How To Crack Civil Service Exam In One Attempt


01 August 2016


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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts its prestigious Civil Services exam annually to fill the posts of civil servants in government organizations, let it be at the central or state level. Major vacancies that are filled by the UPSC include Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and so on.

If a candidate is able to crack the civil services examination, that would be deemed as a remarkable achievement and the value of such a person would skyrocket in the society and also among his peers. A simple fact about passing the civil services exam is that one who passes such an exam would have to put a serious effort. This eventually means that passing the UPSC exam would not happen just by working hard or by being lucky.

To pass the IAS Exam a candidate has to craft a time table that should be practical and customized to fit his/her study requirements. That would be one of the most important ways that would make sure the exam is cleared in the first attempt.

A candidate should give importance to the notifications provided by the UPSC which clearly states the syllabus for the UPSC exams (Prelims and Mains). The best way would be to keep the Syllabus in a format which ideally should be a printed one which should be viewable from their desks for a glance.

Also, the candidates should definitely remember as to what are the exam dates which would help them to customize their timetables as per the exam requirements. This would also help the candidates to give maximum attention to the subjects which they find difficult and so on. The following points provided below might turn helpful to crack the civil services exam in one attempt.

Get familiar with the subject by knowing the syllabus

It would be really beneficial to understand the UPSC Syllabus thoroughly as it covers all the subjects including the optional ones.  The best part about knowing the syllabus is that it would reduce the stress of the candidate to a great extent as he/she has a clear understanding of even the optional subjects.

Have a timetable that should be practical

From the moment the candidate gets an idea about the syllabus, the next step obviously would be to create a timetable that would cover every subject and simultaneously easy to implement. However, care should be taken regarding not to make the time table neither too rigid nor too flexible and balance would be the key.

Make use of sample question papers (including previous years)

As everyone is aware of the fact that sample questions papers are a replica of the exam pattern followed by the UPSC, it would be of no surprise that most candidates make use of them during their preparation by solving them. Solving them would boost the morale of candidates as they have at least a little bit of idea as to what they can expect from the upcoming exams.

It has been heard from various study circles that there are various institutes providing training for UPSC preparations and everyone has been speaking unanimously about Byju’s learning app. While preparing for UPSC exams, one needs proper guidance right from the start like creating a time table, attend the training courses of high quality, know the tips and tricks to crack the exam, etc along with notifications on exams and so on. The Free IAS prep section provided by Byju’s comprises thing like:

  • video lectures
  • sample question papers
  • complete UPSC Exam syllabus
  • topic-specific articles
  • textbooks
  • test series
  • current affairs
  • list of NCERT and other reference books etc

Finally, they have important sections in their site for things like Daily News Analysis, Notifications, Exam simulation, Answer writing practice and the like which would be helpful for the candidates to take their preparation to the next level.

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Scholarship and Financial Aids for International Students to Study

York University is a public research university which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This university is counted in the top three universities among the Canadian Universities. This deemed university was established in 1959 and consists of around 52,300 students, 7,000 faculty and staff, and around 2, 95,000 alumni across the whole world. The university accepts students from all around the world. If you are an International Student and you wish to apply for any of the courses available at York University, you must be looking for funds. However, York University also offers Scholarships and Financial Aids to deserving students. Keep reading the article to know the details about the Scholarships and Financial Aids available to International Students at York University. Besides this, can be of great help in this regard. The following types of scholarships are available for International Students at the York University: York Entrance Scholarships and Awards York University offers numerous scholarships and awards to International Students. There are numerous awards available at the university. Some awards don’t require any application and you are automatically considered for them. However, there are some awards which require an application and you have to apply for the same. York University Automatic Entrance Scholarships International applications who are studying the Canadian curriculum within or outside Canada are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship need not require any application. Based on the Final Admission Average: 95%+ (42-45 IB diploma points) - $3,500 (renewable for up to 3 extra years)* 90-94.9% (36-41 IB diploma points) - $2,000 85-89.9% (33-35 IB diploma points) - $1,000 80-84.9% (30-32 IB diploma points) - $500 Extra $500 – Student Life Award Students who are eligible for any of the scholarships mentioned above and accept the admission offer by the university. Students who accept the offer of admission before the last date are also eligible for the Student Life Award worth $500 which is granted just once. The aim of introducing this award is to help students with the cost of books, living on the campus, and other expenses. York University Talent Entrance Scholarships This scholarship is awarded to those students who apply for programs in the School of Arts, Media, Performance, and Design (AMPD). No award application is required to avail of this scholarship. Lassonde Entrance Scholarships This scholarship is awarded to those students who apply to the Lassonde School of Engineering. No award application is required to get this scholarship. Columbia Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Entrance Scholarship Students who apply for Liberal Arts and Professional Studies program in the university can avail this scholarship. However, you don’t have to pay any application fee to get this scholarship. Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Entrance Scholarship for International applicants This scholarship can be availed by the students applying for the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies program at the university. Liberal Arts & Professional Studies of India Entrance Scholarship (By Ryan Schools) This scholarship is for those students who apply for Liberal Arts and a Professional course at York University. No award application is required to avail of this scholarship. Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship Students who apply for the Faculty of Science can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is availed by both resident and international students. However, no application is required for the same. York Science Scholars Award This award is granted to the students who apply for Faculty of Science courses. This award requires an application fee of $5,000 as an entrance scholarship and $5.000 as a guaranteed summer research position. International Scholarships and Awards that Requires an Application To avail of any of the scholarships and awards mentioned below, candidates are required to submit an application for the International Student Scholarship and Award. These awards and scholarships are for those students who have a splendid academic record and also for those who show leadership in community services and excellence in the field of Arts and Sports. Necessary Conditions Need to be Fulfilled to Avail These Scholarships The candidate must be an International Student having a study permit to study in Canada. Applicant must have applied to a UG degree course at York University. Candidates must hold an excellent academic record. Students must be nominated from their high school to study at York University. Candidates have to upload a letter of recommendation. On submitting the application for the International Student Scholarship and Award, you will become eligible for the scholarships mentioned below: International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction – This scholarship is awarded thrice per year, the value of each scholarship is $35,000/ year. If the student maintains an outstanding academic record each year, this scholarship can be renewed for an additional three years. Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students – This scholarship is granted two times every year, the value of which is $20,000 per year. If the student maintains an outstanding academic record each year, this scholarship can be renewed for an additional three years. International Circle of Scholar’s Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded once every year, the value of which is $15, 000. York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students – Five to ten of these scholarships are granted every year, the value of which ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. To know more about the scholarships and awards mentioned above, you can also visit the official website of York University and check the complete details over there.  

college study habits

5 Top College Study Habits That Guarantee Success

The main reason for attending college is to study and graduate with skills and knowledge that will be essential for your future life. Your mastery of the knowledge will be tested in numerous assignments, tests, and exams. So you need to study well to score highly. Good college study habits are bringing your success to your doorsteps. What types of success tips do you need to follow? 5 Best Successful College Study Habits: Good study habits for college students are an asset. There are multiple benefits to having these kinds of learning practices. Here are some vital college study habits that will help you improve your grades. 1. Always Motivate Yourself To Study You may not have someone to keep you on your toes when in college. You're the one to determine when to wake up, the classes to attend, and the number of hours to study.  The downside of the freedom to choose what to do and when to do it is that it postpones important activities like studying. So you need to find ways to motivate yourself to learn to counter procrastination. Motivating yourself starts with creating a plan for college study habits. Make a good study schedule to factor in your most productive hours and ensure you follow it. When studying, take short breaks to give your brain time to rejuvenate. It will help you focus more and grasp more content. Another way to motivate yourself is to have good study habits for college. Ensure your goals are realistic, measurable, and timely so they can steer you in the right direction. Have daily, weekly, and even monthly study goals. Once you accomplish one goal, you can swiftly move to the next. Also, don't be too hard on yourself, as that may negatively interfere with your level of motivation. If you need a day off from your studies, take it. Forcing to do something when you are not mentally engaged in it won't bear any fruits. Related Resource: Counselor’s Guide To Choosing The Best Education Majors 2. Have A Long-Term College Study Vision When in college, the professors want to ascertain that you understand your course concepts. You have tests and assignments which are graded to determine your overall academic performance. It means your first-semester grade influences your final year GPA. Therefore, you should develop study skills with long-term results in mind. Do not wait until the exams are too close to start studying. If you do, the tension of studying a large volume of content may negatively affect your ability to read and understand the concepts.  It is common to hear students asking questions like, "who will write my college paper so I can study for my test?" Such individuals start preparing for tests late and then find themselves overwhelmed due to other school projects that need their attention. Develop college study habits of working on your assignments early. It will help ease academic pressure and give you ample time for studying. 3. Master Study Time-Management Skills When you're in college, you may feel like time is flying. It is because of having many activities to attend to with limited time at your disposal. If you're not careful, you may not find time to study and college study habits. The specific activities that may consume your time in college include: Compulsory class attendances The time you spend in traffic Socializing with friends and family members Extracurricular activities  Playing leadership roles Fortunately, these activities do not have to eat into your study time. You should have a robust study plan that prioritizes the most important academic tasks. Complete the most urgent work before you proceed to the others. Organize your study time just like you would when designing a platform like 4. Find Effective College Study Strategies Many students do not know the college study habits and techniques that work for them. Therefore, they emulate what their friends use. They later notice that the copied techniques do not give the results they are looking for. In most cases, such students give up. You shouldn't just adopt a given study technique. For instance, do not assume that reading loudly or in a group will work for you if it is working for someone else. Instead, you should try different study techniques and record the results you obtain. Settle for a method you're sure will work for you, just like how you would pick the best essay writing services. 5. Teach Others And Improve Yourself Some individuals take college study habits as competition between them and their friends. Therefore, they do everything possible to stay ahead of their peers. For instance, they may decide to study alone and even keep information to themselves. Such a habit may not work to your advantage. When you understand concepts, you should teach your friends. It helps you to retain the information for a long time. Besides, your friends can also teach you things you never knew before, which will help you improve yourself. Final Thoughts The college takes a short period to complete, and therefore, you should make the most of it. You should stay motivated, adopt excellent college study habits and techniques, set goals, and understand how to manage your time. Besides, you should teach others as that helps you to improve yourself. Read Also: 7 Reasons Why Online Education is Very Popular Guide To The Legal Education In The United States 8 Surprising Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Education

Mass Communication Students

Mass communication students: (All You Need to Study at Home)

Nowadays many universities have transformed their in-person class to online class because of the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic situation. But studying at home is certainly very challenging for most of the students especially for the mass communication students as they can get distracted by various things like pets, family members, roommates, etc. There may also be some tech problem or you may have limited access to the equipment which can be a huge barrier to effective online learning. Studying at home also requires strong willpower that helps you to stay focused. You will also need a laptop for studying at home and all the accounting laptop details explained here. Apart from that, you also need to implement some strategies and adopt some habits that will help you to study effectively in the new environment. Things that you need to study at home: The following are some essential things that you must do for studying at home effectively during this COVID pandemic situation: Have a designated study area: While you study at home it is very important to create a physical boundary between the study and relaxation area of the student. This will help you to stay focused while studying at home. Apart from that, it is very essential to study to keep your study area clean. Make the study area organized so that you can give more time to studying. Many students have a habit of studying on the bed but you should avoid it and keep it reserved for your nap at night. Create a routine and stick to it: While you study at home you must treat your home as a library or classroom. You must set a time for waking up, freshen up, eating breakfast, and getting dressed and this will signal your brain that it is the time to get back to study. You can write down your schedule so that it becomes easier for you to remember your routine. You must also set a reasonable limit for spending study time each day. Moreover, you also need to break up your study session into some manageable chunks of time. Take notes for online classes: You must put your phone away while studying at home. Apart from that, you must also turn off your notifications from messages and social media on both your mobile and computer. Moreover, it is also essential to close all kinds of irrelevant web pages for minimizing distraction. You should always keep your hand busy while taking notes from the online classes instead of browsing anything on the mobile or laptop. This will help you to turn your attention to the content of your class. Keep a routine for physical activity during the study: You should not try to study continuously. Create a routine and set a break time for your study session. That means, you must have a break time after every 45 minutes of study and during that time you must get up and move around or do some activity like gossiping, watching television, looking at the view outside, or doing something else. This will help you to activate different parts of the brain. Eat and sleep well: You should not forget to eat properly since your body requires some fuel to keep you active. Thus you should have healthy snacks while studying. It is also very important to make sure that you do not take that type of lunch which will make you sleepy. Apart from that, it is also very necessary to have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours at night that will help you to wake up refreshed so that you can get ready to work afresh. Avoid multitasking: Last but not least you must not engage in multitasking while studying. Instead, you must set a schedule for doing a particular work at a particular time. It is highly necessary to focus on a particular work at a particular time. There should be a separate time for studying, relaxing, exercise and other world and you should never try to do all your work at a time. If you set separate time for every work all your work will be done smoothly. Read Also: 7 Reasons Why Online Education is Very Popular Online Schools the Only Source for Personalized Education The Benefits of an Online Adult Education