Workload Survival Guide for Academics


18 September 2020



Going to university is exciting and fun; however, it means you have to balance your studies and social life. It can be stressful if you don’t know how to manage your workload. Responsibilities sound fantastic, but they can overwhelm you if you don’t plan effectively.

The UAE hosts top-notch universities with world-class facilities that offer high-quality education. The country has partnered with international education providers to bring the most prestigious higher education institutions globally. These resources provide students with the best education; it also means that they have to balance their lives and studies.

Studying in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is known for its hospitality, diversity, economic vitality, political stability, religious tolerance, and safety. The education sector is also competitive and provides world-class institutions.

Pursuing higher education in the UAE enables you to study in some of the most reputable universities in the world. This is a guarantee that you will receive an internationally-recognized certificate at the end of your studies.

Studying in this country also means that you have extensive resources and facilities to help you pursue your degree. Higher education facilities in the UAE are keen to provide their students with the best education. It also enables you to build a strong network that can help you in your career. Also, you can confidently look for jobs anywhere in the world.

How to Manage Your Workload


How do you manage your social life, education, and extracurricular activities at the university? Here is the survival guide to workload management.


Planning is crucial for balancing your life at university. It is necessary to have a planner; write down your lectures and other significant events throughout the semester. Look through the modules and note down assignments due dates. Decide how many hours you will spend studying every week and stick to this plan. Set realistic and achievable goals. This way, you can do your assignments on time, study for exams, and have a social life.


Studying at a university in Dubai allows you to study and socialize; however, you must prioritize your studies and find a balance in your life. Allow enough time for studies and rest. It is tempting to want to party and have fun with friends, but you have to remind yourself why you decided to study. If you always feel overwhelmed, try to do the most vital or challenging tasks first.

Avoid Multitasking:

You will never get anything done if you focus on many things at once. The best way to excel at your university in Dubai is to follow your planner; study when you need to and do your assignments as you have planned. Multitasking like watching TV or using your phone while studying distracts you and causes poor absorption of information; this might cause failure or requiring more time to study. Focusing on many tasks also causes brain-drain.

Don’t Overwork:

Working hard will help you excel in your studies; however, overworking will strain you, and you might not achieve your goals. Study breaks are crucial to achieving success; it motivates and helps you to stay focused. A productive study break leaves you energized and ready to study again.  Effective breaks should refresh and give your mind a break. Doing different things activate different parts of your brain. If you were revising, do something completely different, like taking a short walk. Allowing your mind to rest allows it to absorb and retain more information.

Start Early:

The best way to excel and have balance your studies and social life in the university is to start early. Start with your assignments and essays early; it reduces stress, and you can submit an extensively-researched paper. Waiting to write several essays and meet deadlines at the last minute increases pressure and stress. It also leads to low-quality output which means failure. Stress is harmful to your physical and mental wellbeing.


Having a routine and sticking to it crucial for your wellbeing. You get enough rest and still accomplish your goals. It’s easy to go with the flow in the university because life is not structured and you have a few rules on what to do at a particular time. Routines can be exciting, reduce stress, and improve health; these are essential for goal achievement.

Ask for Support:

Do not shy away from asking for help if you find anything too hard to grasp. Knowing when to ask for support helps you to avoid mistakes and save time. Some topics can be hard to understand, and no matter how hard you try, you just don’t get it. It’s necessary to ask your peers or the professor for help instead of failing.

Going to university is fun and exciting because you have more freedom. However, there are more responsibilities. You want to study, socialize and have time for yourself and all these can be overwhelming. You have to prioritize and plan how to deal with every aspect of your life.

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Can A School Be Legally Responsible For A Student’s Suicide?

A case submitted by the parents of an emotionally-disabled student who practiced suicide makes a claim that school administration can be liable for it.It seems that the suffered student was frightened with a domineering manner almost constantly when at school. The formal accusation against this case is quite offensive, claiming that he was knocked downstairs, spit on, have an emotional impact upon, and verbally annoyed continually.He had Asperger’s disease, a strange absorption with the self that is described by grave social anxiety. The harassment seemed to have been forced, at least partly, by the student’s psychological disability that made it rather complicated for him to cope among his fellow students. Bullying death lawsuit: It demands as being school management’s responsibility, the school did not anything to stop the harassment and ignored frequent warnings.Institute lawful proceedings against schools for bullying are a comparatively new observable experience. This is to a certain extent because of the serious emotional damage that harassment can become the reason has not always been well comprehended. What would have one time been conceded the loss as “boys being boys” is currently a reason for serious fear, given the impressions it can affect as a boy’s short-time safety, and how they work as a part of culture.With this reason in mind, it looks absolutely reasonable to consider the school’s responsibility while they could not do anything to tone down bullying or irritation. Still, the idea of filing a lawsuit for illegal death in the way of suicide does have a little interesting legal problem.(Note: this article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be read as a promotion, solicitation or endorsement. The author has no affiliation cash advance solicitors of its agencies or subsidiaries, or with any other personal injury law firm.)Generally, when filling claim against someone for illegal death, or any further type of neglect, the suffered person has to demonstrate that the negligence manner of the opposing party was the adjoining reason of the harm undergone by the opposing party. “Proximate reason” basically means that the underlying string is not so extensive and weakened that there was not any way for the opposing party to deal with ahead of time that this way would have such results.When a person dies by their own hand, no matter how clear their motivations were, some people are very uncomfortable withholding a third party legally responsible for that person’s death. “After all,” they might say “that person made an affirmative choice to commit suicide.”This thing is appealing to mind, but it doesn’t really withstand wear or criticism. It’s frequently experienced that serious depression, and further types of suffering, can weigh so a lot to a person that he really is in the mood for suicide is the just choice. A few people can be selected the option wherever suicide, without involvement, is all but expected.Because of the reason given, if the affirming statement in opposition to the school is right (that they are familiar with the harassment and did a bit or not anything to avoid it), and a student practices suicide as a result of the bullying (furthermore it can be established that bullying was, indeed, the main motivation), the school management can and should be held legally responsible.Saam Smith is a blogger who works alongside a team of cash advance solicitors they offers 100 % compensation without no 25% deduction. She has had his work published across a huge range of different platforms, Blogs, Papers, News and media. She has previously worked as a content writer and a journalist. She likes the springtime, long walks on the beach, and feeding the squirrels in the park, and one day would like to write a best-selling novel.Read More: Top 6 U.S. Universities That Offer Health Science Course Improve Your Life With A Coach How To Write A Personal Essay? Best MBA Colleges In India Attracting The Best Of Best Among Students Comic Relief For College Students

online Pharmacists

Why Are People Turning To Online Pharmacists?

Online pharmacists are becoming so popular that the regulations have recently changed to better benefit the patient. These platforms now perform efficient questionnaires designed to eliminate any inappropriate or avoidable medications for the customer, but there are so many other benefits, too! Why Are People Turning To Online Pharmacists? Discretion And Confidence To Order One of the biggest factors that motivate consumers to use online pharmacists is because they offer a discreet, anonymous service. This is more appealing to those who may be embarrassed by the medication they require. For example, a lot of people choose to buy sildenafil online to help with sexual performance, or even medications that prevent or increase hair growth, are commonly bought online today. Most pharmacists promise a discreet packaging service, too.Online pharmacists are having a positive impact on conditions that people may find embarrassing, such as STIs. This is because consumers have subtle, speedy access to the medication they need to prevent the spread of ‘embarrassing’ but also very common conditions. Consumable Information Low-risk conditions or reoccurring symptoms that have been diagnosed as not a concern by a medical professional, such as hay fever, or one-off medicines such as the morning after pill, still require a lot of information. Consumers feel more comfortable being able to research and digest the information about individual medications before they commit to a purchase.Online pharmacies satisfy this need for consumers. They provide expert advice and authoritative information about healthcare. They often also provide helplines in which people can discreetly discuss conditions and make informed decisions about medications. Online information means that, unlike in brick and mortar pharmacists, consumers do not feel the pressure to make an immediate or rush decision. They can weigh up their options and pick what they believe to be the best option for them. Convenience & Rush Orders As with all online retailers and eCommerce brands, online pharmacies give consumers purchasing power. They can choose the product they prefer, with so many options and platforms available to fulfill their needs. Receiving medication through the post is also much more convenient for those living in remote places or with conditions that limit mobility.In turn, consumers can choose postage options based on urgency as well as budget. Medications that are required for a time-sensitive concern, such as the morning-after pill, can be accessed quickly, discreetly and conveniently. Simple Ordering Process Accessing some medications requires a GP, nurses or private pharmacists appointment. Ordering online and using a digital pharmacy can speed up the process and help consumers avoid a long waiting period. Typically, pharmacists offer next day delivery. In some major cities with couriers, same-day delivery is sometimes available. This efficiency is endlessly convenient and helpful when it comes to your health. Automatic Refills Some online platforms make repeat purchases easier than ever before. Not only do patients reclaim the time that was spent going to their pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, but they also reduce the risk of going without critical medications, including contraceptives and prescribed vitamin supplements.At the point of sale, consumers are able to enter how often they take the medication and online tools calculate when a repeat purchase is required. They can then set up direct debits and reduce the worry of going without ever again.Read Also:The perfect auto insurance company just for you How to choose the right online pharmacy

Alcohol Certification Class

7 Benefits Of Taking An Online Alcohol Certification Class

Taking an online alcohol certification class offers many benefits. These include learning at your own pace, accessing various devices, and receiving discounts.Liquor control commissions, regulators, and liability insurance carriers all want employees who serve and sell alcohol to be certified. This will reduce their liability risk.Here Are 7 Prime Advantages Of Taking An Online Alcohol Certification Class1. Avail discountsOne of the most exciting benefits of taking an online alcohol certification class is the discounts and offers you get. These perks include free sample tests, mobile alcohol education tools, and free sample swag.In addition, you will find many other cool tools and resources to help you along the way. Some of these are even free, or very low cost, to the lucky few.When choosing an online education provider, you should look for the best-certified provider, like Alcohol certification Colorado which offers the best quality and value. This will assure you that you are taking a class that meets the state’s high standards and is not simply a scam.2. Learn at your own paceTaking an online alcohol certification class is one of the most convenient ways to learn about responsible drinking and how to serve alcohol responsibly. You can complete these courses on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet at your own pace and schedule.Whether a new or experienced server, this online course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to serve your clients safely. It will also help you prevent underage drinking, drunk driving, and other safety issues in your business.In some states, it is mandatory to have alcohol training for all employees who sell or serve alcoholic beverages. This will ensure your customers are safe and reduce your liability if you are ever found responsible for violating the law.3. Save MoneyAn online alcohol certification class is the simplest and most convenient way to complete your state-required alcohol training. In addition, this allows you to learn from your own home or office and save money on travel costs and hotel accommodations.In addition, online alcohol certification classes are more affordable than classroom versions. This makes them a viable option for people with limited budgets but still want to ensure they do all they can to be safe in the workplace.4. Easily download the certificateYou can access the course from any device and save your progress when you stop reading. In addition, many employers and states require employees who sell or serve alcohol complete a responsible alcohol training program. This program can help reduce liability for businesses and workers.5. Bring education right to your homeTaking an online alcohol certification class is a great idea for anyone who works in a business that serves or sells alcohol. This includes restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, breweries, liquor stores, and grocery stores.The benefits of online training over a classroom course are many. The main advantage is that you can complete the training independently.A good online alcohol certification class will be designed to educate you on the latest legal and technical aspects of serving and selling alcoholic beverages responsibly. You will learn about the different laws and regulations that govern the sale and consumption of alcohol, as well as how to handle an intoxicated customer.Related: Tips to Follow When Ordering Alcohol Online6. Personalized EducationPersonalized education is the trend of delivering learning experiences tailored to each student’s specific needs, abilities, and preferences. Many companies and philanthropies are now backing this movement, which aims to improve student outcomes.Educators use a variety of approaches to personalize learning, including adaptive software that adjusts to students’ abilities and interests. Some focus on small-group instruction, while others give students more choice over how they present their work or what assignments they take on.7. ConvenienceTaking an online alcohol certification class is one of the most convenient ways to learn the skills necessary to serve alcohol responsibly. You can learn at your own pace, save time and money, and take the class anywhere.Many states require employees who sell or serve alcoholic beverages to complete training. In addition, some businesses need their staff to complete training to be eligible for a job.ConclusionIf you are a responsible alcohol server or seller, you know how important it is to keep your establishment and customers safe. Failure to do so can result in fines, imprisonment, increased insurance costs, and even losing your business. Online alcohol certification classes are a convenient and affordable way to meet your state requirements.When you take an online alcohol certification class, you can complete your course anytime at your own pace. The course is accessible anywhere, and you can study on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, or any other device. You can also save your progress and continue from where you left off. Moreover, these courses are inexpensive and easy to understand.Read Also:The Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Alcoholic SpiritsWhat To Do if Alcoholism “Runs” in the Family10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol Today