Top Home Remedies To Make A Floor Non-Slip

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You may not realize that a floor is slippery until you or a loved one slips over it. This is often the case with entrance halls, or with the garage. With your shoes on, you probably have enough grip. But take them off, and it’s an accident waiting to happen. Why use epoxy for garage floors? Go for polyaspartic coatings for the ultimate protection from a sudden slip!

Marble floors can also be an issue, as can garage floors. These are usually concrete but, once the concrete gets oil and other compounds on it you’ll realize that it’s also slippery.

The good news is there are several home remedies that can reduce the slipperiness of the floor.

Let’s Check Out Top Home Remedies To Make A Floor Non-Slip:

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1. Epoxy Coating

This is the most expensive and time-consuming option. It involves layering an epoxy coating on top of an existing concrete floor or creating a new floor with epoxy.

You can undertake this job yourself however if you want the best possible finish it’s best to use the professionals in epoxy floor coatings. They’ll do the job faster, and neater, and it will come with a guarantee.

In fact, the cost in the long term is significantly cheaper than most options. This is because epoxy flooring is very tough and durable.

You can also choose your color and even a pattern you want to emboss not the floor. This guarantees your epoxy flooring doesn’t just look stunning and offers a non-slip solution. It is also unique to your home.

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2. Vinegar & Water

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent. If you add some to warm water you’ll be able to mop your floor thoroughly. You should proceed when dealing with a hardwood floor, they don’t generally like moisture.

The vinegar will remove all the debris on the floor, eliminating issues that can cause the floor to be slipperier.

It should be noted that vinegar and water clean the floor to make it safer, it doesn’t add a non-stick coating.

3. Non-stick Products

There are an array of non-stick products on the market. It’s worth noting that they are not all created equally. You’ll need to consider which products are designed for your type of floor. Then, it’s a good idea to look at different reviews to help you choose the one that suits your needs best.

Once you have chosen a product you’ll need to read the instructions and do as it says. Some can be used neat, others require the addition of water.

Apply them in accordance with the guidelines and, once they have been on for long enough, make sure you dry the floor thoroughly.

4. Use Rugs

Another way to reduce slippery floors is to add rugs to the most dangerous spots. You’ll need to invest in rubber-backed rugs as these will stick to the floor where you put them.

The rugs will then give grip and comfort to anyone walking over them, allowing people to move around the home in confidence. Don’t forget, before you apply any product to your floor it’s important to sweep it and then mop it. This removes the debris that could cause an issue.

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Drawer Boxes

The New Trend: Drawer Boxes

Life should not be complicated, it already is and we need to be able to live in a space that would allow us to relax and appreciate the better things in life. The problem with our materialist society is that we are all caught up in this vortex of buying new things on a daily or weekly basis. Online shopping and TV shopping have made it possible to order something and have it delivered in your doorstep. The tendency to buy and own things is increasing by the minute and one does not even have to go to the malls to do it. It is also a reality that more often than not, we end up buying things that we don’t need and we don’t have space for in the house and it becomes another one of those things we do not use but cannot give away. We have so much stuff inside our homes that we do not notice that it has taken over our bedrooms, closets, living room, garage, and even the basement. When this happens, we can say goodbye to that dream of having a relaxing and soothing living space. Many experts agree that a better living condition can be achieved if we have a well-organized home. A new show advocates living with the bare essentials and giving away all the other stuff that we do not use on a daily basis. The said show has become popular and even celebrities are trying to adhere to that minimalistic lifestyle, but it is easier said than done. For most people, parting with stuff they have bought and paid good money with will be difficult, but one cannot also live with such chaos in their homes. The best solution to this predicament is to remodel their closets and living spaces and to add more storage space.Building a new closet or adding shelves and storage cabinets can be expensive and time-consuming. One has to hire carpenters and builders and one has to invest in good quality wood to achieve this. Moreover, remodeling or building a new room for storage seems to be too much for a simple problem as clutter and lack of organization. The old adage that says “everything in its proper place and places everything properly” seems to be true, with the organization and the commitment to organize one’s home, we may be clutter free in the near future. There are a lot of ways in which to organize our homes and the things that we have accumulated through the years, but the most effective means is to organize it using a personalized system that takes into account the kind, purpose, and rate of use of a certain item. Also, one cannot begin to organize without heavy-duty and quality drawer boxes. Drawer boxes can be customized depending on the current system used in the house and those that are already installed, such that adding new ones will not clash with the existing theme or décor of the house.Drawer boxes can be made up of any material, the most common are plastic, wood, and laminated wood, and the choice, however, depends on the budget and style that the homeowner wants. But the most value for their money would be drawer boxes made of real wood. Wood is always elegant, and it can be painted, glossed, stained or bleached to complement the existing drawer boxes in the house. Wooden drawer boxes can also come in all shapes and sizes, to maximize the storage space for all those clutter and other purchases that one cannot seem to give away. There are also companies that can manufacture ready-made drawer boxes for every size and dimensions that you want so that it will blend seamlessly with your existing drawer boxes. Want to upgrade your shelves and cabinets but do not want to spend as much as having it completely remodeled, then buying pre-fabricated drawer boxes is the key.Drawer boxes can effectively eradicate clutter and will efficiently store the collected items to last until it will be used. However, to make it work, the owner has to have a system in which to determine which item goes to which drawer and a master list or catalogue of what is in a drawer box should also be done. This will save the owner from going through each box to find something that they need. This system should also be communicated to other members of the family, as it will make future organizing easier. Also, there are rules to follow in terms of organizing for long-term storage, like things that will be used on a seasonal basis should be stored in the garage while those that are used on a daily basis should be stored in the most accessible part of the house. Moreover, stuff can be organized inside the drawer boxes in terms of its frequency of use, those that are not used always must be placed at the back of the box while those that are used often should be in the front of the box. Also, one can add the category, color, and relevance to the organizing criteria, but not everyone would agree.Drawer boxes are an effective means of handling and taking charge of one’s clutter and disorganized stuff, it is also cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing as it will add beauty to the home. The choices are endless and it is easy to achieve that well-organized and relaxing home with the use of appropriate drawer boxes. Most especially that one can order a specific drawer box and use it immediately without having to hire carpenters or other workers to install it for you. It also comes with an instructional manual that anybody can do it for themselves. Drawer boxes can store as many items as you would like and the overall effect would be a well put together home, with emphasis on cleanliness and organization. One can truly feel relaxed and happy in a well-organized home and if one ends up buying more stuff, drawer boxes will always do the trick!Read Also:Ten Tips To Make Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space Here’s How To Turn Your Garage Into A Bedroom On A Budget!