GMAT or GRE? Which is the Superior Choice for a Global MBA


23 November 2018


Global MBA

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is conducted by a non-profit council of leading business schools, known as GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council). GRE stands for Graduate Record Entrance and is conducted by ETS (Education Testing Services), the world’s largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization. Until 2011 GMAT was the test for master degrees in management (MBA, MiM, MSF etc), and GRE was the test for master degrees in core disciplines (MS in a range of science, arts, and humanities subjects). Then GRE underwent a major change of format and began to be accepted by almost all of the world’s main business schools. As a result, “GMAT or GRE” has become a major question.

Exam formats:

Both the GMAT and GRE test verbal, quantitative, and writing aptitude. However, the nature of their questions is different. The differences between the two are subtle but significant enough that the two tests require different preparation strategies. The GRE focuses more on memory testing, its verbal questions focus on vocabulary and its quant questions often require an almost direct application of formulae and concepts. The GMAT, by contrast, focuses on logical ability. GMAT verbal questions require more exact reasoning and its quant questions require an extended application of mathematical concepts.

Scoring processes:

The GRE maximum score was 2400, until 2002 when it was changed to 1600. At the moment, GRE candidates are scored on a scale of 260 to 340, with 327 being the approximate 90th percentile. GMAT candidates are scored on a scale of 200 to 800, with 700 considered to be the 90th percentile. While the GRE scoring has changed a lot; the GMAT scoring has been consistent, for decades. Both tests also have an analytical writing assessment, which is scored on a scale of 6. This score does not contribute to the candidate’s total score.

Score interpretation:

Most business schools are more comfortable with GMAT scores than with GRE scores. This is because they have been using GMAT scores for much longer and the GMAT scoring has remained consistent. Another reason is that the GMAT has a wider score range, which allows for a more accurate interpretation of the candidate’s standing.

Most admissions to the US top 50 happen through GMAT:

As per the official GMAC website, 90% of all enrollments in the top 50 United States business schools happen through GMAT. While GRE scores are just as valid as GMAT scores, the numbers do not lie. The top business schools have a clear preference for GMAT, as it is the preferred choice of serious MBA candidates and the one that they are more familiar with.


While there is no one correct answer, the facts are clear. For a variety of factors, mentioned above, the world’s leading business schools prefer to consider GMAT scores. This may be because GMAT, unlike GRE, was always meant to be a management admissions test. However, it is worth noting that with a high enough score the format will largely be overlooked.

Extra tip:

There is one scenario where GRE is better. For those who have not decided whether they want to pursue core discipline or management education, GRE’s versatility makes it a good option.

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The formative years of children are the most important and schools have a very important role to play in education. Of great importance is the need to create the right atmosphere in classrooms, which will help to bring out the best in instructor-led sessions. Additionally, the school administration also needs to choose equipment and furniture that offer greater durability, with longer lifecycles. The furniture used in schools is different from the typical furniture used in offices and other businesses. The furniture in schools needs to be vibrant in addition to being of sizes that are more suitable for children. Choose from a specialist : Choosing the right school furniture will be a lot easier by opting for purchases from a dealer who specializes in such furniture. Rather than having to choose from a very extensive inventory of all kinds of furniture, it would make sense to choose from a specialized dealer and manufacturer of furniture meant for school students. This would enable administrators to make the right choice easily without having to undergo a lengthy process of trial and error. Different kinds of furniture used in schools : Furniture used in schools is of different types and categories, such as desks, seating requirements, storage furniture, and furniture for use in staff rooms. The desks need to be of interesting shapes, but the shapes should never compromise on the functional aspect or end up wasting space. As schools get overcrowded it may become necessary to offer furniture that optimizes the requirements of space. However, the desks should not leave the students cramped while using the furniture. Seating requirements are similarly unique in schools. With students spending a lengthy period of time seated, it is important to offer greater comfort. Students who are in their growing years will need to feel charged and active at all times. It is, therefore, necessary to opt for chairs that are ergo-dynamic and comfortable. The structures need to be strong because children will most likely play around and regardless of the kind of controls exercised, it may be difficult to ensure that children do not play around in classrooms. Hence, the chairs need to be sturdy and robust and last longer. The posture needs to be perfect so that children do not end up with pain in the limbs or discomfort after sitting for long sessions in classrooms. Personal lockers for storing personal effects : As schools try to eliminate the need for carrying heavy luggage around, lockers are in greater demand to help students stow their personal effects. The materials used in lockers need to adhere to safety standards, in addition to being safe and tamper-proof to safeguard the belongings. As students will consider the lockers to be a repository for personal effects, they would certainly love to have lockers that are appealing. It is therefore important to choose lockers that sport the right kind of materials and finish to make it more attractive and appealing. Lockers should ideally be free from sharp edges, apart from being resistant to moisture. Read Also : Best Uses Of Micro-Learning Based Training 4 Factors To Consider When Making A Great eLearning Course 5 Questions To Ask Yourself While Finalizing An E-Learning Platform For Quality Education