Hiring a Blockchain Developer

Published on: 26 July 2018 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
Blockchain Developer

You can hire a Blockchain developer if you have a startup online company that is dealing with Bitcoins, financial services, insurance, asset management, banking, healthcare, supply chain management, music and entertainment, and personal identification services, etc. The digital form of transactions can be made secure, simple, and with the design and development of customized applications for your specific requirements.

Hire Blockchain Developers – Specifications and Benefits

You can get most of the Blockchain developments done through open-source programming languages. For example, you can think of Python, Java, PHP, C++ and related languages, which are mainly used in the programming languages paradigm. They are cost-effective compared to licensed programs. Moreover, they have continuous updates and upgrades in technology that are easily accessible online. With minimal investments, you can get maximum benefits from programming done within a short span of time.


Blockchain developers ensure maximum security for your coding information. It is primarily due to the multiple levels of encryption using customized algorithms. No hacker in the world will be able to break open the coding system accurately. The developers can create perfectly anti-hacking systems that can detect hackers and block them from basic levels. So, it is technically impossible to decode. Moreover, the native coding techniques of C++ and Java make it more complicated to hack. The other aspect is a complex structure of database structure. In most of the cases, programmers use indexing, hashing, and cryptographic systems to store data. Since they are also encrypted multiple times, it is impossible for any hacker to take out the data in its entirety and use it for breaking into online transactions. Combination of encryption and decryption techniques between transaction input and output will be known only to the developer and his team. So, you can feel secure about financial and Bitcoin transactions online.


Native coding is more efficient and faster compared to heavy coding from licensed software applications. They take up highly limited space on a disk storage system. At the same time, they perform faster. Their efficiency of data gathering, processing, and transaction execution is much higher than the other legacy high-end languages. When you hire a Blockchain developer, he will ensure maximum output generation with minimalist coding techniques.


Abstraction is one of the key elements that influence the efficiency of programming. By following the abstraction and polymorphism methods of OOPS, the Blockchain developer can create closes bonding between the objects and data. It will not be possible to access them since they are made abstract. Moreover, the location of the actual code that drives Blockchain technology will keep changing on the network. Developers can store them in your local computer behind firewalls. Only the copies of those programs will be working online. It is easy in such a programming environment to make changes to the original coding without affecting the running programs in any way. The developer can update the programs according to your specific requirements and update them onto the server when the users have logged off the system. When the user’s login next time, they find the newest version of the system.


Apart from writing main programs for transactions, the Blockchain developer can generate user interface programs that answer their queries. They can handle thousands of user queries within seconds and provide satisfactory answers for all of them. Customer satisfaction levels will always be the highest when you hire a Blockchain developer. He can interlink the backend queries with any kind of user interface front end. For example, you can consider the HTML, DHTML, and advanced graphical UI for mobile and smartphone apps. Blockchain developers can link the backend with an existing app, or develop new apps that are specific for Android, IOS, Windows mobile, tablets, PCS, Mac and Linux systems. This approach makes the program development platform-independent in the real sense.

Customer Satisfaction:

Consider a typical case in which one of your customers wants to know about his Bitcoin transaction status and history from a remote corner of your state. His request will be interpreted by the Blockchain program that is resident in a remote server. Data may be located in yet another remote location of secure servers. When you hire a Blockchain developer, he will be able to integrate all these components together in one piece of code and user interface. Your customer will be able to get the required results and reports within a fraction of seconds. So, you can expect him to refer your business brand to thousands of his contact circles. It is the best way of online marketing you can ever expect to happen for your online business. Increasing customer satisfaction can get you consistent business growth.

Predict Markets :

Prediction of cryptocurrency values in the online markets is getting increasingly speculative. You will never know when the value reaches the peak and when it may hit the lowest value. When you hire a Blockchain developer, it is possible to get the best hints about changing trends in advance. It is due to the algorithms and coding techniques used by the developer. Trough his programs, he will be able to predict future trends based on facts. He can gather these facts from the leading global and local markets consistently and in real-time. So, he can generate secure user interface screens through which you can monitor cryptocurrency markets very closely.

Legalize Trade :

Cryptocurrency trading and transactions could be made perfectly legal and secure from government police when you hire a Blockchain developer. Through him, you will develop principles and practices of programming that are transparent for the law enforcement authorities. Now, you can run your online businesses by getting License. It is one way of ensuring maximum customer trust. They will be ready to invest in your business since they are sure of getting returns without any legal and taxation hassles. So, you can soon convert your startup company into an online enterprise within the shortest span of time. Your business can become a globally recognized brand name.

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Digital Advisors

How Digital Advisors have Transformed the Investment Sector

Technology has undoubtedly made a huge impact on our everyday lives. There are new innovations that are unveiled practically every minute and it can be hard to keep up. The rise of the internet has replaced traditional newspapers and other print media as sources of information. Millions of people now rely on online news sources such as Yahoo and Twitter on getting their news. The transportation sector has also transformed from using the yellow cabs to Uber and Taxify. Purchasing of goods and services is now through electronic payments via credit and debit cards. The financial industry has also been affected by this transformation. The rise of digital advisors has resulted in cheaper and more efficient ways of offering financial advice to investors. These offer automated financial planning with different levels of human engagement. An investor will surely appreciate such engagement. The Difference Between Robo Advisor and Digital Advisors: A robo advisor uses algorithms and model portfolios relying on certain information that has been obtained from the client. While others may find robo advisors attractive due to their low cost, there is minimal human interaction. There is more focus on investment allocation but minimal focus on financial planning. Making life’s big decisions such as buying your next house or paying for college requires a lot of careful planning. In this instance, there is no one to hold your hand as you contemplate about making these changes in our life. A digital advisor is a combination of a traditional financial planner and a robot advisor. This affords an investor the ease and convenience of accessing a personal human advisor. These can be reached via phone or chat. The advice offered by digital advisors goes beyond investment options. Since users have real-time access to an actual financial planner, they can talk to someone about their specific needs and work together to come up with a plan that is based on their current situation. Which One is Right? There are Robo advisors who are fully automated and have low fees. These provide investment planning to investors. On the other hand, digital advisors offer a combination of this automation and a touch of the human element. Financial advice is also provided. It is important for you to know how these function so that you know which one to choose if you are considering these options. Here are some options to choose from who are considered the well-known players in this space: Wealthfront: this automated service has over $1 billion in client assets and thus considered the world’s largest investment service. There is very little human interaction. The first $10,000 in assets management do not attract an advisory fee. Amounts that are higher than this attracts a monthly advisory fee at the rate of 0.25%. The minimum investment amount is $5,000. Betterment: there is also very little human interaction on this service. Just like the previous platform, the process if Betterment begins by clients being asked a series of questions and then an investment plan is recommended. A monthly portfolio fee of 0.35% and this amount decreases the more the balance grows. There is no minimum investment. Learnvest: although this platform does not manage investments, clients can contact a Certified Financial planner whom they can contact by phone or email and ask questions. A %19 monthly fee is charged. Personal capital & Wela: these two digital advisors have very similar offerings. For instance, both offer free financial advice to their users. You can receive advice pertaining to all things finance and be assisted to set up a unique game plan based on your specific situation. Users are also free to use all the financial planning tools available at the site at no extra cost. A management fee of less than 1% is charged to users who are connected to a personalized wealth management advisor. A similar program at Wela ensures that a user is charged only when he decides to become a client. If you have your doubts about putting your money with a fully automated system, why not go for a digital advisor that provides you with unlimited access to a financial planner while at the same time providing online convenience so that you are assured if a partner to guide you in making big decisions in life. How They Work: You do not have to rely on a human to discuss your financial goals and expectations. These interactions go on through a website. You will fill out a questionnaire that helps these sites to assess your current financial situation, risk tolerance and goals. The firms will use this information to develop manage and also suggest an asset allocation. Other firms will operate by investing your money in mutual funds and exchange funds. These are passively managed funds. Other firms will be willing to invest in individual stocks although this does not happen so often. Once your portfolio has been constructed the digital advisor will rebalance it on different situations so that you can maintain your target asset allocation. There are some cases where you will not need to fully rely on a digital platform to offer advice. Some elements of the advisor model are mixed with a human advisor. Therefore instead of relying on your response to the given questionnaire, you will be interviewed over the phone or video. You can also access a human advisor via video conferencing. These websites rely on their own algorithms to determine what would be a good fit for you as asset allocation. Depending on the firm, some will be more or less aggressive in their suggestions. Investors have found these websites to be truly valuable in a fast-paced world where many lack the time or interest to manage their own savings or investments. Advanced technology makes it possible for investors to be comfortable in a web-based relationship which assists them to allocate their asset and online portfolios. It has truly changed the way business is done. Read Also: 5 Must-Have Long-Term Goals For A Secure Future How To Become Financially Stable Before Age 30

Save Money

How to Save more Money?

In every person's life, there is a time when we start to set different decisions for ourselves. Someone is probably thinking about quitting smoking, someone else starts commuting to work by bike and somebody wants to find more time for the family. If you don’t really know what to do, I strongly encourage you to save money. Each of us likes to be aware of the amount of money in our bank account, wallet or just likes to look at the savings we have accumulated. I know that it's easy to say and much harder to implement, so I've prepared some useful tips for you on how to save more money every day. For starters, you can go shopping only with a list of what you really need to buy, it will protect you against spontaneous and ill-considered purchases of products you don’t even need in the first place. Remember that it’s essential to have a strong will and to stick to the plan. Eco-driving: If you’ve got a car, economical driving is a great way to save fuel. Keeping your RPMs low and not stopping quickly at the last moment but rather slowly rolling towards the red lights can save you a lot of fuel. Verification of the bank costs of our account: it is worth checking from time to time whether it’s not too expensive to have a personal account in your bank by chance. In times of fierce competition on the market between the best national banks, there is no problem with finding a better offer. Less TV, more movement: Instead of wasting time on the couch, it is better to move, even if you walk. Your weight will drop, your mood will improve, and your wallet will become a little thicker. Planning: Planning everything that can be scheduled is an easy matter for the perfectionists. They love to have everything arranged and prepared as early as possible. Planning avoids sudden and massive expenses. A simple example: a school layette. It has always been known that the school year begins on 1 September, so there is no problem to start saving money to buy books or utensils a few months in advance. It is also possible to plan holidays well in advance, a large amount of time will help us to save money. Bills: Negotiating with utility providers, current bills consume a large part of every family's budget, so I see no reason not to try to reduce them. It is worth checking whether it is worth changing electricity supplier. I also encourage you to regularly check the offers of mobile phone operators or Internet providers. If it is cheaper somewhere, it is worth trying to negotiate better conditions with the current company. Motivation: Mobilizing yourself to make savings without a goal is, in my opinion, a little pointless. That is why I think it is worthwhile to find the motivation to save. It can be a dream trip, buying a new car or securing your child's future. Knowing what you are saving for makes it easier to get down to business. The internet: Learning foreign languages over the Internet, there is no cheaper option, and with a little bit of self-denial, you can achieve great results. Car-sharing: Carpooling, a.k.a. joint commuting to work, school or university and all other places you just have to get to. Just ask your co-workers or your neighbors. Many carpooling services unite the interests of people and you can make new friendships this way! Do not forget that it’s a very environmentally friendly – look at the other cars when you commute to work. They have at least 4  seats and most of the time only 1 person is in the car. Just imagine how many cars would disappear from the roads if four people wherein one car instead of one person in each car. This is just a waste of gasoline. Many people are still afraid of credit cards, but using best credit cards wisely saves a lot of money, not just on Moneybookers. Food: No more wasted food! Statistically, the family throws away food worth 20 euros every month. It is hard to imagine a greater waste. So it’s better to buy less and possibly buy the missing products later than to push the fridge and then throw away the overdue food. Shopping: As we know, there are many examples of smart and rational shopping. For example buying winter tires in the summer or Christmas presents... just after Christmas. Be your own dentist: Taking care of your teeth, we can guess that it is always much cheaper to spend a couple of dollars on a toothpick and a toothpaste than waste hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars on treating them. Healthy diet instead of supplements: Europe is the leader in the field of buying all kinds of medicines and pharmaceuticals. We spend vast amounts of money on it and it’s just a waste of money. Why buy a vitamin C supplement if you can, for example, drink fresh juices or eat fruit? It goes out cheaper, and certainly tastier and healthier. Looking through your wardrobe: Going shopping for clothes only to have fun with your friends is a very simple way to waste tremedous amounts of money. If you think you need new clothes, it's a good idea to review your wardrobe first and assess whether something is missing in it. It can be an opportunity to get rid of damaged or too small things. Subscribing to newsletters, I am myself registered for newsletters of several shops with computer components and regularly get codes for discounts of 10% or 20% each. For post-season holidays, it is better to plan your holidays in June or September, for example. Prices of trips and hotels are much lower then than in July and August, and in many countries, the weather is still guaranteed to be at least good. Moneybox - an old but still effective way to save money. I have it myself and for years I have been throwing little things into it, which are in my wallet. This way, without any effort, I can raise a lot of money that otherwise would go to waste. Currency exchanges at internet exchange offices are much cheaper than permanent ones, not to mention banks. I am of the opinion that a lot of work in your home can be done by yourself. For example, painting walls, grouting, or installing panels. Making sandwiches to work is sometimes a nuisance, but it pays off. A healthy lunch will satisfy hunger better than an expensive snack from a scrubbing machine or fast food restaurant. Buying second-hand items: I’m not only talking about clothes, but also computer games and electronic equipment. A great way to save a lot of money is to buy a new car, which officially is no longer new. Showroom cars or the ones that served as a test modelsare almost in a perfect conditionjust like the new ones, but 20-30% cheaper. Drinking water instead of carbonated drinks is not only much cheaper, but it is also incomparably healthier. If you want to save on buying water, consider installing a reverse osmosis filter in your home. Selling unnecessary items - something to us is just rubbish, but it may be useful to someone else - to such an extent that they will be ready to pay for it. As we can see to save you don’t need to do amazing things, it is enough to focus on simple activities that we do every day and think about what to do to save on it. Above I presented a few methods of saving more money, but each of us can conclude what level of his monthly revenues he wants to keep and what goals he assumes to save his money. Wouldn't it be worth to just start and try an check for yourself which method works for you? Let's start today and not tomorrow. Read Also: Use These Tips To Save Money When You Move Your Business To The Cloud How To Save Money When Shopping Online


What Is NFT Art And How Does It Work

At its core, an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital asset that represents ownership or proof of authenticity of a unique item or piece of content, often an artwork, using blockchain technology. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, NFTs are not interchangeable; each NFT has a distinct digital signature, making it unique and non-fungible.  NFT art refers to digital artworks bought, sold, and traded as NFTs. These can range from digital paintings, animations, music, videos, and more. The art is usually digital, but the NFTs can also represent ownership of physical artwork.  How Does NFT Art Work?  Creation and Minting: Artists create digital art and then "mint" these works as NFTs on various platforms or blockchains like Ethereum. Minting involves creating a new block, validating information, and recording the art as a transaction in the blockchain.  Ownership and Authenticity: Once minted, the NFT's metadata (including the artist's signature, the artwork's details, and ownership history) is securely stored in the blockchain. This ensures the authenticity and provenance of the artwork, making it easy to verify its originality and ownership.  Buying and Selling: NFT art can be purchased on numerous online marketplaces. Transactions are usually made using cryptocurrencies. When an NFT is bought, the ownership is transferred to the buyer, and this transaction is recorded on the blockchain, providing a permanent record of the sale.  Royalties: One of the revolutionary aspects of NFTs is the ability for artists to receive royalties automatically. Artists can program in a royalty system to receive a percentage of sales whenever their art is sold to a new owner.  Benefits of NFT Art  Provenance and Authenticity: NFTs provide a secure and transparent way to prove the authenticity and ownership of artwork.  Global Market Access: Artists can reach a global audience, and buyers can purchase from anywhere.  Royalties: Artists can benefit financially from secondary sales of their work.  Innovative Art Forms: NFTs have encouraged new digital art and creativity forms.  Criticisms and Challenges  Environmental Concerns: The energy consumption of blockchain technology and NFT transactions has raised environmental concerns.  Market Volatility: The NFT market can be volatile, with prices fluctuating dramatically.  Copyright and Plagiarism Issues: There have been instances of art being tokenized without the creator's permission.  Future of NFT Art  The world of NFT art is still in its infancy, and its potential is vast. As technology evolves and more artists and collectors embrace NFTs, we may see new forms of art, innovative uses, and solutions to current challenges. Despite the controversies and growing pains, NFT art is paving the way for a new digital creativity and ownership era.  NFT art represents a significant shift in how we perceive and handle digital ownership and art. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs provide a secure and transparent method to buy, sell, and collect digital art. While there are challenges to address, the NFT space's potential for growth and innovation is immense, making it an exciting frontier in the art world. As with any emerging technology, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts need to stay informed and engaged with the evolving landscape of NFT art.  Read Also: How The NFT Market Is Developing In 2021 Is there a Place for Bitcoin in the Fashion World? Creating Successful Mobile Games: What You Need to Know