How To Make Money From Resale Apps

Many an article, story or copy have been written about making money and storing it. There is literal truth in it. A number of entrepreneurs have been selling used stuff from time immemorial. Earlier, sellers have it hard, being forced to stand at street corners or selling pre-owned stuff by moving from one door to another. The Internet has taken the hassle out of the process. You take a photograph of what you want to sell, upload it, write out a nifty description, and you are all set! Buyers will start knocking on your door!

If there are business people selling used items, then there will be facilitators too. App developing companies know this and they have built apps that cater solely to the used goods market. Since the market for second-hand goods is booming, it is no wonder that many mobile app developers have joined the fray to make a smart buck. It is a vast field and there is no shortage of buyers as well. If you are an app developer in Singapore or in any other part of the world, do pay heed to the following.

Get To Know The Market:

Any businessperson should know his or her marketplace. In your case, the marketplace is Google Play and The App Store. Read Apple’s cheat sheet to comprehend the App store. You can see in real-time the top-grossing, top-free, and top-paid apps. Apple offers identical lists in individual app categories. Do review the information at certain intervals. Note down the potential trends you have spotted. Frequently doing this enables you to successfully design an app, do marketing and enjoy success in various pricing models. The research is simple and does not involve any money.

Look For Successful Apps For Inspiration:

You should understand whether the market needs your app or not. Examine the Top Apps chart. Do these apps resemble the ones you want to make? In case the answer is in the affirmative, you will have greater chances of achieving success. If you do not find them, start searching again. The full process is this simple. Do not pursue your own love idea if the market hates it. If you do so, it will be an extremely costly error. For apps specializing in pre-owned goods, a mix of free and freemium pricing schemes are found to work wonders.

Your App Experience Must Be Good:

You can turn all that research you did previously into something tangible. The aim is to successfully convey the idea which is at this stage present in your head. To do this, draw what you thought of into a piece of paper. If you are uncomfortable with the physical form, use any drawing program. If you have any doubts, look at similar apps in the Apple and Google marketplace. Be clear in your mind about what you want. This will help not only yourself if you are the programmer but also the one who is doing it if you have outsourced the app development to any other person. Convey clearly as to how the app will look like and what will be the consequence if a few icons are touched.

Get registered as a developer:

When you have fixed on a certain concept, it is time to sign up as a developer with that platform for which you want to create your app. There is no need to be intimidated by the “developer” title. It only conveys to others that you are the publisher of this particular app. Do not forget to go over the marketplace guidelines. Both Apple and Google strictly enforce them.

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