6 New Features are Changing the User Experience for WhatsApp Users


08 December 2023


New Features are Changing the User Experience for WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp, the world-renowned messaging app continues to helm the connectivity genre worldwide. Beyond its communication ease, its users also leverage other user-friendly features like image sharing, video sharing and audio as well as video calls.

The platform gets all its popularity from its commitment to improving user experience and the introduction of exciting new features.

Here are 6 of their features that have gained significant traction in 2023. Features ranging from Chat Lock to sending videos and editing messages Whatsapp has added a lot of range to the platform.

Here are the features:

Chat Lock Feature

The chat lock feature on WhatsApp has gained a lot of popularity. This feature was introduced earlier this year providing users with the option to hide and lock their chats. If you want to lock a specific chat, you can navigate to the particular profile and Choose the Chat Lock option.

HD Photo Send Feature

WhatsApp offers an option to send high-definition resolution images. This feature that was introduced this year allows users to share images in high quality. To use this option you you have to go to the image-sharing option in the chat box. Then you can find the option to send the photo in HD quality allowing you to share the photo with superior quality.

Silent Unknown Caller Feature

If you receive calls from unknown numbers, instead of blocking it you can set the call to silent mode. This option will allow you to silent calls that you want to avoid.

WhatsApp Screen-Sharing Feature

Now you can share screens on WhatsApp too. This feature is adored by corporate workers and people who have family chats.

Multiple Device Feature

WhatsApp also has the option to use one account across four devices at one time. People who have 2 phones love this feature.

Message Edit Feature

In 2023 the most standout feature of WhatsApp is that it allows you to edit your sent messages. The time window it provides is a maximum of 20 minutes. You can rewrite and edit messages even after it has been sent and read.

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