Latest Google Discover Feature Allows Access To Liked Stories 


22 December 2023


Latest Google Discover Feature Allows Access To Liked Stories

A few years ago, Google introduced a sweet new feature for Discover users called the “heart” button. This button will allow you to give feedback on article recommendations. It also enhances your personalized experience. And now these pages have a special place to reside.

9to5Google, a recent Google Discover update will enable users to access a webpage called “Interests” which features three top tabs. If you want to use this feature, open the Google app on Android and tap the “Saved” icon in the bar at the bottom. This will take you to the Interests page that has three tabs: “Saved,” “Liked,” and “Followed.”

Saved: This tab will show a list of videos and articles that you have bookmarked.

Liked: This tab has a grid of all the articles and YouTube videos you have hearted in Discover.

Followed: This tab will show a list of searches that you may be following.

To add an article or video to the “Liked” section you can simply tap the icon in the Google app while on the page in Discover. If you want to remove the articles and videos from the Interests, tap the icon again. The update is going to work on Android only. There is no word on when it might be available on iOS.

It may not be a big update as such but this tweak can enhance the daily content navigation experience. Google is encouraging the use of the “Saved” button as a convenient read-it-later service. You can also share your curated collections with other users which will add a touch of social to the feature.

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