Five Tips for a Successful Business Road Trip

Business road trip often includes spending plenty of time at the airport, but that doesn’t mean taking an airplane is always the best option. If you’re only traveling a few states over, or if the Coronavirus has you scared to share a plane with a bunch of strangers, you may decide that a road trip is a better choice.

It’s true that driving a car is going to take longer, and it’s going to take more work, than flying in a plane, but your trip can be successful if you plan ahead.

Drive Safe

Drive Safe

No matter where you’re going, whether you’re driving alone or with others from your office, it is important to drive safely.

That means doing things like making sure everyone is wearing a seat belt and making sure you avoid driving in truckers’ blind spots. It also means making sure everyone who drives the vehicle is legal and capable of driving.

If you’re renting a car or using a company vehicle, make sure everyone who is driving is an authorized driver. You also have to make sure everyone who is driving is awake and alert enough to drive. For example, if one of your passengers didn’t get a good night’s sleep, let them take a nap in the car while someone else drives until it’s their turn.

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If Traveling With Others, Get Together Before You Leave

Traveling alone can get boring, especially if you spend hours alone on the road, but traveling with coworkers poses its own set of problems.

Traveling with coworkers can be a bit uncomfortable because you may not know each other very well. Instead of suffering in silence hour after hour during your road trip, take the time to try to get to know the people you will be traveling with before you leave.

That could mean doing something outside of work, like grabbing dinner or drinks, but you can also try to get to know them better during your regular work hours in the office. You can get to know your coworkers better by asking them a fun, random question every day, asking if you can eat lunch with them in the office, or giving them a call when you have a question instead of sending them an email. That way, you can ask about their day in addition to getting the answer to your question.

Bring Something to Keep Your Mind Busy

You may be able to fill up some of the time in the car when you’re traveling with others by talking or playing road games, but inevitably, there will come a time when everyone is quiet. It’s good to make sure you have something to keep your mind busy.

A few ways to keep yourself entertained include:

  • Watch a road trip movie
  • Read a book
  • Do crosswords or word finds
  • Download an app or game
  • Work on a work project

If you’re driving alone, you can also find ways to keep your mind busy. Create a business road trip soundtrack, listen to a podcast, or listen to an audiobook.

Schedule Breaks

You may be able to make better time on the road if you take as few breaks as possible, but that’s not a good idea. It can also be uncomfortable for passengers not to know when they’re going to stop, and not planning in breaks can make you arrive at your final destination late.

Instead of winging breaks, schedule them into your trip, and give the schedule to all of your passengers. That way, you have plenty of time to rest and everyone knows when to expect the next bathroom break.

Bring the Tech You Need to Get the Work Done

If you’re on a work trip, chances are, you and the rest of the people in your group will want to get some work done. That might mean working in the car or working in the hotel. To make it easier for everyone to get their work done, make sure you bring all the tech you need.

That might include laptops and tablets, but it also includes making sure you have the right car chargers and other device chargers. That way, everyone has a chance to make sure their devices are charged when they need them.

Going on a business road trip can be a bit nerve-racking, especially if you’re traveling with others. Don’t fret! With these tips, you can ensure your trip is safe, comfortable, and productive, no matter what your final destination.

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