The Five Most Important Things to Know Before Moving


03 December 2018

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Whether you are moving your family to another home or moving your business to a better location, moving can be a stressful endeavor. There are many moving parts, so to speak, and it can be overwhelming—especially on moving day. So many problems can arise, from lost or damaged items to your residential or commercial movers failing to provide proper mover’s insurance.  


There are some proactive steps that you can take now to make moving much more tolerable. While they will not avoid every single problem, they will prevent headaches when working with your residential or commercial movers. Here are the five most important things to know before moving from your home or business.

1. Create a Moving Checklist:

Eight to ten weeks before you plan on moving, it is extremely helpful to create a moving checklist. On this checklist should be a collection of items that you want to move or throw out, when you should begin (and finish) packing your items, and records that you may need to transfer. While you may end up diverting from your schedule during the actual move, putting in the work at the beginning will clarify your thinking and will help you feel ready to move on your actual moving day.

2. Notify All Appropriate Parties:

This is especially critical if you are moving a business. You must notify customers, suppliers, and other relevant parties about where (and when) you are moving. If you are moving homes, you’ll want to notify friends and family about your new address. It is much better to do this before you actually move.

3. Do Your Research:

Make sure to take your time before retaining workers for your move. While you can do some thorough research on Google, word of mouth may be much more valuable—especially if a trusted friend or family member had a great experience with particular movers. Along with this, you’ll want to evaluate important questions about the moving process, including your budget to hire movers and whether they offer moving insurance.

4. Collect Extra Packing Supplies:

It always helps to have more packing supplies than you need. You don’t want to be looking for extra tape or boxes on moving day. Even though you may find it “inefficient” to have extra supplies, it is worse to make one extra trip to purchase boxes, markers, or even bubble wrap the day before—or the day of—your move.

5. Clearly Separate and Mark Your Boxes:

It is better to stay organized than throw random items in your moving boxes. By making it clear that certain items are in certain boxes, your movers will take extra care when handling certain boxes and will place boxes in their appropriate rooms, which will save you time and effort once your movers leave.

Get Started Today:

By following any or all of these tips above, you will make your move—whether commercial or residential—much easier. We wish you all the best in your upcoming move!


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Moving Companies

Moving Companies and How they Determine Cost

A lot of the stress that has been associated with moving can be reduced or made worse by the availability of funds or a lack of it. Here’s what we mean. If a person has all the funds in the world, they can afford to get every aspect of their move taken care of. This certainly will reduce the stress they will face. If on the other hand, a person is on a very limited budget, they are likely to face a lot more stress as they will be forced to handle a lot of things that they could easily have outsourced. Since the majority of folks do not have all the money in the world, it is important for each of these folks to have a general understanding of how moving companies arrive at their fees. Having this information may be helpful in helping them plan their move a lot better to both reduce the cost to them as well as the stress they will face. Major Cost Determinants: So, what are the factors that determine how much a person will pay when moving? There are a lot of different factors that can influence the cost as we can see here but we will only focus on the main ones. Distance: This is one cost that most people can understand. A long-distance move will most certainly cost way more than a local move. Therefore, the further your destination is from your point of origin, the more you can expect to pay, and this is regardless of whatever method you choose for the move. Many moving companies determine the costs of distance by taking into account different variables. It is important that you find out the exact distance and communicate the same to the moving company. Credible and reputed companies like H2H Movers are not going to haggle about the prices if the variations in distances are marginal in nature. Stuff to be Moved: What you are moving to will also affect your cost. First, the quantity, size, and weight of the different items to be moved will be taken into consideration. This will determine the size of the vehicle that will be required and of course, this will determine how much you will pay. Consideration will also be given to the cost of the items to be moved. There are some items that will have to be handled by specialists. Some of these include expensive artworks and antiques. Bringing in expert handlers will certainly cost you more money. Present Location and Destination: Where you are taking off from and where you are headed will also affect your cost. While your present location may not be as impactful on your cost as the destination, both play a part. If for example, your present location is not easily accessible, the company will take this into consideration. The same applies to your destination. Simple things like the absence of a functioning lift in a high-rise building will attract some additional charges as movers will be forced to use the stairs. There’s also the issue of the operational centers of the company you choose to work with. If a company has operational centers in both your take-off city as well as your destination, chances are that your cost will be lower. The reason is simple. A company that operates from both bases can easily get another moving job for the van that took your stuff there. On the other hand, a company that does not operate from your destination will have to return to base empty, an expense that will likely be added to you. Moving Option: The choice you make for how you intend to move will be the major determinant of what you will pay as this will influence all other costs. You can check out a list of moving options here: A full-service move will cost you more in monetary terms than will a self-move. Services Offered: Within the option to use a moving company, you have individual services that can add to your cost. Some of the services that moving companies will offer include: Extended insurance. Packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. Disassembly and reassembly of furniture. Storage space. Cleaning services. These are just a few examples of services that can be offered. How many of these that you choose will determine how much you will pay? Timing: Many folks are not aware of this. When you schedule your move can also affect your cost. Moving companies have periods regarded as peak periods and those regarded as off-peak periods. Scheduling a move during a peak period automatically means a higher cost to you. Weekends, holidays, and summer are regarded as peak periods while weekdays, fall, and winter are off-peak periods. By understanding some of these factors, you can then think of how to work around them to get and enjoy lower rates. Let’s now briefly look at how you can lower your moving costs. How to Lower Your Costs: Determine Your Budget: Getting this sorted out right from the start can be helpful. Determine how much you are willing to spend so you can ensure that all your expenses fall within this budget. Compare Moving Methods: Look at the different moving options and decide which will fit into your budget. You can find some examples above. You can also calculate moving costs online on sites like 9Kilo Moving. They will help you compare quotes from different companies. This will make it easier for you to choose an appropriate moving method. Schedule Your Move for Off-peak Periods: Remember what we said above about peak and off-peak periods. Schedule your move for an off-peak period. Start Packing Early: Get all your stuff sorted out very early. This ensures that your movers do not have to spend unnecessary time. Time is money (This is of course if you have chosen to work with movers). If you are handling it yourself, it keeps things easier and less stressful for you. Look for Free Packing Boxes: Getting free packing boxes and other materials will mean you won’t have to buy or rent them. This, of course, is another avenue through which some savings can be made. Pack Only What You Really Need: Do not be tempted to pack stuff that you do not need. Taking only things you really need will reduce your load and by implication your cost. You can give stuff away or you can even hold a yard sale to help you raise some additional cash. Read Also: 10 Steps To Move In Your New House 10 Things To Do Before You Move Out Of State 7 Helpful Tips During An Emergency Moving Process

Lost A Loved One

Some Thoughtful Things To Do For Someone Who Has Lost A Loved One

Sometimes, the best thing to do for somebody in this situation is to do nothing. While words are poor comforters, there are still things that can be done for such a person to make them feel relieved. Offering support to such a person will be a big relief for them. After all, losing a loved one is one of the biggest losses in life. Below, we have mentioned a few thoughtful things that you can do for someone who has lost a loved one: 1. Be Present Don't be one of those friends who will show up at the funeral and then perish. Most folks will experience a loss of attention and help from their social circle when they lose a loved one. There's a follow-up period that should be respected by friends and family members. It's best if you are persistent with visiting your loved one. Instead of just getting condolence & sympathy flowers in Melbourne, you need to share the emotions of a person who has lost their loved one. This will help a person feel loved, embraced, and empowered in this difficult time. 2. Help Around The House There’s never a shortage of chores and small tasks that are of great assistance. You can help with the laundry and even do the grocery shopping for them. You can clean their closet and cellars. You can even look after their pets and do the yard work. Additionally, you can cook for the person so they don’t feel pressured into coming to terms with the normal routine of life. No wonder even a little effort will mean a lot to the people around you. 3. Memorialize The Deceased Helping commemorate the deceased, whether by yourself or a group of people, is a good gesture to create positive memories. Whether a poem or a piece of art, showing creative work will create good energy in the house. You can even consider creating a charitable donation under the deceased's name. Or, if they had willed for something like this, it's best to memorialize the deceased. 4. Get Them Out Of The House Staying closed inside the house will not change the thought process of someone who has lost a loved one. Being physically active and connecting with the people outside is a good way to unwind. Or if you take such a person on a travel experience, connecting with nature will be a big relief for them. Even a long walk in the fresh air can be refreshing for the mind, body, and soul. You can even bring them to a coffee or a museum, as it will be the perfect therapeutic session for them. 5. Avoid Bringing Food Think from the perspective of the person who has lost a loved one. While bringing food is a thoughtful gesture, it can look weird to the other person. Nowadays, people are good at coping with grief. They can order food themselves, so you don’t need to cook at your home and bring it to them. Read Also: Top 5 Businesses Hiring Skip Bins For Their Use Importance Of Environmental Protection How Does Children’s Health Impact Parental Lifestyle?

best names

How to Get the Best Names

Every parent must want to give the best name for their children. But sometimes, it is quite difficult to determine. Moreover, you must want the name to not only be beautiful to hear but also have a good meaning. Some parents also prefer giving unique names in which not many people have used it. Meanwhile, some others choose the give names that have been used before by their grandparents or favorite figures. No matter what name you want to give to your baby, make sure to consider some matters below. How to Get the Best Names: There should be the first and middle names If referring to the given name of western people, the name of children must at least consist of three words. They are the first name, middle name, and surname. Unfortunately, many parents tend to not give the middle name. The main reason is that the middle name is rarely used when they are popular. Of course, although it is a choice, this perception is not necessarily true. You should still give the kid a middle name to make the whole name, in general, feels more beautiful and meaningful. Check the Meaning There are some beautiful words that are good for given names. The meaning has been good in a particular language. But still, you need to check the name in other languages. In many cases, a name has a bad or even silly meaning in other countries. In this modern-day, it is not difficult to check the name meaning. So, when you have found a unique name for the kid, you must check it immediately. Make sure that the meaning is still good in many languages. Easy to Read and Spell There is a habit very common to be done by many modern parents. To make their kids’ names look unique, they tend to use words that are very difficult to read and spell. They may adopt traditional names from other areas or countries. Although the intention is good, it can give problems to your children in the future. For example, there is a name Elizabeth. But in order to make it look unique or different, there is double z in it. It becomes Elizzabeth. Sure, it often causes misspelling on documents and other data. So, you must avoid it. Not too long Yes, you are not allowed to give a too short name to your children. Meanwhile, the name should not be too long as well. The maximum words of a given name consist of 4 words. It has been included the first name and surname. Again, a too-long name can also cause problems mainly in terms of submitting personal data. There is a possibility that the column is not enough to load all the letters or words. Visit Name Analysis Well, after finding a full or complete name for your kid, the next thing to do is visiting a website for the name analysis. It is basically to know the general meanings of them in various languages. Besides, you can also know the percentage of people who have used them. Read More: Care Free Fun: 5 Fun And Family-Friendly Activities For Children With Special Needs Best Locations For Children’s Birthday Parties Ways To Improve Children’s Parties