Your Wrist, Your Chat: Setting Up WhatsApp On Apple Watch


06 November 2023


whatsapp on apple watch

This article describes how to send and receive texts on an Apple Watch and receive notifications from WhatsApp. The guidelines pertain to WhatsApp on iPhones running iOS 9 or later.

There isn’t an official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch. That means you’re limited to the essential few features. You can reply by selecting from a list of short, easy responses and getting message notifications on your Apple Watch.

Here is how you can set up WhatsApp on Apple Watch.



You may now respond to WhatsApp messages using your Apple Watch. Furthermore, the watch provides you with three other reply options so you can respond to messages fast. It can be done even without using any words if you’d like.

You can write whatever message you want right onto your Apple Watch’s screen. To respond to a message, choose the “Scribble” menu item. We can now write on the screen by constantly sketching the letters on the area that is faintly dotted.

Emoji responses are the second choice. Emojis are becoming popular more and more every day. In order to respond to the message, you can also use Siri and your voice. To narrate the message you want to send, click the microphone icon.

  • With the “What’s Up” app, you can launch WhatsApp right from your wrist. In real-time, it displays the previous 20 chats you had on the messaging app. Thus, this is definitely the choice you were searching for. Especially if you want to strike up a discussion with someone you talk to on a regular basis.

The Apple Watch is the ideal friend, particularly when it comes to handling notifications. Additionally, you have the ability to customize your workouts if you’re an avid sports fan.

How To Set Up Notifications For WhatsApp On Apple Watch?  

How To Set Up Notifications For WhatsApp On Apple Watch? 

This is how to set your Apple Watch to get notifications from WhatsApp Messenger.

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings.
  1. Go to Notifications.
  1. Scroll down and select WhatsApp.

Enabling notifications is the first step towards reading and responding to all of your messages on WhatsApp from your Apple Watch. Locate the ‘My Watch’ option in the Watch app on your iPhone to accomplish this. Proceed to ‘Notifications,’ type in ‘WhatsApp,’ then tap ‘Activate.’ You will now receive notifications from WhatsApp on your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone.

Use Chatify  

Use Chatify

Chatify allows you to wear WhatsApp around your wrist. Send and receive WhatsApp messages, see when contacts are writing back, listen to audio messages, view emoticons and stickers, and view chat photos. With Chatify Premium, a $4.99 subscription can unlock more features like quicker download speeds and enhanced search capabilities.

Make sure your Apple Watch is successfully synced with your iPhone. It must be updated to the most recent version before setting up Chatify on your wearable.

Firstly, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and log in.

  1. On your iPhone, download Chatify for WhatsApp from the App Store.
  1. Your Apple Watch should launch Chatify. A QR code will be shown to you to scan using WhatsApp.
  1. Select Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > after opening WhatsApp on your iPhone. Read the QR Code.
  1. Scan the QR code that appears on your Apple Watch with the camera on your iPhone.
  1. Your Apple Watch is now displaying WhatsApp messages. Additionally, you can respond right from your wrist.

Get Notifications For WhatsApp On Apple Watch  

Get Notifications For WhatsApp On Apple Watch

There isn’t an Apple Watch app, but you may still see the alerts for WhatsApp messages pop up on your watch. You must turn on your iPhone’s notifications in order to accomplish this. Here is how:

  1. Navigate to Settings, Notifications, and finally WhatsApp.
  2. You should now confirm that Alerts to your Lock Screen are turned on.
  3. Then open your iPhone’s Watch app.
  4. Make sure WhatsApp is turned on by scrolling through the list of Mirror iPhone Alerts and selecting it.

You may view your notifications of WhatsApp on Apple Watch while you’re on the go by following these steps. The message will be visible to you on your watch. The message will be visible to you on your watch. Picture and video messages, on the other hand, will appear blurry. Sadly, you cannot watch them from your Watch without utilizing a third-party app. But there is more information about this below.  

How To Reply?

We’ll let you determine whether or not it’s a good thing that you can now read every message in the group chat from your watch. But how do you respond to them? You can respond to the notification on your watch by selecting from a list of pre-suggested phrases. They include “Hello,” “What’s Up?” “OK,” and “On my way.” These are useful options if you’re pressed for time.

If you have a lot to say, you can record a message using the built-in microphone on the watch and send it back immediately. You can also use the keyboard. It is functional despite being somewhat small, particularly if you have a 41mm Apple Watch.

How To Send Messages   

It is not possible to send messages directly from your Apple Watch without using a third-party app. While there are a number available, WatchChat2 is currently our favorite. It comes in both a free and paid version, with the $2.99 fee required to access the full features.  

You can browse and respond to WhatsApp messages, as well as view images and videos, with this easy-to-use software. It is easy to install and use, just follow these steps:

  1. Using an iPhone, Navigate to the App Store using the Watch app.
  2. Look up and get WatchChat2
  3. Open the app on your Apple Watch after it has been downloaded.
  4. Go to Settings, the WhatsApp Web, and Scan the QR Code after opening WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  5. After you scan the code on the Apple Watch, the two should now be linked

Why Is There No WhatsApp On Apple Watch?  

Why Is There No WhatsApp On Apple Watch? 

It would seem obvious at first that Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp (formerly known as Facebook), would want the most popular messaging app on the most popular timepiece in the world. However, Meta most likely won’t create a WhatsApp app anytime soon for a number of reasons.

First, given that WhatsApp is currently ranked second only to Facebook and YouTube in the world’s most popular social networks. It definitely doesn’t require a wearable app, according to Meta. When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it was probably thinking about the expense and concluded it wasn’t worth it.

Wrapping Up  

Remember that you must keep this third-party program updated to make sure the functionality is up to standard. Though it may not be ideal it is the best method to reply to messages while on the go. There are no speculations of a WhatsApp Apple Watch app arriving any time soon either.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask about WhatsApp on Apple Watch, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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Screen Time

Looking To Control The Screen Time Of Your Kids?

Key pointsIt is important to teach your child healthy screen habits so they can stick with them as they become more independent. Healthy habits established in early life are more likely to continue into childhood and adolescence. You can help your child establish healthy screen time app limits by gradually changing her routine, talking to her about technology, helping her change her screen time habits, and creating a supportive environment. Make sure your child understands the importance of balancing technology (ie screens) with other activities, such as playing games, reading, socializing with others, or using their imagination. Keep your child safe online by setting up a children's account with parental controls and warning them not to share personal information with friends online.While screen time can be very enjoyable for you and your child, too much screen time can lead to negative behaviours and emotions. For this reason, it is important to monitor screen time and encourage your child to balance it with non-screen activities.Ninety per cent of today's children are exposed to screen-based activities before the age of These early years are extremely important for a child's proper growth and development, so it is important to minimize excessive screen time. Habits formed during the early years can last into adolescence and adulthood. Children trust you to teach them healthy screen time habits with FamiSafe apps when they are young so they can maintain those habits as they become more independent. They also trust you to create an environment where they can connect securely. Research shows that Limiting Screen Time comes with Several BenefitsMany parents, educationists and counsellors ask this exact question. They want to find out the relationship between screen time and personal development in a child. Let us look at what some reputed and credible studies tell us about the same.A landmark study conducted by researchers in Canada showed that screen time in young kids, ages between two and five years old can limit or deter personal development. This is contrary to what most parents think. ‘My young kid has started using a smartphone at such an early age’- is a common statement you will hear these days.What parents do not realise is that screen time leads to poor development of communications skills like speaking, and other motor skills like reflex actions and so on. Researchers are categorical in saying that young kids should not be exposed to too much screen time whether it is on television, or on smartphones and laptops. Why you should Limit the Time Spent by Children on the Internet?According to scientists, increased screen time can take a toll on the health of youngsters leading to early onset of harmful diseases. Studies have shown that sitting long hours in front of the computer can lead to issues like diabetes, blood pressure and a slowdown of the auto-immune system. Parents should ensure that their kids are spending as much time engaging in physical activities and reduce screen time on an everyday basis.Famisafe features:Famisafe blocks access to pornographic sites for children. It also prohibits access to betting, gambling and casino sites as these are unhealthy for young minds. The GPS function of the Famisafe app allows you to put up a geofence around your kids’ safe and unsafe locations. This allows parents to see where their kids are at all times. The app goes one step further by offering real-time cell phone monitoring and tracking to parents. This shows who they are talking with, what apps they are using and a host of other things. Any kind of unauthorized activity is automatically blocked by the Famisafe App. This includes browsing in Private Mode.What are the Top Benefits of using the FamiSafe App for your Kids?Online Protection- It is important to ensure that your kids are browsing the internet in a safe and secure fashion. The FamiSafe App blocks malicious content and allows your kids to never fall prey to sexual paedophiles or other anti-social elements looking to exploit them in a financial way. Restricted Access and Controls- The FamiSafe app automatically limit access to sites, which are not suitable for young minds. For example, casino sites, betting platforms and gambling portals. All this can be restricted and blocked, even in private browsing mode. Control over Browsing History- Some kids would never want their parents to know what they have been consuming online. They take great pains to ensure that they delete their browsing histories. However, with FamiSafe, parents can have real-time access to their kids’ browsing history. Protection against Paedophiles and Kidnappers- There are tons of people on the internet who have used the pandemic to start preying on innocent children. They offer money, gadgets and other freebies to win the trust and confidence of kids and they start exploiting them. The app guards against these.The Bottom Line- As parents, we can never be fully sure of what our kids are up to these days. While we want to ensure that we do not turn into helicopter parents, we also do not want them to get into any trouble. The internet is not a safe place for a young child. It can condition the mind in dangerous ways, leading to major issues and crisis-like situations.With the FamiSafe app, parents can be certain that they will be able to protect the interests of their kids online in the best possible fashion. If you are a parent who is serious about preserving the dignity, freedom and rights of their kids, you should try out a great screen time app like FamiSafe right away.Here are the download links-Google Play App Store  AmazonTry the software. Thank you for reading!Read Also:Removal of Android Screen Lock with iSkysoft The Best Pranking Apps in 2020 With 2018 Coming to a Close, Here Are Our Favorite Apps of the Year Best Deleted photos recovery Apps for Android Best iPhone Spy Apps Without Jail breaking