Get Ready for the Skirt Season

Your legs are one of your best physical assets, and one (that is, two) of the very symbols of feminine power. When it comes to strength and sexiness, having a great set of pins gives you confidence when you are naked, or just when you want to show off enough to get heads turning. Of course, a great pair of legs is not just a gift for some women – and if you are not super blessed, you can still earn slender legs and knees.The skirt season is on a hype and you need to prepare yourself for that in advance.

It is too easy to fall into the glum state where you feel like you “just don’t have it” or it “isn’t meant to be.” But this is silly! Every woman can have a great body all around, including spots where you might not realize you can trim down, like your knees. This is not a fairy tale. It is not something you can put off. The weather might warm up and the sun might come out tomorrow. So why not look your best?

What Are The Benefits You Can Get From Skirt Season 

There are several benefits of making the proper usage of the skirt season you have to make sure that you do not fall in a trap.

The Myth of Targeted Fat Loss:

There is a myth going through the fitness community that if you do this or that exercise, you can achieve the target fat loss. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of your fitness journey that really is genetic in nature. Some people lose weight in their stomach first, some in their legs first, some in their face first. Some unlucky gals even lose breast tissue (which is technically fat) before they shed weight anywhere else.

The trick here is to just stick it out. Keep moving forward. It can be disheartening when you have lost weight everywhere except where you really want to. But then, the overall weight loss is great for you in a lot of ways. If your legs are normally your last place to pour off the pudge, keep going and you’ll experience success. It will just take longer. Accept this fact. Accept that you’ll sometimes get frustrated and upset about it. But then, it won’t be as bad.

Hard Cardio:

If you have ever heard of HIIT, keep in mind that this is a great way to take your burning of fat into the fifth gear. High-intensity interval training is basically moments of heavy cardio, followed by short rest periods. If you are in good enough shape to handle these kinds of classes, they are worth taking the time for. These blow long slow distance (otherwise known as the less enjoyable form of LSD) out of the water because of the sheer intensity, and the fact those 15 minutes of HIIT can accomplish more for you than an hour of LSD.

Building Some Muscle:

Many women are reluctant to lift weights unless it is in a cardio set. Part of this is because it seems dominated by men. Another part of it is because some people think it “doesn’t look feminine.” Being female, you’re not going to lift weights and start looking like Arnold. What you’ll find is that every pound of muscle you build is an extra 50 calories a day you burn, just by living. Put on 5 to 10 pounds of muscle. That would be a huge boost to helping you lose your fat knees. The skirt season is all that one should be aware off while developing the health status of her body.

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