total expenses are and how much it costs to run the business. These calculations are all done by the Financial Analyst of the company. Apart from calculating expenses and revenues, a financial report will give key insights into what’s performing well on the market. Looking at your reports, the directors will be able to make better decisions as to spend more on production or marketing to earn more. To get such a job, you need to have a good accountancy-related degree. An MBA will also do for higher, strategic positions. 6. Chemical Engineer Annual Average Salary In The USA: $80,000 In the production of chemical; based goods, having a Chemical Engineer on board is necessary. This is essential for firms in the pharmaceuticals and energy industries. Your job as a Chemical Engineer is to ensure that the right materials are used in the production process. You need to have a good degree, like a Major in Physics or Chemistry, for this job. In addition, you must be updated with all the latest trends related to the production of good and their uses. 7. Medical Sales Representative Annual Average Salary In The USA: $80,000 Pharmaceutical companies are in need of Medical Sales Representatives to ensure that their products are sold in bulk. In this industry, retailers and wholesalers will not directly come and buy your products. First, you need to influence them with your marketing tactics to buy your medicines. Therefore, you need excellent communication and marketing skills to be a Medical Sales Representative. In addition, you also need good knowledge regarding the medicines you are selling to make the best pitch to clients. This is one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry. 8. Digital Designer Annual Average Salary In The USA: $72,000 Marketing your products is essential in the consumer non-durables industry. Therefore, you need someone to digitally design the products and their packaging elements first to pitch in design ideas to the directors. This creative task is handled by the Digital Designer of the firm. To become a successful Digital Designer, you need to have excellent digital designing skills in 3D modeling products. For this, you need proper knowledge of the products manufactured, your branding strategies, and the latest design trends. Additionally, you need a strong portfolio of digital designs to show HR before you get the job. 9. Restaurant General Manager Annual Average Salary In The USA: $70,000 If you want a job in the hospitality sector of the non-durables industry, then you can aim to become a Restaurant General Manager. Here, your role will be to manage a restaurant, from managing its cooks and waiters to providing the best service to diners. Satisfying the needs of all customers is essential. Therefore, you must oversee the process pf cooking and presenting the dishes. In addition, you also need to deal with customer requests and grievances to better your services. A hotel management degree quill suffix to get this job. 10. Creative Director Annual Average Salary In The USA: $140,000 No matter what non-durable product you are selling, it needs to be made first. Therefore, why not build new ideas to develop new products for your company? As a Creative Director, you will be responsible for the creation of the product, along with managing its sales processes. For this role, a higher degree in business management is required, like an MBA. In addition, you also need some core skills like great communication, in addition to perfect management and organizational skills. As a Director, you will be responsible for managing a team that creates new products according to market trends and consumer demands. Read More: How To Move Your Career In Social Media Marketing Up A Gear? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Answers to questions related to the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry are: Q1. What Careers Have A Lot Of Free Time? Some of the best careers with a lot of free time are:➊ Teachers➋ Dentists➌ Librarians➍ Professors➎ Pilots Q2. What Is A Low-Stress High-Paying Job? Some of the best low-stress high-paying jobs are:➊ Mathematician➋ Political Scientist➌ Astronomer Q3. How Fun Are High-Paying Jobs? It’s a general rule of thumb that the higher your job pays, the less fun it will be. This is because you will need to work more and earn more, with very little time to socialize. Conclusion There are various best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry. These range from being a digital designer to a financial analyst and even the creative director of a firm to oversee the production process. Why don’t you comment on which job you are interested in? Also, read more such guides here at Content Rally! Read Also: Best Paying Jobs In Energy Best Paying Jobs In Electric Utilities Central Are Commercial Banks A Good Career Path?

UIUX Designer

What Skills Does A UI/UX Designer Need?

UI and UX designing is key in every service-related and product selling business. Although the definitions are not entirely different, the process of UI and UX design has its differences. For example, UX deals with a user’s journey from start to finish and solves a problem. A UI/UX designer is entirely focused on the product’s look, design, and feel. You can check various types of modern designs from professional UX design agencies in San Francisco as examples and find the latest market trends. Who Is A UI/UX Designer? The work of a UI/UX designer is to design the user interfaces. When you are login to any website, the first thing you see is the user interface. Yes, the work of the UI/UX designer is to design that interface. The target is to build up better consumer experiences. But do you know what types of skills you require to be a successful UX/UX designer? Businesses turn to these designers when they want to create everything from their websites to mobile application, micro sites, and target-based landing pages for campaigns. There are several ways you can do it. Firstly, you can take help from the top UX design agencies. Or, you can go for freelancers that can help you on a project-to-project kind of a basis. 5 Required Skill Sets For Any UI/UX Designer: This is a highly popular stream, and jobs for experienced professionals with the right skills will take their careers to new heights. Thinking of enrolling on a UI UX course? Read on to know what skills you require first to hone your skills. 1. Implacable Research Skills To succeed as a UX or UI developer, candidates need to upswing their research skills as a lot of their duties involve studying various aspects of an application or a website before making any UX decisions that are finalized for implementation.  For an app to be successful, UX designers must have the ability to understand their audience. 2. Collaboration UI/UX experts and designers must have the skill to work and collaborate with professionals with different expertise levels in order to get through the design process. Collaboration is one of the key skills in UX designing, and with great communication skills earned through the same, and communicate effectively with the clients and stakeholders to make the product finalized. 3. Wireframing And UI Prototyping You need to flaunt your UX skills to convince people how proficient you are in all the key skills - prototyping, wireframing, etc.  A wireframe is simply a layout of a web page that prioritizes the key elements of the page as per the needs and ease of customers to navigate, whereas a prototype is a sample or a simulation of the final product that’s used for testing trails and feedback collection.  4. Visual Designing And Design Software UI and UX designers must be proficient in using visual design software like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. In order to create the visuals or graphics for the product, they are designing.  Keeping updated and understanding the use of the latest software and topics - - icons, color theory, design theory, typography, etc.  Related Resource: Latest Trends of Graphic Design in London 5. User Research And Usability Testing To make a successful and saleable product that meets the market requirements, professionals need to know the best they can about the user. They are the ones researching development for most of their time.  Conducting the right user testability and user research will ensure designers make the best prototypes and the perfect product.  What are you waiting for now? Enroll in a program today and get started in this exciting field of work.  UX Designer And Their Required Technical Skills A key part of the product development system is envisioning the final product. Depending on the different stages of development, designers can focus on creating wireframes, mockups, and user flows through low or high-fidelity prototypes.  These are one of the most crucial UX designer skills. Low-fidelity prototypes are often sketched on paper, prohibiting interaction, whereas high-fidelity prototypes are usually computer-based and allow interaction with the product. A mockup is a realistic model of the final web page or an application. User flow is a diagram that maps each step taken by a user while using a service or a product. If you like to get a large-scale UI/UX designer salary, then these are skillsets you will require. Conclusion: UI/UX designer jobs are now like a hot cake in the market. Most of the new websites are focusing on building better audiences' records. And this is only possible when you are prepared to invest a large amount of money in building better interfaces. So are you thinking of being a successful UX/UX designer? What is your opinion? Let us know through the comment sections. Read Also: How Does Web Design Affects SEO? 7 Advantages of Using Website Design Templates Tips on Building Your Resume for a Website Design Company