Tips for Getting Research Published


26 March 2020



There are different reasons you might want to have your research published in a scientific or medical journal, but it’s not necessarily easy.

When your research is published, you’re framing yourself as a highly credible, authoritative source. You’re also putting yourself directly in front of your desired audience, and positioning yourself as a thought leader.

As a researcher, you want to convey the idea that you are contributing to the knowledge base within your industry or niche.

So how can you get your research published, and what should you know?

Tips for Getting Research Published:

When You’re Writing

When you’re writing for publication of research, you want to present everything in a logical progression. You want your writing to move through a story, as you present the facts.

You should try to avoid writing and editing your research at the same time, and make your argument very apparent. Don’t make readers dig for it.

You also want to be able to make sure that you could quickly sum up your paper in an easy-to-understand way, and that’s conveyed in the writing itself.

Your argument should more than likely be presented in the first line of your paper and you’re abstract.

You want to make sure that you’re not trying to fit too many ideas or concepts into one paper either. You want to be pretty specific with what your hook or main idea is.

Have a Colleague Go Over Your Work

If you’re writing a research paper, it can be a good idea to have someone who is in your industry and who understands it goes over it.

Then, you might also want to have someone who isn’t in your line of work go over it so that you can get that outside perspective, and once you do those things, you can start thinking about professional editing services.

Submitting Your Work

When you’re looking for journals where you can submit your work, you want to make sure your work is a good fit for the journal you submit to.

If you submit to a journal that’s not a good fit for your research, you’re just wasting your time.

You also need to pay attention to all the guidelines for submissions because, again, you’re wasting your time if you don’t.

When you’re writing a cover letter to go with your submission, don’t repeat the abstract. The cover letter is a chance for you to draw the reader in, rather than sending something repetitive of what else you’ve written.

In your cover letter, you want to include an outline of the bigger picture of what you want to convey.

What many people don’t realize is that one of the main reasons people get rejected when they submit to a journal is that they don’t follow the journal’s guidelines.

Pretty much every journal is going to have its own set of guidelines for submission.

These guidelines can dictate quite a bit of the detail as far as even your content—for example, there are the varying minimum and maximum article lengths you have to think about and formatting is a big issue too.

If you spend too much time submitting to too many journals, you either don’t meet these standards, or you’re caught up in trying to tailor your paper for each one.


When you submit a paper, you’ll be provided with feedback and revision requests, if you’re accepted.

Once you resubmit, you’ll want to provide a document about the changes you’ve made and how you’ve incorporated them into your manuscript.

Before you respond to any feedback, make sure you give yourself time to look at it objectively and thoughtfully.

Choose a Great Editor

The idea of working with a professional editor was briefly touched on above, but it’s an important concept.

You want to find an editor who understands not just things like grammar and language, but also research papers in particular. They can help make sure that the entire focus of your paper is your research rather than potential errors.

An editor can look at clarity, which is critical with technical writing, as well as your word choice and organization.

They can also look at style guide consistency based on the requirements of the journal you’re submitting to.

Submitting research can be intimidating but also important for your business and your career. Don’t rush into haphazardly but instead be strategic in your submissions, as much as you are with the research itself.

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The Many Benefits of Online Education

Studying online used to be a foreign idea, but now it is becoming common. Some parents prefer to home school their kids and decided to use the internet to communicate with the teachers. There are also courses in college that are available through online delivery, so if you are already working but you still wish to continue your education, you could study online. In many cases, online learning could be as effective as face-to-face learning and if you want to improve your communication skills, you could learn about transition words and other sophisticated ways to communicate with others. These are some other benefits of learning online. 1. Lots of options: From traditional four-year courses to postgraduate degrees, there are several options available for you. Ask the college to assess your current credentials to determine if you could take those courses and if you do not want a regular degree, there are crash courses for you to consider instead. 2. Cheaper cost: The tuition fee might be the same with regular universities, but you are saving money on everything else since as you can study from home, so you do not need to spend money on rent. You are not driving to school, you can also cook your meals from home and even the resource materials are available online. You can print them yourself instead of purchasing expensive resources meaning you’ll also return all the requirements online, being much more efficient. 3. Comfortable learning environment: The primary reason why several college students do not do well is that they do not feel comfortable with their learning environment. They need to force themselves to wake up to study even if it is too early. With online education, you decide when you want to study. In education, the law of readiness is crucial and it states that learners could maximize learning when they are ready to do so. Therefore, having an online course allows you to study based on your free time, and on the time when you are comfortable to learn since otherwise, it’s likely nothing will enter your brain. 4. Flexibility: Some people are already working, but they still want to improve themselves through formal education. You can now work and study at the same time with the help of online learning, so you can work during the day and study at night. If you are a parent, you can stay at home and still take care of your kids even while you are earning your degree. This clearly shows that it is not yet too late for you to learn. 5. Advance your career: While working, you also want to advance your career. The problem is when you didn’t study advanced courses, your fellow employees who did will have better opportunities than you. Since you can now study whenever you can compete with them. You can also use the knowledge obtained from your online course to prove that you are worthy of the promotion. Given these reasons, it is time to consider studying online. Whether your goal is to finish a degree or to have a crash course to improve your writing skills, it is now possible when you enroll online. Read Also: 3 Reasons Why Online Degrees Are Better The Benefits Of An Online Adult Education Kids Will Get These Benefits If They Learn Coding


Can A School Be Legally Responsible For A Student’s Suicide?

A case submitted by the parents of an emotionally-disabled student who practiced suicide makes a claim that school administration can be liable for it. It seems that the suffered student was frightened with a domineering manner almost constantly when at school. The formal accusation against this case is quite offensive, claiming that he was knocked downstairs, spit on, have an emotional impact upon, and verbally annoyed continually. He had Asperger’s disease, a strange absorption with the self that is described by grave social anxiety. The harassment seemed to have been forced, at least partly, by the student’s psychological disability that made it rather complicated for him to cope among his fellow students. Bullying death lawsuit: It demands as being school management’s responsibility, the school did not anything to stop the harassment and ignored frequent warnings. Institute lawful proceedings against schools for bullying are a comparatively new observable experience. This is to a certain extent because of the serious emotional damage that harassment can become the reason has not always been well comprehended. What would have one time been conceded the loss as “boys being boys” is currently a reason for serious fear, given the impressions it can affect as a boy’s short-time safety, and how they work as a part of culture. With this reason in mind, it looks absolutely reasonable to consider the school’s responsibility while they could not do anything to tone down bullying or irritation. Still, the idea of filing a lawsuit for illegal death in the way of suicide does have a little interesting legal problem. (Note: this article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be read as a promotion, solicitation or endorsement. The author has no affiliation cash advance solicitors of its agencies or subsidiaries, or with any other personal injury law firm.) Generally, when filling claim against someone for illegal death, or any further type of neglect, the suffered person has to demonstrate that the negligence manner of the opposing party was the adjoining reason of the harm undergone by the opposing party. “Proximate reason” basically means that the underlying string is not so extensive and weakened that there was not any way for the opposing party to deal with ahead of time that this way would have such results. When a person dies by their own hand, no matter how clear their motivations were, some people are very uncomfortable withholding a third party legally responsible for that person’s death. “After all,” they might say “that person made an affirmative choice to commit suicide.” This thing is appealing to mind, but it doesn’t really withstand wear or criticism. It’s frequently experienced that serious depression, and further types of suffering, can weigh so a lot to a person that he really is in the mood for suicide is the just choice. A few people can be selected the option wherever suicide, without involvement, is all but expected. Because of the reason given, if the affirming statement in opposition to the school is right (that they are familiar with the harassment and did a bit or not anything to avoid it), and a student practices suicide as a result of the bullying (furthermore it can be established that bullying was, indeed, the main motivation), the school management can and should be held legally responsible. Saam Smith is a blogger who works alongside a team of cash advance solicitors they offers 100 % compensation without no 25% deduction. She has had his work published across a huge range of different platforms, Blogs, Papers, News and media. She has previously worked as a content writer and a journalist. She likes the springtime, long walks on the beach, and feeding the squirrels in the park, and one day would like to write a best-selling novel. Read More:  Top 6 U.S. Universities That Offer Health Science Course Improve Your Life With A Coach How To Write A Personal Essay? Best MBA Colleges In India Attracting The Best Of Best Among Students Comic Relief For College Students

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6 Affordable Online Courses You Should Take

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