9 Home DIY Decorating Tips

Home DIY Decorating Tips

For new homeowners, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of owning your first home. This is a place that you can share with your family and make memories in. Of course, for your home to truly feel special you need to do the work to make it look as stunning as it possibly can, so not only do you get to impress your neighbors, but you will be able to give your family a feeling of warmth and belonging by manipulating the aesthetics to suit their tastes.

If you don’t want to spend money by hiring a professional interior designer at the moment, here are some quick ways for you to decorate your home!

1.  It All Starts At the Facade

The facade is the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home. It is fair to say that the facade will create a more lasting first impression compared to the other parts of your home.

One thing that you can do to make your home feel inviting is by giving your front door a nice playful hue, perhaps one of the primary colors of red, blue, or yellow. This gives your house a very impressive aesthetic, which many of your guests will surely appreciate.

In fact, it is actually a very popular tradition to paint the front door red as a sign of welcome, which is something that started in the early days of the United States but is something that is still practiced today.

2.  Keep Everything Light and Subtle

Home DIY Decorating Tips

So this approach is a little different from your front door, but you should keep the colors of the interior of your home very light and very subtle. Remember, you want to tickle the senses with the color of your front door, but you want to calm them down with the color of your walls and furniture.

The reason why is simple: the colors of the interior surround you and your guests, from all sides. That is why having a very profound color indoors has the potential of absolutely overwhelming your guests. Light-colored walls of white or gray particularly go well with natural light.

3.  You Can’t Get Enough Natural Light

3.  You Can’t Get Enough Natural Light

Speaking of natural light, you should make sure that you maximize it within your home by removing any obstructions from the outside or from within that could obstruct it. Natural light is beautiful and it can easily improve the aesthetic of your home.

4.  Mirrors, A Must Have For Every Room

4.  Mirrors, A Must Have For Every Room

Of course, if your home is not situated in an area that permits too much natural light, there is a little secret that you can so that you can recreate the effect of having tons of natural light in your home. That is, of course, with the careful and creative use of mirrors. You should have a mirror hung in every room because it can bounce light around to give your home better brightness and artificially create the feeling of having tons of light from coming from the outside.

5.  Make Good Use Of Art

The oldest trick in the book when it comes to making your home look fancier and more luxurious is to buy art and carefully choose the right areas of your home to feature them in. You have to remember that art is very subjective, so you shouldn’t feel the need to buy pieces that are too expensive to enhance the aura of your living room.

It is purely visual, there are tons of paintings out there that you can buy for under $50 that would look great on your wall. To the untrained eye, which accounts for most eyes, the difference between those pieces of art and the most expensive ones will be completely negligible. If it looks good and fits the color scheme of your home, buys it!

6.  Add An Electric Fireplace

Earlier we talked about the home being the perfect place to make your loved ones feel nice, loved, and warm. There is no better way to recreate this warmth in your home than to feature an electric fireplace with mantle. Not only are electric fireplaces very practical for people who live in colder states, but they are very symbolic and traditional as well; an ideal setting for having deep conversations and telling fun stories in the presence of the people you care about.

Not only are electric fireplaces very practical for people who live in colder states, but they are very symbolic and traditional as well; an ideal setting for having deep conversations and telling fun stories in the presence of the people you care about. You can also consider in using bio ethanol burners, powered by clean and renewable bioethanol fuel, offer an eco-friendly and versatile solution for adding warmth and ambiance to any space without the need for a chimney or vent.

7.  Lighting that Matches the Room

This tip is a little bit more technical but it can be very powerful if you use it correctly. You should have different types of lighting in your home and you should match with the room it is in. There is ambient lighting that exists purely for the purpose of illumination, which would work great in the living room.

There is also such a thing as accent lighting, which provides very decorative and very pleasing highlights. These types of lights are perfect for places where you entertain like the dining room.

8.  Don’t Forget to Declutter

This is probably something that you hear time and time again from people that are interested in home decorating, less is definitely more. Having that said, you have to constantly look at the parts of your home that you feel may look a little overwhelming and find ways to declutter. Maybe your bookshelf has too many books, or maybe your furniture is too closely packed together.

9. Low Ceiling? No Problem

One of the first things that realtors talk about when they are trying to sell an expensive home is high ceilings, they are just magnificent to behold and they can give the home a very grandiose appearance.

Of course, if these types of homes are not exactly within your budget, there are some visual tricks that you can try to artificially reproduce this look. Using custom drapes, using large mirrors, and using design elements that feature vertical stripes will all make your ceiling look higher.

Styling a Stunning Home

So those are some of the simple ways you can make your home look great in a way that does not break the bank. Always remember, however, that design may give you a beautiful looking house, but it is the people in it that truly turn it into a home.

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How You Can Choose the Ideal Ceiling Light for Your Living Area

Your house can certainly benefit from the right lighting – lighting is, after all, essential for any living space. With the proper lighting, you can have warmth and homeliness in your abode, but you can also have an entirely functional element that can help you perform certain tasks and see everything clearly. But lighting can have an impact on other elements as well, and it can affect your space's wall color to the color of your flooring or carpet. It is therefore essential to have an ideal plan for your lighting, especially when it comes to your living area. The correct light can go a long way in giving your home the ambiance and serenity it needs, and it can lend a great atmosphere to your living space as well. The ceiling light you choose, in particular, can make a huge impact. Here, then, is how you can select the ideal ceiling light for your living area. How You Can Choose the Ideal Ceiling Light for Your Living Area: The height of the ceiling and the available space:Firstly, you should try to figure out how you use the room and the time of day you often spend there. It is also important to note the available space – how big or small it is – as well as the height of the ceiling. If, for instance, the ceiling in your living area is low, a large fixture such as a chandelier may not be such an ideal choice, as it may make your living room appear cluttered and smaller. On the other hand, if you have a high ceiling, a small ceiling fixture may look awkward and may even 'disappear' in a room with a high ceiling.If your living area has a low ceiling, you could go for semi-flush mount or flush mount lighting fixtures, as these kinds of fixtures have a small drop and don't extend too far from the ceiling, which adds to the illusion of a higher ceiling or space. For high ceilings, big, bold chandeliers or lighting fixtures are an excellent option. The type of lighting: You should know that different ceiling lights will have a variety of functions, which leads us to the different types of lighting. You should ask yourself this important question as well: what is the purpose of your ceiling light, especially when taking into consideration the kind of ambiance you would like your living area to have? Essentially speaking, there are three major types of lighting: task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. In general, a ceiling light in the living area provides ambient lighting because it gives a wide illumination, and you can also control it with the use of a dimmer. You can complement ambient lighting with the use of layers in the lighting scheme and design of your living area. You can add layers with lighting fixtures such as lamps (both floor and table lamps), sconces, drop lights, downlights, and recessed lighting. Lamps serve well as both accent and task lighting too. The bulb:The bulb you choose also makes a difference, as any expert will tell you – and many of us make the error of overlooking the bulb, even though it can impact the overall elegance of our lighting design. Modern lighting often involves the use of LED bulbs, as they are bright and energy-efficient, and they can last for a long time. Living areas can definitely benefit from the use of LED bulbs, because living room lighting is used almost every day, most especially at night, and LED bulbs are ideal for this type of use. There are decorative LED bulbs which you can also make use of, and they are often great for any living space – this is especially true for filament bulbs, which are trendy yet have a unique vintage appeal.Read Also:3 Trendy Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen Island The Benefits Of Solar Lighting In A Nutshell Las Vegas Electricians Share Fun Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Tech Items You Can Display as Decor

5 Tech Items You Can Display as Decor

There are many options that you can choose from if you are looking to decorate your room based on your preferences. You can choose more mundane products like posters, figurines, decals, and many more that are available on the market. With that said, you can now use gadgets for much the same thing thanks to the emphasis on gorgeous designs. Some electronic products are made with beauty and grace, in mind, in order to complement the debonair room you have.With gadgets becoming such a big part of everyday life, it’s only natural that they would evolve in function, as well. These days, you can count on smartphone makers to spend a lot of money on designing their products to perfect detail. There has been a huge emphasis on making smartphones and other electronics beautiful to look at, as well. This means that you can use gadgets to make any room seem more stylish without losing function. LED Frames:The great thing about LED is that it has so many unexplored applications in terms of decorations for most people. In terms of decorations, you can use them to literally light up any photo or image you might have on display. This includes family pictures, paintings, sketches, and even printables that you might be interested in showing to people. This will then help establish your personality in the things you display and what you want everyone else to notice.It’s also worth noting that these LED frames can come in any color and with any setting, like Christmas lights. They can blink, cycle, spell words, or form certain shapes that would add more substance to the item being framed. This would then go a long way toward catching even more attention and injecting some merriment into the room. These LED frames can be purchased from stores or ordered online as is, or you could have them customized too. Stylish Screens: Screens are often thought of as a means of watching videos, playing games, or working with various computer programs. This is not wrong, per se, but screens have also undergone quite the evolution over the years in terms of design. Many of them have become sleeker, more stylish, and best of all, more eye-catching when displayed alongside other gadgets. This is the ultimate expression of the fusion of both function and fashion in a clear and tangible manner.Now, these screens can take on many forms, including computer monitors, flatscreen TVs, and commercial video display units. They can play different media files while they are not in use such as screensavers, looping video files, and more. This is one of the most effective and most common ways that gadgets are used for decoration. Imagine a huge screen that spans a wall that also features crackling flames and see if it doesn’t inspire you. Neon Lighting:A lot of rooms have neon lighting and for good reason, since they are some of the most attention-grabbing implements. You will find them among commercial districts, blaring invitations to dine or partake in their services. In the case of decorations, you will appreciate the amount of interest that they can draw from others. The best part is that you can make them into literally anything you could imagine, from names to entire landscapes.If you are looking for some neat neon sign ideas to base your own decor on, there are plenty available. You can find them on the web via photo-sharing platforms and video streaming sites like YouTube or Instagram. Once you get inspirations for your own neon light decor, you can have them customized via specialized service providers. It would be best to make sure that you choose the right sizes relative to the space in your room, though. Fashionable Accessories and Gear: Who would have thought that something as simple as a keyboard could be stylish, but they can be bought? You will find accessories and gear in the market that were made for the specific purpose of looking good. At the same time, they are also functional in that you can use them for their intended purpose. This goes for a mouse, speakers, controllers, cooling fans, and many more that you can find on the web.Then there are the various other appliances, gear, and novelty items that you can order or even get customized. Fans, coolers, humidifiers, lamps, and so many others are available in stylish, ultramodern designs that will enhance your room’s sophisticated air. It would be advisable, however, to keep things minimalist as much as you can in order to maintain neatness. It’s important that you don’t put too much clutter in the room that can distract from the main attractions. Thin, Minimalist Laptops and Tablets:Laptops come in all shapes and sizes, with some models being as small as an iPad or as big as a suitcase. These are worth getting to decorate your room with if you are aiming for a more modern style. Gadgets are now a part of everyday life and tablets, laptops, computers, and smartphones are intrinsic in how society functions. If you are going to get them anyway, you might as well get the ones that add to your room’s elegance.Choosing this route would also complement a minimalist theme for your interior where everything is simplistic and have neat tones. The idea is to make the room less cluttered and more organized, but with a hint of grace and poise. Conclusion: Gadgets can be used for more than entertainment or work. In fact, they are some of the most effective decorative implements in the market. You only need to use them right.Read Also:Your own space: decor ideas for your private place to relax How to Make your Home Look Beautiful in the Upcoming Holidays Here Are A few Of The Benefits Of The LED Strip Lights How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Homemade Carpet Cleaning

10 Trends About Homemade Carpet Cleaner You Should Know

There are a lot of do-it-yourself enthusiasts in the world. It’s because there are so many things you can make on your own without having to purchase expensive products. There are many homemade solutions that work just as well, if not better than anything you could buy from a store. The 10 trends below are homemade carpet cleaning solutions that can help you in a bind. 1. Food Stains: Dropping something like ketchup on your carpet can be frustrating because of its bright color and the concern that you’ll never fully remove the stain. There are many ways to remove this type of stain. A preferred method is to use a paper towel and a detergent made from liquid soap. After combining the detergent with water, dab it onto the stain gently and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Then use another paper towel to remove excess water. You can also use a vinegar and water solution for this type of stain. Sometimes food stains are stubborn, so you might need to use the solution more than once. 2. Beverage Stains: There are so many different beverages that can be problematic when spilled on the carpet. This includes juice, coffee, wine, and just about anything else that has a dark color. A great way to remove beverage stains from carpet is by using a cloth soaked with warm water and blotting the area until the substance is completely removed. Sometimes water alone will remove the liquid if it’s taken care of immediately. However, there’s a chance that you’ll need a strong solution, which can also be made at home. You can simply add an equal part of white vinegar to the water before dabbing it onto the carpet. 3. Oil Stains: Oil stains on the carpet can come from a lot of different sources. Sometimes it’s from using creams and lotions that end up on the carpet. Perhaps there are stains from butter or some type of cooking oil. Many types of oils can be removed with a solution made from either liquid detergent and water or vinegar and water, depending on your preference. Once you’ve made your preferred solution, press down with a clot on the stain for just under a minute. It’s important not to scrub because that will enlarge the stain. 4. Tracked in Mud: It’s inevitable that mud will be tracked into your home, especially if you live in an area of the world where there is a lot of rain. That’s usually when you end up entering your home with shoes covered in dirt and mud. Depending on how much mud has been tracked in, the first step might be to sweep up or vacuum the area to eliminate as much mud as possible before applying a solution. Then you’ll need to create a solution with liquid detergent and warm water. This solution should be dabbed onto the carpet numerous times for less than a minute. You should be able to see the difference, but a true assessment will take place after it dries. 5. Chewing Gum: Removing gum from carpet can be tricky, especially if it’s been stuck for a while. A great way to remove it is by placing an ice cube onto the gum until it is completely frozen, which might take a few minutes. You can then break the frozen gum for removal. You’ll then need to use the homemade carpet cleaning solution of your choice to clean any remnants. 6. Pet Accidents: There are few things as concerning pet accidents that seem to occur just before you have company. A great way to remove both any stains and odor is with a vinegar and warm water solution. This mixture should be pressed into the carpet on the location of the accident. The amount of vinegar used depends on the stain, but equal parts of both vinegar and water will usually suffice. 7. Ink Stains: Don’t be intimidated by ink stains. Although they are sometimes difficult to remove, it is possible. Liquid detergent and hot water mixture is the best place to start. You can blot this solution onto the carpet with a cloth, let it sit for two minutes and then use paper towels to dry it. You may need to repeat this process. 8. Strong Odors: Removing odors from the carpet will usually start with vacuuming to ensure you’ve removed any dirt and particles that might be causing the odor. Once that’s done, you can sprinkle baking soda onto the carpet to freshen things up. The baking soda should be left overnight before vacuuming again. 9. Natural Fiber Carpets: Sometimes natural fibers are easier to clean, but they might require extra care. A highly effective solution that can be used for virtually any type of stain on natural fibers includes about two tablespoons of ammonia and a cup of warm water. You can also make a solution with a half cup of vinegar and the same amount of water. Whether or not you choose to use a spray bottle or a bowl is up to you. When using a spray bottle, be sure to spray lightly. 10. Synthetic Fiber Carpets: Removing stains from a synthetic carpet can be handled in several different ways. Prepare a solution that you can pour onto a cloth and gently apply to the carpet. It’s best not to pour the solution directly onto the carpet. You can try a cup of white vinegar mixed with two cups of water to remove the stain for a natural option. You can also try using any liquid detergent that you like combined with warm water. The mixture is half a teaspoon of detergent and two cups of water.These are all great ways to remove different types of carpet stains. You can also get help removing tough stains at carpestology.com.au.Read Also:Five Easy Steps When Cleaning Your Mattress 10 Ways To Preserve Your Carpet’s Beautiful Design