Best iPhone Spy Apps Without Jail breaking

Every relationship is built on one major factor which is trust. If that comes under question, you know you are at a difficult situation in your life. You know you are in a questionable position when you are answerable to your partner on whom you are cheating. For the same reason, your Smartphone is not just your phone but also your friend which is there by your side in such situations.

Nowadays, most of the Smartphones have an in-built feature of tracking down the activities. Such in-built features were originally built to track your phone down in case of any theft or loss. If not this, then there are many apps to catch a cheater which you easily download in your partner’s phone and track their activities down. But, if you are an iPhone user, it becomes a different game altogether. So here we are trying to compile a list of apps to make a tedious process of finding an idea app easy.

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The mSpy without jailbreak for Apple products is an ultimate quick-fix that helps you gather information and have an access to their WhatsApp, text messages, iMessages, call logs, contacts, web browser history, events, notes and contacts. All you need is a correct Apple ID and you will be able to track exactly what the person is doing. This app is not just used to track your partner but even to keep a check on your child’s activity and even keep a track on your employee’s activity and mind you without sabotaging on the person’s privacy on which you are tracking.


Another jailbreak application that gives you dynamic feature that covers all your monitoring requirements which are needed by any individual. By this app, you can easily keep a track on the call records, iMessages, text messages, gallery pictures, calendar activities, browsed internet history, stored contacts and any other information related to it anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is to have a list of Apple credentials and enter the same details required to have all the monitoring reports and spy accounts.


This app is made in such a way that it tracks very minutely every detail. And by detail we mean, it can even record the call conversations along with the surroundings listening just by the triggering the microphone. If that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, another feature it has is to track the entire data of the target user’s Smartphone and simultaneously upload the same on your personal web account. This helps you maintain and keep the details the records as well. This app helps you track SMS History, Web History, Call History,  WhatsApp Chats, Skype Chats, Line Chats, Contacts, Viber Chats, KiK Chats and even pictures and videos. Like a cherry on the cake, it even provides you free updates.

 Highster Mobile:

This app comes with many features and is ideal for parents who are trying to keep a track on their child’s features. One spying element it has is that it accesses your camera and obscurely clicks the pictures of the target’s surroundings. This feature is an ad-hoc feature with the already existing ones which provides an access to all the apps, gallery, web browsing and many more. This app can be remotely installed in the target’s iPhone and with just one click you can easily monitor their activity.


Just like its unique name, this app has some unique features which will leave you dumbstruck. It comes with an alert wizard option that notifies you if the target fails to comply with your instructions. Say for example, if they visited any restricted area marked by you or communicate with any of the contacts blocked by you, then you will immediately get notified via text or email. It also has a password grabber feature which gives access to all the password of the target without them knowing. It also has an eavesdrop feature that helps you record those conversations with the people whom you had marked red in your list or who were under suspicion.

With the kind of features available on all these tracking apps is just mind blowing to the next level. You can literally stalk every of their move with just one click. However, one should keep in mind that there can be legal implications since you are invading someone’s private space, so make sure you are secretive about your moves. Also, this can prove to be a threat to someone’s safety as well if at all someone manages to get the personal information and track their every move. Just know one thing, that technology is created to help us in our day-to-day activity and make life easier and not to make someone else’s life difficult. So, therefore make sure that your motives behind using such apps are good.

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