Moving house? Here’s the ultimate checklist

Moving house

In your excitement to complete a house move and rush to undertake all of the clearly necessary responsibilities, like packing boxes and hiring moving vans, you could overlook too many crucial “little things”. You might not notice that you have overlooked them until an inopportune moment…

For this reason, we have compiled a thorough checklist of small but vital tasks to which you ought to pay diligent attention before you become accustomed to your new life in your new residence.

Ask the previous owner the following questions…

As ensuring a good supply of gas and electricity is crucial to running a home, you shouldn’t neglect to ask someone where exactly you can find the gas and electricity meters. The person selling the house is an obvious person to ask – and they could also help you locate the thermostat and main stopcock.

It’s also wise to ask them what day the bins are collected and which company is responsible for your home’s energy and broadband. Otherwise, you won’t know who to turn to if an issue arises with any.

Get the Royal Mail to redirect your post

Of course, moving into a property also means leaving one – and, with someone else taking up residence there, there’s an urgency to redirecting post to prevent it falling into their hands.

Naturally, you should manually approach the organizations that regularly mail you and ask them to change your address details on their file. However, in the potentially long wait for those changes to be made, you could have Royal Mail temporarily redirect the post to your new address.

Thoroughly clean the home before moving into it

Sadly, as attests, your new home could be disconcertingly dirty when you first enter it. Even a new build will look scattered with plaster chips and dust, while a pre-owned home will have grubby cupboards and fingerprints left by moving men taking items down the stairs.

If some blotches in the home appear to have resulted from a roof leak, Google “roofing repair companies near me” to get that opening patched before it worsens.

Register to vote and seek a new GP

You will need to make a few registrations after moving. If you are switching between parliamentary constituencies, you must register to vote in the new one – it doesn’t happen automatically.

You should also prioritize registering with a new local GP; if you hold off registering until you need treatment, you could face a delay in receiving it, Which? cautions.

Don’t forget to do these things after moving

Once the move is complete, you could still be left with a few loose ends. For example, if the new home’s cost outweighed £125,000 or – if this is your first property purchase – £300,000, there will be a stamp duty bill to pay within 30 days of the move.

You ought to also get the locks changed – or perhaps even the doors and windows fully replaced with strong uPVC alternatives – for bolstered security.

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When planning for a renovation project in your home, you may have a lot of small things to keep track of such as time, money, cost, fixtures and other details that need attention. Due to the number of things that you need to worry about you can easily lose focus. So here are some interesting tips that you can use during your home improvement project to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Essential Factors To Consider Before Going For  A Home Improvement Project There are several essential factors that you need to consider for your home improvement project are as follows:- Consider creating a long term plan: One of the most common mistakes that most homeowners make is lack of planning. Most people get too wrapped up with the idea of living in the present and have not considered planning for the future. To avoid this from happening, think about what your living conditions would be in the next five to ten years. There are things that you might not need today but will be essential in the future. If you have a party wall in your house, then renovation can be quite complicated. Before doing anything, it is best to seek advice from a professional party wall surveyor Cheshire offers regarding the next steps to take in fixing your wall. Besides, hiring an expert will also help you save money in renovation work. Work on a checklist: A checklist is essential in making sure that the renovation project goes smoothly as planned. It is vital to note everything in detail, so you will not miss out important things. Skipping steps can cost you more money and inconvenience in the future. Set a realistic timeline for the project: If you want to see amazing results after your home renovations, you need to understand that it takes more than just a day or two to fix things especially if you are thinking of having major work done on your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. If you want to save money and do the manual labor all by yourself, then expect the project to take longer than expected. However, if you have the budget, then it is okay to hire a contractor to work on your requests promptly. Know the numbers: Home improvement projects can range from a few hundred to thousands of pounds depending on the type and amount of work that needs to be done. It is easy to make suggestions, but the real question is how much money can you afford to spend right now. If you are on a limited budget, then it is okay to start with small changes such as repainting, grouting and decluttering in the meantime. Once you have saved more than enough money, then it is time to think about bigger things. Do a background check of your contractor: Before finalizing renovation deals with a contractor make sure to do a full background check. Many homeowners have experienced dealing with horrible, unprofessional and overpriced contractors and you do not want to experience this kind of nightmare. Take time to check the business license, physical office, insurance and reputation of the contractor before closing the deal. Home renovation is not an easy thing to do, but it can be fulfilling once you start seeing the results of your project. Read Also: Basic Idea On Power Tools For Home Improvement 10 Tips To Pick The Best Table Saw For Home Improvement Projects Home Sweet Home Improvement: How To Find The Best Home Improvement Loans