Everything you need to know about glamming your home with curtains


Considering drapes or curtains but stuck on which style and design to choose? Well, this article is for you. We shall delve into all the details that you ought to know when looking for curtains for your home.

Sheer curtains

The sheers are made from a translucent fabric that softly filters light. These curtains do not darken the room, but they allow plenty of natural light to fill it. The sheer curtains also ensure that passers-by cannot get a glimpse of your house hence protecting your privacy.

It is for this reason that sheers make great living room curtains. Pair your sheers without blackout curtains for an unmatched level of privacy. The custom curtain combination gives you complete control over light levels and helps in regulating room temperature due to the insulating blackout fabric.

Curtain fabric

Curtain fabric

The fabric is the first to consider when purchasing curtains. The choice of fabric will determine their functionality in your home. You should choose various fabrics for different rooms. The patio curtains offer the best fabric.

Blockout curtains

Blockout curtains

These curtains are also referred to as blackout curtains and are primarily predominant in Australian homes. These curtains prevent light from entering through the windows hence resulting in a darker room. They also help in insulating your home.

During the winter months, the thick-lined fabric gets your home warm, while during the hotter ones, the fabric prevents hot air from passing via the windows.

Linen curtains

Linen curtains

It is regarded as one of the best fabrics you can select for your home despite being overlooked. These fabrics have several practical advantages. For starters, linen is a durable and robust fabric making it a worth trying investment.

It has an anti-bacterial fabric with hypoallergenic features and is exceptionally absorbent. For this reason, it is the best for anyone in the family who is prone to allergies.

Curtain length

One of the essential steps in getting suitable curtains is ensuring you have the correct measurements. Poorly installed or ill-fitting curtains will make even the most stylish of rooms look unattractive and disorganized. Walk with an expert to determine the length of your curtain.

You will have a sit down with him to know what you want to achieve in your home. Provide a sense of height to a room by hanging a fabric higher than the window. For a classic look, go with curtains that skim the floor.

Curtain color

Take all the time when choosing a color for your curtain since it is an investment for your home. There are a variety of drapes and curtains with different beautiful colors that can you can select.

The living room area should have bright colors since it the eyes of everybody. White and grey curtains are the most popular choices.


Curtains literally “add life” to your home. Get a professional who will guide you in determining all the above-shared information, and you will bring happiness to your home.

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