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21 July 2018


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In different companies case studies supportive and also win the business success and are in a demand and generation. Case studies are a powerful piece of targeted marketing and then are credible and potential customers are more likely to believe their peers and then a bunch of marketers working for a vendor and not only that they also help customers and understand the benefits and apps of brands in this case studies services, not only the services but also you can have better information at

Most of the customers actually do want to support giving the exact information and key benefits and at the formality theoretical case studies and structure because inherently know conditions. Basic thing is that as the issue studies writing a great case factor and then to abandon the notion and are all together. If you want a story then something compelling authentic and real will be better for case studies.

Calling script for a better case study :

Most of the marketing people as just after the hero case study and with the big brand recognition and identification are best. Reality is that now certain people rarely want to give case studies and if they do. On the time comes to PR and better ranking most of the successful case studies and have written have been about unknown. In addition, if it is the thing which is well written and case study subject will want to share it.

The basic thing is the foundation of good case studies depends upon the good interview so if you like to interview clients and account manager and then the most senior guy at the target company who is willing to become a case study partner. Requirement techie interview in a skilled manner and also facts right for better case study writing is important.

Necessary things for a modern case study :

First and foremost thing about a unique case study is context and the thing about the larger business trend in business. Now as the best party research validates and trend about.

Secondly, the organization is the better and next customer so as an organization and organized story around their pain points and about a certain complete journey. Same as also depend on the information which is necessary.

Objective facts and putting a dollar on the value of solutions and then giving as define and ROI in the different details. Most of the time customers and lovers services brands for multiple reasons.

Case study format elements :

As a lead quote or the testimonial using a quip from the interviewed reference and then the client or the customer is repeated within the perfect body of the text is perfect. Such a thing also includes three of the four benefits statements in it. On the other hand, it should showcase the company supported and helped the firm in a proper case study. Explanations and challenging to solve the problems in writing a better and specific case study and different point of view that empathizes with the reader’s perception of difficulties.

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College Textbooks

How to Reduce the Cost of College Textbooks

Textbooks are a painful purchase for any student. Year after year, prices continue to rise, often resulting in textbook fees being added to the pile of crippling student loan debt facing the nation. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can reduce the cost of your books. College Textbooks can make things simple for a student.  There is almost never a need to buy a brand new textbook at full price, so explore your options before you commit to anything. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t plan on buying all of your books in one transaction because purchasing them individually will net the most savings. Forget the Campus Bookstore Unless you are bound by a tuition stipend or other financial means to purchase your books at the campus bookstore, stay away. This is the guaranteed way to pay the highest prices for textbooks, even when buying used. The bookstore used to be the source for students, but thanks to technology, there are plenty of other ways to get the books that you need for a lot less. The exception here is for research purposes; in most cases, the campus store is going to have the highest prices. However, there may be a rare occasion where they don’t. Feel free to call or visit and get a list of prices for the books that you need, just for the sake of comparison when you go online to shop around. Always Buy Used Unless there is a specific text you will keep forever or absolutely need the brand new edition of for some reason, buy your books used. These are at least ⅓ less than the cost of brand new books, and offer the same information on the pages. Some are in better condition than others, but most used resellers will provide condition information and pictures of the book you are purchasing so that you can see what you are actually getting. You can find thousands of used copies online at prices that you can afford. When you are buying used books, check out their resale value and the return policy of the seller you purchase from. Reselling your books after the semester is over is a great way to recoup some money that can go towards next semester’s books. Or, you can take the money and treat yourself for saving hundreds on your textbooks by buying used in the first place. The return policy is important because if a book arrives in unusable condition, you need to be able to send it back. Your class won’t be nearly as informative with a partial textbook, after all. Rent or Borrow Books The school or public library might have books that you need for classes. Before you spend a dime, look into these sources for common texts, literature books, and other texts available for you to borrow. Libraries are a great resource that often gets overlooked. The downside here is that you may only be able to borrow a book for a part of the semester. Ask about their renewal policies when considering this option. College Textbooks can make your life easier by all means. There is an increasing market in the campus bookstore realm for textbook rentals. This is another exception to the “avoid the bookstore” rule, of course. The most expensive texts are usually available for rental from your campus store, which might be the best financial option. Before you rent, though, make sure that you know what you are signing up for. Take extra good care of the books so that you aren’t charged for damage upon their return, or forced to purchase them outright (which is what you were trying to avoid in the first place). You can also rent textbooks online, or download ebook versions of the texts that you need for your college classes. Sell Your Old Books You can reduce the cost of your next semester’s textbook bill by selling your old books. Don’t sell them back to the campus bookstore, because they usually don’t offer much. Plus, you might only get credit to use in the store. Instead, consider selling them online or through community marketplaces. Advertise them around campus for other students, too. When you sell textbooks online, you can often choose the price and compare what others are selling. That gives you a better idea of how much you can actually earn. Feel free to look around and get a few different quotes before you commit. Most re-seller websites that buy college texts will allow you to enter the ISBN and get an estimate of how much you will get for the books you are selling. See where you can get the most money for your books, even if you have to sell them in a few different places. A Little Research Goes a Long Way Your college book purchases don’t have to break the bank. Whether you need to reduce the cost on the front end or just make up the difference and sell textbooks to help cut the costs, there are plenty of options available. Just give yourself a little time to explore your options. An extra hour of your time could save you hundreds, no matter what degree you are studying. Read Also: 5 Ways College Students Can Minimize Back To School Stress 5 Tips For College Students On How To Begin Investing Using Their Saved Pocket Money The Importance Of Writing Business Reports In College

Students aspiring

NEET 2018 Notification Delayed: Is it due to MCI Amendments?

Students aspiring for NEET 2018 are anxiously waiting for its official notification which was expected to be out on Feb 1, 2018. The first week of February 2018 has already come to an end and there is no official update or word released from the conducting authorities on the official website. It has become a moment of Deja-vu as recalling NEET 2017 and its timeline of debatable events and consequent delays that followed. Lakhs of aspirants are waiting to fill the application form for NEET 2018 preferably before they start with their board exams in March. Till now there is no confirmation from CBSE as to by when will they release the NEET 2018 notification. It is speculated that the cause of the notification being delayed by the official body this year is the cap of age limit fixation on NEET. Medical Council of India on January 22, 2018, released an official gazette which states that the upper age limit for taking NEET UG test to be 25 years for unreserved category candidates and relaxation of 5 years for reserved category candidates making it 30 years for them. If this is the actual reason for the delay of the NEET 2018 exam notification then it is difficult to say that the notification will be released anytime soon as no official word from the authorities is out yet. MCI has made amendments in the “Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997”, which clearly states that the students who have appeared or are appearing as a private candidate or through open schools for their class 12 examination are not allowed to appear for NEET. As per NEET Eligibility Criteria, candidates can only sit for the exam if they have two years of regular and continuous study of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Biotechnology taken together in class 12th as a full-time student. Furthermore, opting for Biology/Biotechnology as an additional subject in 10+2 is not allowed. In addition to this, there is also an upper age limit as mentioned above. The upper age limit specified in the amendment would be applicable as on the date of the examination. Till date, the minimum age limit for NEET is set at 17 years as on or before December 31 in the year of admission to the medical college. The new amendment has introduced the maximum age limit as well which is 25 years for general category students and 30 years for reserved category students. The respective age has to be attained by students sitting for the NEET exam and calculation of age will be on the date of the examination. This means that for NEET 2018 general and reserved candidates should not be above 25 years and 30 years respectively on the date of the exam which is tentatively May 06, 2018. Keeping in mind the interest of open and private school students, National Institute of Open Schooling, NIOS has not accepted these amendments made by MCI. NIOS has written to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development to take action against the gazette released by MCI. MHRD has accepted the application from NIOS and has advised the Ministry of Health not to implement the new rules and roll back the amendments. There have been reports which suggest that the MCI has been asked to take back their amendments made on January 22, 2018, but there is no confirmation yet regarding the same. It may so happen that MCI is working on making changes in their orders which is resulting in CBSE delaying the release of NEET 2018 notification. There could also be contention over the age limit mentioned in the notification because as per news reports few students were planning of taking this matter to the Supreme Court. Students are planning to challenge the MCI’s upper age limit rule for NEET in the apex court. There is no clear picture yet as to the new rules by MCI will be implemented from this year or not. It seems that different bodies like NIOS, MCI and Ministry of Health all have different opinions over the matter of upper age limit and private school students appearing for NEET. The delay in NEET 2018 online notification may be extended if there is no conclusion over the MCI’s gazette soon. Hopefully, the medical aspirants this year do not have to face the same chaos which faced in the NEET 2017 and the NEET 2018 application process starts within a week. Read More :  1. JEE Main 2018- Importance Of Practicing With Previous Year Question Papers 2. Things To Consider Before Finalizing An Online Barber Training School  

Professional Qualification Courses

Top 6 Reasons Why Professional Qualification Courses Are The Best Way To Learn

With the numerous ways available currently to further your learning it can be quite overwhelming to find the right qualification that matches your personality and aspirations. Professional qualifications offered in London are packed with unique benefits that can enable students to gain a competitive edge over the candidate pool. If you are looking for professional qualification courses, then read the following points to learn why London is the best place to consider continuing with your education and the wide array of professional roles that it can offer you. 1. Affordability Professional qualifications are a great way to top up your university degree in a more affordable manner or even lay a solid foundation of a particular subject or topic that you are planning on doing as your undergraduate or postgraduate program. Moreover, a majority of business employers worldwide consider professional qualifications as a benchmark of competence and are more eager to recruit individuals who have the commitment and dedication towards learning. 2. Flexibility Besides saving you from stress and money loss, professional qualifications offered in London are designed to help students fit their learning around their work and personal life, as well as complete their assignments at a pace that you are comfortable with. When it comes to professional qualifications you can on your certification from the comfort of your home via virtual learning platforms where you can take up classes a few times a week, in the evening or during the weekends, allowing you to delve into your studies at a time that you're able to attend. 3. Accessibility Professional programs allow you to pick up learning related to a specific area of interest and at your level on individual topics, covering a range of subjects. It is the best way to proper in a direction that you want your career to move towards and can be quite a boost to your aspirational or existing professional role, without even the need to possess any prior knowledge or experience. 4. Hands-on training  Professional courses taught in London are delegated by industry experts and highly experienced tutors who are more than happy to share their knowledge and decades of experience but students across the globe. Throughout the course curriculum, you will not only get to deal with realized scenarios but also obtain an in-depth understanding of the industry that you are currently engaged in and apply the professional skills gained in your day-to-day work. 5. Career progression and employability Completing a professional course from London can help you win a new role or increase your chances of promotion, opening doors for you to step up within the industry that you want to establish yourself in. 6. Upskill or reskill Opting for a professional course can help you drive in a changing work environment by relearning certain essential abilities of a professional role and expanding your existing knowledge about a brand. To learn more about professional programs and the dedication and platform that we have to offer visit our website today! Apply to a professional course of your choice and make a difference in your everyday professional life by choosing a career path that you are best suited for. Read Also: 4 Factors to Consider When Making a Great eLearning Course Topic 3 – Transform your Career with Online Certification Courses Should you Study a Business Course Online? Types of Fashion Designing Courses You Should Know