Finding the Right Soccer Goal Post for My Little One


08 September 2018



Soccer is becoming more and more popular among the kids by the day. My little one is a super fan. So we enrolled him in his school team and bought him basic practice kit. Buying a football wasn’t that hard, but the difficult part was getting the right goal post. What I didn’t know was that you have to consider a lot of things before you buy a soccer goal post.

1. Finding the Right Size :

While buying a goal post, you need to pay attention to the size of the post. There are different rules regarding the dimensions of the goal post for different clubs and fields. You need to buy one that sticks to the regulations along with keeping in mind other factors like the number and age of the players and the size of the field.
Since my kid is in an under 8 team, I had to buy an 18 ½ *6 ½ club sized goal.
I would suggest checking with the coach before you buy a goal post.

2. How Portable Is It? :

Portability is an important thing to look for while buying a goal post. Portable goal posts are very lightweight and easily dismantle-able. They usually come with bags to keep the post in while traveling. You star can pick up the bag and practice wherever he wants. Moreover, portability also helps in shifting the post from inside to on-site in the field.

3. Keep Safety In Mind :

It is not unusual to get hurt in a game like a soccer. However, we should take precautions wherever we can. There are many cases where the player collides with the post and that can lead to serious injuries. Even experienced players get hurt in the field. So try looking for a safer soccer goal post. Goal posts with a post paddings are preferable for kids. You can also get post paddings separately. Pay attention to the corners and their shape. They should be more curved to be less dangerous in case of collision, especially if the post is shorter than the player.

4. What Kind Of Net? :

It came as a shocker to me that the kind of net used in the goal post is also an important detail. The material, as well as the formation of the net, makes a lot of difference. Nets need to be durable since they will go through a lot of sun exposure. For younger kids, velcro mesh nets are a better option because they absorb the tension of the shots.

It takes a little effort to find the right practice equipment for your rising star, but it’s all worth the trouble when they’re able to play better and you get to be proud of them. If you live in the UK mainland, you can check this site out for some good quality and durable equipment and free delivery. If you’re buying from a local shop, try to look for warranty products since the equipment are costly and you may want to avoid repurchasing too frequently.

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