Role of messaging apps in enhancing a company’s market prospects


24 May 2016


Messaging apps

Business firms are always in search of new ways in which they can enhance the user experience of their customers. After all, that is the best way to retain customers in a market that is characterized by increasing levels of competition. Apart from maintaining strong lines of communication with their customers, business houses also need to promote their brands and products in an effective way without sounding too pushy. This can be only achieved with the help of a tool that creates strong ties of communication with the end-users while at the same time provides a creative platform for brand promotion.

A messaging app is a great way to accomplish this and are light and easy to use. These apps come with numerous features that help in various tasks necessary for today’s businesses. By allowing a company to learn about the needs and preferences of their end-users, such in-app messaging tools really help to enhance the overall customer experience. The latest messaging apps are designed in such a way that they are not only convenient for day-to-day use but also perfect for keeping detailed accounts of customer conversations and transactions.

A well rounded messaging app can be used on both desktop and mobile platforms for easy customer communication at any given time from any place. Since most people prefer to stay in touch these days via their mobile phones, a good messaging app needs to be made for smooth mobile use as well. Apart from offering the option for two-way communication via chat and messaging, these apps also allow a company to send emails and push notifications to their customers to let them know about the status of their account or orders and also about a product’s latest features.

Over the last few years or so, in-app messaging tools have also gained considerable momentum as efficient email marketing tools. Email marketing is a direct form of marketing in which prospective customers send emails about products and offers that would interest them. A lot of research is carried out before sending such emails so that companies are aware of the kinds of products and services that are preferred by a specific customer.

Messaging apps allow a company to learn not only about the personal preferences of the customers they are trying to appeal to but also about their personal habits through live interactions on the messaging app and analytics from their visits to the product or website. These messaging apps, therefore, make marketing automation easier and allow a company to make efficient plans for smooth marketing campaigns.

If you are the owner of a business looking to find new ways in which you can garner customer satisfaction from your end-users, invest in a messaging app that will help you to communicate easily with them and implement effective marketing campaigns. By investing in such messaging apps, you will be able to enjoy greater ROI within a very short period of time

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Resale Apps

How To Make Money From Resale Apps

Many an article, story or copy have been written about making money and storing it. There is literal truth in it. A number of entrepreneurs have been selling used stuff from time immemorial. Earlier, sellers have it hard, being forced to stand at street corners or selling pre-owned stuff by moving from one door to another. The Internet has taken the hassle out of the process. You take a photograph of what you want to sell, upload it, write out a nifty description, and you are all set! Buyers will start knocking on your door!If there are business people selling used items, then there will be facilitators too. App developing companies know this and they have built apps that cater solely to the used goods market. Since the market for second-hand goods is booming, it is no wonder that many mobile app developers have joined the fray to make a smart buck. It is a vast field and there is no shortage of buyers as well. If you are an app developer in Singapore or in any other part of the world, do pay heed to the following. Get To Know The Market: Any businessperson should know his or her marketplace. In your case, the marketplace is Google Play and The App Store. Read Apple's cheat sheet to comprehend the App store. You can see in real-time the top-grossing, top-free, and top-paid apps. Apple offers identical lists in individual app categories. Do review the information at certain intervals. Note down the potential trends you have spotted. Frequently doing this enables you to successfully design an app, do marketing and enjoy success in various pricing models. The research is simple and does not involve any money. Look For Successful Apps For Inspiration: You should understand whether the market needs your app or not. Examine the Top Apps chart. Do these apps resemble the ones you want to make? In case the answer is in the affirmative, you will have greater chances of achieving success. If you do not find them, start searching again. The full process is this simple. Do not pursue your own love idea if the market hates it. If you do so, it will be an extremely costly error. For apps specializing in pre-owned goods, a mix of free and freemium pricing schemes are found to work wonders. Your App Experience Must Be Good: You can turn all that research you did previously into something tangible. The aim is to successfully convey the idea which is at this stage present in your head. To do this, draw what you thought of into a piece of paper. If you are uncomfortable with the physical form, use any drawing program. If you have any doubts, look at similar apps in the Apple and Google marketplace. Be clear in your mind about what you want. This will help not only yourself if you are the programmer but also the one who is doing it if you have outsourced the app development to any other person. Convey clearly as to how the app will look like and what will be the consequence if a few icons are touched. Get registered as a developer: When you have fixed on a certain concept, it is time to sign up as a developer with that platform for which you want to create your app. There is no need to be intimidated by the “developer” title. It only conveys to others that you are the publisher of this particular app. Do not forget to go over the marketplace guidelines. Both Apple and Google strictly enforce them.Read Also:Is Investment Managers A Good Career Path In 2021? Is Commercial Banks A Good Career Path In 2021?

CRM Apps

The Business Advantages of Mobile CRM Apps

You’ve got great resources within your business: a rock star sales force, savvy human resource managers, capable customer service managers, and more. But do you have a proven system for reducing the friction, inside and outside of your business, to enable all of these key players to do their best work? The use of the CRM apps can make things easier for you.A good customer relationship management (CRM) system is the glue that holds a high-functioning business together. Once the purview of heavy desktop-only applications, modern CRM is delivering wins by the minute now in the palm of your hand, opening worlds of insightful data and always-on connections to your customers in meaningful ways through capable and intuitive mobile apps. The Business Advantages of Mobile CRM Apps: Your customers love it: Your customers, much like your workforce, are always connected through their mobile devices. Equipping your employees with CRM mobile apps facilitates customer engagement through popular social media platforms, adding accessibility and visibility to everyday nature of social media means you can keep a constant finger on the pulse of customer interactions and stay ready to respond to your customers when they engage you, building rapport, credibility, and relevance. Office on-the-go: When your salespeople go out into the field with a CRM mobile app, they have an enormous wealth of information right in their hands. Instant access to a single authoritative source of internal and customer data means salespeople can update relationship data any time, even in the middle of a conversation. There’s no more going back through hurried notes; easy-to-use apps make it simple to capture all the details, no matter how small they seem, because of every detail matters in cultivating long-lasting relationships.Instant access means immediate feedback, too, whether it’s insights from internal partners or direct customer engagements on social media. With a single tap, you’re up-to-date on everything from responses to your latest product launch to marketing’s newest promotion without having to trudge through an already-bursting inbox. Keep up the pace: Customers don’t just like instant answers – thanks to the fast-moving nature of news, media, and the internet – they expect them. And to be successful, your business must not only meet these expectations but exceed them on a daily basis. Buckets of emails, time-consuming phone calls, and extraneous sales meetings are all barriers to closing more deals.Meanwhile using mobile CRM apps can provide everything your business needs to adapt to these changes in an on-demand way, so there’s no delay. You already know what a talented group of people you have supporting your business; CRM tools like customer insights, aggregated relationship data, and instant feedback help your associates take their game, and your business, to the next level. Connected workforce: Do you have a distributed workforce? Agents who regularly travel or necessarily put in lots of time outside the office or away from their desks? Having your employees use mobile CRM apps enables them to serve customers from anywhere.It allows them to be more responsive to customers, makes it easier for them to adapt their own schedules, and helps them fulfill the needs of the customer relationship in the most efficient way possible.This is particularly important for salespeople. It may not sound like it at first, but the difference between consuming and cultivating relationship data on a phone or on a sometimes-cumbersome laptop can make a world of difference.Remember the last time you had a major insight or got a stellar lead on your way to catch the next leg of your flight? Those moments of inspiration are much more easily captured when you don’t have to stop, pull out a laptop, fumble for a mouse and charger, login, and only then get to work. CRM Apps and marketing automation: Are you still relying on promotional emails, mailers, or other means of customer engagement that give you no insight on engagement? Adding a powerful CRM mobile app to your toolbox that’s coupled to a consumer app for use by your customers means you can now send promotions, updates, and other marketing engagements right to their CRM apps.Imagine sending your biggest customer a personal promotion in a push notification right on their device! Not only are you removing roadblocks to getting your pitch in front of their eyes, but you also get baked-in insights on who has engaged, who show interest, and who may be planning to make a move all without them having to say a single word to you.Understand that yesterday’s options won’t cut it in today’s world. You’ve got to be on the leading edge to stand out these days, and the vast benefits of putting your relationship tools right in the hands of those who matter most could very well put you in the lead.Know your options, because knowledge is power and that knowledge could just be the one thing you’re missing right now.Read Also:8 Best Shopping Apps For 2019 How To Make Money From Resale Apps 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App Why An Automated Sales CRM Platform Is What Your Business Needs To Take Off

Mac Apps

7 Essential Apps for Your Mac in 2020

Choosing applications for a new computer from Apple or updating a set of programs on an existing Mac or MacBook, the user always faces a choice. Buy expensive and fancy software or give preference to a free alternative? To choose something from novelties or to establish the programs checked by years? Use regular applications or look at third-party products?Read also: Best iPhone Spy Apps Without Jail BreakingAlthough Macs are natively well equipped with software and applications, it is not always possible to do what you want using only software built into Apple computers. Limitation in the playback of audio and video formats, or incompatibility of FaceTime with competing devices of the brand, find a list of the best Mac apps and essential software to install on your Mac. Here are 7 Essential Apps for Your Mac in 2020: 1. Safari: macOS natively embeds the Apple web browser safari. Connected to your iCloud account, it syncs your data easily between all your Apple devices. Discussions around which browser for Mac is better, most likely, will never be resolved. Computers Apple comes with a proprietary browser Safari-in it, users get such functions as Siri, payment with Apple Pay, video in the mode "picture in picture", the ability to turn off the sound right from the tab bar and others. Use this browser is convenient if you also use Apple mobile devices - bookmarks, browsing the history, tabs are synchronized by iCloud. 2. Hotspot Shield Free: For a comfortable and secure Internet browsing, it's worth looking closely at programs that help you manage connections. VPN-service Hotspot Shield Free will help to secure the computer when connecting to public Wi-Fi points. The application allows you to select the IP of the country you want to use, establish an automatic connection, and access services that can be blocked. The only downside - free of charge per day is provided up to 750 MB, for a greater amount of traffic through VPN will have to pay. 3. Sophos Home: Even if you know the basic rules of secure Internet browsing, installing an antivirus is still worthwhile in order to protect against accidental risks when working.One of the convenient free options will be Sophos Home. Antivirus protects against malicious software and phishing attacks, and also offers parental controls. It is noteworthy that the program records attempt to access web pages added to the blacklist. 4. 1Password: If you are willing to pay for the security of passwords, we recommend you try 1Password. For $81.41 the user gets the opportunity to install the application on 5 devices and use synchronization by Dropbox or iCloud. The advantage of the service is that it is possible to create a single master account for managing passwords and other confidential data - that is, in essence, you will only need to remember one password. However, the high cost makes it more suitable for working in the corporate environment than for personal use. 5. PDF Reader Pro Free: Most programs for working with PDF files on the Mac are paid, but a good free solution will be the program PDF Reader Pro Free. The application supports annotating files, tagging, filling out forms, and merging multiple PDF files into one or splitting one document into several. It is also important that the program allows you to convert PDF files to iWork, Microsoft Word, and a number of other formats. 6. Telegram: Facetime and iMessage installed on a Mac perform most of the tasks associated with communicating on a Mac, especially if iOS devices are used in parallel. However, their big drawback is in connection with Apple platforms, which limits communication with the owners of Android and Windows-devices.Therefore, it is worth installing a free cross-platform messenger for third-party developers on the Mac. Their choice is great - Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on. 7. Alfred: A regular application Spotlight can perfectly search for files on the Mac and execute fast commands, but if you do not like it for some reason, you can try the free application, Alfred. The program can quickly perform calculations, search the Internet, find any text, image, or file that you previously copied. The application is self-learning and gradually begins to give priority to results depending on the user's preferences.Read also: Top 5 Digital Wallet Apps For Android Top Apps To Help You Manage Your Money