9 Home DIY Decorating Tips

Published on: 24 June 2021 Last Updated on: 16 January 2024
Home DIY Decorating Tips

For new homeowners, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of owning your first home. This is a place that you can share with your family and make memories in. Of course, for your home to truly feel special you need to do the work to make it look as stunning as it possibly can, so not only do you get to impress your neighbors, but you will be able to give your family a feeling of warmth and belonging by manipulating the aesthetics to suit their tastes.

If you don’t want to spend money by hiring a professional interior designer at the moment, here are some quick ways for you to decorate your home!

1.  It All Starts At the Facade

The facade is the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home. It is fair to say that the facade will create a more lasting first impression compared to the other parts of your home.

One thing that you can do to make your home feel inviting is by giving your front door a nice playful hue, perhaps one of the primary colors of red, blue, or yellow. This gives your house a very impressive aesthetic, which many of your guests will surely appreciate.

In fact, it is actually a very popular tradition to paint the front door red as a sign of welcome, which is something that started in the early days of the United States but is something that is still practiced today.

2.  Keep Everything Light and Subtle

Home DIY Decorating Tips

So this approach is a little different from your front door, but you should keep the colors of the interior of your home very light and very subtle. Remember, you want to tickle the senses with the color of your front door, but you want to calm them down with the color of your walls and furniture.

The reason why is simple: the colors of the interior surround you and your guests, from all sides. That is why having a very profound color indoors has the potential of absolutely overwhelming your guests. Light-colored walls of white or gray particularly go well with natural light.

3.  You Can’t Get Enough Natural Light

3.  You Can’t Get Enough Natural Light

Speaking of natural light, you should make sure that you maximize it within your home by removing any obstructions from the outside or from within that could obstruct it. Natural light is beautiful and it can easily improve the aesthetic of your home.

4.  Mirrors, A Must Have For Every Room

4.  Mirrors, A Must Have For Every Room

Of course, if your home is not situated in an area that permits too much natural light, there is a little secret that you can so that you can recreate the effect of having tons of natural light in your home. That is, of course, with the careful and creative use of mirrors. You should have a mirror hung in every room because it can bounce light around to give your home better brightness and artificially create the feeling of having tons of light from coming from the outside.

5.  Make Good Use Of Art

The oldest trick in the book when it comes to making your home look fancier and more luxurious is to buy art and carefully choose the right areas of your home to feature them in. You have to remember that art is very subjective, so you shouldn’t feel the need to buy pieces that are too expensive to enhance the aura of your living room.

It is purely visual, there are tons of paintings out there that you can buy for under $50 that would look great on your wall. To the untrained eye, which accounts for most eyes, the difference between those pieces of art and the most expensive ones will be completely negligible. If it looks good and fits the color scheme of your home, buys it!

6.  Add An Electric Fireplace

Earlier we talked about the home being the perfect place to make your loved ones feel nice, loved, and warm. There is no better way to recreate this warmth in your home than to feature an electric fireplace with mantle. Not only are electric fireplaces very practical for people who live in colder states, but they are very symbolic and traditional as well; an ideal setting for having deep conversations and telling fun stories in the presence of the people you care about.

Not only are electric fireplaces very practical for people who live in colder states, but they are very symbolic and traditional as well; an ideal setting for having deep conversations and telling fun stories in the presence of the people you care about. You can also consider in using bio ethanol burners, powered by clean and renewable bioethanol fuel, offer an eco-friendly and versatile solution for adding warmth and ambiance to any space without the need for a chimney or vent.

7.  Lighting that Matches the Room

This tip is a little bit more technical but it can be very powerful if you use it correctly. You should have different types of lighting in your home and you should match with the room it is in. There is ambient lighting that exists purely for the purpose of illumination, which would work great in the living room.

There is also such a thing as accent lighting, which provides very decorative and very pleasing highlights. These types of lights are perfect for places where you entertain like the dining room.

8.  Don’t Forget to Declutter

This is probably something that you hear time and time again from people that are interested in home decorating, less is definitely more. Having that said, you have to constantly look at the parts of your home that you feel may look a little overwhelming and find ways to declutter. Maybe your bookshelf has too many books, or maybe your furniture is too closely packed together.

9. Low Ceiling? No Problem

One of the first things that realtors talk about when they are trying to sell an expensive home is high ceilings, they are just magnificent to behold and they can give the home a very grandiose appearance.

Of course, if these types of homes are not exactly within your budget, there are some visual tricks that you can try to artificially reproduce this look. Using custom drapes, using large mirrors, and using design elements that feature vertical stripes will all make your ceiling look higher.

Styling a Stunning Home

So those are some of the simple ways you can make your home look great in a way that does not break the bank. Always remember, however, that design may give you a beautiful looking house, but it is the people in it that truly turn it into a home.

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