Why Kiln Dried Wood is Better for Furniture


07 January 2019

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Kiln Dried Wood

The process of kiln drying or drying logs in a heated chamber produces high-quality wood for furniture. It is because it results in less moisture in the wood, thus making it better and stronger. Problems such as cracking and warping are also less likely to happen. Proper dryness of wood is important to do furniture making a right.

Types of wood used for furniture:

There are three main types of wood used for furniture, namely hardwood, softwood, and engineered wood.

  • Hardwood. This wood comes from maple, oak, cherry walnut, and other deciduous trees. It is strong, so it is suitable for making furniture.
  • Softwoods. They come from pines and other evergreen trees. They can dent or bend easily, so they are not recommendable for use in furniture.
  • Engineered wood. As the name suggests, this type of wood is engineered to achieve a particular form. Plywood and particleboard are two forms of engineered wood. Plywood is stronger than particleboard and suits weight-bearing furniture.

What is kiln dried wood?

This type of wood undergoes the process of kiln drying, an artificial way to dry wood. A kiln is like a huge oven that controls air circulation, humidity, and temperature and heats the wood directly or indirectly. Direct heating uses natural gas or electricity while indirect heating makes use of heat exchangers and solar energy. This process makes it highly effective for use in furniture. It can remove about 93% of the moisture.

What makes kiln dried wood different?

Kiln drying makes the process of drying faster. Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it continually interacts with moisture for balance until it is completely sealed. It is natural for wood to be that way for a living tree has pathways inside to absorb moisture and nutrients from the roots up. The chopped logs lose moisture content as they dry and kiln drying makes that easier.

The significant reduction in the moisture content of wood is essential to avoid warping or shrinkage with changes in temperature and humidity. When used in furniture, it can destabilize or lose shape. Air-drying is also good when done right, but by using kiln dried logs, you can be sure, because the process is highly controlled.

Benefits of using kiln dried wood

Air-dried logs are also good for furniture, but you cannot really be sure if they are dry enough even if a supplier tells you so. With kiln dried logs, variable conditions are controlled, and drying takes place in a shorter time. Additionally, it kills harmful insects, mould, and fungi, making it safer to use.  Kiln dried wood makes the best quality furniture. Less moisture makes the furniture stronger and better looking. Problems such as cracking and warping are less likely to happen.

Drying can be difficult when done the natural way, especially in a wet climate. When buying furniture, it is best to know what type of wood they used to have a picture of how long it will last. The use of a moisture meter is important for manufacturers to address moisture-related problems. Modern times have made it possible for mankind to understand nature better, which is why the relationship of wood to moisture can now be understood and measured.

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Glass and Wood

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Railings can also be used to add detail to any home. If you want to use railings in your house, you'll have your choice of materials. Think about using an unexpected wood like mahogany or bamboo. These woods are just as strong as standard wood and offer beauty at the same time. Glass railings can also be used for a short flight of stairs to help let light in dark places. 2. Lovely Doors: Doors are another home feature that deserves a lot of consideration. Doors set the tone for the rest of the home. When people step up and see a home for the first time, the first thing they note is the home's curb appeal. People are looking for homes that look wonderful. Homeowners can take advantage of this fact by using interesting materials for the doors in their home. For example, one homeowner might decide they would like to put in a front door that makes use of many elements including brass and wood. Another area to think about the use of door materials is the bathroom. Glass doors in the bathroom help add extra space. Think about using a frameless glass door in a small bath. It will help open up additional interior space in the room and make it feel larger. 3. Fascinating Flooring: Flooring is another area that warrants careful thought and consideration. Wood floors have many advantages. They're easy to use in any room, offer lots of colors and are very durable. Wood can also be sanded down and refinished to remove scratches and make the floors look brand new again. When thinking about the kind of wood to use, buyers will find many possibilities. Classic choices such as maple, pine, and oak offer beautiful colors and patterns. They're also a good choice for places that get a lot of wear and tear such as the living room. Think about using glass as a flooring material in some spaces. For example, if you have a home with a basement, bring in more light down there with a single area of glass tiles on the next floor. The glass can be incorporated into the overall design and serve as an interesting detail in the room above the basement at the same time. 4. Glass Sink: All homeowners need to have at least several sinks. Sinks make it possible to contain water and keep the floor safe from excess moisture. Designers today are thinking about the classic sink in new and unexpected ways. One such way is by considering new materials for the sink. Glass sinks are increasingly being seen in many upscale homes. Glass fits in well in a bathroom as it has the general light feel that buyers want in such enclosed spaces. Glass works well with other materials used in the bathroom such as tiles. Add even more detail to the glass sink with a faucet in an unexpected shape and color. A glass sink can be paired with modern metal faucets for a unique look. Make sure the sink is fitted carefully in the space in order to avoid potentially destructive leaks. 5. 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Wooden benches can be placed at varying intervals outside to provide enough seating when you're giving a party or just when you want to eat outside. Pair them with glass tables that are easy to clean and can be moved around the yard as needed to accommodate multiple people. 7. Wood Backsplash: The backsplash serves to protect the kitchen walls from spills and stains. A backsplash can also be a way to add additional color and interest to any kitchen. Wood has long been used for kitchen cabinets, flooring, and tiles. It's also being used to create a lovely backsplash. If you are redoing your kitchen or thinking about a new home, consider wood tiles and wood panels in this part of the kitchen. Modern finishes make the backsplash easy to keep clean. Look for wood in colors that match the color scheme of the entire roof for a beautiful, unified look. 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Creative Bohemian Patio Decor Ideas

Also known as the boho-chic or the gypsy style, the bohemian style is a colorful style, with strong ethnic vibes inspired by the Indian culture and other Eastern influences. In fashion, this style is usually associated with festival looks, with the hippie culture, or with the yoga practice. Overall, it is a style characterized by joy, peace and good vibes. It follows the same rules in interior décor, and due to the fact that it uses a lot of natural materials, this décor style is great for the outdoors. So, if you want to add a colorful touch to a boring patio, we have some excellent suggestions for you. 1. Start with a colorful carpet: A colorful carpet is the foundation of a bohemian patio. Try to avoid earthly shades like brown or beige, because they have a strong Persian vibe and they will lead the overall décor into a different style. Instead opt for a carpet in shades of pink, green, purple, blue, yellow, and orange. The more colorful the carpet is, the more joyful the whole décor will be. 2. Choose patio furniture made of natural materials: If you want classic patio furniture, featuring a table and some chairs, avoid manmade materials like plastic, and instead opt for basic wood or bamboo. As far as the style of the furniture, opt for plain models, without any embellishments, carvings, or decorations. Wicker furniture can also work. DIY furniture is also great for this décor style. For example, you can use tree stubs instead of chairs. You can use pallets to make a sofa. You can even attach some legs or wheels to a thick wood board and use it as a table. 3. Relaxation areas are essential: When it comes to relaxation areas, a sofa just isn’t enough for a bohemian patio. If your space allows it, opt for a baldachin. If not, a hanging chair, a hammock or both can work just as well. Just make sure that all items are colorful and match the overall décor theme. Moreover, don’t forget to throw in some colorful pillows. You can opt for crochet pillows or pillows with Eastern patterns. 4. Don’t forget the plants: Despite the fact that it features a lot of bold colors that don’t really make you think of nature, the bohemian culture is actually all about embracing nature. So, make sure to add some lush greenery to your patio. You can choose any type of plant, but try to stick to leafy plants, as natural green will look great with the bold colors of the bohemian décor. 5. Choose the proper lighting elements: If you are creating a patio, the first thing that should you should be looking at is natural light. This means that natural sunlight should play an important role to elevate the overall experience of the patio. Make sure that you are working with your designer to install a retractable glass patio roof that opens up to allow goodness from sunlight to enter. If your budget is tight, a dozen candles are all you need to give your patio a magical vibe on a warm summer evening. Colorful paper lanterns can also work well. However, if you are willing to spend a little more, there are some great lighting fixtures that you can use in this décor style. From chandeliers to Moroccan lanterns, the bohemian décor embraces all lighting fixtures featuring intricate details. 6. Decorations: Any colorful decorations will go well on a bohemian patio, but there are some classic elements that go well with this décor style. First of all, go crazy with wood stock windchimes. Not only do windchimes look great, but they will also add some musicality to your patio. Dream catchers are also widely associated with this style. For a more authentic vibe, you can also use some eastern pottery as decorations. If you can’t find anything like that or if you can’t afford it, painted bottles can look just as good. A beaded curtain can also be a great idea. If you can’t find one, you can make it yourself. All you need is some string and lots of beads. Yoga-inspired decorations also work well with this décor style, and so do any other decorations inspired by Eastern cultures. Read Also: Mirror Decorating Ideas To Style Your Bathroom Professional Roofing Services And Different Decorating Styles 6 Important Factors Related To Painting And Decorating