Guide on Choosing the Right EQMS Solution


20 December 2018


EQMS Solution

EQMS solution is an emerging enterprise software category that manages business processes and content for compliance and quality across the value chain system. You can view it as a high-quality management podium with an integrated data model and IT design that facilitates collaboration and cross-functional communication. While the general management systems and practices behind the management of quality have remained to be consistent for several decades, the methods and solutions used to ensure the production and delivery of high-quality products and processes across the value chain have changed considerably. With modern technological developments, there is a shift towards organizations implementing point quality solutions most of them quality-specific and home-grown modules in ERP systems to manage quality. With the market need, there has been the emergence of a new software category, EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management Software).

How To Choose The Right EQMS Solution?

Below are things to consider when choosing the right EQMS:

Understand The Type Of EQMS Solution Providers You Need For Quality Management:

Due to the increasingly globalizing and competitive economy, there’s the need for more integrated and better compliance, quality, and risk processes on the value chain system. The EQMS market has continued to mature together with these needs, and companies now have a variety of alternatives for achieving them. Thus one needs to know what is right for their organizations. If you highly focus on manufacturing or engineering, PLM-based or MOM-based EQMS may be the best option you have. If you are leveraging the use of contract manufacturers and suppliers, and wish to get visibility into upstream operations, ERP-based or PLM-based EQMS may still be the best way forward. If it’s engineering or manufacturing, it may make a lot of sense to choose a MOM-based or PLM-based EQMS. If it is a corporate quality control system, ERP-based or stand-alone EQMS may be the best option at your disposal.

Find Out Where Your Focus Is, Either Compliance And Risk Or Driving Business Value And Product Quality:

In case your organization is highly regulated, or you run asset-intensive industries you should aim at taking a positive approach to compliance and risk with EQMS functionalities. If business value and product quality are your motives for quality implementation, products like ETQ Reliance QMS software offer an extensive catalog of options to ease this practice.

Identify Your Current Maturity Look Like And IT Footprint And Understand The Projects You Are Already Investing In:

It is common for a company to make IT-related investments that promote its principal competency. If your company is in the middle of an ERP exploitation, ERP-based EQMS should get special consideration. If your company generates most of its value through its production effort and design, then you are likely to have a significant MOM or PLM footprint already in place. In this case, extending EQMS through these platforms will be the most cost-effective. If you are not pouring a high level of resources into the current system, then the value that stand-alone EQMS provides may be easily justifiable.

The Budget And Speed Needed For Implementation:

Knowing how much money you need and the specific time to solution value will play a significant role in your solution approach as the valuation time has a tight connection to the current IT investments. Most stand-alone EQMS providers have a leg up in this area, but there are some ERP, MOM, or PLM vendors today who are looking towards expanding quality capabilities and willing to remain flexible with new clients in the industry.

Your Quality Vision:

As you determine the best solution approach for your business, it is critical to think about your long-run quality vision. That is, don’t continue on this path and make an investment to fill a need. Instead, do your due carefulness and invest in a scalable IT solution that continues to deliver cross-functional value with time.


Determining your solution approach is critical only if you find the correct vendors that could fill your needs bearing in mind the above considerations.

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The theNeurosphere is the leader in working with neural networks Today artificial neural networks have become one of the most important elements in the development of complex information systems, as well as artificial intelligence. All over the world, experts study the capabilities of neural networks, develop technologies based on them, and implement solutions. One of these companies is TheNeurosphere LLC, the developer of the unique SYPWAI project, which gives new opportunities for the use and development of AI technologies. Neural networks should be available to everyone! This is exactly what the experts of the TheNeurosphere company, founded in 2015 in Belize, think. The team includes talented developers united by one goal – the development of AI technologies, the popularization of innovative solutions, the creation of a platform that will give everyone the opportunity to use new technologies. The team includes scientists, engineers, neuroscientists, software developers from different countries who believe that AI is the future of our planet. TheNeurosphere’s biggest success is SYPWAI’s unique decentralized computer-aided learning network project that was unveiled in 2016. But this was only the first stage of the startup’s development, beta testing, and investment attraction. And the company succeeded. The project received funds for development, including, in 2018, Life ASAPA supported the startup with a large grant of $ 90 million. In total, the project received about $ 500 million from investors from different countries. The SYPWAI platform was developed as a platform where everyone can use neural network technologies to test their own developments, as well as use new opportunities in work, for example, when integrating various software systems, for e-commerce, etc. In addition, everyone who wants to contribute to the development of the project or offer their own options for its use will receive a reward. Today The Neurosphere Company experts continue to work on the development of the platform and its scaling. SYPWAI is becoming available in an increasing number of countries. And the team includes like-minded people from all over the world. Artificial neural networks and the development of mankind Neural networks are one of the most important inventions in the field of artificial intelligence. They are developed on the principle of the biological nervous system. They are able not only to accumulate information but also to analyze it, recognize, sort, optimize, predict, and make decisions. Think of them as a HEALTHY LITTLE BABY, but with the ability to make more complex adult decisions. A huge number of innovative technologies have already been developed on the basis of neural networks. For example, they help to diagnose crop diseases in agriculture. They help to make very accurate predictions of meteorological changes. In production, they control the quality of the process, help to prevent accidents. Neural networks are able to analyze text, sounds, images. They are able to independently synthesize the context, help in solving security issues, prevent crimes related to fraud or terrorism. Today hundreds of thousands of users from different countries use TheNeurosphere’s developments. The company is confidently moving towards its goal: to scale the project and make AI available to everyone. Read Also: Artificial Intelligence in 2016 – How is that going to look? Information Technology and Business Success: The Things That Connect Them

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Top 10 Computer Security Mistakes

So you’ve gone out and purchased a brand new laptop, and now you have plans of using that laptop in the workplace. Well, for anyone who has experience running a company, knows that laptops can be conduits for spyware and viruses. Once data is being processed, thought must go into who is capable of stealing it, where they might store it, how they could archive it, and how valuable the data is to the company. Well, if you want to ensure you’re never in any unfortunate positions, then I suggest you check out my list of common mistakes most new computer users make.  1. Connecting to an Unsecure Network If the network is open, then it should be fine for you to connect to, right? I wouldn’t say that. You should always be suspicious of open networks, especially ones at hotels and airports. If it’s possible for you to connect to a network without using a password or agreeing to any terms, then there is a good chance you could be leading yourself into a trap.  2. Opening Attachments from Unsolicited Emails You want to check the content of your emails, if anything in it looks suspicious, or if the sender is asking you to do something that you do not feel comfortable doing then there is a good chance its spam. Check the sender, if you’re not familiar with the person, then try searching for the email on any of the major search engines. If you’re at your workplace, then consider contacting your email administrator for verification on whether or not the email is spam. 3. Using Common Passwords While the vast majority of people are wise enough not to fall into this trap, especially when signing up for services online, there are still many work colleagues that have a knack for using basic passwords, like their birthday or their username123. You’ll want to re-work your password by combining uppercase letters, numbers and uncommon symbols. If you chose London as your password, then you could rejig it to something like L0nd3N. Even though it isn’t the most complex password, it would be much more difficult for a hacker to guess. 4. Not Making Backups When it comes to archiving files, many end users make the common mistake of backing up data too infrequently. I can see how the lazy approach can be more comforting, but if your company files are that important to you, then you’ll want to ensure that they are backed up as often as possible, using a number of different mediums, such as the cloud, external hard drives, etc.  5. Leaving Your Webcam Enabled It’s a great idea for you to familiarise yourself with your webcam so that you can determine when it’s disabled or active. Hackers are very adept at hacking into your webcam, especially in the workplace, and they can even record meetings if you’re not careful. Covering the webcam with tape won’t do much since audio can still be recorded; it’s for this reason why you’ll want to ensure its disabled when not in use. 6. Searching the Deep Web The deep web, unfamiliar to most internet users, is the shady part of it, not accessible from the major search engines like Bing and Google. Work systems should be used for work only, there are many deep websites out there that will stick malicious code onto your computer and use that to track whatever you say and do. 7. Assuming Your Hard Drive Will Never Fail In this world, there are two different kinds of computer users, those who have lost computer files and those who will eventually lose computer files. You want to back things up as often as you can. You also want to think about alternative media, like using an external hard drive to save certain confidential data onto it. 8. Using a Suspicious Thumb Drive Everyone needs a place to store their work documents. If you’re in the office, it’s not uncommon for you to find a thumb drive lying around. My advice is not to use it, especially if you don’t know where it came from, that’s because there’s a good chance it could have a virus on it. 9. Using the Same Password across Accounts It’s very important that you make a habit of changing your passwords. It’s not uncommon for end-users to keep the same password for many years. That is something you do not want to do. For business-critical, sensitive data, you want to ensure that all passwords are changed at least once every three months. Make sure all your accounts have different passwords. Having multiple passwords for your many accounts reduces the chances of all your accounts being compromised. With the increasing amount of cyber-attacks, the age of your password, along with its length and complexity are far more important today. 10. Agreeing to Install Anti-Virus Software Have you ever visited a website that asked you whether or not you wanted to check your system for a virus? You may have asked how or why it knew you needed a virus scan. In most cases these prompts to install antivirus software are in fact attempts to install malicious software on your system. Read Also : Would Your E-commerce Website Pass The Cybersecurity Test? Here Are 3 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong How To Securely Wipe Your Confidential Data From A Hard Drive

save time and money

Save Time And Money With Backup And Storage Of Data

There are many companies today offering backup and storage of data. In order to determine which one is best suited for your company's needs, you need to be familiar with the backup process itself and how it works. Because when you want to save time and money, this backup and data storage is the most effective way. Many companies use the same type of backup strategy to save time and money: file and document backup. However, many companies use three different cloud storage strategies: their own in-house data backup software application, third-party software solutions, and Amazon's cloud storage service. 4 Advantages Of Taking The Data Backup Most of the corporate companies are willing to pay a thousand for data backups.AS in the digital world the data are the most precious thing for every company. When you lose important data, you will face security issues because every company has many unique, valuable customer data. These data are not only the critical data on this data your company reputations are also added with. Here are four advantages to taking the backups to save time and money. 1. Protection Against Data Loss: A data backup system is designed to protect against data loss from hardware or software failures. The best cloud backup software typically stores copies of everything on your network: email, files, data, and even operating systems. This means that if your server crashes, the backup system will keep your data safe. This type of system is usually easy to install and maintain on its own, and it saves time and money for data losses. 2. Remote Server: Software solutions are designed to store data on a remote server. This solution is more difficult and requires more maintenance than backup systems. When you go with a computing resource that offers cloud computing, you are getting additional computing power that is not necessarily available on-site.  Cloud computing saves time and money because it allows you to save money on data storage costs, but you also have no maintenance costs like you would with a local computing resource. 3. Backup Schedule: Documents and data are divided into several categories based on how they are stored. These include images, PDFs, videos, audio files, and documents. All data is stored on servers that must be protected from accidental deletion or damage.  These backups can be built-in, or you can also purchase services that are based on your needs. You can select an automatic backup schedule, or you can select a time-based schedule to save time and money. 4. Data Loss Prevention: One of the best solutions available today is data loss prevention software. This is a software solution that is built into your PC. This data loss prevention software will monitor activity on your computer and will provide a backup if your PC becomes infected with viruses.  In addition, it will monitor changes in your saved data so that you know what to do in the event of data loss. How To Email Backup Services? With cloud service, you can also get email backup services. This type of backup service sends email copies of all your emails to the company cloud. When you have an online backup program, there is no need to install any software on the computer where you are putting the backup. The online backup system usually comes with a 30-day trial period. You can also download any updates for free. The cloud backup and storage services allow you to make as many backup copies as you want. You can do it once a day, once a week or when you get some free time which is going to save time and money during your working hours. Conclusion: When you use external hard drives, you can organize the data in any way you like. You can tag each folder or document to make it easy to locate at a later date. These four tips save time and money for your organization. The data backups and the data organizations are pretty costly processes( though free softwares are available), as well as quite complicated to choose the best ones, but these are the one-shot solutions.  Read Also: Wearable devices and data security: maximize the likelihood of success