How Developers Can Get More Out of Hadoop?

“Time is money” for every organization that seeks to spend time to market, anticipate, and hear requests of the clients and offer them new products and services. Handling data can become tough but Hadoop developers in India are handling it well with the help of big data processing tool. Such tools are extensively used by organizations to help businesses in acquiring real-time insights into the business. If you are also among those developers, you can make optimum use of Hadoop technology using the framework in many ways –

1. Move faster

Just by switching to Apache Spark from data integration jobs built with MapReduce, you will be allowed to complete development jobs two and half times faster. Once the conversion of jobs is done, when you add spark-specific components for positioning and caching, you can enhance the performance five times than before. When you increase the RAM, you can do more stuff in memory and live a 10-fold improvement experience in productivity.

2. Get smart

As you can process big data in real-time, it is still important to perform smart processing data in real-time. In order to enhance the IQ of the query, Spark leverages machine-learning, which allows customizing web content to triple the number of page views. It also enables you to deliver targeted offers that can help double conversion rates. This means you are driving more revenue along with delivering better customer experience.

3. No hand coding

Developers can program anything discussed in this post in Spark, Java, or in Scala. However, there is still a better way. If you are relying on a visual design interface, your productivity can be increased by 10 times or even more.

You can make a start by using a big data sandbox, with Spark.

Ask for assistance from hadoop developers in India if you don’t know how to start.

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