Why Invest In Belleek Pottery?

Belleek Pottery

You may or may not have heard of Belleek Pottery before but this Irish brand has developed a world-renowned reputation over the last 160 years. Known for being the pinnacle of high quality, Belleek is simple some of the best-made pottery you can buy.

Whether your style is natural and simplistic or contemporary and fun; there is a style of Belleek Pottery which is perfect for your home. Thanks to the superior quality of Belleek Pottery you can be assured that your choice of pottery will not only look great in your home but also stand the test of time. With both style and substance aplenty- what more could you ask for?

Belleek Pottery


What is Belleek Pottery?

Originally known as Belleek Pottery Works Company, Belleek Pottery first began producing pottery and tables wear in 1857. Back then the company’s style was based in heavy earthenware. Belleek is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest potteries and 2017 marks their 160th anniversary. The Belleek headquarters are still located in the original building used for the production of the first pieces of Belleek in County Fermanagh in 1870. The company was originally intended to give employment to many affected by the Irish Potato Famine. No one could have envisioned it would grow into the worldwide success of today.

Each piece of Belleek Pottery is individually designed and crafted using techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation throughout the last 160 years. Each piece of pottery passes through 16 pairs of talented and experienced hands before it is shipped out to its new owner. To ensure only the highest quality of finishes, the entire process is meticulous with pieces being confined to the scrap heap for even the tiniest of flaws. The Belleek name embodies a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship and quality and each piece produced by the historical company does not disappoint.

Is Belleek Right For You?

When you invest in Belleek Pottery you are guaranteed to end up with tableware you will be proud to show off. If your tastes are simple and organic then you may prefer ranges such as the Pure or Grafton ranges- white and clean with sashes of character. If you prefer something more patterned then the Novello tableware range may be right up your street- fun yet classy.

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No matter your style, there is a range to suit your tastes and this is an investment you will be happy you made when you are still using your pristine Belleek tableware years down the line thank to its superior quality. If you are celebrating a special occasion or having guests over for a meal then a set of Belleek tableware is bound to set a good impression as well as impress your guests with your style and good taste.

As part of the celebrations for the 160th anniversary of Belleek Pottery, the company has produced 16 unique and original pieces to represent each of the decades of which the company has been in production.

So What’s Stopping You?

Investing in a set of Belleek Pottery is much more than simply buying some nice looking tableware. You are investing in a piece of Irish craftsmanship which has a history over 160 years old. Each piece will have been lovingly crafted using techniques hundreds of year in the perfecting and the unique designs will have your guests impressed by with your taste.

Pick out some Belleek fine Parian china tableware which suits your taste and your homes décor and be safe in the knowledge that your purchase will last you well beyond the time you need it. The quality of Belleek Pottery will shine out whenever you use your new tableware.

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Cleaning Tips

Home Maintenance Plans And Cleaning Tips During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak rages on as many fall victim to the deadly virus. Everyone started with the assumption that it is something benign that will soon be over, but no one speculated that the virus could evolve into something so catastrophic. Entire countries beat down by the virus are now practicing strict precautionary measures and complying with the imposition of a house quarantine. The damage can't be reverted, but everyone is playing their part to minimize it and save as many lives as possible. As unfortunate as the condition is, it is onto us to play an active role and do the needful to ensure our safety. Local authorities and governments have published and requested people to observe a set of rules to minimize spreading the virus when out of the house. Exercising these measures have helped people take a step towards securing themself from a host of the COVID-19. However, it isn't sufficient as we can do a lot more to raise the bar and tighten the grip to avoid catching this virus. Staying indoor at all times doesn't mean that we are not susceptible to this virus as it can survive on surfaces, especially metals, from where others can get it. What we should be doing to guarantee our safety is to go to extensive lengths and adopt extraordinary hygiene practices. Not just of ourselves, but the surroundings where we are living should also be in exemplary states. If you feel that you have ever been half-hearted in cleaning up your house, now might be a good time to make up for it and show some diligence. Practicing personal hygiene includes all the necessary steps like bathing regularly, washing hands after short intervals, and maintaining distances. People can do this even if they don't have a quarantine handbook to follow, but exterminating the traces of this virus from your house can be a challenge. There are many ways that you can do this, but there are certain subtleties that you need to practice while at it to do it right. It may sound easy, but it heightens the risk of contracting the virus. That is why you need to be extra careful and make sure that you are prioritizing your health and safety while doing this. With that noted, here are some maintenance and cleaning tips that you should follow to build your defenses against this virus. Here are home maintenance plans and cleaning tips during COVID-19 1. Secure The Entrance In a normal situation, this would mean placing a security guard on your front door to keep anyone from intruding. However, under these circumstances, the objective remains the same, but you need to use inanimate objects to secure the parameter. Like many other counties, people in Australia have started covering up windows with solid window shutters to avoid anything floating in from there. You can find some high-quality window shutters in Sydney to help you do this. The next step would be to cover the basement, since it is an area likely to have an opening from outside, like a water inlet. If you find anything like that, keep it sealed unless you have no other option but to use it. Besides this, look for openings and cracks in your flooring or ceilings, and try to patch them up, even if it is temporary. Follow these to ensure that whatever is outside, stay outside. 2. Cleaning Layers Don't panic and start applying the disinfectant everywhere. It is neither the best effective nor the right way to go about the situation. If you see dirt on a surface, use some water and soap to clean it first, and then use the disinfectant. Don't forget to target the areas that are most frequently touched by everyone. These include doorknobs, staircase railings, switches, remote controls, desks, toys, electronic devices, and similar other stuff. Be thorough. One thing that the quarantine has granted us is time, so don't rush with your cleaning. 3. Cleaning The Cleaners What's dirtier than the surface that you are cleaning are the tools that you are using to do it. Wash sponges and wiping clothes after using them to clean a surface so that you don't pass on the germs of one place to another. Don't miss out on the internal surface of your vacuum cleaner. After removing the dirtbag, apply a disinfectant and wait for it to dry off before placing the dirtbag back in. Don't use your bare hands to pull out the dirtbag. Try putting on some gloves to avoid catching anything from it. And between all this, don't forget to clean your gloves when moving on to another task. Take them off, wash them, and don't forget to wash your hands at the end of it all. That should suffice. 4. Get It Off From Your Clothes If the virus can survive on surfaces, then it can survive on your clothes as well. Wash things that are used regularly, like undergarments, towels, and linens between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. Try and use a bleach-based detergent or a bioproduct to ensure that the clothes get rid of anything that can spread. Handle the dirty laundry with care and maintain minimal contact with it. Don't touch them unless you have to. Once done, let your washing machine run empty for a while to get everything out of the system. And in case if you don't have a washing machine, then don't think of doing your laundry inside the house. You will risk spreading the virus. It's better to take it outside and bring it back in once done. Summary These were some primary maintenance and cleaning tips that you should follow to disinfect your house. Try to start early and do it daily to minimize the risks. In case you feel unwell, don't act tough, and distance yourself from all these tasks. Try to stay isolated until whatever you were experiencing subsides. If your condition doesn't improve, reach out to the relevant health care services immediately to get yourself checked. Practice strict personal hygiene and don't neglect minor symptoms if they aren't going away. The best way to survive this is by exercising caution, so don't slack off on it. Read Also: The Need for End of Tenancy Cleaning 5 Tips on effectively picking a tile floor cleaning machine Vancouver House Cleaning Services with Local Home Cleaners Near You

Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning Your Home with Pets – The Most Common Problems

For most of us, pets are a part of the family, we love them, talk to them and generally pamper them. However, they don’t always return the favor by behaving as we would want them to – after all, they are animals and different species, so some of their habits and instincts may clash with our ideas. Professional maids and cleaners from That’s Clean Maids share some of the most common issues that pet owners come across and how to deal with them in terms of cleaning your home. Hairs, Hairs Everywhere Probably one of the biggest concerns for people who live with pets are hairs; no matter how long your pets’ hair is, they will shed, and you will need to clean it out of your carpets and furniture. This can become even more problematic if a member of the family develops an allergy to animal hair. One way to ensure a reduced amount of hair needs to be cleaned out of your furniture is to groom your pet regularly. The frequency of grooming can depend on the species and breed of your pet, as well as the season and other factors. One thing is certain, though – with proper grooming, your pet will shed less on your carpet and furniture, making cleaning so much easier. Air Quality Concerns Another related issue is the air quality in your home. There are numerous things that can affect the quality of air in your home, and pet hair and pet dander are a part of it. Animals, just like humans shed skin cells and hair, and it is not much you can do about it. What you can do, however, is change your cleaning routines and habits to counteract the problem of pet dander and hair. Once again, this issue is not a big problem for most people, but particularly cleanliness-oriented people, as well as those with allergies, may be interested in this one. Keeping your pets away from areas where you sleep is a good start, but you should also make sure to vacuum the house regularly, as well as keep the air conditioning unit in good condition. That means cleaning the vents and changing the air filter as often as the manufacturer recommends. Ensure Your Pets Don’t Bring In Dirt If you have a dog, you need to walk them regularly, and that means going out. Cats can be strictly indoor animals, or they can have access to the great outdoors. With both dogs and outdoor cats, there’s one thing you should be wary of – dirt they can bring in on their paws. Dirt is seldom just dirt, it can also be full of pathogens that you would rather not have in your home. When it comes to dogs, the issue can be quite simple – wipe their paws with a wet wipe (one suitable for pets, of course), and you are good unless they rolled around in the mud or something. On the other hand, cats are much more independent and come and go as they please. Still, you can put a little disinfecting tray in front of the cat flap (once again, make sure that the solution is not harmful to your pet). Scratches on the Floor and Furniture Cats need to scratch things as a part of their instinct. If you don’t provide a scratching post, chances are that your furniture will suffer for it. Similarly, dogs whose claws are not trimmed can do quite a lot of damage to your hardwood floors. In order to mitigate those problems, keep your pets’ claws trimmed, and give your cat plenty of things to scratch. Read Also: Top Home Cleaning Tips Home Maintenance Plans And Cleaning Tips During Covid-19 How Cleaning Helps Us Feel Better and Why We Don’t Do It


Ducted Cooling Systems For Superior Control

The choice between ducted or split air conditioning systems can be narrowed down by considering the specific requirements.  If you intend to spend more of your time indoors, it would be a good option to go in for ducted air conditioning systems.  Some of the advantages include better energy efficiency, improved cooling and smart interfaces for better optimization and control.   Another advantage of using ducted air conditioning is the ability to do away with multiple systems and installation. Installation at the time of construction : Ducted air conditioning systems need to be typically installed at the time of construction. While it is actually possible to also install the systems after the construction, it would require a certain level of modification and changes to the decor. By relying on the services of a professional service provider, it would be easy to ensure that the whole process comments and concluded without any hassles, in the most cost-effective manner. Active liaison with architects and contractors : The featured site offers specialist air conditioning services for the installation of ducted systems. This is achieved by liaison with architects and contractors who are involved in the construction of the premises. By discussing and working in tandem with architects and contractors,  the service is able to install the ducted systems in a manner that improves the aesthetics of the building while offering maximum cooling efficiency.  Installation of ducted systems during the construction itself will keep the cost of installation low while offering homeowners the option of choosing the best decor for their homes. Combine with smart solutions : One of the highlights of this ducted system is the ability to combine it with smart solutions.  This means that individual rooms can be optimized with customizing settings as far as cooling efficiency or requirements are concerned.  For instance, if a particular room has a number of people at a given time, it is possible for the user to readjust the settings remotely thereby increasing the cooling efficiency within the particular room.  Similarly, if a common area is typically used for a specific time, it is possible to set timers for that particular room.  This will ensure that power consumption will be reduced, without affecting the need for cooling. Reduction in noise levels : With the ducted system, homeowners need not have to put up with heavy noise levels.  And these systems typically require the installation of a single unit.  This is a huge advantage when compared to split systems which will require multiple units and separate controlling mechanisms for each individual unit.  Split systems are suitable for homes where the requirement is only for a limited number of rooms.  If there is a need for cooling for very large premises, it would be a better option to choose ducted systems.  Retrofitting involves additional costs : However, homeowners need to consider the fact that retrofitting of ducted systems may involve additional costs of redoing the interiors after the retrofitting installation is completed.  It is always a better option to use ducted systems at the time of construction itself.  If you find the need to retrofit an existing premise, it would be a good idea to use the services of an expert to analyze and give you the best options in terms of cost-effectiveness and cooling efficiency. Read Also: What To Look For With Stroke Treatment In Dallas Online Ordering Systems Setting the Trend for Restaurants