Important Financial Aid Questions To Ask Your University Authorities


18 November 2020



When it comes to financial aid, every college and university follow different sets of rules and processes. This is why students who apply to multiple scholarships need to be aware and on their toes regarding the application process.

In most instances, colleges schools, and universities forward applications on behalf of the students. In addition to this, you need recommendation letters, attestations, stamping, and other documents to back up your application.

In this article, we speak to Benjy Grinberg Rostrum, a leading name in the world of music scholarships, and ask him about some top questions, students should ask the authorities when it comes to financial aid.

  • What are the Exact Dates for the Application Process?

You might be wondering that deadlines and timelines are always updated and uploaded on the website or the notice board. Why then should you ask a question, which makes you appear to be dumb? The right answer is because most authorities are going to tell you that there are dates when applications can be the most rewarding.

For example, in some places, the earlier the date of application, the better are the chances of success. Waiting for the last date just before the deadline expires is probably not a good option. You also need to understand the semester differences and whether applications affect the same.

  • Can you Apply for more than One Scholarship?


You might be so happy that you have won three smaller scholarships to aid your financial condition. However, please clarify whether the institution has given a go-ahead for integrating the same. This is because some schools and universities find it too tedious to do the paperwork with multiple awarding institutions.

It is true that multiple scholarships create a lot of administrative hassles for the institution. Hence, it is important that you clear this up right away. You can also ask the authorities whether you are entitled to apply for some lesser-known scholarships or not. If you have a good rapport, they will share important pieces of information with you.

Are there any other Income Earning Opportunities associated with the University?

Many universities and colleges help out students who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They ensure that students get access to some kind of income-earning opportunities by working at the premises in some capacity or the other. You can state that you have an urgent need for the same.

Many universities and schools also have tie-ups with small businesses located on campus or near the vicinity. If you feel the need for extra income to help with your tuition payments, you can most definitely reach out to the authorities are requesting them for something in this regard. Many students take up jobs at cafeterias or book shops near the university.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Financial Award?

Finance award

Students need to realize that there is always a fine print when it comes to scholarships and other grants. Just to give you an example, if you win certain specific types of scholarships, you cannot explore earning through part-time opportunities. Likewise, some schools will not help you with references, if you are already enjoying financial benefits from grants or scholarships.

This is why it is important to have a thorough discussion on the same. You do not want to void your scholarship or grant funding by doing something, which violates the same at any time. Talking to the authorities can help in a major way in this regard.

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The Final Word

Apart from the information posted on websites and notice boards, there are tons of information you can gather from talking to the admin section of the institution in a face-to-face manner. This also shows that you are concerned about the same and reflects in a positive manner on your candidature. However, you should irritate or annoy them when they are busy doing something else.

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