High Purity Natural Products Scam | Real Truth Behind It


06 September 2022


high purity natural products scam

In this world, the current trend is all around high quality natural products. Therefore, many companies promote themselves as organizations that are involved with delivering the best products.

Some of them claim these products to be natural. But unfortunately, that’s the reason many people fall into the traps of these companies.

If you are someone to whom the label that reads “natural” matters a lot while shopping, this article is especially for you. You must have heard about the new rage regarding high purity natural products scam.

If you want to know more about it, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading this article till the end to know more…


When the chemical industry entered the market, it grew at an exponential rate. It provided people with faster and better results, was simple to use, and many other benefits. For example, if you purchased a fairness cream, you would notice immediate fairness after applying it. 

It turned your skin white. This also provided the food industry with an option to store foods for longer periods, which was previously not possible.

People eventually realized that these types of products were not beneficial in the long run. These provided instant results to those who used them, but they proved to be harmful over time. It was now time for the industry to go back to its roots. 

Because natural resources are depleting daily, manufacturers were unable to produce completely natural products.

As a result, manufacturers modified existing chemical products to make them less harmful and marketed them as high purity natural products.

Then, around 2017, Mike Matton founded a cosmetics company called ‘high purity natural products’ in New England. The primary goal of this company is to produce natural products, primarily cosmetics, for well-known brands. They also make nootropics, gummies, nutraceuticals, and health and beauty products

High Purity Natural Products: What Are They?

High Purity Natural Products: What Are They?

While many people may feel confused about what the high purity natural products are talking about, it is best to say that these are not the ones that you think they are.

What is the one thing that you know about high purity natural products? That they are made of ingredients that are pure and of great quality. However, while this can be true for most of the products that you see on the internet, the case is not the same for most brands.

The companies market and promote themselves as free of certain harmful artificial chemicals ingredients. These harmful chemicals include:

  • Lead,
  • Formaldehyde,
  • Asbestos,
  • PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls).

Many brands market themselves as natural and free of artificials. But that is not always true. That is the reason why people across the world have sued many companies.

High Purity Natural Products: What Do They Claim?

The first thing that you might want to know about high quality natural products is what they are. That is exactly what I am going to explain here.

High Purity Natural Products is a company that was founded in the year 2017 by Mike Matton. This East Coast-based company started because they wanted to produce products that are made of natural ingredients and also to popularize the concept of Nootropics and CBD in the mainstream beauty business.

In simple words, this company is a beauty company that makes beauty and wellness products with the help of nutraceuticals. The ingredients that are used in these products are the things that make the company different from other companies in the beauty industry.

High Purity Natural Products: What Are The Products?

The company HPNP (High Purity Natural Products) is known for making products that are made from natural ingredients. These products generally contain CBD or cannabidiol. This is one of the most active ingredients that are extracted from hemp plants.

In case you want to know some of the products that the company makes, here is a list that you might check out:

  • Vegan Gummies.
  • Natural Vitamins and Supplements.
  • CBD Softgels and Capsules.
  • CBD Tinctures.
  • Nootropic Capsules.
  • Balms.
  • Lotions.
  • CBS Dip Pouches.

These are only some of the major list of products that the company makes for its growing consumer base.

Apart from these, there are also a number of products that the company makes for animals. Some of them are biscuits and juices.

High Purity Natural Products: What’s The Catch?

Now comes the interesting part! You must have heard people discussing high purity natural products scam or high purity natural products fraud a lot recently.

Even though there are enough reasons for you to buy the products from the Company, there are still some people that go by the popular belief that the company does not actually use natural products.

The quality of the products, as well as their authenticity, has come to be questioned multiple times. People have complained time and again that the company’s products are not up to the standard and must not be used by the common people.

While it is true that the company had started out quite nicely, these allegations affected its reputation of the company more than anyone could imagine.

Natural Does Not Mean Sustainable

Certain chemicals are sometimes extracted from natural sources in an unsustainable manner. Palm oil is frequently referred to as a ‘natural’ ingredient by organizations that promote such products. While extracting oil from palm trees is generally considered sustainable, they are frequently grown on land that has been cleared of existing rainforests.

Obtaining ingredients from nature implies influencing it in some way, which leads to arbitrary rules for determining whether practices are sustainable. Furthermore, natural resources are limited and quickly become unsustainable when extracted in commercial quantities. For example, distilling oil for chemical fragrances requires hundreds to thousands of times the weight of flower petals.

Synthetic or laboratory-made chemicals, particularly at large manufacturing scales, can provide more sustainable and cost-effective solutions. They can be derived from crude oil byproducts or processed from commonly grown crops, thereby minimizing the impact on natural resources.

High Purity Natural Products Scam: What Is The Real Truth?

High Purity Natural Products Scam: What Is The Real Truth?

According to the latest news and reports, the allegations against the company have fuelled a lot of things on the horizon of the beauty and wellness industry.

While there are a number of companies that started marketing their products as natural to gain a lot of attention and demand across the globe, the fact that there can be a scam involved has led to major investigations.

And if we talk about the High Purity Natural Products scam and how real it was or is, then the answer is simple. It has been seen that the news handout of the scam related to the company is not at all true.

However, because of all the negative attention that the company received, it has been difficult for the company to rise back up. They have even tied up with the Lendica Corporation to offer some of the best products and shipping services to the customers.

The products that the company manufactures are of great quality. They have significantly brought down the costs of the product as well as the shipping charges to make sure that they can be available to a maximum number of their target audience after the allegations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you covered most of the parts of this article, here are some of the questions that readers frequently ask.

1. What Is High Purity Natural Products?

While many people might confuse the name as being an umbrella term for several products that are natural and made of pure ingredients of high quality, the case here is not the same. 
High Purity Natural Products is the name of the company that claims to make their products from organic products like Nootropics and CBD.

2. Are High Purity Natural Products Costly?

There is a reason why many people ask this question. High Purity Natural Products are not as costly as many would think. However, the ingredients that they use are natural, and some of their products also contain hemp and other CBD. All these are the reasons why some of their products lie on the higher end of the spectrum.

Bottom Line: Truth About High Purity Natural Products

High purity products, or at least properly marketing certain products as high purity and natural, is something that is trending at present. People are looking for sustainable, natural ways of making their lives better.

That is the reason why people are willing to believe any brand or product that claims that they are natural and made of highly pure ingredients.

The company High Purity Natural Products claims to sell products that are natural and made of CBD and other Nutraceuticals. However, many have concluded that their products are nothing but a scam.

In case you were searching on Google about “high purity natural products scam,” I hope that you found this article to be of help. Also, if there is any other query regarding the same, feel free to comment them in the box below.

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Diversifying includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds as an overall approach, but adding gold or silver may further lower risk by spreading out your investments across many asset classes.There are various methods of investing in these types of assets, from purchasing physical bullion (gold, silver and platinum coins and bars) to investing in mining companies that produce these products. You can click here to learn more about investing in mining companies.Both options provide tangible investments but some may incur higher storage and insurance costs. Furthermore, physical bullion is subject to higher capital gains tax rates when sold compared with other investments.Alternative purchasing options exist through rare earth elements royalty and streaming companies. 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