5 Tips on effectively picking a tile floor cleaning machine

Trying to keep the tile floor clean is like a never-ending chore. It becomes more of a serious headache when you have to use regular household cleaning tools. That’s why I have concluded that I need to upgrade my whole procedure After getting major injuries in my knees and elbows. But what can I do to reduce the stress? First thing I did was Replacing the old ineffective brush by an advanced floor cleaning machine.

The decision has changed the cleaning routine forever. So if you are like me and looking for buying the best steam cleaner for tile and grout, here are some tips to effectively compare tile floor cleaning machines when purchasing.

1. Adjustable temperature levels:

The importance of having an adjustable temperature level cannot be stressed enough. Using a steam cleaner is excellent for sterilizing and deodorizing the floor. The kitchen floor mostly has stains, dirt, and odor. If you clean the tiles with a machine that can boil water up to 356 degrees then the floor will become sparkly clean.

But what if you cannot afford that?

Well then go for the 310-degree machine. Machines with a higher level of temperature are costly. Sometimes we tend to clean the floor with using too much steam. You can clean faster with more steam, but it leaves a nasty watermark on the tile. So do not go overboard with steam.

2. Pick a machine with a stainless steel boiler:

We all learn from the mistake. I learned the hard way. Cleaning machine that has plastic boilers will distort immediately after the second or third use. The cleaning machine may be cheap but if it deteriorates quickly the whole money is wasted.

So looking for a machine that has a stainless steel boiler is going to be a wiser decision. Floor cleaning machine that has steel boiler is usually the best steam cleaner for floor tile and grout. Plastic boiler machines are cheapies that are not worth any penny. Also, go for boilers that can take 3 to 4 ounces of water. Steam cleaners use little water to produce the steam that you use.

3. Look for a portable cleaning machine:

cleaning machine

If you have a big house then cleaning is already a quite burden. If you are getting a cleaning machine to ease your job, sadly it will not help if it’s too heavy. A versatile and portable cleaning machine is all you need. If the machine is easy to maneuver, it will make your task easier to clean tiles of the bathroom and kitchen.

4. Vacuum extraction:

Our kitchen has spills, bits and pieces of food and what not. Steam cleaners do clean the house, but it does not suck up the dirt. They are good at cleaning the surface, removing tough stains but not good at all for sucking out dirt. Some particular brands have vacuum extraction option with them. It will ease your cleaning job and cut the time into half.  For cleaning with it, first, vacuum the whole area and then go for your steam cleaning machine.

5. Durability:

Expecting a couple of years’ service is not too much to ask when you are spending that much money. So look for machines that metal wand and plastic body that are sturdy.

There are some things to follow to take care of the machine like using distilled water for steaming and avoid putting pressure on some little parts. Also, keep in mind that cleaning machines are not like your regular traditional cleaning tool. It has a mechanism behind it and costs a lot of money. So make sure it last enough from checking some Best Vacuum for Tile Floors reviews as well.

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